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Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish - 2846487509

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Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Nazwa - Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish Wydawca - KUM Kod ISBN - 4064900016314 Kod EAN - 4064900016314 Podatek VAT - 23%


DJ Hero + Kontroler DJ-a - 2825260992

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DJ Hero + Kontroler DJ-a Licomp Empirical Multimedia

Gry i konsole / Gry na konsole / Gry Xbox 360

W zestawie z DJ Hero znalazł się specjalny kontroler przypominający didżejki gramofon. Składa się on suwaków, przycisków do sampli oraz obrotowej płyty potrzebnej do tworzenia skreczy. Lista utworów: 2Pac


Wagner: Complete Goodall Ring Cycle - 2839251367

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Wagner: Complete Goodall Ring Cycle Chandos


1. Masterson, Valerie - The Rhingold (Musikdrama In 4 2. Orchestral Prelude (1. Szene) 3. Weia! Waga! Wandering Waters' 4. He, He! You Nisxies! 5. Slimpy, Slippery, Slithery Smoothless! 6. Look, Sisters! The Sunlight Is Greeting The Gold 7. What's That, You Nixies...? 8. The World's Wealth Can Be Mine...? 9. Still Not Afraid? - Orchestral Interlude 10. Wotan, My Lord! Awaken! (2. Szene) 11. For I Wished You Faithful & True 12. Then Shelter Her Now 13. Soft Sleep Closed Your Eyes 14. God Of Light, Light Of Spirit! 15. To Me, Freia! Back Her, Giant! 101. This Bond Is Graved On My Spear's Strong Shaft 102. What? How Am I Concerned In A Contract? 103. Never One Word Of Praise Or Thanks! 104. But One I Found Then 105. So I Promised I'd Tell You The Story 106. A Toy, While It Was In The Waters 107. And I Should Posses It! 108. Hear, Wotan, I'll Speak My Last Word! 109. Over Rock & Stone They Stride 110. I See Now! Hear What Is Wrong! 111. Come, Loge, Descend With Me! 112. Hehe! Hehe! Come Here! Come Here! (3. Szene) 113. Ha, You Rogue! 114. Nibelheim Here 115. What Help For Me? 116. Better Take Care! Alberich's Near 117. What Brought You Here? 118. In The Clouds, You Great Ones 119. All Must Stand In Amazement 201. Ohe! Ohe! Terrible Dragon' 202. Now Swiftly Up! - Orchestral Interlude 203. There, Albrich, Sit On Your Throne! (4. Szene) 204. And Now The Niblungs Will Come To My Call 205. The Gold Lies There; Now Let Me Go 206. Am I Now Free? 207. Fasolt & Fafner Come This Way 208. Wait! Don't Touch Her Yet! 209. Far Too Loose You're Piling The Gold 210. Freia, The Fair One, See I No More 211. Yield It, Wotan, Yield It! 212. Hear, You Giants! 213. Stop, You Greedy One! 214. Your Luck, Wotan, What Could Surpass It? 215. Swelrering Mists Hang In The Air... Heda! Heda! He 216. The Bridge Leads You Homeward 217. Evening Rays Flood The Sky With Splendour 218. Rhinegold! Rhinegold! - Orchestral Postlude 301. Attfield, Helen - The Valkyrie (Musikdrama In 3 Ak 302. Prelude (1. Akt) 303. The Storm Drove Me Here (1. Szene) 304. This House & This Wife 305. Evil Fortune's Never Far From Me 306. There He Lay, Feeble & Faint (2. Szene) 307. Through Field & Forest 308. Friedmund No One Could Call Me 309. The Neidings Raided Again 310. So The Norn Who Dealt You This Fate 311. I Know A Troublesome Race 312. A Sword Was Pledged By My Father (3. Szene) 313. Are You Awake? 314. My Husband's Kinsmen 315. Yes, Loveliest Bride 316. Winter Storms Have Vanished 317. You Are The Spring 318. Oh Sweetest Enchantment 319. The Stream Has Shown My Reflected Face 320. Siegmund Call Me, & Siegmund Am I! 321. Siegmund, The Waelsung, Here You See! 401. Go Bridle Your Horse, Warrior Maid! (2. Akt, 1. Sz 402. Hoyotoho! Hoyotoho! 403. The Usual Storm, The Usual Strife! 404. Pretend That You Don't Understand!c 405. Now It's Come To Pass! 406. So This Is The End Of The Gods Amd Their Glory 407. You Never Learn What I Would Teach You 408. What Must I Do? 409. Hiaha! Hiaha! Hoyotoho! 410. Fricka Has Won The Fight (2. Szene) 411. When Youth's Delightful Pleasures Had Waned 412. She Refused To Reveal More About It 413. There's More To Tell 414. Yet One Can Accomplish What I May May Not 415. But The Waelsung, Siegmund 416. Then Siegmund Must Fall In His Fight? 417. I Give You My Bloessing, Niblung Son! 418. No, Have Mercy 501. So I Obey His Command 502. Rest Here For A While; Stay By My Side! (3. Szenew 503. Away! Away! 504. Where Are You, Siegmund? 505. Siegmund! Look At Me! (4. Szene) 506. And If I Come 507. Then Greet For Me Wallhall 508. Woe! Woe! Sister & Bride 509. Two Lives Now Lie In Your Power 510. Charmes Of Sleep Are Sent To Still (5. Szene) 511. I Hear Your Call 512. Wehwalt! Wehwalt! 601. Hoyotoho! Hoyotoho! (3. Akt, 1. Szene) 602. Shield Me & Help 603. Hear While I Tell 604. Pray Suffer No Sorrow For Me 605. Fly Him Swifly, Away To The East! 606. O Radiant Wonder! 607. Stay, Bruennhild! 608. Where Is Bruennhild? (2. Szene) 609. Weak-spirited, Womanish Brood! 610. Here Am I, Father 611. No More Will You Ride From Wallhall 612. Didi You Not Hear What I Decreed? 613. Was It So Shameful? (3. Szene) 614. I Know So Little 615. You, Who This Love Into My Heart Revealted 616. You Ingulged Your Love 617. Unworth Of You This Foolish Maid 618. You Fathered A Glorious Race 619. In Long, Deep Sleep 620. Farewell, My Valiant, Glorious Child! 