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To The Last Drop Of Our Blood - 2870728893

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To The Last Drop Of Our Blood

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities>Religion & beliefs>Religion: general>History of religionKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie&g...


To The Last Drop Of Our Blood - 2870727336

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To The Last Drop Of Our Blood

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities>Religion & beliefs>Religion: general>History of religionKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie&g...


The Last Drop Of Blood - 2871205605

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The Last Drop Of Blood

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Thriller / suspense>Political / legal thrillerKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie&g...

This Book Is The Outgrowth Of One Of J. Stephen Funk's Major Injury Lawsuits, One In The 1970s, Where The Dishonesty And A Conspiracy Of Silence By The Medical Profession Supported A Negligent Doctor's Efforts To Maintain His Exalted And Privileged Plac


Last Crusaders: Blood Red Sea - 2869347157

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Last Crusaders: Blood Red Sea Orion

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

1571. Chained to a slave galley in the heart of the Mediterranean, it seems that English adventurers Ingoldsby and Hodge might have finally run out of luck. But as former Knights of St John, they've survived worse, and while the men around them drop dead at their oars, they're determined to escape. By a miracle of fate, they find their way back to dry land and freedom - but unable to return home. With the Ottoman Empire set on strangling the crusading Christian power before it can take root, hostilities between East and West - Muslim and Christian - are vicious and deadly. And as the sun rises on one day in October, five hours of bloodshed will change the course of history. Once again, the two Englishmen find themselves living on borrowed time...PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED AS CLASH OF EMPIRES: THE RED SEA


Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe - Souad - 2854922647

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Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe - Souad

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Pierwsze na świecie świadectwo ofiary zbrodni honorowej. Miała siedemnaście lat i zakochała się: zhańbiła rodzinę. Więc rodzina wydała na nią wyrok śmierci... Pokochała go pierwszą miłością. Myślała, że się z nią ożeni. Ale ukochany zniknął, a ona odkryła, że jest w ciąży. A w jej świecie to najcięższa zbrodnia... W zapomnianej przez Boga wiosce w Cisjordanii kobiety są warte mniej niż zwierzęta domowe. Tu mężczyzna jest panem życia i śmierci żony, córki, siostry. Brat może bezkarnie zabić siostrę, matka - córkę, kolejną bezużyteczną dziewczynkę, jaka się urodzi. Tu kobiecie odbiera się godność, a nawet życie zgodnie z odwiecznym obyczajem i uświęconą tradycją. A śmierć jest karą dla dziewczyny, która zhańbi rodzinę. Tak jak Souad. Wyrok wydaje jej ojciec. Szwagier dokonuje egzekucji. Oblewa Souad benzyną i podpala... SOUAD przeżyła - cudem, ale rodzina usiłowała zabić ją nawet w szpitalu. Na zawsze jednak pozostanie straszliwie okaleczona - na ciele i duszy. I wciąż musi się ukrywać; dopóki żyje, jej rodzinę okrywa hańba. Spalona żywcem, opublikowana pod pseudonimem szokująca opowieść o piekle, jakim było jej dzieciństwo i młodość, stała się międzynarodowym bestsellerem. Wydana w 37 w krajach książka przerywa tabu milczenia wobec istniejącej nadal w krajach muzułmańskich barbarzyńskiej tradycji. Nieludzkiego obyczaju, prawa mężczyzn, na mocy którego co najmniej pięć tysięcy kobiet pada co roku ofiarą zbrodni honorowej. Nazwa - Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe Autor - Souad Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Amber Kod ISBN - 9788324159406 Kod EAN - 9788324159406 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2016 Tłumacz - 31182,maria rostworowska; Format - 110 x 175 x 14 Ilość stron - 224 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2016-06-23


Last Hybrid - 2873333337

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Last Hybrid William and Keats Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When Hannah Sawyer dropped out of college after losing her scholarship she spent five years weaning herself of alpha males and alcohol, but when she decides to return to finish her degree she finds those things rolled into one in the intoxicating blue eyes of fellow non-traditional student Daniel Keith. What she soon learns is that her newfound addiction to Daniel impairs her judgment beyond any mixed drink a frat boy could have handed her. She should have left when he cut his arm with a car key to show her his white blood. Or when he had a run-in with a dark angel on one of their dates. But Hannah stays, entranced by this man who remains a mystery to her. Who or what is Daniel? And why does the small town of Spring Hill, Tennessee seem to summon his enemies? As romance lures Hannah further into a shadowy world most people never see, she realizes she's gotten herself in deeper than she knew possible. And this time there's no option of dropping out. Reviews/Editorials Overall, this book will drop your jaws! The story itself unravels through many layers of meaning, and for the thinking person, this intellectual aspect of the story is a huge come-on. Wilson is not only a skillful storyteller, he also knows how to conjure imagery that compels you to imagine the Hollywood movie version of this novel--many scenes are breathtakingly visual, and I would love to see them on the big screen. Highly recommended! -New York Book Pundit I love, Love, LOVED it! The story was well plotted and I especially enjoyed the fast pace of the book and the twist and turns of the story. -Orchard Book Club Lee Wilson's The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels blew my mind! It's very well written, it has a lot of twists that will leave your eyebrows raising, and has an interesting plot. When I was reading the first page, I already knew that this one is going to be one of my favorites. The plot is original and just plain amazing inside and out. It's a new way to read about angels and other paranormal creatures. If you're up for an action packed, fast paced and a fresh paranormal story, then this book is for you. -Little Book Star The writing is crisp and eager, as is the dialog, which is often punchy and quick witted. I really enjoyed the flirtatious verbal rants between Daniel and Hannah - lead characters. Both showed tendencies to keep their relationship playful and free, with real passion brimming slowly beneath the surface. This tease yet feisty touches is classic NA (New Adult) and what sets it apart from mere young adult literature. There is a fine line between the two and in this case the line was walked carefully and eloquently, shown through gentle embraces as well as subtle nuances that upped the heat - all tastefully done. -Writer's Alley Intensely dark with a clever blend of twists and turns. The mixture of characters builds fascinating chaos amidst young romance. I couldn't put it down! -John Carroll, Director, Masters of the Universe: The Fountain of Life As the little girl was rescued after falling from a metaphorical tree of life into thin ice, I was intrigued. The story continued to reveal itself in layers with such depth, each time inspiring my imagination to go further... &


Abc Of The Blues - 2874399365

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Abc Of The Blues Membran Music / Membran


