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Learning iOS Design - 2826774107

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Learning iOS Design PEARSON

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"This book contains everything you need to know to create awesome, life-altering applications. . . . I pride myself on knowing a lot about design, but when reading this book, I probably didn't encounter a single page that didn't offer at least one interesting idea, new concept, or clever design technique. It's also written in a way that prevents you from putting it down. . . . You're in for a treat."§ - From the Foreword by Lukas Mathis, author of §Transform Your Ideas into Intuitive, Delightful iOS Apps! §As an app developer, you know design is important. But where do you start? Learning iOS Design will help you think systematically about the art and science of design, and consistently design apps that users will appreciate - and love.§Pioneering Omni Group user experience expert William Van Hecke first explains what design really means, and why effective app design matters so much. Next, using a sample concept, he walks through transforming a vague idea into a fleshed-out design, moving from outlines to sketches, wireframes to mockups, prototypes to finished apps.§Building on universal design principles, he offers practical advice for thinking carefully, critically, and cleverly about your own projects, and provides exercises to guide you step-by-step through planning your own app's design. An accompanying website provides professional-grade sketches, wireframes, and mockups you can disassemble, rearrange, and use to jumpstart any new project.§Coverage includes §Planning and making sense of your app idea §Exploring potential approaches, styles, and strategies §Creating more forgiving, helpful, and effective use interactions §Managing the constraints of the iOS platform (or any platform) §Crafting interfaces that are graceful, gracious, and consistently enjoyable to use §Balancing concerns such as "focus versus versatility" and "friction versus guidance" §Understanding why all designs are compromises - and how to choose the best among them §


Dieting with the Duchess - 2826715192

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Dieting with the Duchess Fireside Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

I am here to say that no matter how insurmountable your problems may seem, you can change your life for the better. If I can do it, so can you." Sarah, The Duchess of York She has established herself as a hardworking single mother who is successfully conquering her weight issues. Now Sarah, The Duchess of York shares her personal secrets and tips for her healthful new lifestyle and tells every woman how she, too, can be a winner in the battle of the bulge. "Dieting with The Duchess" blends the sound weight-loss guidance of "the" trusted authority in weight loss, Weight Watchers, with the real-life wisdom of The Duchess of York. Packed with The Duchess's own advice on everything from smart eating to exercising to learning from your past mistakes, "Dieting with The Duchess" features: * "My Truths," the five rules The Duchess learned on her own weight-loss journey * A primer on food fundamentals, including information on the food groups and nutritional supplement * Simple techniques for creating the workout that suits your unique exercise style, and for getting -- and staying -- motivated * How to (re)discover your true self during the weight-loss process, including practical ways to project a positive self-image and change your behavior * Plus 75 delicious recipes based on Weight Watchers revolutionary "Success & Weight Loss Plan" With Weight Watchers, The Duchess, and a wide selection of flavorful recipes that will satisfy all your senses, "Dieting with The Duchess" is the weight-loss guide you can't afford to be without.


Building Windows 8 Apps with C# and XAML - 2826766474

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Building Windows 8 Apps with C# and XAML PEARSON

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Jeremy builds real apps for real customers. That's why I can heartily recommend this book. Go out and write some great apps...and keep this book handy." -From the Foreword by Jeff Prosise Build Exceptionally Immersive and Responsive Touch-Based Windows Store Apps for Windows 8 with C# and XAML This is the first practical guide to building breakthrough applications for Windows 8 from project templates through publication to the new Windows Store. Microsoft "MVP of the Year" Jeremy Likness helps you combine your existing developer skills with new Visual Studio 2012 tools and best practices to create apps that are intuitive and innovative. His guidance and insight will help you dive into Windows 8 development-and gain a powerful competitive advantage for years to come. Likness illuminates the entire apps lifecycle, from planning and Model-View-View Model (MVVM) based design through coding, testing, packaging, and deployment. He covers both business and consumer apps, showing how Windows 8/WinRT development builds upon and contrasts with older WPF and Silverlight approaches. Using carefully crafted downloadable code examples and sample projects, Likness shows how to make the most of new platform features, including integrated social networking, search, contracts, charms, and tiles. Throughout, he addresses crucial development challenges that have only been discussed on MSDN, blog posts, and Twitter feeds-and never with this depth and clarity before. Coverage includes * Mastering real-world Windows 8 development for all devices and form factors * Understanding the new WinRT framework and the unique characteristics of Windows 8 apps * Designing apps that are faster, more responsive, do more with less, and maximize battery life * Creating exceptionally fluid interfaces with VS 2012 templates, built-in animations, and XAML * Building apps that respond consistently to multiple forms of input, including complex touch manipulations * Using contracts and charms to expose services or enable users to do so * Providing information to users through Live Tiles even when your app isn't running * Connecting your app seamlessly to multiple data sources, including social networks and cloud storage * Syndicating rich, network-based content * Using Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) * Securing Windows 8 apps through authentication and authorization * Efficiently testing, debugging, packaging, and deploying apps


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