621. These Eyes So Warm & So Bright 622. Loge, Hear! Come At My Call! 623. Magic Fire Music 701. Hunter, Rita - Siegfried (Musikdrama In 3 Akten) ( 702. Prelude (1. Akt) 703. Wearisome Labour! (1. Szene) 704. Hoiho! Hoiho! 705. Well, There Are The Pieces 706. A Whimpering Babe 707. Much You've Taught To Me, Mime 708. I Found Once In The Wood 709. And Now These Fragments 710. He Storms Away! 711. Hail There, Worthy Smith! (2. Szene) 712. I Sit By Your Hearth 713. What You Needed To Know 714. The Fragments! The Sword! 801. Accursed Light! (3. Szene) 802. Hey There! You Idler! 803. Have You Not Felt Within The Woods 804. Give Me These Pieces 805. Notung! Notung! Sword Of My Need! 806. Hoho! Hoho! Hohi! 807. Prelude (2. Akt) 808. In Gloomy Night By Fafner's Cave I Wait (1. Szene) 809. To Neidhohl By Night I Have Come 810. Not My Plan! 811. Fafner! Fafner! You Dragon, Wake! 812. Now, Alberich! That Plan Failed! 813. We Go No Further! (2. Szene) 814. So He's No Father Of Mine 901. Could I But Know 902. See My Mother 903. Ha Ha! At Last With My Call 904. Who Are You, Youthful Hero 905. The Deyad Can Tell No Tidings 906. Hehe! Sly & Slippery Knave (3. Szene) 907. Tarnhelm & Ring, Here They Are 908. Be Welcome, Siegfried! 909. You Lie There Too, Mighty Dragon 910. Prelude (3. Akt) 911. Waken, Wala! Wala! Awake! (1. Szene) 912. Strong Is Your Call 913. You Unwise One, Learn What I Will 914. I See That Siegfried's Near (2. Szene) 1001. My Woodbird Fluttered Away 1002. Young Man, Hear Me 1003. Child, If You Knew Who I Am 1004. With His Spear In Splinters 1005. Here In The Sunlight (3. Szene) 1006. Come, My Sword! 1007. Hail, Bright Sunlight! 1008. Siegfried! Siegfried! Glorious Hero! 1009. And There Is Grane, My Sacred Horse 1010. Oh! I Cared Always 1101. Curphey, Margaret - Twilight Of The Gods (Musikdra 1102. What Light Shines Down There? (Prelude) 1103. Wotan Made Holy Laws & Treaties 1104. That Mighty Hall The Giants Have Raised 1105. Now The God Will Seize The Spear That Was Shattere 1106. Dawn Music - To Deeds Of Glory 1107. Ah, But To Prove You Love Me 1108. Love, I Leave You Alone 1109. So By Your Daring I Am Fired 1110. O Heavenly Rulers! 1111. Siegfried's Rhine Journey 1112. Now Hear, Hagen (1. Akt, 1. Szene) 1113. What Woman Should I Wed 1114. At Neidhohle The Nibelung Gold Was Guarded 1115. You Mock Me, Wicked Hagen! 1116. Merrily Seeking Adventures & Fame 1117. Which Is Gibich's Son? (2. Szene) 1118. I Welcome You, My Friend 1119. That Treasure I Quite Forgot 1120. Welcome, O Guest, To Gibich's House! 1201. Flourishing Life's Refreshing Blood 1202. Now On Our Way! 1203. I Sit Here & Wait 1204. Sounds I Once Knew So Well (3. Szene) 1205. You've Come To Me? 1206. Fear & Dread I Read In Your Features! 1207. Hear Me With Care, & I Will Tell You! 1208. He Sits There, Speaks No Word 1209. These Tales Of Evil Fancies 1210. Upon Your Hand, The Ring 1211. Go Home To The Sacred Clan Of The Gods! 1212. Borne On The Wind 1213. Bruennhild! Your Husband Comes 1214. The Night Draws On 1215. Now Nothing Can Save Me 1216. With Your Brother I Promised To Serve 1217. I Fear Not The Flames 1301. Prelude (2. Akt, 1. Szene) 1302. Sleep You, Hagen, My Son? 1303. The Might Of The Gods 1304. Help Me! 1305. That Ring Shall Be Hangen's 1306. Hoiho! Hagen! Fast Asleep? (2. Szene) 1307. Yet My Siegfried Was With Bruennhild? 1308. I Can See A Sail In The Distance 1309. Hoiho! Hoihohoho! (3. Szene) 1310. Come To My Call, & Arm Yourselves! 1311. Glad Times Have Come 1312. Elcome, Gunther! (4. Szene) 1313. I Greet You, Noble Friend 1314. A Ring I Saw Upon Your Hand 1315. Ha! - Siegfried Stole It 1316. Hear In Wallhall, Mighty Immortals! 1317. Would You Defile Your Name So Lightly? 1318. Shining Steel! Holiest Weapon! 1319. Gunther, Look To Your Wife There 1320. Dark, Unholy Powers Lie Here Around Me! (5. Szene) 1321. Have Trust In Me, Offended Wife! 1322. Can No Weapon's Point Then Pierce Him? 1323. Deceived Am I - & Deceiver! 1324. He Betrayed You 1401. Since This Blow Must Be Dealt Her 1402. Prelude (3. Akt) 1403. Fair Sunlight, Shine On Us In Splendour (1. Szene) 1404. Fair Sunlight, Send To Us The Hero 1405. A Goblin Led Me Stray 1406. Siegfried, If We Find Your Bear 1407. Why Shuold I Let Them Laugh & Jeer? 1408. Siegfried!... Give Heed To Our Word'st 68 1409. Come, Sisters! Flee From This Madman! 1410. Hoiho! (2. Szene) 1411. You Drove The Game Away From Us 1412. Drink, Gunther, Drink 1413. Mime Was A Hideous Dwarf 1414. Now You Must Hear What Happened Next 1415. Ring & Tanrhelm - Both I Had Found 1416. In Grief I Watched The Branches Above 1501. Bruennhilde! Holiest Bride! 1502. Siegfried's Funeral March 1503. Was That His Horn? 1504. Ah, If Siegfried Were Back! 1505. Cast Not The Blame On Me 1506. Peace With Your Cries Of Useless Lament! 1507. Poor Creature, Peace! 1508. Sturday Branches, Building His Pyre 1509. The Sun In Radiance Shines From His Eyes 1510. O You, You Guardians 1511. My Heritage I Claim From The Hero 1512. Fly Home, You Ravens! 1513. Grane, My Horse! 1514. Give Back The Ring