1. Arnold, Kokomo - Backfence Picket Blues 2. Arnold, Kokomo - Fool Man Blues 3. Arnold, Kokomo - Long & Tall 4. Arnold, Kokomo - Sally Dog 5. Arnold, Kokomo - Cold Winter Blues 6. Arnold, Kokomo - Sister Jane Cross The Hall 7. Arnold, Kokomo - Wild Water Blues 8. Arnold, Kokomo - Laugh & Grin Blues 9. Arnold, Kokomo - Mean Old Twister 10. Arnold, Kokomo - Red Beans & Rice 11. Arnold, Billy Boy - My Heart Is Crying 12. Arnold, Billy Boy - I Wish You Would 13. Arnold, Billy Boy - I Ain't Got You 14. Arnold, Billy Boy - Here's My Picture 15. Arnold, Billy Boy - You Got Me Wrong 16. Arnold, Billy Boy - Prisoner's Plea 17. Arnold, Billy Boy - Every Day, Every Night 18. Arnold, Billy Boy - No, No, No, No, No 19. Arnold, Billy Boy - Rockinitis 20. Arnold, Billy Boy - I Was Fooled 101. Berry, Richard - Louie, Louie 102. Berry, Richard - Sweet Sugar You 103. Berry, Richard - You Look So Good 104. Berry, Richard - Mess Around 105. Berry, Richard - No Room 106. Berry, Richard - I Want You To Be My Girl 107. Berry, Richard - I'm Your Fool 108. Berry, Richard - Walk Right In 109. Berry, Richard - Give It Up 110. Berry, Richard - Have Love, Will Travel 111. Barbecue, Bob - Yo Yo Blues 112. Barbecue, Bob - California Blues 113. Barbecue, Bob - Montherless Chiles Blues 114. Barbecue, Bob - She's Coming Back Some Cold Rainy 115. Barbecue, Bob - Barbecue Blues 116. Barbecue, Bob - Ease It To Me Blues 117. Barbecue, Bob - Chocolate To The Bone 118. Barbecue, Bob - Good Time Rounder 119. Barbecue, Bob - Atlanta Moan 120. Barbecue, Bob - Diddle-da-diddle 201. Bland, Bobby Blue - It's My Life, Baby 202. Bland, Bobby Blue - Honey Bee 203. Bland, Bobby Blue - Lost Lover Blues 204. Bland, Bobby Blue - Time Out 205. Bland, Bobby Blue - Million Miles From Nowhere 206. Bland, Bobby Blue - You've Got Bad Intentions 207. Bland, Bobby Blue - I Don't Believe 208. Bland, Bobby Blue - You Did Me Wrong 209. Bland, Bobby Blue - Last Night 210. Bland, Bobby Blue - Wise Man's Blues 211. Brown, Charles - Driftin' Blues 212. Brown, Charles - Trouble Blues 213. Brown, Charles - In The Evening When The Sun Goes 214. Brown, Charles - Get Yourself Another Fool 215. Brown, Charles - Black Night 216. Brown, Charles - Hard Times 217. Brown, Charles - Cryin' Mercy 218. Brown, Charles - Evening Shadows 219. Brown, Charles - Fool's Paradise 220. Brown, Charles - Merry Christmas, Baby 301. Brown, Clarence Gatemouth - Midnight Hour 302. Brown, Clarence Gatemouth - Ain't That Dandy 303. Brown, Clarence Gatemouth - Dirty Work At The Cr 304. Brown, Clarence Gatemouth - Hurry Back Good News 305. Brown, Clarence Gatemouth - Okie Dokie Stomp 306. Brown, Clarence Gatemouth - Sad Hour 307. Brown, Clarence Gatemouth - Gate's Salty Blues 308. Brown, Clarence Gatemouth - Just Before Dawn 309. Brown, Clarence Gatemouth - Depression Blues 310. Brown, Clarence Gatemouth - For Now So Long 311. Barker, Blue Lu - Trombone Man Blues 312. Barker, Blue Lu - Her's A Little Girl 313. Barker, Blue Lu - A Little Bird Told Me 314. Barker, Blue Lu - What Did You Do To Me? 315. Barker, Blue Lu - Leave My Man Alone 316. Barker, Blue Lu - Now You're Down In The Alley 317. Barker, Blue Lu - When The Wagon Comes 318. Barker, Blue Lu - Loan Me Your Husband 319. Barker, Blue Lu - Bow Legged Daddy 320. Barker, Blue Lu - Love That Man 401. Broonzy, Big Bill - Mississippi River Blues 402. Broonzy, Big Bill - Long Tall Mama 403. Broonzy, Big Bill - Worrying You Off My Mind (Part 404. Broonzy, Big Bill - Rising Sun Shine On 405. Broonzy, Big Bill - Come Home Early 406. Broonzy, Big Bill - Good Jelly 407. Broonzy, Big Bill - Bull Cow Blues 408. Broonzy, Big Bill - I Can't Make You Satisfied 409. Broonzy, Big Bill - How You Want It Done 410. Broonzy, Big Bill - Hattie Blues 411. Blackwell, Scrapper - Kokomo Blues 412. Blind Blake - Come On Boys, Let's Do That Messin' 413. Blind Blake - Hard Pushin' Papa 414. Blind Blake - Skeedle Loo Doo Blues 415. Blind Blake - Georgia Bound 416. Blind Blake - Too Tight Blues, No. 2 417. Blind Blake - Diddie Wah Diddie 418. Blind Blake - Souther Rag 419. Blind Blake - C. C. Pill Blues 420. Blind Blake - Rope Stretching Blues, Pt. 1 501. Dupree, Champion Jack - Strollin' 502. Dupree, Champion Jack - T. B. Blues 503. Dupree, Champion Jack - Can't Kick The Habit 504. Dupree, Champion Jack - Evil Woman 505. Dupree, Champion Jack - Nasty Boogie 506. Dupree, Champion Jack - Junker's Blues 507. Dupree, Champion Jack - Bad Blood 508. Dupree, Champion Jack - Goin' Down Slow 509. Dupree, Champion Jack - Frankie & Johnny 510. Dupree, Champion Jack - Stack-o-lee 511. Cousin Joe - Fly Hen Blues 512. Cousin Joe - Little Eva 513. Cousin Joe - Lightning Struck The Poorhouse 514. Cousin Joe - Baby You Don't Know At All 515. Cousin Joe - The Barefoot Baby 516. Cousin Joe - Box Car Shorty & Peter Blue 517. Cousin Joe - Beggin' Woman 518. Cousin Joe - Sadie Brown 519. Cousin Joe - Evolution Blues 520. Cousin Joe - Box Car Shorty's Confession 601. Carr, Leroy / Blackwell, Scrapper - Wrong Man Blue 602. Carr, Leroy / Blackwell, Scrapper - Gettin' All We 603. Carr, Leroy / Blackwell, Scrapper - Blue With The 604. Carr, Leroy / Blackwell, Scrapper - Christmas In J 605. Carr, Leroy / Blackwell, Scrapper - That's Tellin 606. Carr, Leroy / Blackwell, Scrapper - Papa Wants A C 607. Carr, Leroy / Blackwell, Scrapper - The Dirty Doze 608. Carr, Leroy / Blackwell, Scrapper - Carried Water 609. Carr, Leroy / Blackwell, Scrapper - Let's Disagree 610. Carr, Leroy / Blackwell, Scrapper - Papa's Got You 611. Crayton, Pee Wee - Win-o 612. Crayton, Pee Wee - I Got News For You 613. Crayton, Pee Wee - Blues Before Dawn 614. Crayton, Pee Wee - Don't Break My Heart 615. Crayton, Pee Wee - The Telephone Is Ringing 616. Crayton, Pee Wee - California Women 617. Crayton, Pee Wee - Blues For My Baby 618. Crayton, Pee Wee - Dedicated To The Blues 619. Crayton, Pee Wee - Phone Call From My Baby 620. Crayton, Pee Wee - Blues After Hours 701. Diddley, Bo - I'm A Man 702. Diddley, Bo - Bo Diddley 703. Diddley, Bo - Pretty Thing 704. Diddley, Bo - Bring It To Jerome 705. Diddley, Bo - Diddy Wah Diddy 706. Diddley, Bo - I'm Looking For A Woman 707. Diddley, Bo - Who Do You Love? 708. Diddley, Bo - You Don't Love Me 709. Diddley, Bo - Hey Bo Diddley 710. Diddley, Bo - Mona (I Need You Baby) 711. Diddley, Bo - Say Boss Man 712. Diddley, Bo - Before You Accuse Me 713. Diddley, Bo - Say Man 714. Diddley, Bo - The Clock Strikes Twelve 715. Diddley, Bo - Crackin' Up 716. Diddley, Bo - Don't Let It Go (Hold On To What You 717. Diddley, Bo - Mumblin' Guitar 718. Diddley, Bo - She's Alright 719. Diddley, Bo - Road Runner 720. Diddley, Bo - The Story Of Bo Diddley 801. Dixon, Willie - Don't Let That Music Die 802. Dixon, Willie - I Ain't Gonna Be Your Monkey Man 803. Dixon, Willie - Money Tree Blues 804. Dixon, Willie - Since My Baby Gone 805. Dixon, Willie - No One To Love Me 806. Dixon, Willie - Hard Notch Boogie Beat 807. Dixon, Willie - If The Sea Was Whiskey 808. Dixon, Willie - Got You On My Mind 809. Dixon, Willie - Tell That Woman 810. Dixon, Willie - Come Here Baby 811. Dixon, Willie - Dallas Blues 812. Dixon, Floyd - Moonshine 813. Dixon, Floyd - Real Lovin' Mama 814. Dixon, Floyd - Prairie Dog Blues 815. Dixon, Floyd - Shuffle Blues 816. Dixon, Floyd - Blues For Cuba 817. Dixon, Floyd - Telephone Blues 818. Dixon, Floyd - Lovin' 819. Dixon, Floyd - Let's Dance 820. Dixon, Floyd - Opportunity Blues 901. Eaglin, Snooks - Careless Love 902. Eaglin, Snooks - Let Me Go Home, Whisky 903. Eaglin, Snooks - Trouble In Mind 904. Eaglin, Snooks - St. James Infirmary 905. Eaglin, Snooks - Rock Island Line 906. Eaglin, Snooks - Sophisticated Blues 907. Eaglin, Snooks - I'm Looking For A Woman 908. Eaglin, Snooks - Look Down That Lonesome Road 909. Eaglin, Snooks - I Got My Questionnaire 910. Eaglin, Snooks - One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer 911. Estes, Sleepy John - Jack & Jill Blues 912. Estes, Sleepy John - Poor Man's Friend 913. Estes, Sleepy John - Hobo Jungle Blues 914. Estes, Sleepy John - Airplane 915. Estes, Sleepy John - Floating Bridge 916. Estes, Sleepy John - Need More Blues 917. Estes, Sleepy John - Fire Department Blues 918. Estes, Sleepy John - New Someday Baby 919. Estes, Sleepy John - Liquor Store Blues 920. Estes, Sleepy John - Brownswille 1001. Fulson, Lowell - I Wanna Make Love To You 1002. Fulson, Lowell - Rock 'Em Dead 1003. Fulson, Lowell - You Better Rock This Morning 1004. Fulson, Lowell - Rollin' Blues 1005. Fulson, Lowell - Someday Baby 1006. Fulson, Lowell - It Took A Long Time 1007. Fulson, Lowell - That's Alright 1008. Fulson, Lowell - It's A Long Time 1009. Fulson, Lowell - Loving You 1010. Fulson, Lowell - Lonely Hours 1011. Four Blazes, The - Stop Boogie Woogie 1012. Four Blazes, The - Snag The Britches 1013. Four Blazes, The - Raggedy Ride 1014. Four Blazes, The - Perfect Woman 1015. Four Blazes, The - Night Train 1016. Four Blazes, The - Never Start Living 1017. Four Blazes, The - Women, Women 1018. Four Blazes, The - Drunken Blues 1019. Four Blazes, The - My Hat's On The Side Of My Head 1020. Four Blazes, The - Mary Jo 1101. Guy, Buddy - Try To Quit You, Baby 1102. Guy, Buddy - You Sure Can't Do 1103. Guy, Buddy - This Is The End 1104. Guy, Buddy - Sit & Cry 1105. Gunter, Arthur - Baby Let's Play House 1106. Gunter, Arthur - No Naggin', No Draggin' 1107. Gunter, Arthur - Honey Babe 1108. Gunter, Arthur - Little Blue Jeans Woman 1109. Gunter, Arthur - Baby You Better Listen 1110. Gunter, Arthur - I Want Her Back 1111. Gunter, Arthur - Crazy Me 1112. Gunter, Arthur - Ludella 1113. Gunter, Arthur - Blues After Hours 1114. Gaillard, Slim - Walkin' & Cookin' Blues 1115. Gaillard, Slim - Blue Heaven 1116. Gaillard, Slim - Thunderbird 1117. Gaillard, Slim - Chicken Rhythm 1118. Gaillard, Slim - I Love You 1119. Gaillard, Slim - I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance 1120. Gaillard, Slim - Don't Blame Me 1201. Hooker, John Lee - Dimples 1202. Hooker, John Lee - I'm In The Mood 1203. Hooker, John Lee - Boogie Chillen' 1204. Hooker, John Lee - Let Your Daddy Ride 1205. Hooker, John Lee - John L's House Rent Boogie 1206. Hooker, John Lee - Weeping Willow Boogie 1207. Hooker, John Lee - Huckle Up Baby 1208. Hooker, John Lee - Hobo Blues 1209. Hooker, John Lee - Crawlin ' King Snake 1210. Hooker, John Lee - Sally Mae 1211. Harris, Wynonie - Around The Clock (Pt. 1&2) 1212. Harris, Wynonie - Yonder Goes My Baby 