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The Last Vote - 2841487906

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The Last Vote

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Politics & government>Political structure & processes>Democracy

Shows How Democracy Today Faces Threats That We Ignore At Our Own Risk. Tracing Democracy's History And Development, This Title Revisits The Assumptions On Which It Is Founded. What Exactly Is Democracy? Why Should We Value It? What Are Its Flaws? And Could We Do Any Better?


Breaking News - 2826936857

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Breaking News Scribe Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

It is now more than 30 years since Graham Perkin's tragically premature death, but his legacy lives on in every corner of the Australian media. Perkin was, without question, the country's greatest editor of the 20th century. In his nine years at the helm of The Age , he transformed a venerable but moribund rag into a paper regularly voted one of the world's 10 best broadsheets, alongside such great titles as The Washington Post and The Times of London. He changed forever the way that the media looks at society, and the way that people relate to the media. Walkley Award winner Ben Hills, who worked under Perkin's editorship for six years, chronicles the life and times of Australia's most influential newspaper editor, and the history of the newspaper to which he devoted his tremendous talents. From a little town in Victoria's dusty Mallee to the door of the Fairfax boardroom, from the twilight of the Menzies era to the death throes of the Whitlam government, from formulaic, moth-balled reportage to socially responsible investigative journalism, Breaking News paints a vivid picture of Graham Perkin's remarkable career. It is a portrait of media power, of the last of the great editors who, by the force of their convictions, made a difference to society - a breed for whom there is no place in today's corporate media conglomerates, with their focus on cost-cutting and the short-term bottom line.


Environmental Value Transfer: Issues and Methods - 2827004894

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Environmental Value Transfer: Issues and Methods Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This volume offers a snapshot of the research that is ongoing in the area of value transfer. It provides relevant input for increasing the quality of cost-benefit analyses of projects with environmental and health impacts. The volume includes papers by some of the most influential authors in the area and covers the latest developments in the field.The transfer of environmental values in time and space has increased rapidly with the widespread use of cost benefit analysis in project evaluation and regulatory assessments over the last three decades. The purpose of this volume is to take a snapshot of the research that is ongoing in the area of value transfer (benefit transfer). It includes papers by some of the most influential authors in the area, and covers the latest developments in the field. It will be useful for academics conducting research in this area and for practitioners in government agencies and ministries, as well as consulting firms.


Environmental Value Transfer: Issues and Methods - 2827029761

1133,44 zł

Environmental Value Transfer: Issues and Methods Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The transfer of environmental values in time and space has increased rapidly with the widespread use of cost benefit analysis in project evaluation and regulatory assessments over the last three decades. The purpose of this volume is to take a snapshot of the research that is ongoing in the area of value transfer (benefit transfer). It includes papers by some of the most influential authors in the area, and covers the latest developments in the field. It will be useful for academics conducting research in this area and for practitioners in government agencies and ministries, as well as consulting firms.


SJWs Always Lie - 2835877357

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Social Justice Warriors have plagued mankind for more than 150 years, but only in the last 30 years has their ideology become dominant in the West. Having invaded one institution of the cultural high ground after another, from corporations and churches to video games and government, there is nowhere that remains entirely free of their intolerant thought and speech policing. Because the SJW agenda of diversity, tolerance, inclusiveness, and equality flies in the face of both science and observable reality, SJWs relentlessly work to prevent normal people from thinking or speaking in any manner that will violate their ever-mutating Narrative. They police science, philosophy, technology, and even history in order to maintain the pretense that their agenda remains inevitable in a modern world that contradicts it on a daily basis. The book is named after the First Law of SJW: SJWs always lie. SJWS ALWAYS LIE is a useful guide to understanding, anticipating, and surviving SJW attacks from the perspective of a man who has not only survived, but thrived, after experiencing multiple attempts by Social Justice Warriors to disqualify, discredit, and disemploy him in the same manner they have successfully attacked Nobel Laureates, technology CEOs, broadcasters, sports commentators, school principals, and policemen. It analyzes well-known SJW attacks as well as the two most successful examples of resistance to the SJW Narrative, #GamerGate and Sad Puppies. Written by Vox Day, Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil and three-time Hugo nominee who is described as the most hated man in science fiction by Black Gate and The Wall Street Journal, SJWS ALWAYS LIE is a powerful weapon in the cultural war against the thought police.


