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Spark Within - 2839245975

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Spark Within


1. Stardust I Keep 2. Headstrong 3. Spark Within 4. Eye Candy 5. Beware 6. I Dream Of You 7. I Will 8. Bye, Bye Baby 9. Lady Grinning Soul 10. Black & White World 11. A Garden For Two 12. I Will


Power of Shakti - 2826841508

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Power of Shakti Destiny Books,U.S.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Shakti is the Divine life force that ceaselessly manifests, creates and activates. Igniting this living power within is the key for both men and women to transform themselves and attain union, harmony and peace. The fluid intelligence of Shakti enflames, empowers and awakens, igniting life force, joy and organic wisdom within. Uniting the forms of Tantra Yoga found in Indian, Tibetan and Aramaic sacred traditions, Padma Aon Prakasha reveals how to activate the power of Shakti by opening the 18 energetic pathways of the Shakti Circuit. The Circuit begins with galactic energy entering the body at the Alta Major chakra, located at the back of the head. Travelling down the pillar of the spine through the root chakra, the Circuit passes through the Seven Gates of the Womb-Grail to link the sacred sexual centre and the heart centre. From the heart, the energy completes the Circuit by travelling to the third eye and back to the Alta Major starting point to reveal the All-seeing eye. Centred on the womb in women and the hara in men, the Shakti Circuit links the soul, body-mind, emotions and chakras to the power and loving wisdom of the Galactic Centre. The Power of Shakti includes the insights and experiences of both men and women as they activate the power of Shakti and shows that clearing all 18 pathways of the Shakti Circuit enables us to activate our sacred sexual self and find our soul mission. . Reveals how to activate your sacred sexual self and find your soul mission . Shows how to access the wisdom of the Galactic Centre . Explains why men need the Shakti Circuit to connect with the divine Masculine


50th Birthday Celebration Volume Ten - 2839215505

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50th Birthday Celebration Volume Ten Tzadik


1. Words For Tsipora 2. Three Poems: The Lightning; The Sun; The Lute 3. Blessed Is The Man 4. See The Sun (Lament) 5. Don't Be Frightened 6. God, The Soul That You Set Within Me 7. In The Darkness 8. Adamah 9. Then My Soul Cried Out 10. From Day To Night 11. The Daughter Of God's Beloved Rose At Dawn 12. God, The Soul That You Set Within Me 13. Who Did On Mount Horev Stand


Consolations of Philosophy - 2212839584

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Consolations of Philosophy Penguin

Nauki humanistyczne

Alain de Botton, best-selling author of How Proust can Change Your Life, has set six of the finest minds in the history of philosophy to work on the problems of everyday life. Here then are Socrates, Epicurus, Seneca, Montaigne, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche on some of the things that bother us all; lack of money, the pain of love, inadequacy, anxiety, the fear of failure and the pressure to conform.


Pure Deep House 3 - 2840087546

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Pure Deep House 3


1. Clean Bandit / Glynne, Jess - Real Love (Tough Lov 2. Bonde / Steel, Melissa - I Loved You 3. Dawn, Ferreck / Redondo - Love Too Deep 4. Kiesza - Hideaway (Zac Samuel Remix) 5. Heldens, Oliver / Hill, Becky - Gecko (Overdrive) 6. Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby (Motez Remix) 7. La La Land - Lonely (Nathan Dalton Remix) 8. Nvoy / Youngman - Sky High 9. Lenny, Dino / Harddrive - A Dj Deep Inside (Shadow 10. Just Kiddin - Thinking About It (Youan Remix) 11. Disclosure / Ware, Jessie - Confess To Me (Hannah 12. Bill & Will - Control The Night 13. Wqz - Breathe 14. Giroux, Wilfred - Stronger 15. Riot, Marvel - Each Time I See You 16. Powerdress - Torture (Linier Remix) 17. Classixx / Dixon, Karl - Into The Valley (Julio Ba 18. Magician, The / Years & Years - Sunlight (Watermae 19. Tieks / Celeste - Sing That Song 20. Breach / Kelis - The Key 101. Wood, Lilly / Schulz, Robin - Prayer In C (Robin S 102. Dumont, Duke / Jones, Jax - I Got U 103. Steinberg, Daniel - Let Me Down (Tube & Berger Rem 104. Hot Natured - Benediction (Grades Remix) 105. Mickey - Sweet Baby 106. Del Rey, Lana - Summertime Sadness (Mk Feel It In 107. Stroke, Claude Von - Eye I Eye 108. Edge, Amine / Dance - Halfway Crooks 109. Smith, Drumsound & Bassline / Youngman - Come Aliv 110. Allusion / D. Ramirez - So Special 111. Anderson, Louie / Mac, Emmy J - One For Me 112. Disciples - Remedy (Reset Safari Remix) 113. Eli & Fur / Shadow Child - Seeing Is Believing 114. Spoils / Monkey Wrench - Enemies In The Dance 115. Apexape / Lorenzo, Chris - Got To Give (Heavier Mi 116. Friend Within - The Label 117. Topping, Patrick - Forget 118. Route 94 - Misunderstood 119. Dusky - Inta 120. Trago, Tom - Use Me Again (And Again) 201. English, Kim - Nite Life (Bump Classic Mix) 202. Solution - Feels So Right (Original Victor Simonel 203. Lewis, Danny J - Spend The Night (H Man Dub) 204. 24 Hour Experience - Together 205. Mk / Alana - Love Changes (Mk Mix) 206. Mendez, Andrea - Bring Me Love (Original Dub Mix) 207. Ladycop - To Be Real 208. Bob, Kalani / Remegel - Deep Breath 209. Mood Il Swing - Do It Your Way 210. Nuyorican Soul - It's Alright, I Feel It (Mood Il 211. Chandler, Kerri - Atmospheric Beats 212. Urban Soul / Clark, Roland - Alright (Original 199 213. Rosario, Ralphi - An Instrumental Need 214. Cajmere / Dajae - Brighter Days (Louie's Masters A 215. Tucker, Barbara - Stay Together (G-funk Mix) 216. Cloud 9 - Do You Want Me Baby 217. Sha-lor - I'm In Love (Caught Up Version) 218. Brand New Heavies, The - Close To You (Masters At 219. Degrees Of Motion - Do You Wnat It Right Now (Rich 220. Desiya / Yiannokou, Melissa - Comin' On Strong (Sp