1213. Harris, Wynonie - Don't Take My Whiskey Away From 1214. Harris, Wynonie - Cock-a-doodle-doo 1215. Harris, Wynonie - Time To Change Your Town 1216. Harris, Wynonie - You Got To Get Yourself A Job, G 1217. Harris, Wynonie - Oh Babe! 1218. Harris, Wynonie - Luscious Woman 1219. Harris, Wynonie - Stormy Nights Blues 1220. Harris, Wynonie - Git To Gittin' Baby 1301. Hooker, Earl - Sweet Black Angel 1302. Hooker, Earl - Earl's Boogie Woogie 1303. Hooker, Earl - Goin' Down The Line 1304. Hooker, Earl - Guitar Rag 1305. Hawkins, Screamin' Jay - I Put A Spell On You 1306. Hawkins, Screamin' Jay - Yellow Coat 1307. Hawkins, Screamin' Jay - If You Are But A Dream 1308. Hawkins, Screamin' Jay - You Made Me Love 1309. Hawkins, Screamin' Jay - Orange Colored Sky 1310. Hawkins, Screamin' Jay - Hong Kong 1311. Hawkins, Screamin' Jay - Baptize Me In Wine 1312. Hawkins, Screamin' Jay - Not Anymore 1313. Hawkins, Screamin' Jay - I Hear Voices 1314. Hawkins, Screamin' Jay - The Whammy 1315. Hawkins, Screamin' Jay - Little Demmon 1316. Hawkins, Screamin' Jay - Poor Folks 1317. Hawkins, Screamin' Jay - Your Kind 1318. Hawkins, Screamin' Jay - Ashes 1319. Hawkins, Screamin' Jay - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 1320. Hawkins, Screamin' Jay - Ol' Man River 1401. Lightnin' Hopkins - Katie Mae Blues 1402. Lightnin' Hopkins - Play With Your Poodle 1403. Lightnin' Hopkins - Automobile 1404. Lightnin' Hopkins - T Model Blues 1405. Lightnin' Hopkins - Baby Please Don't Go 1406. Lightnin' Hopkins - Needed Time 1407. Lightnin' Hopkins - Short Haired Woman 1408. Lightnin' Hopkins - Mad With You 1409. Lightnin' Hopkins - Lightnin' Boogie 1410. Lightnin' Hopkins - Give Me Central 209 1411. Lightnin' Hopkins - Coffee Blues 1412. Lightnin' Hopkins - What's The Matter Now 1413. Lightnin' Hopkins - I'm Wild About You Baby 1414. Lightnin' Hopkins - Movin' On Out Boogie 1415. Lightnin' Hopkins - Policy Game 1416. Lightnin' Hopkins - Lightnin' Jump 1417. Lightnin' Hopkins - Late In The Evening 1418. Lightnin' Hopkins - They Wonder Who I Am 1419. Lightnin' Hopkins - Had A Gal Called Sal 1420. Lightnin' Hopkins - Blues For My Cookie 1501. Howlin' Wolf - Look-a-here Baby 1502. Howlin' Wolf - Smile At Me 1503. Howlin' Wolf - California Boogie 1504. Howlin' Wolf - My Baby Walked Off 1505. Howlin' Wolf - Chocolate Drop 1506. Howlin' Wolf - Mr. Highway Man 1507. Howlin' Wolf - Color & Kind 1508. Howlin' Wolf - Everybod'ys In The Mood 1509. Howlin' Wolf - (Well) That's Alright 1510. Howlin' Wolf - Baby Ride With Me 1511. Howlin' Wolf - Decoration Day Blues 1512. Howlin' Wolf - Moanin' At Midnight 1513. Howlin' Wolf - The Wolf Is At Your Door 1514. Howlin' Wolf - Getting Old & Grey 1515. Howlin' Wolf - Oh, Red! 1516. Howlin' Wolf - My Last Affair 1517. Howlin' Wolf - Dorothy Mae 1518. Howlin' Wolf - I Got A Woman / Swet Woman 1519. Howlin' Wolf - Bluebird Blues 1520. Howlin' Wolf - Howlin' Wolf Boogie 1601. Hunter, Alberta - Down Hearted Blues 1602. Hunter, Alberta - Why Did You Pick Me Up When I Wa 1603. Hunter, Alberta - Don't Pan Me 1604. Hunter, Alberta - Jazzin' Baby Blues 1605. Hunter, Alberta - You Can't Have It All 1606. Hunter, Alberta - You Shall Reap Just What You Sow 1607. Hunter, Alberta - Taint Nobody's Business 1608. Hunter, Alberta - If You Want To Keep Your Daddy 1609. Hunter, Alberta - Chirping The Blues 1610. Hunter, Alberta - Some Day Sweetheart 1611. Hunter, Ivory Joe - Heaven Came Down To Earth 1612. Hunter, Ivory Joe - It May Sound Silly 1613. Hunter, Ivory Joe - I Need You 1614. Hunter, Ivory Joe - You Mean Everything To Me 1615. Hunter, Ivory Joe - Shooty Booty 1616. Hunter, Ivory Joe - Yes, I Want You 1617. Hunter, Ivory Joe - I Just Want To Love You 1618. Hunter, Ivory Joe - I'll Never Leave You , Baby 1619. Hunter, Ivory Joe - All About The Blues 1620. Hunter, Ivory Joe - She's Gone 1701. Johnson, Robert - They're Red Hot 1702. Johnson, Robert - 32-20 Blues 1703. Johnson, Robert - Preachin' Blues (Up Jumped The D 1704. Johnson, Robert - Stop Breakin' Down Blues 1705. Johnson, Robert - I Believe I'll Dust My Broom 1706. Johnson, Robert - Sweet Home Chicago 1707. Johnson, Robert - Kindhearted Woman Blues 1708. Johnson, Robert - Ramblin' On My Mind 1709. Johnson, Robert - Crossroad Blues 1710. Johnson, Robert - Malted Milk 1711. Johnson, Robert - Love In Vain Blues 1712. Johnson, Robert - Honeymoon Blues 1713. Johnson, Robert - When You Got A Good Friend 1714. Johnson, Robert - Travelling Riverside Blues 1715. Johnson, Robert - Terraplane Blues 1716. Johnson, Robert - Dead Shrimp Blues 1717. Johnson, Robert - Walkin' Blues 1718. Johnson, Robert - From Four Till Late 1719. Johnson, Robert - Last Fair Deal Goin' Down 1720. Johnson, Robert - Me & The Devil Blues 1801. James, Elmore - Dust My Broom 1802. James, Elmore - Sho' Nuff I Do 1803. James, Elmore - Please Find My Baby 1804. James, Elmore - Cry For Me Baby 1805. James, Elmore - Sunny Land 1806. James, Elmore - The 12 Year Old Boy 1807. James, Elmore - It Hurts Me, Too 1808. James, Elmore - Hawaiin Boogie 1809. James, Elmore - T.v. Mama 1810. Johnson, Lonnie - Have To Change Keys (To Play The 1811. Johnson, Lonnie - Mr. Johnson's Blues 1812. Johnson, Lonnie - Mean Old Bedbug Blues 1813. Johnson, Lonnie - Toothache Blues (Pt. 1) 1814. Johnson, Lonnie - Toothache Blues (Pt. 2) 1815. Johnson, Lonnie - Sweet Potato Blues 1816. Johnson, Lonnie - Guitar Blues 1817. Johnson, Lonnie - She's Making Whoopee In Hell Ton 1818. Johnson, Lonnie - Got The Blues For Murder Only 1819. Johnson, Lonnie - I'm Nuts About That Gal 1820. Johnson, Lonnie - Deep Blue Sea Blues 1901. Johnson, Blind Willie - Dark Was The Night, Cold W 1902. Johnson, Blind Willie - If I Had My Way I'd Tear T 1903. Johnson, Blind Willie - Praise God I'm Satisfied 1904. Johnson, Blind Willie - Trouble Will Soon Be Over 1905. Johnson, Blind Willie - I Know His Blood Can Make 1906. Johnson, Blind Willie - Everybody Ought To Treat A 1907. Johnson, Blind Willie - It's Nobody's Fault But Mi 1908. Johnson, Blind Willie - I'm Gonna Run To The City 1909. Johnson, Blind Willie - Keep Your Lamp Trimmed & B 1910. Johnson, Blind Willie - Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed 1911. Johnson, Tommy - Cool Drink Of Water Blues 1912. Johnson, Tommy - Maggie Campbell Blues 1913. Johnson, Tommy - Canned Heat Blues 1914. Johnson, Tommy - Big Road Blues 1915. Johnson, Tommy - Alcohol & Jake Blues 1916. James, Skip - If You Haven't Any Hay Get On Down T 1917. James, Skip - 22-20 Blues 1918. James, Skip - How Long Buck 1919. James, Skip - Cypress Grove Blues 1920. James, Skip - Devil For My Woman 2001. King, B.b. - B.b. Boogie 2002. King, B.b. - When Your Baby Packs Up & Goes 2003. King, B.b. - Got The Blues 2004. King, B.b. - Take A Swing With Me 2005. King, B.b. - Miss Martha King 2006. King, B.b. - Mistreated Woman 2007. King, B.b. - The Other Night Blues 2008. King, B.b. - Walkin' & Cryin' 2009. King, B.b. - My Baby Is Gone 2010. King, B.b. - Fine Looking Woman 2011. King, B.b. - She's Dynamite 2012. King, B.b. - She's A Mean Woman 2013. King, B.b. - Hard Working Woman 2014. King, B.b. - That Ain't The Way To Do It 2015. King, B.b. - Three O'clock Blues 2016. King, B.b. - She Don't Move Me No More 2017. King, B.b. - Shake It Up & Go 2018. King, B.b. - My Own Fault Darlin' 2019. King, B.b. - Gotta Find My Baby 2020. King, B.b. - B.b. Blues 2101. Little Walter - Blues With A Feeling 2102. Little Walter - Juke 2103. Little Walter - Sad Hour 2104. Little Walter - Tell Me Mama 2105. Little Walter - Off The Wall 2106. Little Walter - You Better Watch Yourself 2107. Little Walter - My Babe 2108. Little Walter - Last Night 2109. Little Walter - You're So Fine 2110. Little Walter - Roller Coaster 2111. Little Walter - Moonshine Blues 2112. Little Walter - Bad Acting Woman 2113. Little Walter - Blue Baby 2114. Little Walter - Can't Hold On Much Longer 2115. Little Walter - Tongiht With A Fool 2116. Little Walter - Boogie 2117. Little Walter - Red Headed Woman 2118. Little Walter - I Just Keep Loving Her 2119. Little Walter - Mean Old World 2120. Little Walter - Lights Out 2201. Lightnin' Slim - Rock Me Mama 2202. Lightnin' Slim - Bad Luck 2203. Lightnin' Slim - New Orleans Bound 2204. Lightnin' Slim - Bugger Bugger Boy 2205. Lightnin' Slim - I'm A Rollin' Stone 2206. Lightnin' Slim - Hoodoo Man 2207. Lightnin' Slim - I'm Grown 2208. Lightnin' Slim - Nothing But The Devil 2209. Lightnin' Slim - Tom Cat Blues 2210. Lightnin' Slim - Wintertime Blues 2211. Lenoir, J.b. - I Have Married 2212. Lenoir, J.b. - How Much More 2213. Lenoir, J.b. - Let's Roll (Pt. 1) 2214. Lenoir, J.b. - The Mojo (Pt. 1) 2215. Lenoir, J.b. - Slow Down Woman 2216. Lenoir, J.b. - Louise 2217. Lenoir, J.b. - When I Was Young 2218. Lenoir, J.b. - Bassology 2219. Lenoir, J.b. - Play A Little While 2220. Lenoir, J.b. - Livin' In The White House 2301. Leadbelly - Alabama Bound 2302. Leadbelly - Forth Worth & Dallas Blues 2303. Leadbelly - Leavin' Blues 2304. Leadbelly - Midnight Special 2305. Leadbelly - T.b. Woman Blues 2306. Leadbelly - New York City 2307. Leadbelly - Shorty George 2308. Leadbelly - John Hardy 2309. Leadbelly - Bourgeois Blues 2310. Leadbelly - Good Morning Blues 2311. Leadbelly - Easy Rider 2312. Leadbelly - Pretty Flowers 2313. Leadbelly - Black Snake Moan 2314. Leadbelly - See See Rider 2315. Leadbelly - Roberta (Pt. 1) 2316. Leadbelly - Pigmeat 2317. Leadbelly - Grey Goose 2318. Leadbelly - Pick A Bale Of Cotton 2319. Leadbelly - Where Did You Sleep Last Night? 