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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

EVEN THOUGH WE'RE ALL INTERNATIONALISTS, FOR NOW THE BOOK WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE IN GERMAN. With contributions from Damir Arsenijevic, Alain Badiou, Étienne Balibar, Gracie Mae Bradley, Cédric Durand, the European Space Agency (sort of), Sara Farris, Alexandre Kojčve, Maurizio Lazzarato, Sandro Mezzadra, Toni Negri, Thomas Piketty, Beatriz Preciado, Bernard Stiegler, Martin Wolf, Slavoj Zizek. And to top it all off, check out our exclusive "Europe from Detroit" mix that comes courtesy of acid legend Carlos Souffront. No, not another debate on Europe, not just the usual policy proposals, no moralising appeals. We simply want to take stock of our ignorance in order to turn it into something more productive. Call it recycling if you will. The contributions in the volume do not reflect anything like a unity of vision. Often, they agree on very little. But that doesn't mean the texts assembled here do not resonate with one another. Philosophers, economists, journalists and activists comment on past and present manifestations of Europe. Taken together, these essays are exercises in defamiliarisation. Sure, we don't fully understand what is going on. Then again, experts didn't fare too well either, as a quick glance at the pre-2008 forecasts of economists, the analyses of geopolitical pundits or the trajectories of the expert-led transitional governments in Europe's South reveals. That's why we have no desire to wallow in passivity and fatalism. On the contrary, creating a sense of distance between Europe and ourselves will perhaps enable us to relate to it in new ways. Ever since the postwar reconstruction, Europe vacillated between grand political designs and economic expediency. The introduction of the Euro in 2002 and the ongoing crisis of 2008 have accelerated a shift in the balance of power. Nation-states lost some of their prerogatives and now have to accommodate the demands of unelected supranational entities in charge of implementing the precepts of economic rationality. A sense of powerlessness has become widespread. It has given a new lease of life to nationalism and xenophobia across Europe. Young people in particular wonder what could possibly be the point of having democracy conform to markets if capitalism cannot even make good on its one spellbinding historical promise: to enable wealth creation for the masses through individual effort and hard work? As is stands in 2014, giving up democratic principles in order to purify the operations of the markets seems like the surest way to the worst of both worlds: a technocratic caesarism. Economists tentatively hail Greece's return to the capital markets, they rejoice at the first signs of positive growth rates and welcome, give or take some accounting tricks, the sound budgets in member-states that are testament to the efficacy of the austerity measures. Meanwhile, unemployment in many parts of the EU remains stubbornly high. And let's not even talk about wage levels. Far from marking the end of history and the triumph of liberal market societies, 1989 could have turned out to be a Pyrrhic victory for capitalism, a possibility for which even François Furet allowed in his very last essays. Before its long overdue collapse, 'real existing socialism' - imperialist, authoritarian, unjust, inefficient, and downright depressing as it was - nonetheless inspired a fear among the governments of the so-called Western world that tamed capitalism in ways not seen before or after. Did bureaucratic state capitalism in the East protect the liberal capitalism of the West from what it wanted? Even when the latter seemed to be on excellent form after 1989, it often turned out to be pumped up on a diet of monetary steroids: soaring private and company debt sustained the boom times. Capitalism's hold over the planet is neither uniform nor exclusively imposed by force. It emerged out of a contingent history of the "universalisation of a tendency", as Deleuze and Guattari put it. However, a European left that has yet to come to terms with the full extent of its political insignificance seeks solace in the idea of an economic matrix that structures every fold of the social fabric: it is plausible, inescapable and terrifyingly good at harnessing even the forces of resistance to its own purposes. While the therapeutic aspect of this sort of thinking cannot be dismissed, its analytical virtues are more questionable. Still, as we survey the political landscape in 2014, no serious - and politically desirable - alternative exists. And yet liberal market societies struggle with ever more intense degrees of disaffection among their supposedly blessed populations. We observe the striking comeback of inequalities of wealth reminiscent of the Belle Époque. If current trends continue we could soon live in societies so unequal one would have to go back to the pre-industrial age to find anything comparable. This is certainly not a process of differentiation that is synonymous with modernity, as some commentators, grotesquely misinterpreting Luhmann, would have us believe. To reduce the potential of social differentiation to the acceptance of economic disparities betrays a poverty of thought that speaks volumes about the state of mind of a "brute bourgeoisie", itself a symptom of a deeply dysfunctional society. In Merkel-land, it found a new party-political home in the "Alternative for Germany". But opposition to the Euro also gains currency on the left. This is unsurprising given the intransigence of monetary hawks in the central banks and the institutional set-up of the Eurozone. Another Euro was possible, one that would have attempted to pave the way for an optimal currency area, rather than simply presupposing its existence.This would have required large-scale investments and significant redistributive efforts to harmonise - and raise - living standards in all of Europe. We need to unearth these counter-histories of the single European currency. As long as genuine political and social union is but a distant possibility, the imperative of price stability and the impossibility for individual Euro states to devalue their currency reduces the available range of political responses to economic distress to just one: the downward adjustment not just of economies but of entire welfare systems in order to restore competitiveness. However, there is no economic automatism here. These are deeply political decisions. As so often, economic liberalism knows very well when to portray itself as the arch-foe of oppressive states and undemocratic post-national institutions - and when to enlist their help in order to get its doctrinal way. Some conclude from this state of affairs that, provided it can be made politically productive, a break with the Euro regime should no longer be considered a taboo. Others are wary of reductive explanations that, for the sake of conceptual and political convenience, denounce the Eurozone as a monolithic