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The Forsyte Saga - Complete - 2841670516

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The Forsyte Saga - Complete Books on Demand

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Excerpt: ...for months afterwards. It was the ingratitude of the Boers that was so dreadful, after everything had been done for them - Dr. Jameson imprisoned, and he was so nice, Mrs. MacAnder had always said. And Sir Alfred Milner sent out to talk to them - such a clever man! She didn't know what they wanted. But at this moment occurred one of those sensations - so precious at Timothy's - which great occasions sometimes bring forth: "Miss June Forsyte." Aunts Juley and Hester were on their feet at once, trembling from smothered resentment, and old affection bubbling up, and pride at the return of a prodigal June! Well, this was a surprise! Dear June - after all these years! And how well she was looking! Not changed at all! It was almost on their lips to add, 'And how is your dear grandfather?' forgetting in that giddy moment that poor dear Jolyon had been in his grave for seven years now. Ever the most courageous and downright of all the Forsytes, June, with her decided chin and her spirited eyes and her hair like flame, sat down, slight and short, on a gilt chair with a bead-worked seat, for all the world as if ten years had not elapsed since she had been to see them - ten years of travel and independence and devotion to lame ducks. Those ducks of late had been all definitely painters, etchers, or sculptors, so that her impatience with the Forsytes and their hopelessly inartistic outlook had become intense. Indeed, she had almost ceased to believe that her family existed, and looked round her now with a sort of challenging directness which brought exquisite discomfort to the roomful. She had not expected to meet any of them but 'the poor old things'; and why she had come to see them she hardly knew, except that, while on her way from Oxford Street to a studio in Latimer Road, she had suddenly remembered them with compunction as two long-neglected old lame ducks. Aunt Juley broke the hush again. "We've just been saying, dear, how...


Forsyte Saga -complete- - 2847663328

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Forsyte Saga -complete-

Film obcojęzyczny>Drama


Forsyte Saga -complete Se - 2840290904

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Forsyte Saga -complete Se

Film obcojęzyczny>Drama


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