2320. Leadbelly - Death Letter Blues (Pt. 1) 2401. John, Little Willie - Fever 2402. John, Little Willie - All Around The World 2403. John, Little Willie - Suffering With The Blues 2404. John, Little Willie - Tell It Like It Is 2405. John, Little Willie - Person To Person 2406. John, Little Willie - Need Your Love So Bad 2407. John, Little Willie - Talk To Me, Talk To Me 2408. John, Little Willie - Home At Last 2409. John, Little Willie - My Nerves 2410. John, Little Willie - Leave My Kitten Alone 2411. Lewis, Smiley - How Long 2412. Lewis, Smiley - Goin' To Jump & Shout 2413. Lewis, Smiley - Ain't Goin' There No More 2414. Lewis, Smiley - Last Night 2415. Lewis, Smiley - Tee-nah-nah 2416. Lewis, Smiley - Lonesome Highway 2417. Lewis, Smiley - Lying Woman 2418. Lewis, Smiley - No Letter Today 2419. Lewis, Smiley - Mama, Don't Like 2420. Lewis, Smiley - I Want To Be With Her 2501. Lewis, Furry - Everybody's Nlues 2502. Lewis, Furry - Sweet Papa Moan 2503. Lewis, Furry - Kassie Jones (Pt. 1) 2504. Lewis, Furry - Billy Lyons & Stack-o-lee 2505. Lewis, Furry - Judge Harsh Blues 2506. Lewis, Furry - John Henry 2507. Lewis, Furry - Black Gypsy Blues 2508. Lewis, Furry - I Will Turn You Money Green 2509. Lewis, Furry - Jelly Roll 2510. Lewis, Furry - Good Looking Girl Blues 2511. Lewis, Furry - Mistreatin' Mama 2512. Lewis, Furry - Furry's Blues 2513. Lewis, Furry - Mean Old Bed Bug Blues 2514. Lewis, Furry - Big Chief Blues 2515. Lewis, Furry - Why Don't You Come Home Blues 2516. Lockwood, Robert - Dust My Broom 2517. Lockwood, Robert - Pearly B 2518. Lockwood, Robert - Aw Aw Baby 2519. Lockwood, Robert - Sweet Woman From Maine 2520. Lockwood, Robert - You've Gotta Stop This Mess 2601. Magic Sam - All Your Love 2602. Magic Sam - Love Me With A Feeling 2603. Magic Sam - Everything Gonna Be Alright 2604. Magic Sam - Easy Baby 2605. Magic Sam - 21 Days In Jail 2606. Mccracklin, Jimmy - Listen Woman 2607. Mccracklin, Jimmy - I Can't Understand Love 2608. Mccracklin, Jimmy - Josephine (Just Won't Let Her 2609. Mccracklin, Jimmy - Love When It Rains 2610. Mccracklin, Jimmy - I Think My Time Is Here 2611. Mccracklin, Jimmy - Deceivin' Blues 2612. Mccracklin, Jimmy - Beer Drinkin' Woman 2613. Mccracklin, Jimmy - Hamburger Joint 2614. Mccracklin, Jimmy - Just Won't Let Her Go 2615. Mccracklin, Jimmy - Rockin' All Day 2616. Mccracklin, Jimmy - Gotta Cut Out 2617. Mccracklin, Jimmy - Rockin ' Man 2618. Mccracklin, Jimmy - Looking For A Woman 2619. Mccracklin, Jimmy - True Love Blues 2620. Mccracklin, Jimmy - The Walk 2701. Mayfield, Percy - Please Send Me Someone To Love 2702. Mayfield, Percy - Strange Things Happening 2703. Mayfield, Percy - What A Fool I Was 2704. Mayfield, Percy - Lost Love (Baby, Please) 2705. Mayfield, Percy - Advice 2706. Mayfield, Percy - Nightmare 2707. Mayfield, Percy - You Don't Exist No More 2708. Mayfield, Percy - Get Way Back 2709. Mayfield, Percy - The River's Invitation 2710. Mayfield, Percy - Life Is Suicide 2711. Johnny Moore's Three Blazers - Dragnet Blues 2712. Johnny Moore's Three Blazers - Saturday Night (Fou 2713. Johnny Moore's Three Blazers - Johnny, Johnny 2714. Johnny Moore's Three Blazers - Down In Texas 2715. Johnny Moore's Three Blazers - Be Cool 2716. Johnny Moore's Three Blazers - Playing Numbers 2717. Johnny Moore's Three Blazers - Crazy With The Blue 2718. Johnny Moore's Three Blazers - Nightmare Blues 2719. Johnny Moore's Three Blazers - Gee, It's Rough 2720. Johnny Moore's Three Blazers - I Don't Know, Yes I 2801. Memphis Minnie - Frisco Town 2802. Memphis Minnie - Moonshine 2803. Memphis Minnie - Nothing In Rambling 2804. Memphis Minnie - I'm Talking About You 2805. Memphis Minnie - Joe Louis Strut 2806. Memphis Minnie - Me & My Chauffeur Blues 2807. Memphis Minnie - My Baby Don't Want Me No More 2808. Memphis Minnie - Bumble Bee 2809. Memphis Minnie - Boy Firend Blues 2810. Memphis Minnie - In My Girlish Days 2811. Big Maybelle - Gabbin' Blues 2812. Big Maybelle - Rain Down Rain 2813. Big Maybelle - Way Back Home 2814. Big Maybelle - Please Stay Away From My Sam 2815. Big Maybelle - Jimmy Mule 2816. Big Maybelle - I've Got A Feelin' (Wyche) 2817. Big Maybelle - One Monkey Don't Stop No Show 2818. Big Maybelle - Hair Dressin' Women 2819. Big Maybelle - Don't Leave Poor Me 2820. Big Maybelle - No More Trouble Out Of Me 2901. Milton, Roy - Cryin' & Singin' The Blues 2902. Milton, Roy - I Want A Little Girl 2903. Milton, Roy - My Blue Heaven 2904. Milton, Roy - 'Taint Me 2905. Milton, Roy - Groovy Blues 2906. Milton, Roy - Waking Up Blues 2907. Milton, Roy - Sympathetic Blues 2908. Milton, Roy - Playboy Blues 2909. Milton, Roy - Rhythm Cocktail 2910. Milton, Roy - Bye Bye Blues 2911. Milburn, Amos - Chicken Shack Boogie 2912. Milburn, Amos - I'm Still A Fool For You 2913. Milburn, Amos - All Is Well 2914. Milburn, Amos - My Happiness Depends On You 2915. Milburn, Amos - I Know You Love Me 2916. Milburn, Amos - On Scotch, One Bourbob, One Beer 2917. Milburn, Amos - Bad Bad Whiskey 2918. Milburn, Amos - Let's Have A Party 2919. Milburn, Amos - Down The Road Apiece 2920. Milburn, Amos - Trouble In Mind 3001. Big Maceo - Worried Life Blues 3002. Big Maceo - Country Jail Blues 3003. Big Maceo - Can't You Read 3004. Big Maceo - Tuff Luck Blues 3005. Big Maceo - It's All Up To You 3006. Big Maceo - Poor Kelly Blues 3007. Big Maceo - My Last Go Round 3008. Big Maceo - I Got The Blues 3009. Big Maceo - Ramblin' Mind Blues 3010. Big Maceo - Why Should I Hang Around 3011. Mctell, Blind Willie - Georgia Rag 3012. Mctell, Blind Willie - Rough Alley Blues 3013. Mctell, Blind Willie - Low Rider's Blues 3014. Mctell, Blind Willie - Painful Blues 3015. Mctell, Blind Willie - Experience Blues 3016. Mctell, Blind Willie - Low Down Blues 3017. Mctell, Blind Willie - Lonesome Day Blues 3018. Mctell, Blind Willie - Mama, Let Me Scoop For You 3019. Mctell, Blind Willie - Rollin' Mama Blues 3020. Mctell, Blind Willie - Searching The Desert For Th 3101. Memphis Slim - Really Got The Blues 3102. Memphis Slim - Mother Earth 3103. Memphis Slim - I Guess I'm A Fool 3104. Memphis Slim - Havin' Fun 3105. Memphis Slim - Marack 3106. Memphis Slim - Tia Juana 3107. Memphis Slim - Reverend Bounce 3108. Memphis Slim - I'm Crying 3109. Memphis Slim - Blues For My Baby 3110. Memphis Slim - Slim's Blues 3111. Mcclennan, Tommy - Baby, Don't You Want To Go 3112. Mcclennan, Tommy - You Can't Mistreat Me 3113. Mcclennan, Tommy - Shake 'Em On Down 3114. Mcclennan, Tommy - Bottle It Up & Go 3115. Mcclennan, Tommy - Brown Skin Girl 3116. Mcclennan, Tommy - I'm Going Don't You Know 3117. Mcclennan, Tommy - My Baby's Gone 3118. Mcclennan, Tommy - Whiskey Headed Woman 3119. Mcclennan, Tommy - It's Hard To Be Lonesome 3120. Mcclennan, Tommy - Highway 51 3201. Mcdowell, Mississippi Fred - I'm Going Down The Ri 3202. Mcdowell, Mississippi Fred - When The Train Comes 3203. Mcdowell, Mississippi Fred - Shake 'Em On Down 3204. Mcdowell, Mississippi Fred - Worried Mind 3205. Mcdowell, Mississippi Fred - Keep Your Lamp Trimme 3206. Mcdowell, Mississippi Fred - What's The Matter Now 3207. Mcdowell, Mississippi Fred - Good Morning Little S 3208. Mcdowell, Mississippi Fred - You Done Told Everybo 3209. Mcdowell, Mississippi Fred - Wished I Was In Heave 3210. Mcdowell, Mississippi Fred - 61 Highway 3211. Hurt, Mississippi John - Candy Man Blues 3212. Hurt, Mississippi John - Blessed By The Name 3213. Hurt, Mississippi John - Nobody's Dirty Business 3214. Hurt, Mississippi John - Louis Collins 3215. Hurt, Mississippi John - Praying On The Old Camp G 3216. Hurt, Mississippi John - Spike Driver Blues 3217. Hurt, Mississippi John - Avalon Blues 3218. Hurt, Mississippi John - Ain't No Telling 3219. Hurt, Mississippi John - Blue Harvest Blues 3220. Hurt, Mississippi John - Got The Blues 3301. Nighthawk, Robert - Crying Won't Help You 3302. Nighthawk, Robert - Seventy-four 3303. Nighthawk, Robert - Nighthawk Boogie 3304. Nighthawk, Robert - Kansas City 3305. Nighthawk, Robert - Bricks In My Pillow 3306. Nighthawk, Robert - Maggie Campbell 3307. Nighthawk, Robert - Feel So Bad 3308. Nighthawk, Robert - You Missed A Good Man 3309. Nighthawk, Robert - The Moon Is Rising 3310. Nighthawk, Robert - Take It Easy, Baby 3311. Otis, Johnny - Good Ole Blues 3312. Otis, Johnny - Mean Ole Gal 3313. Otis, Johnny - Hangover Blues 3314. Otis, Johnny - Thursday Night Blues 3315. Otis, Johnny - I Gotta Guy 3316. Otis, Johnny - Get Together Blues 3317. Otis, Johnny - Double Crossing Blues 3318. Otis, Johnny - Head Hunter 3319. Otis, Johnny - Going To See My Baby 3320. Otis, Johnny - New Orleans Shuffle 3401. Patton, Charley - High Water Everywhere (Pt. 1) 3402. Patton, Charley - Hand It On The Wall 3403. Patton, Charley - Prayer Of Death (Pt. 1) 3404. Patton, Charley - Sic Em Dogs On 3405. Patton, Charley - Watch & Pray 3406. Patton, Charley - Snatch & Grab It 3407. Patton, Charley - M & O Blues 3408. Patton, Charley - Dark Road Blues 3409. Patton, Charley - Country Farm Blues 3410. Patton, Charley - Forty Four 3411. Pryor, Snooky - Snooky & Moody's Boogie 3412. Pryor, Snooky - Telephone Blues 3413. Pryor, Snooky - Boogy Fool 3414. Pryor, Snooky - Stop The Train, Conductor 3415. Pryor, Snooky - Walking Boogie 3416. Pryor, Snooky - Uncle Sam, Don't Take My Man 3417. Pryor, Snooky - Rough Treatment 3418. Pryor, Snooky - Stockyard Blues 3419. Pryor, Snooky - Keep What You Got 3420. Pryor, Snooky - Let Me Ride Your Mule 3501. Professor Longhair - Go To The Mardi Gras 3502. Professor Longhair - In The Night 3503. Professor Longhair - Hey Little Girl 3504. Professor Longhair - Walk Your Blues Away 3505. Professor Longhair - Willie Mae 3506. Professor Longhair - Professor Longhair Blues 3507. Professor Longhair - Misery 3508. Professor Longhair - Looka, No Hair 3509. Professor Longhair - Cuttin' Out 3510. Professor Longhair - Baby, Let Me Hold Your Hand 3511. Parker, Junior - Feelin' Good 3512. Parker, Junior - Mystery Train 3513. Parker, Junior - Sittin' At The Bar 3514. Parker, Junior - Sittin' At The Window 3515. Parker, Junior - Sittin', Drinkin' & Thinkin' 3516. Parker, Junior - Dirty Friend Blues 3517. Parker, Junior - Backtracking 3518. Parker, Junior - I Wanna Ramble 3519. Parker, Junior - There Better Be No Feet 3520. Parker, Junior - Fussin' & Fightin' Blues 3601. Reed, Jimmy - Baby What You Want Me To Do 3602. Reed, Jimmy - Found Love 3603. Reed, Jimmy - Big Boss Man 3604. Reed, Jimmy - Hush Hush 3605. Reed, Jimmy - I'm Nervous 3606. Reed, Jimmy - Going By The River (Pt . 