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Essay from the year 2015 in the subject Computer Science - Internet, New Technologies, Webster University, course: ITM 5000 07, language: English, abstract: The Internet has brought the world closer than ever, especially, with the ease in sharing information. A post online from Alpine, Texas can be accessible almost immediately by someone in Accra, Ghana and at the same time with the person in Bangalore, India. As much as there is access to the Internet, authorized users can access information/data irrespective of their location.§Business activities are now performed globally and efficiently in comfort; buyers and sellers do business without any constraints. Business supporting activities such as paying and receiving of cash, shipping of goods, and other related activities have now been automated in the cyberspace.§The most reliable resource vault or knowledge center accessible by all is the Internet; it could even be referred to as one of mankind's greatest achievement.§§However, it has also made all users including governments, corporate institutions and business entities exposed and vulnerable to numerous cyber crimes. The risk of losing personal data or theft of an important data like customer data from an organization by cyber criminals has become very high. Cyber security remains the biggest challenge faced by all especially governments and organizations.


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