Steel Spring - 2826837496

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Steel Spring Vintage

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Chief Inspector Jensen is a policeman in an unnamed European country where the government has criminalised being drunk, even in private at home, and where the city centres have been demolished to devote more space to gleaming new roads. Recovering in a hospital room abroad after a liver transplant, Jensen receives a note instructing him to return home immediately, but when he reaches the airport he discovers that all flights home have been cancelled and all communication from within his homeland has ceased. One of the last messages sent requested urgent medical help from abroad and when Jensen is piloted across the border it soon becomes clear that an epidemic has ravaged the country.


Vanishing Girl The - 2840144352

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Vanishing Girl The

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

PEach Night After Ember Pierce Falls Asleep, She Disappears. She Can Teleport Anywhere In The World London, Paris, Her Crushs Bedroom, Or Wherever Her Dreams Lead Her. Ten Minutes Is All She Gets, And Once Times Up, She Returns To Her Bed. Its A Secret Shes Successfully Kept For The Last Five Years. But Now Someone Knows./ppA Week After Her Eighteenth Birthday, When Frustratingly Handsome Caden Hawthorne Kidnaps Her, Delivers Her To The Government, And Then Disappears Before Her Eyes, Ember Realizes Two Things One, She Is Not Alone. And Two, People Like Herteleportersare Being Used As Weapons./ppForced Into A Quasi-military


The Right Idea - 2840036526

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The Right Idea

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Politics & government>Political control & freedoms>Human rights

Explains The Nature Of Human Rights Discourse Through An Exploration Of Its Evolution Over The Last 200 Years.


Colossus - 2212836415

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Colossus Penguin

Inne 1

Is America the new world empire? Presidents from Lincoln to Bush may have denied it but, as Niall Ferguson's brilliant and provocative book shows, the US is the greatest military and economic colossus of all time. What's more, it always has been an empire, with its founding fathers battling westwards for territory and their successors spreading freedom across the world - at gunpoint if necessary. Yet is the US really equipped to play Atlas, bearing the weight of the world on its shoulders? America, Ferguson reveals, is now an empire running on empty, backing away from the crucial imperial commitments of time, money and manpower - and resting on perilous financial foundations. When the New Rome falls, its collapse may come from within. Unlike the majority of European writers who have written on this subject, I am fundamentally in favor of empire. Indeed, I believe that empire is more necessary in the twenty-first century than ever before. The threats we face are not in themselves new ones. But advances in technology make them more dangerous than ever before. Thanks to the speed and regularity of modern air travel, infectious diseases can be transmitted to us with terrifying swiftness. And thanks to the relative cheapness and destructiveness of modern weaponry, tyrants and terrorists can realistically think of devastating our cities. The old, post-1945 system of sovereign states, bound loosely together by an evolving system of international law, cannot easily deal with these threats because there are too many nation-states where the writ of the "international community" simply does not run. What is required is an agency capable of intervening in the affairs of such states to contain epidemics, depose tyrants, end local wars and eradicate terrorist organizations. This is the self-interested argument for empire. But there is also a complementary altruistic argument. Even if they did not pose a direct threat to the security of the United States, economic and social conditions in a number of countries in the world would justify some kind of intervention. The poverty of a country like Liberia is explicable not in terms of resource endowment; otherwise (for example) Botswana would be just as poor. The problem in Liberia, as in so many sub-Saharan African states, is simply misgovernment: corrupt and lawless dictators whose conduct makes economic development impossible and encourages political opposition to take the form of civil war. Countries in this condition will not correct themselves. They require the imposition of some kind of external authority. There are those who would insist that an empire is by definition incapable of playing such a role; in their eyes, all empires are exploitative in character. Yet there can be