1) 3607. Reed, Jimmy - I Ain't Got You 3608. Reed, Jimmy - Come Love 3609. Reed, Jimmy - Meet Me 3610. Reed, Jimmy - I Was So Wrong 3611. Rush, Otis - Checking On My Baby 3612. Rush, Otis - Love That Woman 3613. Rush, Otis - My Baby Is A Good'un 3614. Rush, Otis - All Your Love 3615. Rush, Otis - If You Were Mine 3616. Rush, Otis - Violent Love 3617. Rush, Otis - My Love Will Never Die 3618. Rush, Otis - Three Times A Fool 3619. Rush, Otis - Keep On Loving Me Baby 3620. Rush, Otis - It Takes Time 3701. Rushing, Jimmy - Good Morning Blues 3702. Rushing, Jimmy - See See Rider 3703. Rushing, Jimmy - Take Me Back, Baby 3704. Rushing, Jimmy - Sent For You Yesterday 3705. Rushing, Jimmy - Roll 'Em Pete 3706. Rushing, Jimmy - My Freind Mr. Blues 3707. Rushing, Jimmy - Every Day 3708. Rushing, Jimmy - Sometimes I Think I Do 3709. Rushing, Jimmy - Take Me With You, Baby 3710. Rushing, Jimmy - Evenin' 3711. Tampa Red - You Missed A Good Man 3712. Tampa Red - She Want To Sell My Monkey 3713. Tampa Red - She's Love Crazy 3714. Tampa Red - Hard Road Blues 3715. Tampa Red - Let Me Play With Your Poodle 3716. Tampa Red - Crying Won't Help You 3717. Tampa Red - Sweet Little Angel 3718. Tampa Red - But I Forgive You 3719. Tampa Red - So Much Trouble 3720. Tampa Red - Big Stars Falling Blues 3801. Smith, Bessie - Down Hearted Blues 3802. Smith, Bessie - Gulf Coast Blues 3803. Smith, Bessie - Oh Daddy Blues 3804. Smith, Bessie - Baby Won't You Please Come Home 3805. Smith, Bessie - Aggravatin Papa 3806. Smith, Bessie - Beale Street Mama 3807. Smith, Bessie - Keeps On A-rainin' (Papa, He Can't 3808. Smith, Bessie - Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do 3809. Smith, Bessie - Mama's Got The Blues 3810. Smith, Bessie - Outside Of That 3811. Smith, Bessie - Lady Luck Blues 3812. Smith, Bessie - Yodling Blues 3813. Smith, Bessie - Bleeding Hearted Blues 3814. Smith, Bessie - Midnight Blues 3815. Smith, Bessie - If You Don't, I Know Who Will 3816. Smith, Bessie - Nobody In Town Can Bake A Sweet Je 3817. Smith, Bessie - Jail House Blues 3818. Smith, Bessie - Sam Jones Blues 3819. Smith, Bessie - Cemetery Blues 3820. Smith, Bessie - Graveyard Dream Blues 3901. Smith, Huey Piano - Rockin' Pneumonia & The Boog 3902. Smith, Huey Piano - Little Chickee Wah Wah 3903. Smith, Huey Piano - Hush Your Mouth 3904. Smith, Huey Piano - Don't You Know Yockomo 3905. Smith, Huey Piano - Havin' A Good Time 3906. Smith, Huey Piano - Beatnik Blues 3907. Smith, Huey Piano - Well I'll Be John Brown 3908. Smith, Huey Piano - Everybody's Wailin' 3909. Smith, Huey Piano - Mean Mean Man 3910. Smith, Huey Piano - Little Liza Jane 3911. Sims, Frankie Lee - Lucy Mae Blues 3912. Sims, Frankie Lee - Long Gone 3913. Sims, Frankie Lee - Jelly Roll Baker 3914. Sims, Frankie Lee - I Done Talked & I Done Talked 3915. Sims, Frankie Lee - Cryin' Won't Help You 3916. Sims, Frankie Lee - Don't Take It Out On Me 3917. Sims, Frankie Lee - Raggedy & Dirty 3918. Sims, Frankie Lee - Frankie's Blues 3919. Sims, Frankie Lee - Married Woman 3920. Sims, Frankie Lee - Lucy Mae Blues (Pt. 2) 4001. Sykes, Roosevelt - 44 Blues 4002. Sykes, Roosevelt - Under Eyed Woman 4003. Sykes, Roosevelt - Knock Me Out 4004. Sykes, Roosevelt - Trouble & Whiskey 4005. Sykes, Roosevelt - Sykes Adive Blues 4006. Sykes, Roosevelt - Training Camp Blues 4007. Sykes, Roosevelt - Sugar Babe Blues 4008. Sykes, Roosevelt - Jiving The Jive 4009. Sykes, Roosevelt - Little Sam 4010. Sykes, Roosevelt - The Honeydripper 4011. House, Son - Am I Right Or Wrong 4012. House, Son - The Pony Blues 4013. House, Son - Walkin' Blues 4014. House, Son - Depot Blues 4015. House, Son - Country Farm Blues 4016. House, Son - The Jinx Blues 4017. House, Son - Levee Camp Blues 4018. House, Son - Special Rider Blues 4019. House, Son - Low Down Dirty Dog Blues 4020. House, Son - American Defense 4101. Sunnyland Slim - Mud Kicking Woman 4102. Sunnyland Slim - Brown Skin Woman 4103. Sunnyland Slim - I'm Just A Lonesome Man 4104. Sunnyland Slim - Back To Korea Now 4105. Sunnyland Slim - You've Got To Stop This Mess 4106. Sunnyland Slim - Sunnyland Special 4107. Sunnyland Slim - Leaving Your Town 4108. Sunnyland Slim - I Donw You Wrong 4109. Sunnyland Slim - Orphan Boy Blues 4110. Sunnyland Slim - When I Was Young (Shake It Baby) 4111. Sunnyland Slim - Hit The Road Again 4112. Shines, Johnny - Ramblin' 4113. Shines, Johnny - Fishtail 4114. Shines, Johnny - Cool Drive 4115. Shines, Johnny - Ain't Doin' No Good 4116. Shines, Johnny - Evening Shuffle 4117. Shines, Johnny - Evening Sun 4118. Shines, Johnny - No Name Blues 4119. Shines, Johnny - Brutal Hearted Woman 4120. Shines, Johnny - Gonna Call The Angel 4201. Big Mama Thornton - Partnership Blues 4202. Big Mama Thornton - I'm All Fed Up 4203. Big Mama Thornton - Let Your Tears Fall Baby 4204. Big Mama Thornton - They Call Me Big Mama 4205. Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog 4206. Big Mama Thornton - Walking Blues 4207. Big Mama Thornton - I've Searched The World Over 4208. Big Mama Thornton - I Smell A Rat 4209. Big Mama Thornton - Nightmare 4210. Big Mama Thornton - I Ain't No Fool Neither 4211. Tharpe, Sister Rosetta - Let That Liar Alone 4212. Tharpe, Sister Rosetta - Sit Down 4213. Tharpe, Sister Rosetta - What's The News 4214. Tharpe, Sister Rosetta - Singin' In My Soul 4215. Tharpe, Sister Rosetta - The Natural Facts 4216. Tharpe, Sister Rosetta - Two Little Fishes & Five 4217. Tharpe, Sister Rosetta - Nobody's Fault But Min 4218. Tharpe, Sister Rosetta - Nobody Know Nobody Care 4219. Tharpe, Sister Rosetta - All Over The World 4220. Tharpe, Sister Rosetta - Four Or Five Times 4301. Terry, Sonny - Bye Bye Baby Blues 4302. Terry, Sonny - I Don't Care How Long 4303. Terry, Sonny - Blues & Worried Man 4304. Terry, Sonny - Harmonica Blues 4305. Terry, Sonny - Somebody's Been Talkin' 4306. Terry, Sonny - Harmonica Stomp 4307. Terry, Sonny - Twelve Gates To The City 4308. Terry, Sonny - You Got To Have Your Dollar 4309. Terry, Sonny - Don't Want No Skinny Woman 4310. Terry, Sonny - Blowing The Blues 4311. Taylor, Eddie - Bad Boy 4312. Taylor, Eddie - Big Town Playboy 4313. Taylor, Eddie - Find My Baby 4314. Taylor, Eddie - Stroll Out West 4315. Taylor, Eddie - E.t. Blues 4316. Taylor, Eddie - Don't Knock At My Door 4317. Taylor, Eddie - I'm Gonna Love You 4318. Taylor, Eddie - Leave This Neighborhood 4319. Taylor, Eddie - I'm Sitting Here 4320. Taylor, Eddie - Ride 'Em On Down 4401. Turner, Big Joe - Blues In The Night 4402. Turner, Big Joe - Sun Risin' Blues 4403. Turner, Big Joe - S.k. Blues (Part 1) 4404. Turner, Big Joe - Nobody In Mind 4405. Turner, Big Joe - Blues On Central Avenue 4406. Turner, Big Joe - Ice Man 4407. Turner, Big Joe - Cry Baby Blues 4408. Turner, Big Joe - Rebecca 4409. Turner, Big Joe - It's The Same Old Story 4410. Turner, Big Joe - Chewed Up Grass 4411. Vinson, Eddie Cleanhead - Too Many Women Blues 4412. Vinson, Eddie Cleanhead - Just A Dream 4413. Vinson, Eddie Cleanhead - King For A Day Blues 4414. Vinson, Eddie Cleanhead - Railroad Porter's Blues 4415. Vinson, Eddie Cleanhead - Gonna Send You Back Wher 4416. Vinson, Eddie Cleanhead - When I Get You Drunk 4417. Vinson, Eddie Cleanhead - Oil Man Blues 4418. Vinson, Eddie Cleanhead - Ever-ready Blues 4419. Vinson, Eddie Cleanhead - I've Been So Good 4420. Vinson, Eddie Cleanhead - Bonus Pay 4501. Walker, T-bone - They Call It Stormy Monday 4502. Walker, T-bone - It's A Low Down Dirty Deal 4503. Walker, T-bone - Bobby Sox Blues 4504. Walker, T-bone - Mean Old World 4505. Walker, T-bone - Evening 4506. Walker, T-bone - Long Skirt Baby Blues 4507. Walker, T-bone - Midnight Blues 4508. Walker, T-bone - I'm Still In Love With You 4509. Walker, T-bone - Low Down Dirty Shame (Married Wom 4510. Walker, T-bone - T-bone Jumps Again 4511. Witherspoon, Jimmy - I'm Just A Lady's Man 4512. Witherspoon, Jimmy - Love My Baby 4513. Witherspoon, Jimmy - Love & Friendship 4514. Witherspoon, Jimmy - Geneva Blues (Evil Woman) 4515. Witherspoon, Jimmy - I'm Just Wandering (Part 1) 4516. Witherspoon, Jimmy - I'm Just Wandering (Part 2) 4517. Witherspoon, Jimmy - Good Jumping (Jump Children) 4518. Witherspoon, Jimmy - Thelma Lee Blues 4519. Witherspoon, Jimmy - The Doctor Knows His Business 4520. Witherspoon, Jimmy - Slow Your Speed 4601. Muddy Waters - Country Blues 4602. Muddy Waters - I Be's Troubled 4603. Muddy Waters - Burr Clover Farm Blues 4604. Muddy Waters - Take A Walk With Me 4605. Muddy Waters - Burr Clover Blues 4606. Muddy Waters - Walking Blues 4607. Muddy Waters - I Can't Be Satisfied 4608. Muddy Waters - Gypsy Woman 4609. Muddy Waters - I Feel Like Going Home 4610. Muddy Waters - Little Anna Mae 4611. Wells, Junior - Hoodoo Man 4612. Wells, Junior - Junior's Wail 4613. Wells, Junior - Tomorrow Night 4614. Wells, Junior - Please Throw This Poor Dog A Bone 4615. Wells, Junior - Blues Hit Big Town 4616. Wells, Junior - Bout The Break Of Day 4617. Wells, Junior - So All Alone 4618. Wells, Junior - Cut That Out 4619. Wells, Junior - Ways Like An Angel 4620. Wells, Junior - Lord Lord 4701. Wallace, Sippie - I'm A Mighty Tight Woman 4702. Wallace, Sippie - Murder's Gonna Be My Crime 4703. Wallace, Sippie - Suitcase Blues 4704. Wallace, Sippie - Special Delivery Blues 4705. Wallace, Sippie - The Flood Blues 4706. Wallace, Sippie - Dead Drunk Blues 4707. Wallace, Sippie - A Man For Every Day In The Week 4708. Wallace, Sippie - Jack Of Diamond Blues 4709. Wallace, Sippie - A Jealous Woman Like Me 4710. Wallace, Sippie - The Mail Train Blues 4711. Wheatshaw, Peetie - Devil's Son-in-law 4712. Wheatshaw, Peetie - Shake That Thing 4713. Wheatshaw, Peetie - Gangster's Blues 4714. Wheatshaw, Peetie - Come Over & See Me 4715. Wheatshaw, Peetie - Cake Alley 4716. Wheatshaw, Peetie - Shack Bully Stomp 4717. Wheatshaw, Peetie - Tight Time Project 4718. Wheatshaw, Peetie - Working On The Project 4719. Wheatshaw, Peetie - Weeping Willow Blues 4720. Wheatshaw, Peetie - Peetie Wheatstraw Stomp 4801. Watson, Johnny Guitar - Gangster Of Love 4802. Watson, Johnny Guitar - Too Tired 4803. Watson, Johnny Guitar - Oh Baby 4804. Watson, Johnny Guitar - Motor Head Baby 4805. Watson, Johnny Guitar - Telephone Boogie 4806. Watson, Johnny Guitar - She Moves Me 4807. Watson, Johnny Guitar - On Room Country Shack 4808. Watson, Johnny Guitar - Hot Little Mama 4809. Watson, Johnny Guitar - You've Been Gone Too Long 4810. Watson, Johnny Guitar - Love Bandit (Gangster Of L 4811. William, Big Joe - Drop Down Blues 4812. William, Big Joe - Wanita 4813. William, Big Joe - Vitamin A 4814. William, Big Joe - Stack Of Dollars 4815. William, Big Joe - Wild Cow Moan 4816. William, Big Joe - King Biscuit Stomp 4817. William, Big Joe - Baby Please Don't Go 4818. William, Big Joe - Houselady Blues 4819. William, Big Joe - His Spirit Lives On 4820. William, Big Joe - She's A Married Woman 4901. Williamson I, Sonny Boy - Black Gal Blues 4902. Williamson I, Sonny Boy - Bad Luck Blues 4903. Williamson I, Sonny Boy - My Black Name Blues 4904. Williamson I, Sonny Boy - Stop Breaking Down 4905. Williamson I, Sonny Boy - Train Fare Blues 4906. Williamson I, Sonny Boy - Check Up On My Baby Blue 4907. Williamson I, Sonny Boy - Hoo Doo Hoo Doo 4908. Williamson I, Sonny Boy - Shake The Boogie 4909. Williamson I, Sonny Boy - Welfare Store Blues


