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World in a Second - 2826721099

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World in a Second Perseus Books Group

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Inspired by the question, "What are they doing right at this moment on the other side of the world?" this book focuses on natural and human events happening all over the world in the same second. Talking about the world and how it's so different in places but also so similar and shared, so incredible and surprising, the books takes us to New York, Chicago, Mexico, Portugal, Angola, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Hungry, Brazil, and South Africa, among others.So, while you sit turning the pages of this book, things are happening everywhere. Somewhere, a wave is reaching the shore. Elsewhere, an orange falls from a tree. In yet other places, there's a traffic jam, a stuck elevator, and someone's going to sleep. Inevitably, a book is coming to an end as another is beginning. Time is always in a hurry, never, ever stopping, and yet as you focus on these lovely illustrations, which stand as true evocations of place, time begins to slow down and, for moments, it even feels as if time has stopped, and you are transported - out of the flow of time and into the wholeness and purity of a moment. A moment of bird flight; a moment of daydreaming while washing the dishes; a moment of wondering how something felt and what came next.Isabel Minhos Martins is a Portuguese author and publisher whose words are found in works of poetry, children's books, magazines, comic books, and scripts for animations. She is also the publisher of Planeta Tangerina, a Portuguese publishing company. Several of her books have already been published by the Tate.Bernardo Carvalho is an illustrator and graphic designer from Lisbon whose work has been honored with multiple awards.


And The Horse You Rode In - 2843954312

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And The Horse You Rode In BLOODSHOT


1. You Go Together 2. Stop! 3. One Night Stand 4. Something's Happening 5. I Pretend She's You 6. Hope Is Still On Your Side 7. Libertyville Or Somewhere 8. Sixteen Is Too Young 9. Praying Is A Heartache 10. Save Your Breath 11. Castles Of Wales 12. Ogilvie Station 13. ...and The Horse You Rode In On 14. Tear Down The Opera House 15. Well I Wouldn't


Buck 'Em! Vol.2 - 2840301150

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Buck 'Em! Vol.2


1. Happy Times Are Here Again 2. Swee Rosie Jones 3. Your Mother's Prayer 4. You'll Never Miss The Water (Till The Well Runs Dr 5. If I Had Three Wishes 6. Let The World Keep On A Turnin' 7. Things I Saw Happening At The Fountain On The Plaz 8. Darlin' You Can Depend On Me (Alternate Version) 9. I've Got A Tiger By The Tail (Live At The White Ho 10. Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass 11. We're Gonna Get Together 12. I've Got You On My Mind Again (Live In London) 13. Johnny B. Goode (Live In London) 14. Today I Started Loving You Again (Outtake) 15. Big In Vegas (Live In Vegas) 16. Las Vegas Lament (Live In Las Vegas) 17. The Kansas City Song 18. Down In New Orleans (Early Version) 19. Tall Dark Stranger (Live In Scandinavia) 20. I Wouldn't Live In New York City (If They Gave Me 21. Bridge Over Troubled Water 22. (I'm Going) Home 23. Ruby (Are You Mad) 24. Corn Likker 25. I'll Still Be Waiting For You (Live In Reno) 101. Arms Full Of Empty 102. Ain't It Amazing, Gracie 103. You Ain't Gonna Have Ol' Buck To Kick Around No Mo 104. I Love You So Much It Hurts 105. Something's Wrong 106. In The Palm Of Your Hand 107. Streets Of Bakerfield 108. The Good Old Days (Are Here Again) 109. I Won't Be Needing You 110. It Never Will Be Over For Me 111. Big Game Hunter 112. (It's A) Monster Holiday 113. Stony Mountain West Virginia 114. Holdin' On 115. On The Cover Of The Music City News 116. Made In Japan (Live In Japan) 117. Somewhere Between You & Me (Live In New Zealand) 118. Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms (Live In Australia 119. Great Expectations 120. 41st Street Lonely Hearts' Club 121. Weekend Daddy 122. He Ain't Been Bowling With The Boys (Outtake) 123. A Different Kind Of Sad (Outtake) 124. The Battle Of New Orleans 125. Country Singer's Prayer


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