A Work Of Art - 2839416647

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Muzyka>Rock>Heavy / Hard

1. Prologue - Lullaby 2. Courage Within 3. A Moment Of Honor 4. Roll The Dice 5. Room With A View 6. Shallow Water 7. My Kindred Soul 8. The Shape Of Salvation 9. These Open Arms 10. An Eye For An Eye 11. Hands Of Time 12. Your World 13. Epilogue - Domino 14. I Will Remember 15. End Of The Line


Star Trek: Voyager episodes - 2843288931

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Star Trek: Voyager episodes Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 111. Chapters: List of Star Trek: Voyager episodes, Flesh and Blood, Scorpion, Endgame, In the Flesh, Tuvix, Blink of an Eye, Equinox, Drone, Hope and Fear, The Void, Renaissance Man, Nightingale, Scientific Method, Mortal Coil, Flashback, Human Error, Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy, Repression, Dark Frontier, Life Line, Year of Hell, Body and Soul, Before and After, Barge of the Dead, Critical Care, Distant Origin, Timeless, Unimatrix Zero, Shattered, Caretaker, Collective, Someone to Watch Over Me, The Killing Game, Basics, Extreme Risk, Message in a Bottle, Counterpoint, Imperfection, Inside Man, The Thaw, Living Witness, Revulsion, Relativity, Workforce, Hunters, Q2, Tsunkatse, Bliss, Ashes to Ashes, Macrocosm, Fury, Friendship One, State of Flux, Pathfinder, Fair Trade, Future's End, Death Wish, Author, Author, Good Shepherd, Course: Oblivion, Survival Instinct, Non Sequitur, Concerning Flight, Prototype, Vis ŕ Vis, Fair Haven, Waking Moments, Muse, Deadlock, The Gift, Live Fast and Prosper, Unity, Prophecy, Alliances, Child's Play, Drive, The 37's, The Q and the Grey, Repentance, The Haunting of Deck Twelve, The Omega Directive, Displaced, Cathexis, Dragon's Teeth, Latent Image, Eye of the Needle, Persistence of Vision, Learning Curve, Blood Fever, Threshold, Heroes and Demons, The Raven, Ex Post Facto, Emanations, Remember, Nothing Human, The Swarm, Memorial, Tattoo, Time and Again, Real Life, Homestead, Day of Honor, Coda, Natural Law, The Chute, Virtuoso, Gravity, Infinite Regress, Jetrel, Twisted, Alice, Prime Factors, Warlord, Phage, Thirty Days, Warhead, Faces, Cold Fire, Worst Case Scenario, Favorite Son, Resolutions, False Profits, Spirit Folk, Alter Ego, Projections, Nemesis, Dreadnought, Investigations, One Small Step, Lineage, Sacred Ground, Random Thoughts, Bride of Chaotica!, 11:59, The Disease, Retrospect, Unforgettable, Think Tank, Darkling, Riddles, Parallax, Initiations, Prey, The Voyager Conspiracy, Resistance, Innocence, The Fight, Parturition, Juggernaut, The Cloud, Once Upon a Time, Lifesigns, Meld, Elogium, Rise, Maneuvers. Excerpt: This is an episode list for the science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager, which aired on UPN from January 1995 through May 2001. This is the fourth television program in the Star Trek franchise, and comprises a total of 172 episodes over the show's seven seasons. Five episodes of Voyager ("Caretaker", "The Killing Game", "Dark Frontier", "Flesh and Blood", "Endgame") each originally aired as two-hour presentations. The episodes are listed in chronological order by original air date, which match the episode order in each season's DVD set. This list also includes the stardate on which the events of each episode took place within the fictional Star Trek universe. Four episodes (117-120), produced for the first season were held over until Season 2. Brief summaries and production and transmission detailsList of Star Trek: Voyager episodes at the Internet Movie Database "Flesh and Blood" is a two part episode from the seventh season of Star Trek: Voyager. The first half of the episode has a 4.4/5 and the second half of the episode has a 4.3/5 on the official Star Trek website (as of December 18, 2007). Jamahl Epsicokhan in Jammer's Reviews assigns this episode 3.5 out of 4 stars and calls Flesh and Blood: 'a well-crafted Voyager outing. As an "epic two-hour telefilm!" it's by far the best of the series' three (excluding the pilot), the other two be...