neoliberal bloc. We stand to benefit a great deal from learning how to spot and exploit political divisions. Even inside the European Commission, there is room for forms of militant bureaucracy that deftly maneuver the legal labyrinthe (ranging from the 1953 European Convention on Social and Medical Assistance to the measures towards greater coordination of social security systems passed in 2004). Recent attempts to bully Merkel's government into potentially widening access to welfare payments for European citizens living in Germany lent credence to this claim. One day, these regulatory squabbles might bring us a minuscule step closer to a Europe-wide unconditional basic income. Let the robots do the crap jobs. Given the jingoistic mood of most electorates, even many leftist parties are taking leave from demands for postnational social rights that are legally enforceable. They fear such a move would be tantamount to political suicide. Nonetheless, the track record of European institutions and the general tendency of intergovernmental decisions taken during the last two decades or so suggest that it would be insane to rely on emancipatory political action from above. Yet the question of exactly how to reclaim Europe as a battleground from below is close to intractable. What effective form could a dialectic between "institutional and insurrectional" politics take? New forms of entryism might play a role, as those who support Alexis Tsipras' candidacy for the presidency of the European Commission argue. Mass pressure from the street would open a second flank. But even though they have been theorised for many years, European social movements worthy of their name continue to be conspicuous by their absence. Or should we push for individual states to give up their sovereignty and merge with their neighbour, thus creating political forms that mark an intermediate stage between the nation-state and and a European polity? It all sounds rather far-fetched. Interestingly, the recent protests in Bosnia oppose not just corrupt local elites, but also the institutions of the international community that purports to have pacified the remnants of former Yugoslavia. The revolution in the Ukraine that has courageously overthrown a deeply corrupt regime, on the other hand, did appeal to a EU that embodied hopes for a better political and economic life even as parts of the crowd openly displayed their neo-Nazi sympathies. We need to address the underlying identity issues haunting this continent as a whole and the individuals that inhabit it. It is impossible to overlook the signs of libidinal exhaustion. Europe has a problem with desire. The economic, political and social systems no longer produce pleasure. We're all tired but we haven't done nearly enough to explore and invent new lives. The family rushes in to fill this void. We grew accustomed too quickly to the omnipresence of "family-friendly" policies, by now a staple of European political language. We could have known better. In Anti-Oedipus, Deleuze and Guattari had warned us. As capitalism marches onward, all existing social relations will cede to its pull. But that's not the same as simple disappearance. Quite the opposite. The family was first emptied of all historical functions, only to be reinvented as a bulwark against some of the more troubling and pathological aspects of contemporary capitalism. It offers respite from the constant flexibility that is expected of us, it helps pool resources as welfare states are being dismantled, it pays lip service to feminist struggles by singing the praise of the care work done by stay-at-home mums. In France, reactionaries are marching through the streets in their thousands. Their opposition to same-sex marriage forms part of a wider struggle to combat the rampant "family-phobia" in today's societies. We want none of it. The hypocrisy is plain for everyone to see. There is significant overlap between the defenders of good old family values and the milieus in which shameless hostility to migrants has once again become acceptable. But some migrants are better than others. The latest version of the mother-father-family relies on cheap non-unionised female labour, the army of nannies recruited from abroad. These are some of the migrants that made it to Europe. Many others don't even get that far. The activities of Frontex seem blissfully oblivious to the very colonial past they incessantly conjure up. The same fervour that was at work in the historical project of European expansionism is now observable in the systematic efforts to stop migrants - to ensure successful "border management", as official parlance has it. Europeans used to invade foreign lands to enrich themselves, now they keep others out to protect their privileges. Images of drowned, starved or deported refugees don't prevent European politicians for a second from invoking 'our' grand cultural tradition, preferably while lecturing other parts of the world on the West's civilisational achievements: philosophy, human rights, dignity, you name it. Perhaps the treatment to which migrants are subjected has something to do with Europe's historical self-understanding after all. These corpses float in the same Mediterranean sailed by cunning Ulysses. They're dying to reach the shore they might have otherwise called home. This much is clear to us: as long as other people are treated like garbage in our name, we betray the potential of EURO TRASH. The costly insistence on rigid borders is not just a European problem. It's a cosmic one. Space is a place where quaint attempts to divide it up according to the time-worn logic of sovereignty must fail. As Donald Kessler has pointed out as early as 1978, the debris piling up in the orbit, if unchecked, will reach a point where space travel becomes too dangerous. And little does it matter whether the out-there is littered by NASA or ESA. We might be stuck on this planet at the precise moment when we'd be well advised to leave it behind. Borders have a funny way of shutting in the people they claim to protect. There were concerns about a possible lack of German voices in this collection but acid legend Carlos Souffront came to our rescue and his exclusive "Europe from Detroit" mix dispels them in the most unexpected, poignant and concise way possible. Kraftwerk's 1977 "Trans-Europe-Express" imagined the continent as a haven of post-historical nostalgia. We asked Carlos to reimagine Europe as a province of Detroit in order to invert the usual perspective. Often, the Motor City is an object of European musical desire, filled to the brim with projections even, and especially if there is post-industrial desolation to be admired. Let's try it the other way around. The mix expertly strides between delicacy and a sense of impending dread that culminates in a brief sequence where German history unmistakably rears its ugly head. But there is life beyond that, there has to be. This is not a mind trip, this is a body journey. WE'RE THE EDITORS, WE'RE SVENJA BROMBERG, BIRTHE MÜHLHOFF, AND DANILO SCHOLZ.