Here Come the Black Helicopters! - 2826908177

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Here Come the Black Helicopters! Broadside Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on May 24, 2012, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton taunted opponents of the controversial Law of the Seas Treaty (one of liberals' top agenda items), saying, Of course, that means the black helicopters are on their way, a reference to conspiracy theories about a world government. Ironically, as Dick Morris and Eileen McGann argue, Clinton's sarcastic remarks were strikingly close to the truth. In "Here Come the Black Helicopters!", Morris and McGann detail the liberal plan to remove decision-making power from the U.S. government and vest it in the United Nations, establishing a one-world government that would sublimate America's national interests, subsume our democratic values, and subvert the power and sovereignty of our national government. Regulated by the U.N.- a governing body that polls show two-thirds of Americans say they don't approve of - these global superagencies would have no accountability to American voters and would have no input from elected officials, yet would have power to censor the Internet and control international communications, to levy international taxes, and to otherwise undermine and circumvent our jurisprudence and constitutional protections by dictating law from non - U. S. bodies. Morris and McGann introduce and explain the upcoming international agreements President Obama will be championing in the last few months of his term, including the Law of the Sea Treaty, the Law of the Child Treaty, and the International Criminal Court Treaty. Here "Come the Black Helicopters!" is filled with shocking information and heavy-hitting conclusions and offers a concrete plan to push back against the formation of world government-ideas that no American can afford to ignore as we head into the next presidential election.


Who Controls the Internet? - 2826659911

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Who Controls the Internet? Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Is the Internet erasing national borders? Will the future of the Net be set by Internet engineers, rogue programmers, the United Nations, or powerful countries? Who's really in control of what's happening on the Net? In this provocative new book, Jack Goldsmith and Tim Wu tell the fascinating story of the Internet's challenge to governmental rule in the 1990s, and the ensuing battles with governments around the world. It's a book about the fate of one idea-that the Internet might liberate us forever from government, borders, and even our physical selves. We learn of Google's struggles with the French government and Yahoo's capitulation to the Chinese regime; of how the European Union sets privacy standards on the Net for the entire world; and of eBay's struggles with fraud and how it slowly learned to trust the FBI. In a decade of events the original vision is uprooted, as governments time and time again assert their power to direct the future of the Internet. The destiny of the Internet over the next decades, argue Goldsmith and Wu, will reflect the interests of powerful nations and the conflicts within and between them. While acknowledging the many attractions of the earliest visions of the Internet, the authors describe the new order, and speaking to both its surprising virtues and unavoidable vices. Far from destroying the Internet, the experience of the last decade has lead to a quiet rediscovery of some of the oldest functions and justifications for territorial government. While territorial governments have unavoidable problems, it has proven hard to replace what legitimacy governments have, and harder yet to replace the system of rule of law that controls the unchecked evils of anarchy. While the Net will change some of the ways that territorial states govern, it will not diminish the oldest and most fundamental roles of government and challenges of governance. Well written and filled with fascinating examples, including colorful portraits of many key players in Internet history, this is a work that is bound to stir heated debate in the cyberspace and globalization communities.


Proquest Statistical Abstract of the United States 2013 - 2826961080

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Proquest Statistical Abstract of the United States 2013 Bernan Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Published annually by the Federal Government since 1878, The Statistical Abstract of the United States is the best-known statistical reference publication in the country, and perhaps, the world. You'll find it behind nearly every reference desk in U.S. libraries as the authoritative go-to source. Librarians value the Statistical Abstract as both an answer book and a guide to statistical sources. As a carefully selected collection of statistics on the social, political, and economic conditions of the United States, it is a snapshot of America and its people. In the spring of 2011, the Census Bureau announced that the edition that year would be the last one produced at government expense. Despite protests from librarians and journalists and despite petitions to Congress, the Census Bureau unit that published the Statistical Abstract was eliminated in November. Its elimination resulted not from a decline in the popularity or perceived value of statistical compilations, but from the need to reduce agency spending while supporting new and existing data collection efforts. ProQuest and Bernan have now taken on responsibility for updating and releasing this publication, the most used statistical reference tool in libraries. We bring to this task ProQuest's 35 years of experience acquiring, abstracting, and indexing Federal Government statistical publications and tables and Bernan's 60 years of providing libraries with essential government publications and quality service. The Statistical Abstract print edition resembles the Census version that users know and love, plus more with: *Thousands of tables from hundreds of sources and valuable, detailed bibliographic documentation *Updated introductory sections and back-of-the-book index *8 1/2" x 11" hardcover format to withstand heavy use *25% larger type for easier reading


Basic Rights - 2839877034

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Basic Rights

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Politics & government>Central government>Central government policiesKsiążki O...