Soul - La Discotheque Ideale En 20 Albums Originaux - 2839284986

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Soul - La Discotheque Ideale En 20 Albums Originaux Sony Music Entertainment

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. Rodgers, Richard - You'll Never Walk Alone 2. Biggs, Howard - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Cry (Ov 3. Hammerstein, Oscar II - If I Loved You 4. Cook, Bill - So Let There Be Love 5. Hamilton, Roy - Ebb Tide 6. Twomey, Kathleen - Beware 7. Graham, Irvin - I Believe 8. Robinson, Earl - The House I Live In (That's Ameri 9. Hamilton, Roy - Unchained Melody - Single Version 10. Cook, Bill - Forgive This Fool 11. Freed, A. - You Wanted To Change Me 12. Jacobs, Al - Hurt - Single Version 13. Producer Not Documented On Available Sources - The 14. Richardson, C. - Earthbound - Album Version 15. Webster, P.f. - Love Is A Many-splendored Thing - 16. Woode, H. - Sweet Slumber - Album Version 17. Kauderer, E. - The Perfect Heart - Album Version 18. Merrill, B. - Walk Along With Kings - Album Versio 19. Davis, B. - There Goes My Heart - Album Version 20. L. Chase - If I Were A Countryside - Album Version 21. Producer Not Documented On Available Sources - Som 22. Washington, N. - Someday, I'll Meet You Again - Al 23. F. Carle - Oh! What It Seemed To Be - Album Versio 24. Otis, C. - My Secret Emotion - Album Version 101. Taylor, Ted - Stay Away From My Baby 102. Taylor, Ted - I Love You, Yes I Do 103. Taylor, Ted - Can't Take No More 104. Taylor, Ted - I'll Release You 105. Taylor, Ted - Don't Lie 106. Taylor, Ted - Be Ever Wonderful 107. Taylor, Ted - (Love Is Like A) Ramblin' Rose 108. Taylor, Ted - Don't Deceive Me (Please Let Me Go) 109. Taylor, Ted - It Ain't Like That No More 110. Taylor, Ted - Need You Home 111. Taylor, Ted - Time Has A Way 112. Taylor, Ted - You Must Have Been Meant For Me 113. Taylor, Ted - Pretending Love 114. Taylor, Ted - That's Life I Guess 115. Taylor, Ted - Him Instead Of Me 116. Taylor, Ted - I'll Make It Up To You 117. Taylor, Ted - So Hard 118. Producer Not Documented On Available Sources - Som 201. Staple Singers, The - Why? (Am I Treated So Bad) 202. Staple Singers, The - King Of Kings - Album Versio 203. Staple Singers, The - Step Aside 204. Staple Singers, The - If I Could Hear My Mother Pr 205. Staple Singers, The - What Are They Doing? (In Hea 206. Habershon, Ada - Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Alb 207. Staple Singers, The - I've Been Scorned - Album Ve 208. Staple Singers, The - I'm Gonna Tell God (About My 209. Staple Singers, The - My Sweet Home 210. Roebuck Staples / Staples, Pervis / Staples, Yv - 301. Cooper, Ted - Speak Her Name - Album Version 302. Cooper, Ted - Tear For Tear - Album Version 303. Cooper, Ted - Not You 304. Cooper, Ted - After You There Can Be Nothing - Alb 305. Cooper, Ted - They Don't Give Medals (To Yesterday 306. Cooper, Ted - A Corner In The Sun - Album Version 307. Cooper, Ted - My One Chance To Make It - Album Ver 308. Jackson, Walter - She's A Woman 309. Sims, Gerald - I'll Keep On Trying - Album Version 310. Cooper, Ted - It's An Uphill Climb To The Bottom - 401. Little Richard - Lucille - Live 402. Little Richard - The Girl Can't Help It - Live 403. Little Richard - Tutti Frutti - Live 404. Little Richard - Send Me Some Lovin' - Live 405. Little Richard - Long Tall Sally - Live 406. Little Richard - Get Down With It - Live 407. Little Richard - True Fine Mama - Live 408. Little Richard - Jenny, Jenny - Live 409. Little Richard - Good Golly, Miss Molly - Live 410. Little Richard - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - Li 411. Little Richard - Anyway You Want Me - Live 412. Little Richard - You Gotta Feel It - Live 413. Williams, Larry - I Don't Want To Discuss It - Alb 414. Williams, Larry - Land Of A Thousand Dances - Albu 415. Williams, Larry - The Commandments Of Love - Album 416. Williams, Larry - Money - Album Version 417. Williams, Larry - Poor Dog (Who Can't Wag His Own 418. Williams, Larry - I Need Love - Album Version 419. Williams, Larry - Never Gonna Let You Go - Album V 420. Willis, Chuck - Don't Deceive Me - Album Version 421. Williams, Larry - Function At The Junction - Album 422. Williams, Larry - Well All Right - Album Version 501. Main Ingredient, The - Traveling 502. Adamson, Harold - Where Are You - Remastered At Bm 503. Inside Production Ltd. - You've Got To Take It (If 504. Main Ingredient, The - Everybody Plays The Fool - 505. Main Ingredient, The - Whirl-wind 506. Main Ingredient, The - Fly Baby Fly 507. Main Ingredient, The - I Can't See Me Without You 508. Main Ingredient, The - Where Do Broken Hearted Lov 509. Main Ingredient, The - Who Can I Turn To (When Nob 510. Main Ingredient, The - No Tears (In The End) - Rem 601. Gamble, Kenneth - Put Your Hands Together - Album 602. Huff, Leon - Ship Ahoy - Album Version 603. Huff, Leon - This Air I Breathe - Album Version 604. Huff, Leon - You Got Your Hooks In Me - Album Vers 605. Gamble, K. - For The Love Of Money 606. Gamble, K. - Now That We Found Love - Album Versio 607. Huff, Leon - Don't Call Me Brother - Album Version 608. Huff, Leon - People Keep Tellin' Me - Album Versio 609. Gamble, Kenneth - Put Your Hands Together - Live V 701. Isley, R. - Fight The Power - Part 1 & 2 702. Isley, Ernie - The Heat Is On (Part 1 & 2) - Album 703. Isley, Ernie - Hope You Feel Better Love (Part 1 & 704. Isley, Ronald - For The Love Of You - Part 1 & 2 705. Ceraolo, Frank - Sensuality (Part 1 & 2) - Album V 706. Isley, Ernie - Make Me Say It Again Girl - Part 1 707. Isley, Ernie - Fight The Power - Recorded Live At 801. Earth, Wind & Fire - Introduction By Mc Perry Jone 802. Earth, Wind & Fire - Africano/power - Live 803. Africano - Live 804. Power - Live 805. White, Maurice - Yearnin' Learnin' - Live 806. Earth, Wind & Fire - Devotion - Live 807. Earth, Wind & Fire / Lewis, Ramsey - Sun Goddess - 808. White, Maurice - Reasons - Live 809. Earth, Wind & Fire - Sing A Message To You - Live 810. White, Maurice - Shining Star - Live 811. Earth, Wind & Fire - New World Symphony - Live 812. Earth, Wind & Fire - Interlude No. 1 - Live 813. Earth, Wind & Fire - Sunshine - Live 814. White, Maurice - Sing A Song - Album Version 815. Earth, Wind & Fire - Gratitude - Live 816. White, Maurice - Celebrate - Live 817. Earth, Wind & Fire - Interlude No. 2 - Live 818. White, Maurice - Can't Hide Love - Album Version 819. Earth, Wind & Fire - Serpentine Fire/saturday Nite 820. Serpentine Fire - Live 821. Saturday Nite - Live 822. Can't Hide Love - Live 