The Name of the Nun - 2869409130

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The Name of the Nun Weltbuch

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Although it's known that something is happening, we have no idea what has really happened. They said what was called the end of the world was totally an absurdity as the sun rises as well, and the earth rotates as usual, so go to hell the Maya peoples! It is deeply aware that there will be no myth in this world, and the prediction of the doomsday is hated. We are not young any longer so we care about nothing unless concerning ourselves, even the death of a classmate in the old days. At this moment, our faces turned red with wine, and we clinked glasses in the background of light music and flirted in the vagueness of speech. We struggled in the game of time till we achieve a sense of elite now. Spring eclipses her beauty as she is old nowadays. The traces of love everywhere she recalls. Seemingly familiar she is with these willow branches. The veiling branches touch the travelers' heads. These lines came into my mind as I watched these men and women in decent garments in misty eyes by alcohol. It was a fan poem contributed to a palace girl by a last emperor but this moment they came into my mind only because of the death of that classmate. At the time, the waiter opened the last bottle of Sherry and slowly poured our glasses. This chartered room was immediately reduced to a subtle silence. The reunions of old classmates tend to be no more than such: after recalling all nice days in the past and showing off some achievements in numerous overtly or covertly ways, they often make the last moment marked with a special taste. Now we all silently enjoyed such taste, and such a silence needed someone to declare the gathering closed. Among us there are department or division directors, real estate executives, Ph.D. supervisors and celebrities (in this case, I have to arrange them in the conventional order of officials, businessmen and scholars) and in general we were regarded as a successor in this era. For the gathering, we rushed here and would depart in a hurry. At the gathering we have worries on our minds and inquired about each other. In addition, we also subtly avoided the topic of the death in this togetherness until the last moment. This is a gathering of successors, where we just casually talked about fatty liver and high blood sugar and certainly should avoid all disappointing things. At the moment I was not really in a position to speak, but after all I assumed the office of a division-level deputy president of the press. A few years ago I was successfully transferred to serve as an intellectual. Of course my classmates in the astrophysics class have all had their own changes. Now, although feeling a little drunken from drinking alcohol, I was not so foolish as to talk with them about the book publication, because there was the so-called 'expert' who has asserted that ninety-nine percent of the books published nowadays were just like rubbish, not worth reading. We got together at the luxury hotel called " Millenarian Tower ", so we should avoid indecent topics associated with rubbish. And by and large I also agreed to her assertion. Now I strongly felt a need to say something and I had to stand up and speak it out. "Attention, please! I'm sorry! My professional knowledge has been long-abandoned, but I still have a little deep feeling for astrophysics. Just now everyone talked about the crash of a meteorite in Russia, injuring nearly a thousand people there. Of course it's not the end of the world. We can laugh it away and pay no attention to the prophecy by Mr. Hawking on the exodus from the Earth. Hawking said no humans can survive on the Earth in one thousand years, but what I'd like to say is just the event happening a thousand years ago. I have no idea whether you still remember the supernova star 'Star of Good Luck' also known as 'Zhoubao Star', which is the earliest supernova star recorded by humans. Today we are still able to find the 'dispersed smokes' from its explosion, which are light and radio waves coming from a thousand years ago ...... what I'd really like to say is that this star in fact is associated with all of you, which is not only due to our past specialty - the specialty of the professors present, but is also because of the connection of the star with one of our old classmates. Please remember our classmate Xiao Lin, we just lost this good brother. I have to say that his family has an ancient book kept for more than one thousand year, in which there are even some records of this Zhoubo star! What I desire to say is really not about the star, but our classmate Xiao Lin who died many years ago...... " They all stared at me, smiling with a strange look on their faces. They knitted their brows and shook their heads, and then they were all callous and silent. I didn't intend to raise money for the survivors of the deceased classmate but just hoped to remind them of the existence of such a former classmate. Even without any mention of this millennium eternal starlight but even only in memory of an old classmate, how should they say nothing about him? I looked up at these faces shining with fat, and then looked down at the steamed fish on the plate. With white and sharp eyes, the fish remained open-mouthed, looking as if to eat us. Now I felt a kind of coldness coming from top to toe. Turning the head, I looked at the raindrops dropped on the long French window, only to find some strange faces on the window glass: a cold-blooded person's face, an amnesiac person's face and an autistic person's face. "Good, a millennium ancient book! Maybe it's worth 100 million yuan!" said the most prominent student when he got up and proposed a toast, facing everyone, "Good luck! I'm sorry I have to leave and attend a ministry meeting. Everyone, see you all the next year!" "We also have to go now, and Beijing classmates we can get together at any time. Goodbye, everyone!" "Goodbye! More contact! Good luck!" A thousand years are enough time to witness the diversion of rivers and the extinction of species. Man-the wisest of all creatures still makes little progress in this regard in spite of the flourishing science and technology. When making this remark, I came to realize that I had absolutely gotten away from that group. I have been among them for many years. I heard a cracking sound from clinking glasses, which indicates a resolution and rupture. At that moment and at the instant of the collapse of the world, I came to see another side of life. From then on, I will never throw burning cigarette butts into the flower pots, because I don't want to burn any live ant or the grass growing beside the flowers. Those ants and grass have become part of my destiny. By the chance of fate, my neglect and cold-bloodedness lead to the death of that old classmate. I would like to demonstrate his presence in this world. Moreover, I will try to prove his ever presence and then obtain some significance in the rest of my life. The heartrending scene is never forgotten: in the dark night his bloody corpse flowed downstream along the river and those papers were scattered and floated on the water... After the forty-nine days went by, I still had no courage to imagine that real scene occurring on the rainy night. That real sound was heard about half a year ago. That day I attended a dinner party just as usual but suddenly my mobile phone rang in the boring dinner. It's from Xiao Lin my old classmate. Xiao Lin was rarely mentioned in the circle of Beijing classmates. Twenty-four years ago he left Beijing to make a living in another city. Since then almost no news came from him. Some people said that time and space could widen the gap between people, but I believe it is individual situation that accounts for the real reason. We all know those classmates making no achievements will get out of our circle sooner or later. When Xiao Lin was admitted into the university at the age of 14, he was the youngest classmate in our celestial class. But he lost his secure job a few years after graduation. Early years there was some news about him. He initially worked as a teacher at a middle school at his hometown in the South, and later resigned the job and adopted a group of stray dogs. As for the source of his income after the resignation, it's much simpler than we imagined. At that time there were large tracts of woods in the suburban, with an abandoned log cabin. That cabin became his shelter. Although Xiao Lin tutored children in physics and English, his income from this was by no means lower than that from working at a school. In addition, it's said that sometimes he also translated some technical information for additional revenues. That cabin and the woods became the children's classroom. Reportedly, Xiao Lin opened up a vegetable garden and also personally planted an apple tree at the area surrounding the cabin. After the sad news came, I once tried to piece together a living picture of the old classmate but what I could rely on was just the limited hearsay. Is that a Thoreau-like reclusion? Is that a platonic classroom? Is an astronomical telescope installed on the top of the wooden cabin? However, it's a blur picture, most of which is blank. The character in this picture seems like only a mirage. Our last meeting was in the late autumn in the 1980s and thence almost there has been no contact between us. The voice in the phone was strange but familiar, which was obviously no longer the voice of the young Xiao Lin aged 23 but was really from Xiao Lin. On the side of the phone I was of course not what I used to be. I have long been accustomed to the snobbishness of making friends. Just when recognizing his voice, I already adjusted my tone of voice not because of the time span of more than twenty years standing between us. To be honest, at that moment I felt the huge distance between the school and the society, for I was having a dinner with some prominent figures in the capital city, but I heard a burst of dog barks coming from the other end of the phone. On the phone, Xiao Lin said that the clan head left him an ancient book before his death, which was originally a volume secretly kept in the genealogy. Xiao Lin is from Jianyang Fujian Province and the Jianyang Lin Genealogy manifests that Xiao Lin family's ancestor is Lin Renzhao, a famous general in the Southern Tang Dynasty and he is the thirty-third generation descendant of Lin Renzhao. Xiao Lin said that he had requested the leading experts from Ancient Book Division of National Library of China to make the identification and the experts unanimously confirmed that the volume of the ancient book is the "Masha Version" (works printed in Masha Town) engraved in the Ming Dynasty. Furthermore, Xiao Lin said that the masterpiece "The Name of the Nun" contained tens of thousands of ancient Chinese characters and it took him about six months to literally translate them into the modern vernaculars. He specially emphasized "the literal translation," and explained that as a descendant he didn't dare to make improper embellishment to the book, for it can be said to be "a faithful historical account." Now, recalling the first phone call in six months ago, in fact is due to my research lasting for more than one month. In the conversation with him, I did not even understand the term "Masha Version". Actually when talking with him on the phone, I was already a little unpleasant. However, our Press is a national-level publishing house, so I have long been accustomed to the humble tones of those people begging me to help publish their books. But Xiao Lin revealed a calm and confident tone of voice, showed no necessary humility in the dialogue, and even played a joke for my ignorance. Fortunately, after experiencing a great deal in these years I have shaped some virtue of patience. Even if I had no interest in his long speech, I still politely asked him to mail the manuscript to me. How poor a little brother, he even failed to identify my neglect and indifference! I did not bother to ask him, since you invited the expert of National Library of China, then he definitely came to Beijing with the original book, then why did he come and visit me his Elder Brother? Later, the manuscripts were soon delivered to me by EMS, consisting of a printout of the translation version, a set of the copies of the original text of the original book, and several copies of testimonials issued by some experts. I only glanced at them before returning them into the mailbag. At that time, it's a crucial time for me to be promoted as Deputy President. So, all readers, you can imagine, how could I bother to read these manuscripts and consume my time for them? Three months later, Xiao Lin sent me another express mail, which was a long textual research report compiled by professors of the Department of History in Nanjing University on The Name of the Nun that was about historical facts in the last years of Southern Tang during the Period of Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, covering major events such as current affairs, military affairs, court decrees and memorials to the throne, as well as trifles like locations of streets and lanes, folk customs and local products, with descriptions consistent with the reality of the special time of the Sixth Year of the Kaibao Period (973 C.E.). Even the Maitreya Statue described in the book was of the original appearance of Maitreya before the sinicization of Buddhism. In summary, authoritative experts had fully confirmed the truthfulness of this ancient book. That night, Xiao Lin called me again, when I was amusing myself watching TV. Xiao Lin first confirmed that the express mail had been delivered and then talked about his thoughts about the book. Suddenly caught by a nameless fidget, I said that I was busy. He answered he would call again when I was done. I said thoughtlessly that I would be free two hours later. Two hours later, Xiao Lin called again. Outdoor noises could be heard on the phone. He said that as I postponed the calling time, he 9 went to town to buy something, as it was said in the weather report that there would be thunderstorms in a few days. This time, his tone was obviously more respectful. He said it was indeed difficult to imagine that as early as one thousand years ago someone had built a pontoon bridge across the Yangtze River and what a heroic undertaking that was! He said that Xu Xuan's chess book mentioned was actually the first work on chess war in the history of weiqi, and that the story of the nun Master Geng was also backed up by the Painting about Master Geng Refining Snow collected in the Palace Museum in Taipei. He also mentioned a masterpiece of Zhou Wenju in Southern Tang, the Painting on a Weiqi Gathering in Front of a Double Screen, saying that the book revealed that the painting in the Palace Museum of Beijing was very probably an imitation, while the one in the Freer Gallery of Art of the United States was the genuine copy.... During the three months from the receipt of his manuscript to his second call, I did not have a peep at his manuscript at all. In fact, I could no longer find his manuscript, and I was too lazy to look for it, or too busy to care about it. He suddenly cut off, saying that he would call another day and that "something seems to turn up ahead". While I was lazy and busy, the hand of fate sped up the watch hand in the dark. One day after over one month, I unexpectedly received a call from a press in Shanghai. The colleague who called spoke without due civility in a voice of apparent anger. He said that Xiao Lin was murdered on his way delivering the manuscript to Shanghai. Apparently, Xiao Lin no longer entertained any expectation of me. Upon invitation, he went to Shanghai with the original book and his translation, as well as the expert testimonies of Nanjing and Beijing. He was attacked by an overflowing river. He jumped into the river after receiving several cuts by a sword. The pages of the manuscript were scattered in water. As the current was swift, the police failed to find his body and only found several pages of the ancient book among water grasses.... Had I not postponed my talk with him on the phone, Xiao Lin would not have happened to see the scene of forced demolition of a house and grinding over a person (that was an old ancestral residence), would not have become a witness of that homicide case and would not have incurred his own fatal disaster; had I taken initiative to communicate with him, the second talk would not have taken place at such a time as a midnight; had I read over the manuscript in time, he would not have had to deliver his manuscript to Shanghai and would not have died in that river.... Full of guilt, self-reproach and pains, I spent three hours searching for Xiao Lin's mails from my pile of book manuscripts. I read through the translation at one go by staying overnight, and then spent half a day comparing it with the dozens of pages of the original text.-- -I could hardly express the shock and surprise that it brought to me. My heart, which had been numbed for such a long time, throbbed mysteriously. On the title page is quoted a line of Siegfried Sassoon, a favorite line of Xiao Lin in his college years, "In me the tiger sniffs the rose." The ancient text on these pages photographed is the surviving original text. In terms of style, the text seems to follow the biographical history of Sima Qian. In terms of subject, it resembles the legends of the Tang dynasty. The earliest "vernacular stories" in China were produced in the Northern Song dynasty. Legends of Tang before that were all written in classical Chinese. As Classical Chinese and modern Chinese are not distinctly different, Xiao Lin only gave a minimum rendering of the original text, which may be called a kind of paraphrase. Though the original text has no punctuation, the translation does not venture to add any sentence. I stared blankly at the appraisal reports of ancient book experts, including one page I missed in the past, that is, an appraisal by Mr. Shen Jin, former Director of the Rare Edition Office of the Harvard-Yenching Library. Mr. Shen, who has been following Mr. Gu Tinglong, a bibliographer, for over three decades, is a towering figure in the contemporary academic circles of ancient editions. Xiao Lin noted in particular in that appraisal report that upon the first glance over the original text, Mr. Shen concluded in one second according to the paper characteristics and typeface that the book was a "Masha edition" made of bamboo paper at the end of the Ming dynasty. The so-called "Masha editions" mainly refer to books printed in Masha Town of Jianyang, Fujian Province in history. During the Song and Ming dynasties, there were three major book printing centers in China: books printed in Hangzhou were called "Zhe editions", those printed in Sichuan "Shu editions", and those printed in Jianyang "Jian editions", also called "Masha editions". "Masha editions" originated in the Period of Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, prospered in the Song dynasty, culminated in the Ming dynasty and perished in the Qing dynasty. The "Masha editions" in the Song and Ming dynasties were the best and most influential. The number of books printed in Jianyang ranked top nationwide, and thus the place was reputed as the "Capital of Books". Jianyang was also the hometown of Zhu Xi, a Confucian sage of the Song dynasty. It was recorded in history that Jianyang had a long street of 500 to 600 meters, where each household sold books, and numerous book traders came from all over China. Zhu Xi also once opened a store on that street to sell books. An "advertising slogan" is found in his works, "People from everywhere, no matter how far away, come to buy Masha books." Mr. Shen Jin also pointed out in his comment that "Masha books" of the Song dynasty were rare relics now, and though a large number of "Masha books" of Ming were burned and destroyed during the "Cultural Revolution", not a few rare copies were extant among folks, including "official prints", "workshop prints" and "home prints". "Workshop prints" were for sale, while "home prints" were for private collection. The Name of the Nun was a "home print". The Name of the Nun is indeed a "family printed edition" and one volume of Lin's Genealogy in Jianyang. This Masha edition of The Name of the Nun has nine chapters. Chapter IX has a title but no words, while the Ming print still retains its chapter number. The Contents of the Ming print also show that it has a preface, which is missing now. In a copy of the original, the afterword was authored by Qian Qianyi, a leader of the intellectual circle at the end of the Ming dynasty. Qian Qianyi (1582-1664), styled Shepherd and Old Man Yushan. All scholars nationwide, knowing him or not, called him "Mr. Yushan". This "Great Master of the Literary Circles" was celebrated all over the nation for his poems and essays, and was also a historian and collector of unique insight. In his late years, he accidentally got this book, which he cherished all the more, having it re-printed and writing a postscript for it, with two alternative names signed at the end of the article, perhaps because this collector thought that "the book was originally printed by movable types in the Song Dynasty"! Xiao Lin especially pointed it out in his letter, which might be related with the "Nanjing complex". I searched for that "Stone City" (alternative name of Nanjing) among ancient paper-piles, as that was the background of the events and people in The Name of the Nun. With the Yangtze River as its natural moat, the city is located in a strategic place. From East Wu to the Republic of China, the city had frequently been the first choice of capital city for those vying for power or content to retain sovereignty over part of the country. The Qinhuai River goes west, while the Yangtze River runs east. Today after one thousand years, the seven-tier stupa on the Qixia Mountain still retains its appearance after the reconstruction by Lin Renzhao. That is also the tallest stupa in China today. On the stupa is still inscribed a famous Buddhist verse in Diamond Sutra: All is conditioned existence ephemeral,Like a dream,an illusion, a shadow and a foam, Like a tiny dew drop or a flash of lightning, That's the way that everything goes." All are like shadows and foams, so is history. The Period of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms between Tang and Song, what a mess China was then! The last dynasty of the Five Dynasties was the Later Zhou Dynasty, and the most prosperous of the Ten Kingdoms was Southern Tang (937-975). From Liezu who proclaimed himself king to the surrender of Houzhu to the Song Dynasty, Southern Tang had three generations of kings, First King, Middle King and Last King, lasting for less than four decades, comparable to China's earliest empire: The empire of the First Emperor of Qin lasted for only fifteen years! But the truly comparable point is that both the Qin Dynasty and Southern Tang were overthrown after three generations. "What is a similar situation like the before! Who would care about the Buddha?" The ancient poet Lu Fangweng also exclaimed in his History of Southern Tang as follows, "Tang, which occupied the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River, had a larger area and more powerful resources than other regimes. In addition, thanks to numerous talents and a strategic position in the Yangtze River, it was obviously a large country. If it used the right talents to conquer Min and Chu during their turmoil, then took Wu and Yue, and went down the Five Ridges, uniting the south and the north to form a large kingdom, the Central Plain, though overweening, would not have defeated it so easily!" "Past sages often exerted themselves, concerned with the state and not seeking self-interest. Extensive reading acquainted them with events of 1000 years and people of remote antiquity." Among the many factors that could have changed the destiny of Southern Tang, a critical figure was Lin Renzhao, who for Southern Tang was just as Yuan Chonghuan for the Ming dynasty. They were both "Great Wall for the country", but last kings were wont to "destroy the Great Wall by themselves". Lin Renzhao (?-973), a famous general of Southern Tang, was a native of Jianyang. The Lin's Genealogy in Jianyang had Lin Renzhao as the ancestor, and The Name of the Nun is about the catastrophe in the mid autumn of the sixth year of the Kaibao period. The name of the narrator in the original work is unknown, but his identity is undoubtedly Lin Renzhao's son. In terms of age hierarchy, he should be the second generation in this Lin's genealogy. His name should be available in the genealogy, but unfortunately the words in this part are vague and cannot be identified, as the page is full of fingerprints and dark bloodstains. History only engraves the list of victors, while the truth is found in the crevices of lies and individual memories. In the words of Walter Benjamin, this work displays the "personal experience from far away", a "scene of fate". This scene is shrouded in a gloomy, cold and frothy haze, and I see its re-appearance in the haze and mirage. Scientists say that the Fukushima Earthquake shortens the time of auto-rotation of the earth. In the postscript of The Name of the Nun, the ancient also lamented that "the days and months go by more swiftly". The verification in the unseen world gives me the creeps! A manuscript that has been buried in dust for one thousand years, and a privately collected "faithful historical account" are the predestination and truthful depiction of the state of Southern Tang, and the prophesy and miniature of all dynasties. People were gone, while books stay, which is the destiny of books, and also of people. Xiao Lin said that he saw his own shadow in the mirage of ancestors. This was actually a great reincarnation. He said that his ancestors' aspiration was his own, and that his ancestor's work was his own. He said he would bear witness to both the history and himself. Someone has noted that all rivers belong to one river, and I would say that all deaths amount to the same end. A book is no more important than a person's life, but now that Xiao Lin's life is gone, this manuscript bears evidence to the fact that he once lived. While I bear witness to Xiao Lin, I also prove my presence. Fate fiddles with mortals, including silly people like me. In my dull imagination, Childe Lin just presents Xiao Lin. What kind of heredity will the millennium's gene of a family be like? I have seen the coincident images in a vision of infinite time and space, which are the true images I get. Such a precise sense of reality is just like the book on my desk. What I know about the story of poor Xiao Lin is only such hearsay and impressions, in addition to these broken memories. I should have paid a visit to that small city in the south. But my top priority after just recovering from a dangerous illness is to acquaint more people with this book. Considerate readers may forgive me and even thank me. I share this story with you in order to rescue a kind of memory, which is in fact also our only way to resist amnesia. As to this little brother of mine, it would be impossible for you to grudge your sympathy for his personality and lot; after reading his book, it would be impossible for you not to be affected. As the editor of this book, I naturally feel awed and treat it with fear and trembling. Xiao Lin did not add a line in translating the book; I was even more deterred from altering one word. I am deeply convinced that a good book lasts longer than a person's life. I want to cast my own shadow on this work which is expected to stand the test of time. As preface, afterword and comments were taken advantage of by ancient people to leave their names, I attempted to add an editor's note to the text. Life cannot p