Michigan Box - 1950s & 1960s Oddball Labels / Var - 2840271504

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Michigan Box - 1950s & 1960s Oddball Labels / Var


1. Blue Echoes, The - O'misery 2. Blue Echoes, The - Rebel Train 3. Blue Echoes, The - Tossin' & Turnin' 4. Shoffner, Rufus & Songer, Joyce - Orbit Twist 5. Rogers, Kelly & Joyce Singo - Raindrops 6. Hammac, Frank - World Of Pleasure 7. Atlantics, The - Heartburn 8. Atlantics, The - Monkey Tree 9. Hawk, Kathy - Rocket To The Moon 10. Lenny & The Thundertones - Homicidal 11. Douglas, Dwight & The Jayhawkers - Interstate 45 12. Armstrong, Dick - I Wanta Go Steady With You 13. Yarborough, Lafayette - Cool Cool Baby 14. Yarborough, Lafayette - Livin' Doll 15. Chantells, The - Long Tall Sally 16. Chantells, The - Rockin' Revelie 17. Princetons Five, The - Goin' Nowhere 18. Princetons Five, The - Deadman 19. Good, Bobby - Crawl Back 20. Flamethrowers, The - Intensity 21. Flamethrowers, The - Whippy Wow 22. Culler, Max - Mr Johnson 23. Walton, Clarence & Walton Brothers Band - The Cat 24. Martin, Chubby - Soul Salesman 25. Bob & The Rockabillies - Baby, Why Did You Have To 26. Bob & The Rockabillies - Your Kind Of Love 27. Blue Echoes, The - Cool Guitar 28. Blue Echoes, The - It's Witchcraft 29. Jorden, Denny & The Fortuneaires - You'll Be Lonel 30. Atkins, James / Atkins, Walter & His Homotone's - 31. Atkins, James / Atkins, Walter & His Homotone's - 32. Millionaires, The - Arkansas Jane 33. Jackson, Eddie - Blues, I Can't Hide 101. Allers, Ron & His Rhythm Masters - Heartless Woman 102. Bob & His Neptunes - Night Street 103. Egyptians, The - Twin Spin 104. Flamethrowers, The - Suzette 105. Flamethrowers, The - The Knights Caper 106. Lee, Jimmy - Baby, Baby, Baby 107. Lee, Jimmy - She's Gone 108. Brady, Palford - L-o-v-e 109. Taylor, Ray & The Alabama Pals - Clocking My Card 110. Taylor, Ray & The Alabama Pals - Connie Lou 111. Taylor, Ray & The Alabama Pals - My Hamtrack Baby 112. Taylor, Ray & The Alabama Pals - I'll Never Let Yo 113. Friar, Hugh & Virginia Vagabonds - I Can't Stay Ma 114. Friar, Hugh & Virginia Vagabonds - Empty Arms 115. Nix, Ford & Moonshiners - Ain't No Sign I Wouldn't 116. Nix, Ford & Moonshiners - Nine Times Out Of Ten 117. Curly Dan / Maynard, Jim / Danville Mountain Tr - 118. Curly Dan / Maynard, Jim / Danville Mountain Tr - 119. Swain, Bill - Renfro Valley Home 120. Paul & Larry - Just A Cheater 121. Lenny & The Thundertones - Thunder Express 122. Johnny Guitar & The Rhythm-aires - Zaragoza 123. Brady, Pal - More Lovin' 124. Country Misfits, The - Hello There Mister 125. Buckett, Johnny & His Cumberland River Boys - Hipp 126. Wayne, Jimmy & The Galaxies - You Shake Me 127. Cimbalas, The - Crazy Tom 128. Bond, Bobby & The Bandits - Sweet Love 129. Curly Dan / Wilma Ann / Danville Mountain Boys, - 130. Danny & The Galaxies - Ad Lib 131. Danny & The Galaxies - If You Want To Be My Baby 132. Dockery, Chuck & The Four Buddies - Nashville, Ten 133. Tino & The Revlons - Rave On 134. Dockery, Chuck & The Four Buddies - Rock While We 201. Deltrons, The - Tonya 202. Zella, Danny & His Zell Rocks - Sapphire 203. Sabres, The - Bounty Hunter 204. Dycus, Connie - I Could Shoot Myself (If I Wasn' T 205. Zolton, Frank / Town & Country Boys - Cats Eyes 206. D&s Wildcats, The - Wildcaten 207. Royal Playboys, The - Goodbye Bo 208. Emanons, The - Stomper 209. Dee, Bobby & The Crestliners - Graveyard Twist 210. Dee, Bobby & The Crestliners - Jerry's Twist 211. King - I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday 212. Williams, Jimmy & The Drifters - If You Could Love 213. Williams, Jimmy & The Drifters - Teardrops & Memor 214. Raye, Zone - Twilight 215. Hesitations, The - Wild Little Willie 216. Fugitives, The - On Trial 