823. Reasons - Live 901. Taylor, Johnnie - Disco Lady - Album Version 902. Brandy - Please Don't Stop (That Song From Playing 903. Brandy - Don't Touch Her Body (If You Can't Touch 904. Brandy - I'm Gonna Keep On Loving You - Album Vers 905. Brandy - You're The Best Girl In The World - Album 906. Brandy - Running Out Of Lies - Album Version 907. Brandy - Somebody's Gettin' It - Album Version 908. Brandy - It Don't Hurt Me Like It Used To - Album 909. Brandy - Pick Up The Pieces - Album Version 910. Brandy - Disco Lady - Extended Disco Version With 911. Brandy - Somebody's Gettin' It - Jt's Instrumental 1001. Franklin, Aretha - Jump To It - Original 12' Mix 1002. Franklin, Aretha - Love Me Right - 20-bit Digital 1003. Franklin, Aretha - If She Don't Want Your Lovin' - 1004. Franklin, Aretha - This Is For Real - 20-bit Digit 1005. Franklin, Aretha - (It's Just) Your Love - 20-bit 1006. Franklin, Aretha / Stubbs, Levi - I Wanna Make It 1007. Franklin, Aretha - It's Your Thing - 20-bit Digita 1008. Franklin, Aretha - Just My Daydream - 20-bit Digit 1101. Sylvers, Edmund - When You're Far Away - Album Ver 1102. Knight, Gladys & The Pips - Just Be My Lover - Alb 1103. Smith, Rickey - Save The Overtime (For Me) - Album 1104. Knight, Gladys & The Pips - Heaven Sent - Album Ve 1105. Knight, Gladys & The Pips - Don't Make Me Run Away 1106. Knight, Gladys & The Pips - Ain't No Greater Love 1107. Knight, Gladys & The Pips - Seconds - Album Versio 1108. Raglin, Wilmer - You're Number One (In My Book) - 1109. Knight, Gladys & The Pips - Oh La De Da - Album Ve 1110. Henley, Larry - Hero (Wind Beneath My Wings) - Alb 1201. Jackson, Jackie - Torture - Album Version 1202. Paich, David - Wait - Album Version 1203. Jackson, Randy - One More Chance - Album Version 1204. Jackson, Michael - Be Not Always - Album Version 1205. Jackson, Michael - State Of Shock - Album Version 1206. Jackson, Tito - We Can Change The World - Album Ve 1207. Jacksons, The - The Hurt - Album Version 1208. Jackson, Marlon - Body - Album Version 1301. Bayer Sager, Carole - That's What Friends Are For 1302. Roberts, Bruce - Whisper In The Dark 1303. Navarro, Don - Remember Your Heart 1304. Foster, David - Love At Second Sight 1305. Wonder, Stevie - Moments Aren't Moments 1306. Bayer Sager, Carole - Stronger Than Before 1307. Bayer Sager, Carole - Stay Devoted 1308. Walden, Narada Michael - No One There (To Sing Me 1309. Bayer Sager, Carole - How Long? 1310. Bayer Sager, Carole - Extravagant Gestures 1401. Ware, Martyn - If You All Get To Heaven - Album Ve 1402. Gray, Howard - If You Let Me Stay - Album Version 1403. Oliver, John - Wishing Well - Album Version 1404. Ware, Martyn - I'll Never Turn My Back On You (Fat 1405. D'arby, Terence Trent - Dance Little Sister - Albu 1406. D'arby, Terence Trent - Seven More Days - Album Ve 1407. D'arby, Terence Trent - Let's Go Forward - Album V 1408. D'arby, Terence Trent - Rain - Album Version 1409. D'arby, Terence Trent - Sign Your Name - Album Ver 1410. D'arby, Terence Trent - As Yet Untitled - Album Ve 1411. D'arby, Terence Trent - Who's Loving You 1501. Holmes, Cecil - Love Attack - Album Version 1502. Hayes, Isaac - Let Me Be Your Everything - Album V 1503. Hayes, Isaac - Showdown - Album Version 1504. Hayes, Isaac - Eye Of The Storm - Album Version 1505. Hayes, Isaac - Accused Rap - Album Version 1506. Hayes, Isaac - I Stand Accused' 88 - Album Version 1507. Hayes, Isaac - She's Got A Way - Album Version 1508. Hayes, Isaac - Foreplay Rap - Album Version 1509. Hayes, Isaac - Love Won't Let Me Wait - Album Vers 1601. Houston, Cissy - Little Miracles (Happen Every Day 1602. Vandross, Luther - Heaven Knows - Album Version 1603. Houston, Cissy - Love Me Again - Album Version 1604. Houston, Cissy - Can't Be Doin' That Now - Album V 1605. Houston, Cissy - Too Far Down - Album Version 1606. Houston, Cissy - Love Is On The Way (Real Love) - 1607. Houston, Cissy - Hustle - Album Version 1608. Houston, Cissy - Emotion Eyes - Album Version 1609. Vandross, Luther - Lady, Lady - Album Version 1610. Vandross, Luther - Medley: How Deep Is Your Love/l 1611. How Deep Is Your Love 1612. Love Don't Love Nobody 1613. Scott, J. - Never Let Me Go - Album Version 1701. Dupri, Jermaine - Intro-iude 1702. Tlc - Creep - Lp Version 1703. Hey Young World 1704. Dupri, Jermaine - Kick Your Game 1705. Babyface - Diggin' On You 1706. Austin, Dallas - Case Of The Fake People 1707. Watkins, Tionne - Crazysexycool-interlude 1708. Babyface - Red Light Special 1709. Bennett, Brandon - Waterfalls 1710. Dupri, Jermaine - Intermission-iude 1711. Babyface - Let's Do It Again 1712. Prince - If I Was Your Girlfriend 1713. Thomas, Rozonda - Sexy-interlude 1714. Hennings, Arnold - Take Our Time 1715. Busta Rhymes - Can I Get A Witness-interlude 1716. Dupri, Jermaine - Switch 1717. Organized Noize - Sumthin' Wicked This Way Comes 1801. Johnson, Syleena - The Beginning (Intro) 1802. Johnson, Syleena - I Am Your Woman 1803. Johnson, Syleena, Featuring Liberty City Fla / - Y 1804. Johnson, Sal - Baby I'm So Confused 1805. Johnson, Syleena - Meanwhile...(interlude) 1806. They Don't Know 1807. Johnson, Syleena / Power, Bob - Everybody Wants So 1808. Johnson, Syleena - You Got Me Spinnin' 1809. Johnson, Syleena / Power, Bob - Hit On Me 1810. Johnson, Syleena - & Then...(interlude) 1811. They Don't Know 1812. Johnson, Syleena, Featuring Buddy Guy / Power, - H 1813. Johnson, Syleena / Power, Bob - You Ain't Right 1814. Johnson, Syleena / Power, Bob - Ain't No Love 1815. Johnson, Syleena - One Day 1816. Johnson, Syleena / Power, Bob - I'd Rather Be Wron 1817. Johnson, Syleena / Power, Bob - All Of Me 1818. Johnson, Syleena - The End (Outro) 1901. Stone, Angie - Soul Insurance 1902. Stone, Angie - Brotha - Album Version 1903. Stone, Angie - Pissed Off 1904. Ferrell, Edward - More Than A Woman - Duet W/ Calv 1905. Moore, Rufus - Snowflakes 1906. Let's Make Love Now 1907. Martin, Andrea - Wish I Didn't Miss You - Album Ve 1908. Backstabbers 1909. Stone, Angie - Easier Said Than Done 1910. Isaac, Gerald - Bottles & Cans 1911. Stone, Angie - The Ingredients Of Love - Duet W/ M 1912. Red Clay 1913. Stone, Angie - What U Dyin' For 1914. Mayfield, Curtis - Makings Of You - Interlude 1915. Stone, Angie - Mad Issues 1916. Stone, Angie - If It Wasn't 1917. Isaac, Gerald - 20 Dollars 1918. Simply Beautiful 1919. Stone, Angie - Life Goes On 1920. Stone, Angie - The Heat - Outro 1921. Stone, Angie - Brotha Part II - Remix Album Versio 1922. I Play The Blues For You 1923. Isaac, Gerald - Time Of The Month 1924. I Can't Say No


