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The Horsemen Next Generation: Book 4 - 2851804728

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The Horsemen Next Generation: Book 4



Land of Winged Horsemen Art in Poland 1572-1764 - 2212824847

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Land of Winged Horsemen Art in Poland 1572-1764 Yale University Press


The book addresses five areas of Polish culture in the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries. The section on the military, focusing on the cavalry, offers highly decorated battle regalia, weapons, and a Turkish tent. With gilded cups, clocks, decanters, and more, the decorative arts section of the book provides outstanding examples of the cross-cultural tenor of the Baroque era. The volume includes essays that set the art of Poland in the context of its history, geography, and culture; a timeline of major events; a map of the Polish Commonwealth; a glossary; a useful bibliography; and an index of exhibited works.


Book M - 2845988499

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1. Knights Of Damcar 2. Hagia Sophia 3. Varja 4. Ship Of Fools 5. Horsemen Of Teh Invisible 6. Combat For The Angel 7. Zulfigar III 8. Siege Perlious 9. Dolorous Stroke 10. Blaze Of The Grail 11. Lapsit Exilis 12. Lapis Baitulous 13. Safina


Transparency - 2846723952

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Transparency Jungle Records


1. You Gotta Ride 2. Little Red Book 3. Star Setter 4. Seeven Mystic Horsemen 5. Alkazam 6. Hommer 7. Day Time Girl 8. Lighter 9. Sheba 10. Walk Along 11. Space Ship 101. Live At The Dirty Water Club 102. You Gotta Ride 103. Tripmaker 104. No Escape 105. Can't Seem To Make You Mine 106. Evil Hoodoo 107. Daytime Girl 108. Lighter 109. Diamond Mind 110. Mr. Farmer 111. Up In Her Garden 112. Space Ship 113. Pushing Too Hard 114. Hammer 115. Rock' N' Roll Shiva 116. Rent Strike 117. Saxon Invades London 118. Documentary & Interviews


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