"Co Bóg złączył..." Geneza i znaczenie klauzul Mateuszowych. Studium egzegetyczno-historyczne - Stanisław Jankowski SDB - 2836916286

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"Co Bóg złączył..." Geneza i znaczenie klauzul Mateuszowych. Studium egzegetyczno-historyczne - Stanisław Jankowski SDB

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Opis - RSB 46 Nazwa - "Co Bóg złączył..." Geneza i znaczenie klauzul Mateuszowych. Studium egzegetyczno-historyczne Autor - Stanisław Jankowski SDB Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Vocatio Kod ISBN - 9788378290667 Kod EAN - 9788378290667 Rok wydania - 2016 Format - 145x208 Ilość stron - 458 Podatek VAT - 5%


Metal = Life 2 - 58tr - - 2870174512

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Metal = Life 2 - 58tr - HOPELESS

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1. God Forbid - To The Fallen Hero 2. Human Abstract, The - Vela, Together We Await The 3. Bleeding Through - Love In Slow Motion 4. As I Lay Dying - The Darkest Nights 5. In Flames - Reflect The Storm 6. Into Eternety - Severe Emotional Distress 7. Burst - The Immateria 8. Evergreen Terrace - Digfight 9. Fear Before The March Of Flames - Drowning The Old 10. Bloodlined Calligraphy - Last Goodbye 11. Imperial - We Sail At Dawn 12. Seemless - Cast No Shadow 13. Dissection - Starless Aeon 14. Goatwhore - Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult 15. Demiricous - Withdrawal Divine 16. Nights Like These - Scavenger's Daughter 17. Misery Index - Conquistadores 18. Black Dahlia Murder, The - Miasma 101. Every Time I Die - The New Black 102. Escape The Fate - Situations 103. Chiodios - Baby, You Wouldn't Last A Minute On The 104. He Is Legend - Attack Of The Dungeon Witch 105. Drop Dead. Gorgeous - Dressed For Friend Request 106. Calcio System - They Live 107. Underoath - Everyone Looks So Good From Here 108. Autumn Offering, The - Embrace The Gutter 109. Converge - No Heroes 110. (Lone) Wolf & Cub - Misplaced Mortar Gag 111. Burn In Silence - Self Reliance 112. This Is Hell - The Polygraph Cheaters 113. First Blood - Suffocate 114. Alove For Enemies - Tread On My Dreams 115. Jonbenet, The - Why We're Dead 116. Misery Signals - Face Yourself 117. Warriors, The - & Yet They Say 118. Heavy Heavy Low Low - Are You Okay, Kiddo? 119. Devil Wears Prada, The - Dogs Can Grow Beards All 120. Haste The Day - Walk On 201. God Forbid - To The Fallen Hero 202. Human Abstract, The - Crossing The Rubicon 203. Bleeding Through - Love In Slow Motion 204. As I Lay Dying - The Darkest Nights 205. In Flames - Come Clarity 206. Evergreen Terrace - New Friend Request 207. Inked In Blood - Lest I Sleep The Sleep Of Death 208. Misery Signals - The Failsafe 209. Parkway Drive - Smoke Em If You Got Em 210. 3 - Alien Angel 211. Every Time I Die - The New Black 212. Converge - Eagles Become Vultures 213. Jonbenet, The - Why We're Dead 214. Calcio Systems - They Live 215. A Life Once Lost - Vulture 216. Despised Icon - The Sunset Will Never Charm Us 217. Hewhocorrupts - Master Of Profits 218. Black Dahlia Murder, The - Miasma


Walk On The Wild Side (the Dorothy Circus Gallery (vol. 2) - 2873331288

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Walk On The Wild Side (the Dorothy Circus Gallery (vol. 2) TURNAROUND PUBLISHER SERVICES