217. Renegades V, The - Wine, Wine, Wine 218. Harris, Bob & The Kings Four - Bertha Lou 219. E'lites, The - What Are We Gonne Call It? You Got 220. Winters, Hank - Honeymoon Express 221. Moss, Roy / Allen, Cliff's Band - Wiggle Walkin' B 222. Moss, Roy / Allen, Cliff's Band - Yes, Juanita's M 223. Mysterions, The - Amnesia 224. Mysterions, The - Transylvania 225. Lincoln Trio, The - Shake Down 226. Mysterions, The - Down Hill 227. Carroll, Jimmy - Big Green Car 228. Scavengers, The - Curfue 229. Flat Top's Rabble Rousers - Norm Childs / Coverup 230. Flintales, The - Flintales Rock 231. Vulcans, The - Jambo 232. Vulcans, The - Shimmy Shuffle 233. Flintales, The - D-rail 301. Songer, Earl & His Rocky Road Ramblers - Mother-in 302. Friar & His Hillbilly Hicks - Joe's Mandolin Boogi 303. Myers, Jimmy & His Happy Highway Gang - Drunk Man' 304. Myers, Jimmy & His Happy Highway Gang - Ding Dong 305. Rye, Forest / String Band - Wild Cat Boogie 306. Gilbert, Boots / Sykes, Bob / Hatfield, Chuck & - 307. Gilbert, Boots / Hatfield, Chuck & The Treble-a - 308. Davis & His Tennessee Kings - Partnership Love Aff 309. Jackson, Eddie & His Swingsters - Rock & Roll Baby 310. Turner, Buster & His Pinnacle Mountain Boys - That 311. Hicks, Bill & The Southerneers - Blue Flame 312. Hicks, Bill & The Southerneers - She's Done Gone 313. Rector, Roy / Bradford, Slim - I Didn't Know I Lov 314. Lee, Jimmy - You Ain't No Good For Me 315. De Bree, Pete & The Wanderers - My Bucket's Got A 316. Rector, Roy - Heard The Back Door Slam 317. De Bree, Pete & The Wanderers - Hey, Mr Presley 318. De Bree, Pete & The Wanderers - Long Tall Lou 319. Whirl Wind Evangelists, The - No Grave 320. Vaughn, Dell / The Fortune Aires - Rock The Univer 321. Rader, Don - Rock & Roll Grandpap 322. Terrigan Brothers / Sterlings, The - Hi Ho Little 323. Kirk, Ellis & The Town & Country Boys - Flamingo R 324. Kirk, Ellis & The Town & Country Boys - Sweetie Pi 325. Tennessee Harmony Boys, The - I'm A Millionaire 326. Hunt Sisters, The / Mark / Hall, Roy & His Boys - 327. Myers, Jim & His Gems / Regan, Tex / Myers, Jim - 328. Myers, Jim & His Gems - J & D Hop 329. Myers, Jim & His Gems / Montclairs, The - Oh! Baby 330. Hunt Sisters, The - I'm Not Gonna Take It Anymore 331. Richards, Danny & The Country Rhythm Boys - You Ca 332. Richards, Danny & The Country Rhythm Boys - One Wa 333. Curly Dan / Wilma Ann / Danville Mountain Boys, - 401. Strong, Nolan & The Diablos - Try Me One More Time 402. Young, George & His Guitar & Band - Buggin' Baby 403. Young, George & His Guitar & Band - Shakin' Shelly 404. Catalinas, The - Destruction 405. Catalinas, The - Long Walk 406. Smith, Floyd & The Montclairs - Grandpa's Gully Ro 407. Nite Sounds, The - Cheese Cake 408. Vaden, Butch & The Nite Sounds - The Roll 409. Stapleton, Eddie - Well, I'm Weak 410. Royal Jokers, The - I Don't Like You That Much 411. Tucker, Ernest & The Ted Walker Orchestra - Gonna 412. Tucker, Ernest & The Ted Walker Orchestra - Too Sm 413. Chatman, Earl - Loving You, Baby 414. Chatman, Earl - Take Two Steps Back 415. Williams, Andre & The Inspirations - Bacon Fat 416. Weaver, Joe & His Blue Note Orchestra - I Still Lo 417. Lapels, The - Bad Luck 418. Continental Four, The - Jack The Ripper 419. Continental Four, The - Scramble 420. Buckett, Johnny - Griddle Greasin' Daddy 421. Buckett, Johnny - Let Me Play With Your Poodle 422. Kirkland, Jimmy / Getz, Stan / Tom Cats - Come On, 423. Kirkland, Jimmy / Getz, Stan / Tom Cats - I Wonder 424. Zella, Danny & His Zell Rocks - Black Saxs 425. Zella, Danny & His Zell Rocks - Wicked Ruby 426. Smith, Bobby - Bevy Mae 427. Smith, Bobby - She's Gone From Me 428. Sabres, The - Bomp, Bomp 429. Sabres, The - Rustler 430. Bgoode & Band - Ho Key Po Key Rock 431. Bgoode & Band - Sabotage 432. O'malley, Keith - Turned Out (Alvera) 433. Neutrons, The - Cut-out 501. Gallon, Vic - I'm Gone 502. Perkins, Howard - Double Clutchin' Man 503. Perkins, Howard - My Maw Didn't Raise No Fool 504. Torquays, The - Busting Point 505. Torquays, The - The Other Side 506. Huron Valley Boy's, The - When It's Judgement Day 507. Brady,george & The Kingsmen - Tell Me! Why 508. Goble, Pete / Gill, Billy & The Kentucky Rebels - 509. Goble, Pete / Gill, Billy & The Kentucky Rebels - 510. Harold L & The Offbeats - Connie 511. Harold L & The Offbeats - Three Years 512. Bagley, Jim & The Country Four - Come On In 513. Archer, Glynn & The Bowman's - Sooner 514. Rim Shots, The - The Native Dance 515. Curly Dan / Wilma Ann / Danville Mountain Boys, - 516. Hayes, Jimmy / Ridge, Camey Ramblers - Tom Cat Boo 517. Roll, Rick & The Auroras - To The Dancing Party 518. Burnette, Al & His Southern Swingsters - Humpty Du 519. Burnette, Al & His Southern Swingsters - Lookie He 520. Green, Thomas / Tennesse Tom & His Rhythm Boys - I 521. Hicks, Bill & His Southerneers - Sugar Coated Lies 522. Wilder, Farris & His Band - It's All Your Fault 523. Shorty Frog & His Space Cats - I'm Glad We Didn't 524. Shorty Frog & His Space Cats - Sheddin' Tears Over 525. Gartin, Jimmy / Highlanders, The - Gonna Ride That 526. Shoffner, Rufus & Songer, Joyce - It Always Happen 527. Shoffner, Rufus & Songer, Joyce - Every Little Rai 528. Cherokee Chief & His Oaklahoma Rockers - Little Ma 529. Shoffner, Rufus / Rodgers, Speedy - Lovelight 530. Bernell, Bobby - Move Over Big Dog (Let A Little D 531. Cherokee Chief - Mean & Evil Blues 532. Lynn, Patti - Same Old Blues 601. Click, Jimmie - Polecat Hollow 602. Gardenias, The - I'm Laughing At You 603. Ferros, , The / Nick & His Jaguars - Tough Cat 604. Phaetons, The - Fling 605. Hamilton, Dave & His Peppers - Cooter Bug 606. Kirk, Dave & The Candy Men - Oh! Baby 607. Layne, Kenny - Joanne 608. Hound Dogs, The - Hound Dog Boogie 609. Big Daddy G - Big Berry (Boss Man Guitar) 610. Perkins, Howard - Under Control 611. Hatcher, Lum - White Lightning 'N Excess 612. Martin, Carl Trio - Ain' T No Grave Gonna Hold My 613. Gospel Travelers, The - Spiritual Ladder 614. Wade & The Nationals - Butterfly 615. Janson, Eddy & The Van Dells - What'd I Say 616. Jackson, Jimmy - Never Tell A Lie 617. Roberts, Wayne & The Countrymen - Stomping Ground 618. Lyonaires, The - Why You Been Gone So Long 619. Tennant, Barbara / Band Of Hindle Butts, The - Roc 620. Holland With The Band - Shock 621. Sharpe, Billy & His Sharptones - Hippitty Hop 622. Mann, Chuck - Little Miss Muffet 623. Dynamites, The - Dynamite 624. Dynamites, The - Rosie Lee 625. Little Mac & The Bravadoes - Cinderella 626. Little Mac & The Bravadoes - Dance Baby (With Me) 627. Bob & The Bandits - I'm Gonna Stop Cryin' 628. Slaughter, Chuck & Ray, Buddy & The Shamrocks - Lu 629. Williams, Roxie / Ray, Buddy & The Shamrocks - Fif 630. Bossmen, The - Help Me, Baby 631. Egyptians, The - Inkster Boogie 632. Egyptians, The - The Party Stomp 633. Kelly - Rock & Roll Rock 701. Johnny & The Drifters - Rimshot 702. Smith, Mel - They Call Me Shadrack 703. Bice, Dennis & The Rhythm Riders - Jogger 704. Murphy, Jimmie - There's No Use In Me Loving You 705. Monday & The Steppers - Stepping 706. Medallions, The - Blowin' Throught Yokahama (Part 707. Medallions, The - Blowin' Throught Yokahama (Part 708. Danny & The Nitro-notes - International Whirl 709. Epitones, The - Epitone Twist 710. Epitones, The - The Mighty Rumble 711. Dunn, Rusty / Roberts, Wayne & The Countrymen - Pr 712. Hall, Jim & His Radio Pals - Seventh Heaven 713. Lee, Billy & The Ramblers - Trav'lin' 714. Carter, Tom & The Ramrods - Flyin' Saucer Twist 715. Carter, Tom & The Ramrods - Twistin' Boogie 