Songs from films (Film Guide) - 2837311751

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Songs from films (Film Guide) Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (films not included). Pages: 191. Chapters: Crazy in Love, The Climb, I Will Always Love You, Work It Out, Check on It, This Is It, These Boots Are Made for Walkin', Milkshake, Lady Marmalade, Alice, Ghostbusters, I Love Rock 'n' Roll, Gangsta's Paradise, New Divide, 1 Thing, Boys, You Can't Win, Eye of the Tiger, Kissing You, We Dance On, Word Up!, The Shoop Shoop Song, New in Town, What I've Done, Low, I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman, All Is Love, Wicked Game, Summertime, Independent Women, Get Up, L'Histoire d'une fée, c'est..., Ballad of Easy Rider, Fighting Temptation, The Best Things in Life Are Free, I'm Coming Out, Aaromale, Doesn't Really Matter, I Turn to You, Beautiful Stranger, Possibility, When the Rain Begins to Fall, Keep Holding On, Gake no Ue no Ponyo, Car Wash, Again, Kiss with a Fist, Stop!, Evan Di Unna Pethan, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now, Here Comes the Hotstepper, Loverboy, I See You, You Could Be Mine, If I Rise, I Am Not My Hair, How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, Are You That Somebody?, Shy Guy, Baila morena, Gonna Fly Now, Would?, What You Know, People Are Strange, Man of the Hour, Hosanna, Conquest of Paradise, A Heart Is a House for Love, The Power of Love, A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes, Just a Gigolo, Burning Heart, State of Love and Trust, Pure Shores, Goodbye Horses, I Will Not Bow, Boogie 2nite, Twenty Flight Rock, How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore?, Theme from Mahogany, Why, I'm Good, I'm Gone, Isle of Innisfree, A Walking Song, Rainbow Connection, When You Wish upon a Star, We Don't Need Another Hero, Super Duper Love, If I Never Knew You, Virtual Diva, T'en va pas, End Credits, No Ordinary Love, As Time Goes By, Le Casse de Brice, Tambourine, That Thing You Do, Swallowtail Butterfly, Last Night a D.J. Saved My Life, Deep Cover, Willow's Song, Seasons of Love, The Heart of the Matter, Hé, biloute ! Monte l'son ! Hein !, Piya Tu Ab To Aaja, Someone's Watching Over Me, Guaranteed, Le Frunkp, Don't Stop, Signs, Flash, Ease on Down the Road, The Party's Just Begun, It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday, I Love You, China, Glory of Love, Masakali, Living Doll, Kilimanjaro, Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon, Breath, Reflection, Never Too Far, Get on the Bus, Irresistible, What the Hell Have I, Ching-a-Ling, The Crying Game, Let It Flow, Alive, Sleeping Awake, Love Shoulda Brought You Home, Shape of Things to Come, Es Tut Wieder Weh, The Third Man Theme, Your Lucky Day in Hell, Take the Lead, Theme to St. Trinian's, (Where Do I Begin?) Love Story, Springtime for Hitler, Gondola no Uta, Not Gon' Cry, Baby I Love U!, The 3:10 to Yuma, Save Me, Believe, Fallen, Love Will Turn You Around, Ave Satani, If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out, Tom, Dick or Harry, Come What May, I Don't Wanna Fight, If You Leave, From Zero to Hero, Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, Catch Me, Strut, Dueling Banjos, Arima Arima, Kadhal Anukkal, A Brand New Day, Amado Mio, Your Love Is King, You Belong to Me, In Heaven, Poovukkul, Real Cool World, Give U My Heart, Faith of the Heart, Bounce with Me, I Finally Found Someone, While Your Lips Are Still Red, Tere Bina, My Foolish Heart, Conteo, Irumbile Oru Irudhaiyam, Heavy in Your Arms, Yeah Ya Know, Only the Young, Najane Kyun, Shake Your Pom Pom, You're Sixteen, Cry Little Sister, Prisoners of Love, Love Letters, Separate Lives, Thuli Thuli, Could I Have This Dance, Let's Do It Again, Ma Nouvelle-France, Georgy Girl, Stutter, Pillow Talk, Eight Arms to Hold You, Step Up, Vindi...


Forever Friends Always & Forever / Various (Uk) - 2840219232

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Forever Friends Always & Forever / Various (Uk)


1. Greatest Love Of All 2. Because You Loved Me 3. I Believe I Can Fly 4. No One 5. Love You More 6. Nothing's Real But Love 7. Flying Without Wings 8. Soldier 9. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 10. Feels Like Home 11. No Air (Feat. Chris Brown) 12. I Think I'm In Love With You 13. Born To Make You Happy 14. With You 15. As Long As You Love Me 16. All Time Love 17. Brave 18. My Life Would Suck Without You 19. Heartbeat 20. You & Me Song 21. Dream Catch Me 101. Never Too Much 102. Kiss On My List 103. Can't Fight This Feeling 104. Time After Time 105. Here You Come Again 106. Love Me Tender 107. Make You Feel My Love 108. Sunshine On My Shoulders 109. Amazed 110. Never Saw Blue Like That 111. Hero (Wind Beneath My Wings) 112. I'm Kissing You 113. Shining Light 114. Never Gonna Give You Up 115. Cuddly Toy 116. (Feels Like) Heaven 117. Eternal Flame 118. Perfect 119. Search For The Hero 120. Lean On Me 201. Lovely One 202. Best Of My Love 203. Got To Get You Into My Life 204. Love Really Hurts Without You 205. Love Train 206. Be My Baby 207. Ain't Got No - I Got Life 208. O-o-h Child 209. Cupid 210. How Glad I Am 211. Shout 212. Baby (I Love You) 213. Then He Kissed Me 214. Your Song 215. Always And Forever 216. For Your Love 217. You're My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration 218. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby 219. I'll Always Love My Mama 220. The Way You Look Tonight 221. Can't Take My Eyes Off You