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Walk on the Wild Side is the second volume of the trilogy telling the story of Dorothy Circus, the most famous Pop Surrealism gallery based in Rome. Alexandra Mazzanti, owner and curator, stood out immediately for her artistic foresight and her unconditional love for the Low Brow & Pop surrealism movements. She deeply believes in her project and its potential, so much so that she has made of Dorothy Circus a landmark of its genre - in particular especially in the European market, where the gallery has become the first reference point for Pop Surrealism in Europe. Walk On the Wild Side is a yearbook of the gallery, where you can find all the events and artists who populated the area in 2012, with critical essays, biographies and lot of pictures. The volume includes exhibitions such as Secrets from the Hourglass by Leila Ataya, Cinephonica by Aaron Jasinski Last Drop of Innocence by Valentina Brostean, Fame: Iżm going to Live Forever by Scott Musgrove and Wild at Heart by Miss Van. As well as many group shows like Stay Foolish! with Esao Andrews, Ray Caesar, Ron English, Tara Mcpherson, Jeff Soto, Marion Peck and Mark Ryden, Inside Her Eyes featuring Leila Ataya, Afarin Sajedi, Natalie Shau, Kwon Kyungyup and Green Blood with Tara McPherson, Jeff Soto, Martin Wittfooth, Travis Louie, Lola, Brandi Milne, Leila Ataya, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Roland Tamayo, Ana Bagayan, Scott Musgrove and many more. About Green Blood Hi Fructose wrote: żThe opening night attracted the whożs who in Rome, which is always a good thing when the proceeds go to the charities Greenpeace and Oceaniaż. So, if contemporary art is the Oyster, Pop Surrealism is the Pearl. ­Dorothy Circus Gallery is a space dedicated to Pop Surrealism and new trends in the visual arts. Inaugurated in Rome in 2007, the gallery was born on the border between New York and the Wonderland of Alice, and has the merit of having led for the first time on the Italian scenes artists such as Jonathan Viener, Ron English, Sas and Colin Christian, Camille Rose Garcia, Alex Gross, Joe Sorren, Tara McPherson, James Jean, Travis Louie and many others.Dorothy Circus Gallery, selected by Juxtapoz magazine as one of the top 100 worldżs galleries is now a leading European cen-tre for pop surrealism. The Gallery and its Artists are often re-viewed by major newspapers and television channels and have numerous collaborations with the most renowned international galleries and institutions. Thanks to its international fame and esteem, Dorothy Circus Gallery is not only committed to bringing Italy the most famous artists from the international pop surrealism scene, but is also in search for new Italian, European and Eastern talents. Dorothy Circus Gallery publishes many catalogues of its shows. Some of them edited by Drago Publishing and distributed all over the world. Here at Dorothy Circus Gallery, our goal is to display the forerunners of the new Ŕgurative avantżguard language. This movement is kinetic and sustained by our artistsż style which strengthens the collective life of the gallery.


Annual 2011 / Uk Version - 2839435255

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Annual 2011 / Uk Version MINISTRY OF SOUND-GBR


1. Berg, Tim - Seek Bromance (Avicii's Vocal Extended 2. Prydz, Eric - Niton (Instrumental) 3. Gaudino, Alex - I'm In Love (I Wanna Do It) 4. Example - Kickstarts 5. Rascal, Dizzee - Dirtee Disco 6. Tensnake - Coma Cat 7. Samson, Sidney / Wizard Sleeve - Riverside (Let's 8. Tiesto / Diplo - C'mon 9. Sanchez, Roger - 2gether (Antoine Clarmaran Remix) 10. Wiley / Connor, Jodie / J2k - Electric Boogaloo (F 11. Pj / Velvet - Stereo Love 12. Tv Rock / Rudy - In The Air (Axwell Remix) 13. Flake Blood - I Think I Like It 14. Carey, Ian / Ventrice, Mandy - Let Lose (Brad Holl 15. Haji, Seamus / Curtis, Romain / Awa - Just A Frien 16. Menace, Chris / Emil - Walking On The Moon (Respec 17. Burns & Falke, Fred - Y.s.l.m. (You Stopped Loving 18. Helden, Armand Van / A-trak / Duck Sauce - Anyway 19. Calliari, Marco - We No Speak Americano (Montreal 20. Yolanda Be Cool - Afronuts (Dcup Remix) 101. Swedish House Mafia - One 102. Afrojack / Simons, Eva - Take Over Control 103. Angello, Steve - Knas 104. Guetta, David - Grrrr 105. Underworld - Always Loved A Film (Michael Woods Re 106. Example - Two Lives (Wez Clarke Remix) 107. Da Housecat, Felix - Thee Anthem (Eric Prydz Remix 108. Nalin & Kane - Beachball (Chris Lake Remix) 109. Berg, Tim / Doray, Norman / Drums, Sebastian - Twe 110. Ricky L / M:ck - Born Again (Baleatic Soul Party M 111. Stretch & Vern - I'm Alive 2010 (Keith & Supabeatz 112. Burn The Negative - Smash & Grab 113. Drop The Lime - Hot As Hell 114. Woods, Michael - Dynamik 115. Congorock / Mr. Lexx - Babylon 116. Bt / Jes - Every Other Way (Armin Van Buuren Remix 117. Oakenrfold, Paul / Goss, Matt - Firefly (Robert Va 118. Buuren, Armin Van / Young, Adam - Youtopia 119. Above & Beyond / Emery, Oceanlab - On A Good Day ( 120. Dj's United - Remember Love 201. Katy B - Katy On A Mission 202. Gyptian - Hold You (Major Lazer Remix Extended) 203. Gonzales, Vato - Badman Riddin (Friction Mix) 204. Wretch 32 - Traktor (Bookes Brothers Clean Remix) 205. Dj Fresh - Gold Dust (Vocal Vip Mix) 206. Byrd, Danny / I-kay - III Behaviour 207. Example - Last Ones Standing (Tc Remix) 208. Unicorn Kid - Wild Life (Nu:tone Remix) 209. Aoki, Steve - I'm In The House (Herve's Burning Do 210. Youngman - Ho 211. Redlight / Ms. Dynamite - What You Talking About? 212. Mz Bratt - Selecta 213. Skream / Freckles - How Real 214. Little Jinder - Youth Blood (12th Planet & Flinch 215. Foamo - Here Comes 216. Fugative - Bad Girl (Tek-one Remix) 217. Plant, Jacob - Jump Up 218. Drumsound / Bassline Smith - R U Ready 219. Freestylers / Pendulum & Sirreal - Painkiller (Kou 220. Wtf?! / Dead Prez - It's Bigger Than Hip Hop Uk (F


Dawn of Empire - 2826717766

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Dawn of Empire ARROW

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Three thousand years before the birth of Christ. An epic conflict is about to begin. The price of victory? Civilization. The price of defeat, a return to the dark ages. The hopes of civilization rest on one man's shoulders: Eskkar, once a barbarian, now a warrior in charge of defending a small town which lies in the path of a vast barbarian war party. The last time the invaders came to Orak, they spared no one and the tiny candle of trade and agriculture that had begun there, the first in all of human history, was extinguished. But Eskkar and Trella, the beautiful slave girl he has been given by the grateful townsfolk, and the raggle-taggle army he has inherited are not going to flee. They will fight against the overwhelming odds with foolhardy bravery, subtle ingenuity and the last drop of their blood. On this tiny band the lathe of history will turn: victory or darkness?


The Hunger And The Fight - 2840079909

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The Hunger And The Fight SOULFOOD


1. Brian Born's March 2. The Hunger & The Fight 3. Paddy On The Railway 4. Stars (Oscar Wilde) 5. Prisoner 1082 6. Print Of Plain (A Drop Of The Pure) 7. Someone Saved Me 8. The Auld Triangle 9. Blood On The Streets Of Dublin 10. St. Patrick's Day Irish Punk Song 11. I Can Only Give You Everything 12. Last One To Die (Rancid Tribute)


Legendary Vocal Groups - 2845973194

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Legendary Vocal Groups Documents


1. The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane 2. Buzz, Buzz, Buzz 3. Only You 4. Book Of Love 5. Save The Last Dance For Me 6. I Want You 7. Yakety Yak 8. The Wheel Of Fortune 9. Love, Love, Love 10. I've Been Your Dog 11. Itchy Twitchy Feeling 12. Let 'Em Roll 13. Sixty Minute Man 14. Little Boy Of Mine 15. Searchin' 16. The Slummer The Slum 17. Tonight's The Night 18. Honey Love 19. Gee 20. Get A Job 101. Mister Lee 102. Free And Easy 103. Riot In Cell Block #9 104. Lovey Dovey 105. That's It Man 106. Ruby Baby 107. Come-a Come-a 108. Sixteen Candles 109. But Not For Me 110. Twilight Time 111. Dearest Darling 112. Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home) 113. Love Sweet Love 114. The Door Is Still Open 115. Who's Lovin' You 116. So Fine 117. Idol With The Golden Head 118. Born Too Late 119. Way Over There 120. Jo Jo 201. Western Movies 202. Drip Drop 203. Tears Of Sorrow 204. Hucklebuck With Jimmy 205. Zippity Zum 206. Smokey Joe's Cafe 207. Alley Oop 208. Where Is My Love Tonight 209. Got The Water Boiling 210. Boot 'Em Up 211. Good Golly Miss Molly 212. Could It Be 213. Come Go With Me 214. You Tickle Me Baby 215. Nip Sip 216. Sh-boom 217. Walk That Walk 218. Money Honey 219. Earth Angel 220. Down In Mexico 301. Little Darlin' 302. Charlie Brown 303. Moments To Remember You By 304. You, You, You 305. Young Blood 306. Blue Moon 307. The Great Pretender 308. Bells Of Love 309. Such A Night 310. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow 311. Hey Baby Baby 312. Brazil 313. My Pidgeon's Gone 314. Finders Keepers 315. My Only Desire 316. Go! Go! Go! 317. It's Good To Me 318. Along Came Jones 319. Shadows Of Love 320. That's What You're Doin' To Me 401. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 402. Pledge Of Love 403. The Girl I Love 404. Are You Forgetting 405. Dance With Me 406. Can't You Understand 407. You Hear 408. Short Skirts 409. That Is Rock & Roll 410. Don't You Know I Love You 411. Jennie Lee 412. Oh Julie 413. Shouldn't I Know 414. Love Potion No. 9 415. In The Still Of The Night 416. Rag Mop 417. Why Do Fools Fall In Love 418. Speedo 419. Big Man 420. Down In The Alley 501. Fool, Fool, Fool 502. Oooh I 503. Let The Boogie Woogie Roll 504. Voo-vee-ah-be 505. Cross Over The Bridge 506. I'm A Hog For You 507. Rockin' Shoes 508. Tell Me (Are You Really Mine) 509. Remember The Night 510. Sweeter Than You 511. Bip Bam 512. Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash 513. In Paradise 514. I'll Be Seeing You 515. Lost Love 516. A Beggar For Your Kisses 517. Fools Fall In Love 518. Yes It's You 519. Poison Ivy 520. Sh-boom 601. Whatcha Gonna Do 602. The Cat Hop 603. One Mint Julep 604. I Shot Mister Lee 605. My Desire 606. Baby, Let's Make Some Love 607. The Masquerade Is Over 608. Come Back My Love 609. Ain't Got The Money 610. What About Us 611. Kiss Me Goodnight 612. When You Dance 613. Lady Love 614. Dance 615. Been So Long 616. Hey Miss Fannie 617. You Know You're Doing Me Wrong 618. The Gee Gee Walk 619. Try Try Baby 620. Eddie My Love 701. Have Mercy Baby 702. An Understanding 703. Devil Or Angel 704. Three Thirty Three 705. Baby Please 706. Pretty Baby 707. Run Red Run 708. Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash 709. Maybe 710. Can't Do Sixty No More 711. Before We Say Goodnight 712. Sweetheart Please Don't Go 713. Baby Don't Do It 714. Where Is He 715. Straight Street 716. Dedicated To The One I Love 717. Play It Cool 718. Sadie My Lady 719. Since You Been Gone 720. W-p-l-j 801. Oh Kay 802. Be Bop Baby 803. Yodee Yakee 804. Choo Choo 805. Boys 806. Ting-a-ling 807. Don't Say Goodnight 808. Rollin' Stone 809. Shopping For Clothes 810. Oop Shoop 811. Baltimore 812. Hearts Of Stone 813. Black And White Thunderbird 814. Buick '59 815. I Can't Take It 816. Mardi Gras Mambo 817. Down The Aisle Of Love 818. Nite Owl 819. This Magic Moment 820. The Way You Dog Me Around 901. Woo Woo Train 902. Lonely Winds 903. Good Lovin' 904. Tears On My Pillow 905. I-yi 906. Irene 907. Bye Bye Baby 908. It's Spring Again 909. Rock And Roll Boogie 910. Johnny, Johnny 911. Fine Girl 912. What Am I To Do 913. Daddy's Little Baby 914. Sorry, But I'm Gonna Have To Pass 915. I Want A Guy 916. Ooh Bop She Bop 917. It's True 918. The Sound Of Your Voice 919. I Count The Tears 920. I


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