Opus Dei - 2212825700

79,10 zł

Opus Dei Penguin

Literatura faktu

Opus Dei is the most controversial - and unknown - force in the Catholic Church.  Here, John L. Allen uncovers its real nature.  Accused of promoting a right-wing political agenda, of cult-like practices, and immortalized forever in the pages of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, Opus Dei is the most notorious, most talked about - but least known - religious organization of our time.  Granted unlimited access to those within its ranks, and with an investigative eye intent on uncovering closely guarded secrets, John L. Allen finally separates the myths from the facts:  the actual use of the cilice; the reason men and women remain separate; the true extent of Opus Dei's funds.  Built around a wealth of interviews with the heads of Opus Dei in the Vatican and in centres around the world, comparing the attitudes of current members with those of highly critical members and outsiders, Opus Dei is a portrait of a remarkably powerful organization, both inside and outside the Church. One of the most mysterious and controversial religious forces today, and immortalized in Dan Brown


LAST FOUR THINGS - 2826653549

37,28 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Tod, Das Jüngste Gericht, Himmel, Hölle - dies sind die letzten vier Dinge. Nummer fünf ist Thomas Cale, die linke Hand Gottes, der Engel des Todes. Gottes größter Fehler soll ungeschehen gemacht werden: die Menschheit muss vernichtet werden. Cale scheint seine Rolle am Ende der Welt zu akzeptieren, die Macht liegt in seiner Hand. Doch selbst die Redeemer wissen nicht, wie anders Thomas Cales Seele wirklich ist. Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell. These are the Last Four Things. Now there are Five. Meet Thomas Cale. Returning to the Sanctuary of the Redeemers, Thomas Cale is told by the Lord Militant that the destruction of mankind is necessary; the only way to undo God's greatest mistake. Cale seemingly accepts his role in the ending of the world: fate has painted him as the Left Hand of God, the Angel of Death. Absolute power is within his grasp, the terrifying zeal and military might of the Redeemers a weapon for him to handle as simply as he once used a knife. But perhaps not even the grim power that the Redeemers hold over Cale is enough - the boy who turns from love to poisonous hatred in a heartbeat, the boy who switches between kindness and sheer violence in the blink of an eye. The annihilation that the Redeemers seek may well be in Cale's hands - but his soul is far stranger than they could ever know.


Heart Flowers - 2835875251

119,47 zł

Heart Flowers iUniverse

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What I can say about the poems I write? I usually fly high in my mind. I view the world surrounding me through my inner invisible eye in a way in which I could appreciate the wonders of the spirit which deeply touches my heart, feeling love and a need to express myself in my thanks to the Great one that I am living consciously on this planet earth. Love, compassion, sadness, happiness and joy--they are prints of my soul. Light of God and inner peace--it feels like a kind of bliss, at least to me. As to the abstract ideas I use, I leave them to you, the reader, to be my judge, and if you read between the lines, you might see within yourself the imaginative things I have not described. And as the energy of life moves our thoughts, we let ourselves be uplifted sometimes on wings of our dreams, flying inside the spectrum of Space and sky.