100 Hits - Power Ballads - 2840384384

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100 Hits - Power Ballads


1. Boston - More Than A Feeling 2. Europe - The Final Countdown 3. Blue Oeyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper 4. Toto - Africa 5. Daryl Hall & John Oates - I Can't Go For That (N 6. Air Supply - Making Love Out Of Nothing At All 7. Argent - God Gave Rock And Roll To You 8. Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone 9. Gillan - Living For The City 10. John Farnham - You're The Voice 11. Sad Cafe - Every Day Hurts 12. Ram Jam - Black Betty 13. Judas Priest - Breaking The Law 14. Alice Cooper - Poison 15. Warrant - Cherry Pie 16. Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son 17. Meat Loaf - You Took The Words Right Out Of My M 18. Men At Work - Down Under 19. Status Quo - Dust To Gold 20. Japan - Quiet Life 101. Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse Of The Heart 102. Jennifer Rush - The Power Of Love 103. Belinda Carlisle - We Want The Same Thing 104. Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love 105. Tina Arena - Chains 106. Eric Carmen - All By Myself 107. Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time 108. Alison Moyet - Is This Love 109. Sophie B. Hawkins - Damn, I Wish I Was Your Love 110. The Bangles - Manic Monday 111. Martika - Toy Soldiers 112. Survivor - American Heartbeat 113. Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me 114. Starship - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now 115. Patti Smith Group - Because The Night 116. Spin Doctors - Two Princes 117. Mr. Mister - Broken Wings 118. Spandau Ballet - Fight For Ourselves 119. Heart - Barracuda 120. Mott The Hoople - Saturday Gigs 201. Reo Speedwagon - Can't Fight This Feeling 202. Prefab Sprout - When Love Breaks Down 203. Thompson Twins - In The Name Of Love 204. Starship - We Built This City 205. Toto - Rosanna 206. Stan Bush - The Touch 207. Mr. Mister - Kyrie 208. Mott The Hoople - All The Young Dudes 209. Johnny Logan - Hold Me Now 210. Journey - Any Way You Want It 211. Kansas - Dust In The Wind 212. Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now 213. Kenny Loggins - Meet Me Half Way 214. Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl 215. The Guess - Who These Eyes 216. The Hooters - Satellite 217. Roachford - Cuddly Toy 218. Europe - Rock The Night 219. The Jeff Healey Band - I Think I Love You Too Mu 220. The Steve Miller Band - Keeps Me Wondering Why 301. Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger 302. Blue Oeyster Cult - Burnin' For You 303. Argent - Hold Your Head Up 304. Bad English - When I See You Smile 305. Saxon - Solid Ball Of Rock 306. Reo Speedwagon - Keep On Loving You 307. Rick Springfield - Don't Talk To Strangers 308. Scandal Feat. Patty Smyth - The Warrior 309. Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Earth 310. Sophie B. Hawkins - As I Lay Me Down 311. Alison Moyet - Weak In The Presence Of Beauty 312. Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out For A Hero 313. Martika - Love...thy Will Be Done 314. Gillan - Mutually Assured Destruction 315. The Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein 316. Steppenwolf - Someone Told A Lie 317. Status Quo - Beginning Of The End 318. The Calling - Wherever You Go 319. Jim Steinman - Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through 401. Boston - A Man I'll Never Be 402. Cheap Trick - Mighty Wings 403. Daryl Hall & John Oates - Out Of Touch 404. Deacon Blue - The Hipsters 405. The Guess Who - American Woman 406. Belinda Carlisle - I Get Weak 407. Eric Carmen - Hungry Eyes 408. Harry Nilsson - Without You 409. Michael Bolton - How Am I Supposed To Live Witho 410. Bruce Hornsby & The Range - The Way It Is 411. Air Supply - All Out Of Love 412. Gillan - New Orleans 413. The Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky 414. The Bangles - Eternal Flame 415. The Calling - Our Lives 416. Leo Sayer - Heart Stop Beating In Time 417. Lonestar - Amazed 418. Sad Cafe - My Oh My 419. Fleetwood Mac - Albatross


100 Hits - Presents Movie - 2844418261

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100 Hits - Presents Movie 100 Hits


1. And I'm Telling You -in The Style Of Jennifer Hu 2. Mercy -in The Style Of Duffy 3. Empire State Of Mind (Pt Ii) Broken Down -in The 4. Shake Yatailfeather-in The Style Of Nelly Featur 5. Rule The World -in The Style Of Take That 6. Toxic -in The Style Of Britney Spears 7. What A Girl Wants -in The Style Of Christina Agu 8. Superstar -in The Style Of Jamelia 9. When You Say Nothing At All -in The Style Of Ron 10. Too Lost In You -in The Style Of Sugababes 11. Out Of Reach -in The Style Of Gabrielle 12. Let's Stay Together -in The Style Of Al Green 13. Build Me Up Buttercup -in The Style Of The Found 14. 9 To 5 -in The Style Of Dolly Parton 15. Trouble -in The Style Of Pink 16. Have You Met Miss Jones? -in The Style Of Robbie 17. Oh, Pretty Woman -in The Style Of Roy Orbison 18. You Can Leave Your Hat On -in The Style Of Tom J 19. Love Is All Around -in The Style Of Wet Wetwet 20. How Do I Live -in The Style Of Leann Rimes 101. Flashdance.what A Feeling -in The Style Of Irene 102. Take My Breath Away -in The Style Of Berlin 103. (I've Had) The Time Of My Life -in The Style Of 104. Holding Out For A Hero -in The Style Of Bonnie T 105. Footloose -in The Style Of Kenny Loggins 106. Show Me Heaven -in The Style Of Maria Mckee 107. Hungry Eyes -in The Style Of Eric Carmen 108. A View To A Kill -in The Style Of Duran Duran 109. Hot Stuff -in The Style Of Donna Summer 110. The Heat Is On -in The Style Of Glenn Frey 111. If You Leave Me Now -in The Style Of Chicago 112. Love Is Strange -in The Style Of Mickey & Sylvia 113. She's Like The Wind -in The Style Of Patrick Swa 114. It Must Have Been Love -in The Style Of Roxette 115. In The Air Tonight -in The Style Of Phil Collins 116. Up Where We Belong -in The Style Of Joe Cocker A 117. Vogue -in The Style Of Madonna 118. Raspberry Beret -in The Style Of Prince 119. I Will Always Love You -in The Style Of Whitney 120. Don't Worry Be Happy -in The Style Of Bobby Mcfe 201. Everything I Do (I Do It For You) -in The Style 202. Your Song -in The Style Of Elton John 203. Fame -in The Style Of Irene Cara 204. Night Fever -in The Style Of The Bee Gees 205. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love -in The Style O 206. Ghostbusters -in The Style Of Ray Parker, Jr. 207. Jump (For My Love) -in The Style Of Girls Aloud 208. You Sexy Thing -in The Style Of Hot Chocolate 209. Two Tribes -in The Style Of Frankie Goes To Holl 210. You Can't Stop The Beat -in The Style Of Cast Of 211. Against All Odds -in The Style Of Phil Collins 212. Endless Love -in The Style Of Lionel Richieand D 213. Love Is In The Air -in The Style Of John Paul Yo 214. Ring Of Fire -in The Style Of Johnny Cash 215. Johnny B. Goode -in The Style Of Chuck Berry 216. Bohemian Rhapsody -in The Style Of Queen 217. Bye, Bye, Baby -in The Style Of Bay City Rollers 218. The Shoopshoopsong (It's In His Kiss) -in The St 219. Stand By Me -in The Style Of Ben E. King 220. Hopelessly Devoted To You -in The Style Of Olivi 301. I'm A Believer -in The Style Of The Monkees 302. She's A Lady -in The Style Of Tom Jones 303. Surfin' Usa -in The Style Of The Beach Boys 304. Dreadlock Holiday -in The Style Of 10cc 305. Mamma Mia -in The Style Of Abba 306. I Say A Little Prayer -in The Style Of Aretha Fr 307. Beautiful Stranger -in The Style Of Madonna 308. Glory Of Love -in The Style Of Peter Cetera 309. Abc -in The Style Of The Jackson Five 310. My Girl -in The Style Of The Temptations 311. Mustang Sally -in The Style Of The Commitments 312. These Arms Of Mine -in The Style Of Otis Redding 313. Ordinary World -in The Style Of Duran Duran 314. Where I Find My Heaven -in The Style Of Gigolo A 315. For Your Eyes Only -in The Style Of Sheena Easto 316. Stand By Your Man -in The Style Of Tammy Wynette 317. Nobody Does It Better -in The Style Of Carlysimo 318. Pass The Dutchie-in The Style Of Musical Youth 319. Can't Fight The Moonlight -in The Style Of Leann 320. Unchained Melody -in The Style Of The Righteous 401. School's Out -in The Style Of Alice Cooper 402. Don't Fear The Reaper -in The Style Of Blue Oyst 403. Black Betty -in The Style Of Ram Jam 404. Supermassiveblack Hole -in The Style Of Muse 405. We Will Rock You -in The Style Of Queen 406. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing -in The Style Of Ae 407. Bad Moon Rising -in The Style Of Creedenceclearw 408. One Way Or Another -in The Style Of Blondie 409. You Never Can Tell -in The Style Of Chuck Berry 410. People Are Strange -in The Style Of Echo & The B 411. Walk On The Wild Side -in The Style Of Lou Reed 412. Nothing's Gonnastop Us Now -in The Style Of Star 413. Eye Of The Tiger -in The Style Of Survivor 414. All The Small Things -in The Style Of Blink 182 415. You Get What You Give -in The Style Of New Radic 416. Twist And Shout -in The Style Of The Beatles 417. Stuck In The Middle With You -in The Style Of St 418. House Of Fun -in The Style Of Madness 419. Don't Get Me Wrong -in The Style Of The Pretende 420. Ghost Town -in The Style Of The Specials