716. Salyers, The - Extra Boyfriends 717. Tom & The Tornadoes - Long Pony Tail 718. Harris, Nick & The Soundbarriers - Big Nick 719. Dean-o-delray & His Del-rays - Ballad Of Billy The 720. Dean-o-delray & His Del-rays - Lucky Star 721. Zookie & The Potentates - Bachelors Got It Made 722. Zookie & The Potentates - Telephony 723. Rhythm Rockers, The - Thinkin' About You 724. Tempos, The - It's Tough 725. Tempos, The - Sham-rock 726. Allen, Norm & The Renegates - Baby, What's A Matte 727. Allen, Norm & The Renegates - Just One Womans Man 728. Three Ramblers - Jerald Boykin) /If You Call That 729. Three Ramblers, The - Jerald Boykin) /Walking, Tal 730. Evert & The Golden Strings Quartet - I Have Found 731. Pleasant Valley Boys, The - Highway To Heaven 732. Wacker, John - Hallelujah Side 733. Leonard, Judy & Patton, Arnold & Mollette, Jack - 734. Princetons Five, The - Roll Over Beethoven 801. Wildwood Playboys, The - Wildlife 802. Sisco, Bobby & The Melo-daires - I'll Find You 803. Starlighters, The - Cindy Lee 804. Starlighters, The - Wicked Ruby 805. Cummins, Pete & The Redeemers Four - In The Middle 806. Cummins, Pete & The Redeemers Four - The Surfin' F 807. Baker, Virgil - Oohee Wee Your Sweet 808. Green, Forrest & The Rangers - Poverty 809. John J - Shotgun Weddin' 810. Grant Doom - See How Ya Are 811. Keith, Freeman - Ugly Duckling 812. Buckett, Johnny - Griddle Greasin' Daddy 813. Nitz,gene & The West Virginia Ramblers - I Don't K 814. Thunder Rocks, The - Johnny Sax 815. Thunder Rocks, The - What's The Word 816. Blazers, The - Graveyard 817. Owens, Kenny - Come Back, Baby 818. Owens, Kenny - Frog Man Hop 819. Howell, Lloyd - Froggy 820. Howell, Lloyd - My Babys Gone 821. Low-rocks, The - Snooker 822. Quintet Plus, The - Grits 'N Grease 823. Thunder Rocks, The - Warpath 824. Farrah, Fred & The Hitch-hikers - Settle Down 825. Valiants, The - Wild Party 826. Thunder Rocks, The - Oh, My Linda 827. Bradford, Aubrey & Brad's Orchestra - Get Your Fee 828. Jackson, Eddie's Swingsters - Baby Doll 829. Zella, Danny's Rockers - Youngster Meets Monster 830. Youngsters, The - Zebra 831. Falcons, The & Orchestra - Sent Up 832. Ouderkirk, Ron - My Kind Of Woman 833. Teen Tones, The - Jumping 834. Frankie & The Teen Tones - Told You Little Baby 901. Finetones Inc, The - Short Circuit 902. Finetones Inc, The - The Big 'G' 903. Treblemakers, The - Spartan Stomp 904. Society, The - Nicotine Fit 905. Carbone, Jackie / Bartel, Eddie & Orchestra - Jam- 906. Frazer, Johnny & The Regal-aires - Rock With The M 907. Regal-aires, The - It 908. Richard Brothers, The - Drunk Driver's Coming 909. Richard Brothers, The - Stolen Property 910. Rader,don & The Five Stars - Rockin' The Blues 911. Gartin, Jimmy & His Bad Cats - Honey Won't You Lov 912. Lane, Kenny & His Bull Dogs - Columbus Stockade Bl 913. Lane, Kenny & His Bull Dogs - Froggy Went A Courti 914. Ramblers, The - Buzzin' Bee 915. Nick & The Jaguars - Cool & Crazy 916. Nick & The Jaguars - Ich-i-bon No1 917. Richards, Don - Traffic Jam 918. Swing Kings, The - Just Fooling Around 919. Swing Kings, The - The Bug 920. Mcwilliams, Ken & The Twi-lighters - Devil On Deat 921. Saharas, The - They Play It Wild 922. Mr Big & The Littlemen - Somethin' Else 923. Nino - Rabby Baby 924. Tikis, The - Rockin' Robin 925. Jack & Jill - It's All Over Now 926. D-notes, The - Ballin' Wire 927. Schafer, Jerry & The Jacks & Jills - Slave Driver 928. Ray, Barry - Something From The Twilight Zone 929. Jimmy & Russ Williams - High On The Hog 930. Culler, Max & The Carolina Troubadours - Saturday 931. Bullington, Jim - Love Bug Crawl 932. Angie & The Monoco's - Sad As I Can Be 933. Barron, Dick & The Jumping Jacks - Miss Ann 934. Tremolons, The - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On