Brief Tour of Human Consciousness - 2844163470

73,62 zł

Brief Tour of Human Consciousness Pi Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness: Back Cover Copy"Vintage Ramachandran, packed with ideas that are bold, irreverent, original, and ingenious. People who have never thought much about the brain will be intrigued, but so will those who, like me, have spent most of their lives thinking about the brain. It is truly a breath of fresh air."-David Hubel, Nobel Laureate, Harvard University, author of Eye, Brain, and Vision"An extraordinary book by a remarkable scientist! Ramachandran is in many ways the modern Paul Broca, the great French neurologist who opened up the biological analysis of higher mental functions by studying patients with brain lesions. In a similar vein Ramachandran has used the study of patients to elucidate a range of fascinating mental functions. His insights have stimulated discussions in neuroscience over the last 25 years. Here is Ramachandran at his best; his most lucid and creative."-Eric R. Kandel, M.D., Nobel Laureate, Columbia University" Ramachandran is a latter-day Marco Polo, journeying the silk road of science to strange and exotic Cathays of the mind. He returns laden with phenomenological treasures...which, in his subtle and expert telling, yield more satisfying riches of scientific understanding."-Richard Dawkins, Oxford University, author of The Blind Watchmaker"An unusually clever neuroscientist explains baffling cases in neurology and neuropsychiatry and concludes that brain science can now resolve many of the age-old quanderies of philosophers. A thought-provoking, wonderful read."-Roger Guillemin, Nobel Laureate, The Salk Institute"Today we' re going through a revolution in neuroscience. The tidal wave of new researchcan be overwhelming, but V. S. Ramachandran, drawing on his own pioneering work on patients, succeeds in creating a witty, elegant introduction to the mysteries and revelations to be found within our skulls."-Carl Zimmer, author of Soul Made Flesh"V. S. Ramachandran i


David Beckham: My Side - 2826745937

69,01 zł

David Beckham: My Side Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

He may live in Madrid but he continues to make front-page headlines. This is David Beckham's own story of his career to date, for Manchester United, Real Madrid and England, and of his childhood, family and private life. Featuring David's first full account of a turbulent year in Spain, on and off the field, and England's fortunes in Euro 2004. This is Beckham's fascinating life story in his own words. His rise through the ranks at the biggest club side in the world. His complex relationship with United boss Alex Ferguson. The England story, from being vilified by the nation before returning as the prodigal son to eventually captaining his country. His acrimonious falling-out with his manager and departure from Old Trafford in June 2003. And starting a new chapter of his life on foreign soil in the glare of the world's press. Now from Beckham himself, we gain a vivid and eye-opening insight into the family man behind the famous footballer, the international model and fashion leader. He describes how he first met and then married ex-Spice girl Victoria Adams, and the upbringing of their two children Brooklyn and Romeo. How his family's every step is monitored by a posse of newshounds and paparazzi. Also, the influence of his parents, growing up as a shy youngster in the family home, and how their subsequent split affected him. Intimate and soul-searching, this is the real David Beckham like we have never seen before. NEW FOR THIS PAPERBACK EDITION: - Beckham's first season with Real Madrid from within the dressing room, with key stories on the likes of Figo, Roberto Carlos and Zidane. - His exclusive reaction to the sensational allegations about his private life; their effect on his relationship with Victoria and a reappraisal of their living arrangements. - England and Euro 2004: the players' threatened strike in support of Rio Ferdinand; Eriksson as England boss; and all the behind the scenes stories leading up to and including the Finals in Portugal. - One year down the line, does Beckham have any regrets about leaving Manchester United? And is there any truth in the rumours that he is unsettled in Madrid?


Last Four Things - 2848126140

42,04 zł

Last Four Things Penguin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"The Last Four Things" is the second in Paul Hoffman's remarkable series. Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell. These are the "Last Four Things". Now there are Five Meet Thomas Cale Returning to the Sanctuary of the Redeemers, Thomas Cale is told by the Lord Militant that the destruction of mankind is necessary; the only way to undo God's greatest mistake. Cale seemingly accepts his role in the ending of the world: fate has painted him as the Left Hand of God, the Angel of Death. Absolute power is within his grasp, the terrifying zeal and military might of the Redeemers a weapon for him to handle as simply as he once used a knife. But perhaps not even the grim power that the Redeemers hold over Cale is enough - the boy who turns from love to poisonous hatred in a heartbeat, the boy who switches between kindness and sheer violence in the blink of an eye. The annihilation that the Redeemers seek may well be in Cale's hands - but his soul is far stranger than they could ever know. "The Last Four Things" follows on from "The Left Hand of God". It is the second instalment in a gripping trilogy by Paul Hoffman. Imagine if Phillip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" met Umberto Eco's "Name of the Rose". Fans of epic heroic fiction will love this series. Praise for Paul Hoffman: "This book gripped me from the first chapter and then dropped me days later, dazed and grinning to myself". (Conn Iggulden). "Tremendous momentum". ("Daily Telegraph"). "A cult classic ...". ("Daily Express"). Paul Hoffman is the author of four previous novels, "The Last Four Things" (2011), "The Left Hand of God" (2010), "The Golden Age of Censorship" (2007), a black comedy based on his experiences as a film censor and "The Wisdom of Crocodiles" (2000), which predicted the collapse of the world financial system.


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