Sunday's Child - 2843496278

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Sunday's Child Ebound Canada

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Georgianne Whitley's beloved father and brothers died in the war against Napoleon Bonaparte. While she is grieving for them, she must deal with her unpredictable mother's sorrow, and her younger sisters' situation caused by it. Georgianne's problems increase when the arrogant, wealthy but elderly Earl of Pennington, proposes marriage to her for the sole purpose of being provided with an heir. At first she is tempted by his proposal, but something is not quite right about him. She rejects him not suspecting it will lead to unwelcome repercussions. Once, Georgianne had wanted to marry an army officer. Now, she decides never to marry 'a military man' for fear he will be killed on the battlefield. However, Georgianne still dreams of a happy marriage before unexpected violence forces her to relinquish the chance to participate in a London Season sponsored by her aunt. Shocked and in pain, Georgianne goes to the inn where her cousin Sarah's step-brother, Major Tarrant, is staying, while waiting for the blacksmith to return to the village and shoe his horse. Recently, she has been reacquainted with Tarrant-whom she knew when in the nursery-at the vicarage where Sarah lives with her husband Reverend Stanton. The war in the Iberian Peninsula is nearly at an end so, after his older brother's death, Tarrant, who was wounded, returned to England where his father asked him to marry and produce an heir. To please his father, Tarrant agreed to marry, but due to a personal tragedy he has decided never to father a child. When Georgianne, arrives at the inn, quixotic Tarrant sympathises with her unhappy situation. Moreover, he is shocked by the unforgivable, brutal treatment she has suffered. Full of admiration for her beauty and courage Tarrant decides to help Georgianne. Reviews: J. Pittam "Maythorn" (Hertfordshire, England I was looking forward to another novel from Rosemary Morris and this one I couldn't put down. The author seems to have found her voice in this story which is set just after the Napoleonic Campaign.


Complete Atlantic Albums 1977 - 1991 - 2848184786

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Complete Atlantic Albums 1977 - 1991


1. Feels Like The First Time 2. Cold As Ice 3. Starrider 4. Headknocker 5. The Damage Is Done 6. Long, Long Way From Home 7. Woman Oh Woman 8. At War With The World 9. Fool For You Anyway 10. I Need You 11. Feels Like The First Time 12. Woman Oh Woman 13. At War With The World 14. Take Me To Your Leader 101. Hot Blooded 102. Blue Morning, Blue Day 103. You're All I Am 104. Back Where You Belong 105. Love Has Taken It's Toll 106. Double Vision 107. Tramontane 108. I Have Waited So Long 109. Lonely Children 110. Spellbinder 111. Hot Blooded 112. Love Maker 201. Dirty White Boy 202. Love On The Telephone 203. Women 204. I'll Get Even With You 205. Seventeen 206. Head Games 207. The Modern Day 208. Blinded By Science 209. Do What You Like 210. Rev On The Red Line 211. Zalia 301. Night Life 302. Juke Box Hero 303. Break It Up 304. Waiting For A Girl Like You 305. Luanne 306. Urgent 307. I'm Gonna Win 308. Woman In Black 309. Girl On The Moon 310. Don't Let Go 311. Juke Box Hero ('nearly Unplugged' Version) 312. Waiting For A Girl Like You ('nearly Unplugged' Version) 401. Tooth And Nail 402. That Was Yesterday 403. I Want To Know What Love Is 404. Growing Up The Hard Way 405. Reaction To Action 406. Stranger In My Own House 407. A Love In Vain 408. Down On Love 409. Two Different Worlds 410. She's Too Tough 501. Heart Turns To Stone 502. Can't Wait 503. Say You Will 504. I Don't Want To Live Without You 505. Counting Every Minute 506. Inside Information 507. The Beat Of My Heart 508. Face To Face 509. Out Of The Blue 510. A Night To Remember 601. Only Heaven Knows 602. Lowdown And Dirty 603. I'll Fight For You 604. Moment Of Truth 605. Mountain Of Love 606. Ready For The Rain 607. When The Night Comes Down 608. Safe In My Heart 609. No Hiding Place 610. Flesh Wound 611. Unusual Heat


Dorothy Must Die - 2826623957

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Dorothy Must Die Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The New York Times bestselling first book in a dark new series that reimagines the Oz saga, from debut author Danielle Paige.I didn't ask for any of this. I didn't ask to be some kind of hero. But when your whole life gets swept up by a tornado--taking you with it--you have no choice but to go along, you know?Sure, I've read the books. I've seen the movies. I know the song about the rainbow and the happy little blue birds. But I never expected Oz to look like this. To be a place where Good Witches can't be trusted, Wicked Witches may just be the good guys, and winged monkeys can be executed for acts of rebellion. There's still a road of yellow brick--but even that's crumbling.What happened? Dorothy. They say she found a way to come back to Oz. They say she seized power and the power went to her head. And now no one is safe.My name is Amy Gumm--and I'm the other girl from Kansas. I've been recruited by the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked. I've been trained to fight. And I have a mission: Remove the Tin Woodman's heart. Steal the Scarecrow's brain. Take the Lion's courage. And--Dorothy must die.