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Suicides by poison Books LLC, Reference Series

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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 156. Chapters: Alan Turing, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Göring, Erwin Rommel, Martin Bormann, John William Polidori, Demosthenes, Fumimaro Konoe, Karl Haushofer, Vachel Lindsay, Charlotte Mew, Adolf Hitler, Florence Lawrence, Eva Braun, Horacio Quiroga, Wallace Carothers, Madalina Manole, Thomas Chatterton, Robert Ritter von Greim, Isabella Blow, Odilo Globocnik, Patty Cannon, Günther von Kluge, Paul Lafargue, Marshall Applewhite, Maria Czaplicka, Eleanor Marx, Marian Hooper Adams, Margaret Laurence, Viktor Meyer, George Sterling, John Suckling, Charles de Choiseul-Praslin, George Periolat, Phan Thanh Giżn, Francis Ellingwood Abbot, Calel Perechodnik, Leonard Lake, Hursid Pasha, Meng Fangli, Rikichi Ando, Francisco Urondo, Saeed Emami, Noel Mewton-Wood, Jeanette Loff, Adam Czerniaków, Alexandru Papana, Chaim Widawski, Masahiko Amakasu, Rudolph Schoenheimer, Bernie Elsey, Veronica Micle, George Black, Marvel Rea, James Price, Leopoldo Lugones, Chick Stahl, Nadezhda Sigida, Dave Clement, Kathleen Newton, Thomas Lovell Beddoes, Miles Sindercombe, Hazel Farris, Edward FitzGerald, 7th Duke of Leinster, Tezozomoctli, Richard Realf, Louis Fles, Jean Joseph Rabearivelo, James Smith, Hans von Pechmann, Jason Altom, Ramón Sampedro, Bernhard Förster, Tiffany Simelane, Alma Vetsera Hayne, Glyndwr Michael, Chizuko Mifune, Gustav Wied, Bernhard Hirzel, Antoine Trial, Kim Won-bong, Terry Long, Arno Assmann, George Westmore, Kunihiko Hashida, Peter Vogel, Arthur Woodcock, Ellen West, Delphine Delamare. Excerpt: Adolf Hitler (German pronunciation: ; 20 April 1889 - 30 April 1945) was an Austrian-born German politician and the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (German: , abbreviated NSDAP), commonly known as the Nazi Party. He was Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and served as head of state as Führer und Reichskanzler from 1934 to 1945. Hitler is most remembered for his central leadership role in the rise of fascism in Europe, World War II and the Holocaust. A decorated veteran of World War I, Hitler joined the precursor of the Nazi Party (DAP) in 1919, and became leader of NSDAP in 1921. He attempted a coup d'état known as the Beer Hall Putsch, which occurred at the Bürgerbräukeller beer hall in Munich on 8-9 November 1923. Hitler was imprisoned for one year due to the failed coup, and wrote his memoir, Mein Kampf (in English "My Struggle"), while imprisoned. After his release on 20 December 1924, he gained support by promoting Pan-Germanism, antisemitism and anti-communism with charismatic oratory and propaganda. He was appointed chancellor on 30 January 1933, and transformed the Weimar Republic into the Third Reich, a single-party dictatorship based on the totalitarian and autocratic ideology of Nazism. Hitler ultimately wanted to establish a New Order of absolute Nazi German hegemony in continental Europe. To achieve this, he pursued a foreign policy with the declared goal of seizing Lebensraum ("living space") for the Aryan people; directing the resources of the state towards this goal. This included the rearmament of Germany, which culminated in 1939 when the Wehrmacht invaded Poland. In response, the United Kingdom and France declared war against Germany, leading to the outbreak of World War II in Europe. Within three years, German forces and their European allies had occupied most of Europe, and most of North Africa, and the Japanese forces had occupied parts of East and Southeast Asia and the P...