Covenant with Death - 2840800961

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Covenant with Death Sphere

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

They joined for their country. They fought for each other. When war breaks out in 1914, Mark Fenner and his Sheffield friends immediately flock to Kitchener's call. Amid waving flags and boozy celebration, the three men - Fen, his best friend Locky and self-assured Frank, rival for the woman Fen loves - enlist as volunteers to take on the Germans and win glory. Through ramshackle training in sodden England and a stint in arid Egypt, rebellious but brave Fen proves himself to be a natural leader, only undermined by on-going friction with Frank. Headed by terse, tough Sergeant Major Bold, this group of young men form steel-strong bonds, and yearn to face the great adventure of the Western Front. Then, on one summer's day in 1916, Fen and his band of brothers are sent to the Somme, and this very ordinary hero discovers what it means to fight for your life. Stirringly told from the down-to-earth view of everyday soldiers, Covenant with Death is acclaimed as one of the greatest novels about war ever written.


1970 films (Film Guide) - 2837511549

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1970 films (Film Guide) Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (films not included). Pages: 284. Chapters: Tora! Tora! Tora!, Waterloo, Airport, Five Easy Pieces, Patton, The Cruise, Hospital, Multiple Sidosis, King: A Filmed Record... Montgomery to Memphis, Serene Velocity, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, I Never Sang for My Father, The Aristocats, They Call Me Trinity, Hercules in New York, Liberation, MASH, Let It Be, Little Big Man, The Kremlin Letter, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, Space Amoeba, Ryan's Daughter, Cromwell, Le Mans, The Conformist, Moonwalk One, Love Story, Zabriskie Point, Performance, List of American films of 1970, Kelly's Heroes, Two Mules for Sister Sara, Bollywood films of 1970, Woodstock, Catch-22, Whale, The Railway Children, Colossus: The Forbin Project, El Topo, Too Late the Hero, Gamera vs. Jiger, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, Husbands, The Ballad of Cable Hogue, The Boys in the Band, Rio Lobo, Joe, Scrooge, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, Adventures of Mowgli, Don't Torture a Duckling, Gimme Shelter, The Music Lovers, House of Dark Shadows, The Twelve Chairs, Goodbye Gemini, Chisum, Taste the Blood of Dracula, Elvis: That's the Way It Is, The Honeymoon Killers, Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town, The Liberation of L.B. Jones, The Strawberry Statement, Le Distrait, Brewster McCloud, Goin' Down the Road, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, Samskara, Watermelon Man, The Snake King's Wife, Alleycat Rock: Female Boss, The Wild Child, Myra Breckinridge, The Super Fight, Umut, Road to Salina, The Vampire Lovers, Sometimes a Great Notion, Tamil films of 1970, Carry On Up the Jungle, Carry On Loving, The Garden of the Finzi-Continis, The Out-of-Towners, Count Yorga, Vampire, Aranyer Din Ratri, The Butcher, Cannon for Cordoba, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, The Wizard of Gore, The Cheyenne Social Club, The Dunwich Horror, Tora-san, His Tender Love, Safar, The Only Game in Town, Mera Naam Joker, Scars of Dracula, The Party at Kitty and Stud's, Tora-san's Grand Scheme, Darling Lili, I Walk the Line, A Man Called Horse, List of Argentine films of 1970, Hornets' Nest, The Hawaiians, Purab Aur Paschim, Shangani Patrol, Dastak, Szerelmi álmok - Liszt, Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, Multiple Maniacs, The Man Who Haunted Himself, Pufnstuf, Tora-san's Runaway, Darker than Amber, Cittŕ violenta, The Molly Maguires, Peau d'Âne, The House That Dripped Blood, Pagla Kahin Ka, Lovers and Other Strangers, The Owl and the Pussycat, The Landlord, I Drink Your Blood, The Phantom Tollbooth, Kati Patang, The Resurrection of Broncho Billy, Equinox, Hi, Mom!, The Go-Between, Deep End, Compańeros, Entertaining Mr Sloane, Mark of the Devil, Leo the Last, Doctor in Trouble, Ned Kelly, Monte Walsh, Dharma Daata, Insee thong, The Last Valley, Le Cercle rouge, How I Unleashed World War II, Diary of a Mad Housewife, And Soon the Darkness, Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion, Scream and Scream Again, Cherry, Harry & Raquel!, Heer Raanjha, Soldier Blue, Nam's Angels, ...tick...tick...tick..., The Boatniks, Trog, Monrak luk thung, Cotton Comes to Harlem, The Great White Hope, The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer, La Vampire Nue, Spring and Port Wine, The Iron Buddha, Lakshmi Kataksham, Brancaleone at the Crusades, Julius Caesar, The Pizza Triangle, The Past-Master, Getting Straight, The Blue Bird, WUSA, Awakening of the Beast, Tristana, Halls of Anger, Connecting Rooms, Jane Eyre, They Call Me MISTER Tibbs!, The McKenzie Break, Bigfoot, Landscape After the Battle, ...


Core Color - 2839419376

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Core Color PORK PIE


1. Life 2. Nite Hero 3. Honesty 4. Closing Time 5. Glow In The Dark 6. Stirring Up 7. Early In The Morning 8. Wonderful World 9. Rock This Party 10. Now The Time 11. Bring Down Your Hope 12. Under The Groove 13. Fight Off The Enemy 14. Right On Time 15. B.charly 16. Save The Love 17. Osaka Beer 18. On The Beach 19. Dallax Is Coming 20. Knock My Door


Dawn Of The Brave - 2839435554

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Dawn Of The Brave NAPALM REC.

Muzyka>Rock>Heavy / Hard

1. Dawn Of The Brave 2. Fight For Your Life 3. To The Mountains 4. Badaboom 5. The Final Countdown 6. Steel Breaker 7. The Awakening 8. The Other Ones 9. Holding Out For A Hero 10. Unholy 11. My Utopia 12. Into The West 13. Paranoid 101. If I Die In Battle (Orchestral Version) 102. My Voice (Orchestral Version) 103. Take To The Sky (Orchestral Version) 104. Neuer Wind (Jovian Spin Remix) 105. Lost Forever (Acoustic Version) 106. Last Night Of The Kings (Choir Version)


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