Bottled water brands - 2852639389

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Bottled water brands Books LLC, Reference Series

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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 56. Chapters: Aquafina, Malvern water, Penta Water, Energy Brands, Nestlé Waters North America, Borjomi, Dasani, Donat Mg, Poland Spring, Perrier, Souroti, Farris, Hiram Codd, NIKA Water Company, San Pellegrino, Voss, NEWater, Arrowhead Water, Mineral water, Evian, Naya Waters, Fiji Water, PurBlu Beverages, Inc, Propel Fitness Water, VEEN, Drench, Ethos Water, Ice Mountain, Icelandic Glacial, Culligan, Dana, Staatl. Fachingen, Gerolsteiner Brunnen, Powwow Water, Mey Eden, Ciel, Volvic, Knjaz MiloS AD, Fruit2O, Londonderry Lithia, Isklar, Bisleri, Damavand Mineral Water, Highland Spring, Ty Nant, Jamnica, Apollinaris, Bling H2O, Contrex, Fuentealta, Ramlösa, Eden Springs Europe, Spa, Tipperary Natural Mineral Water, WHET Water, Mattoni, Trump Ice, Panna, Aquapod, Watsons Water, Sierra Springs, Mountain Valley Spring Water, Ayvaz Water, Ein Gedi Mineral Water, AdeS, Radenska, Belu, Deer Park Spring Water, Persa, Kellogg's Special K2O Protein Water, Badoit, Iceland Pure Spring Water, Zephyrhills, Bezoya, Ozarka, Neviot, Fourmula 50, Apenta, Vittel, Real Canadian Natural Spring Water, Brecon Carreg, Harrogate Spa Water, Nabeghlavi, Galvanina, Tau, Imsdal, Valpre, Sanfaustino, Celtic, Arwa, Dejŕ Blue, Blue Republic, Vichy Catalan, Pennine Spring, Deep River Rock, Selters, Samaria, Samdasoo, Bear-lithia, W8- Water. Excerpt: Malvern water is a natural spring water from the Malvern Hills on the border of the counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire in England. The Hills consist of very hard granite and limestone rock. Fissures in the rock retain rain water, which slowly permeates through, escaping at the springs. The springs release an average of about 60 litres a minute and the flow has never been known to cease. Beneficial properties of the water have been reported for over four hundred years, and the reason for such benefits was a topic of scholarly discussion by 1817. In the 19th century Malvern became famous for the water cure, resulting in its rapid development from a village to a busy town with many large Victorian and Edwardian hotels. The writings of the hydrotherapists James Gully and James Wilson, and well known patients who included Lord Lytton contributed to Malvern's renown at that time. The water has been bottled on an industrial scale under the Schweppes brand from 1850 until 2010, and on a smaller scale by other companies. It has been drunk by several British monarchs. Queen Elizabeth I drank it in public in the 16th century; Queen Victoria refused to travel without it, and it is the only bottled water used by Queen Elizabeth II, which she takes on her travels around the world. The spout at St Ann's Well. The quality of Malvern water is attributable to its source. Malvern Hills are amongst the oldest and hardest rocks found in the United Kingdom, with their geology responsible for the quality of Malvern's spring water. The hills consist of Precambrian igneous and metamorphic rock, the oldest of which are about 670 million years old. The rocks are characterised by low porosity and high secondary permeability via fissures. Malvern water is rainwater and snow meltwater that percolates through fissures created by the pressures of tectonic movements about 300 million years ago when advancing sedimentary layers of Silurian shale and limestone were pushed into and under old


Hearing Eye - 2846873189

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Hearing Eye Oxford University Press

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The widespread presence of jazz and blues in African American visual art has long been overlooked. The Hearing Eye makes the case for recognizing the music's importance, both as formal template and as explicit subject matter. Moving on from the use of iconic musical figures and motifs in Harlem Renaissance art, this groundbreaking collection explores the more allusive - and elusive - references to jazz and blues in a wide range of mostly contemporary visual artists. There are scholarly essays on the painters Rose Piper (Graham Lock), Norman Lewis (Sara Wood), Bob Thompson (Richard H. King), Romare Bearden (Robert G. O'Meally, Johannes V:oltz) and Jean-Michel Basquiat (Robert Farris Thompson), as well an account of early blues advertising art (Paul Oliver) and a discussion of the photographs of Roy DeCarava (Richard Ings). These essays are interspersed with a series of in-depth interviews by Graham Lock, who talks to quilter Michael Cummings and painters Sam Middleton, Wadsworth Jarrell, Joe Overstreet and Ellen Banks about their musical inspirations, and also looks at art's reciprocal effect on music in conversation with saxophonists Marty Ehrlich and Jane Ira Bloom. With numerous illustrations both in the book and on its companion website, The Hearing Eye reaffirms the significance of a fascinating and dynamic aspect of African American visual art that has been too long neglected.


1001 Ideas for Bathrooms - 2847098480

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1001 Ideas for Bathrooms AURUM PRESS

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From the overall design to picking the right baths, showers, WCs, storage, heating, lighting, tiles, faucets and floors, 1001 Ideas for Bathrooms is a comprehensive compendium of every single bathroom style, material and accessory. Should you install a whirlpool tub or buy a freestanding model? Hire professionals or DIY? Plan your bathroom for your lifestyle. Whether your ideal bathroom is an easy-to-maintain ensuite wet room or a high-traffic family bathroom with ample storage, find inspiration in hundreds of stunning photographs taken in a wide range of settings. With expert advise on design, materials, fixtures and accessories, 1001 Ideas for Bathrooms will help you make professional, informed choices for your home and budget. Jerri Farris is an author and editor who specialises in home improvement and home decor. She has written several books, including Home Improvement 101 and Complete Guide to Painting and Decorating, and contributed to numerous web sites, newspapers and magazines.


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