Which Human Rights Ought To Be The First Honored And The Last Sacrificed? This Title Addresses The Issue Of Human Rights As It Relates To US Foreign Policy. It Proposes An Original Conception Of Basic Rights That Illuminates Both The Nature Of Moral Right


Blood Doctor - 2212839586

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Blood Doctor Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Blood. That


And Other Blues Heroes - 2839336323

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And Other Blues Heroes Documents


1. Cross Road Blues 2. Terraplane Blues 3. Come On In My Kitchen 4. Walkin' Blues 5. Last Fair Deal Gone Down 6. 32-20 Blues 7. Kind Hearted Woman Blues 8. If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day 9. Preachin' Blues 10. When You Got A Good Friend 11. Ramblin' On My Mind 12. Stones In My Passway 13. Traveling Riverside Blues 14. Milkcow's Calf Blues 15. Me And The Devil Blues 16. Hellhound On My Trail 101. Levee Camp Blues 102. Government Fleet Blues 103. Walkin' Blues 104. Shetland Pony Blues 105. Special Rider Blues 106. Low Down Dirty Dog Blues 107. Depot Blues 108. American Defense 109. Am I Right Or Wrong? 110. Walking Blues 111. Country Farm Blues 112. The Pony Blues 113. The Jinx Blues (Part 1) 114. The Jinx Blues (Part 2) 201. High Water Everywhere (Part 2) 202. A Spoonful Blues 203. Mississippi Boweavil Blues 204. Some Summer Day 205. Rattlesnake Blues 206. Hang It On The Wall 207. Jim Lee (Part 1) 208. Prayer Of Death (Part 1) 209. High Sheriff Blues 210. Dry Well Blues 211. Revenue Man Blues 212. Elder Greene Blues 213. Mindreader Blues 214. Sic Em Dogs On 215. Unknown Title 216. Crowing Rooster 217. All Night Long Blues 218. Rowdy Blues 219. Watch And Pray 220. Snatch And Grab It 221. M And O Blues 222. Dark Road Blues 223. Country Farm Blues 224. Forty Four 301. Walkin' Blues 302. Louisiana Blues 303. Long Distance Call 304. Honey Bee 305. She Moves Me 306. Still A Fool 307. Standing Around Crying 308. Baby Please Don't Go 309. I Want You To Love Me 310. I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man 311. I Just Want To Make Love To You 312. I'm Ready 313. Young Fashioned Ways 314. Mannish Boy 315. Sugar Sweet 316. Trouble No More 401. I'm Sorry Mama 402. Packin' Trunk 403. Four Day Worry Blues 404. Roberta (Part 1) 405. Death Letter Blues (Part 1) 406. Fort Worth And Dallas Blues 407. Ox Drivin' Blues 408. Tb Woman Blues 409. My Baby Quit Me 410. Midnight Special 411. Pigmeat 412. Black Snake Moan 413. See See Rider 414. Shorty George 415. You Don't Know My Mind 416. The Bourgeois Blues 417. John Hardy 418. Pick A Bale Of Cotton 419. Grey Goose 420. Where Did You Sleep Last Night? 421. Pretty Flower In Your Backyard 501. Good Gin Blues 502. Shake 'Em On Down 503. When Can I Change My Clothes 504. High Fever Blues 505. Bukka's Jitterbug Swing 506. District Attorney Blues 507. Strange Place Blues 508. Sleepy Myn Blues 509. Pinebluff, Arkansas 510. Fixin' To Die Blues 511. Special Streamline 512. Black Train Blues 513. Parchman Farm Blues 514. Aberdeen Mississippi Blues 601. Dust My Broom 602. Sho' Nuff I Do 603. Please Find My Baby 604. Cry For Me Baby 605. Sunny Land 606. The 12 Year Old Boy 607. It Hurts Me, Too 608. Hawaiian Boogie 609. T.v. Mama 701. Meet Me Around The Corner 702. Stepfather Blues 703. Stack O'dollars 704. I Won't Be In Hard Luck No More 705. Highway 49 706. I'm Getting Wild About Her 707. Please Don't Go 708. Crawling King Snake 709. His Spirit Lives On 710. Little Leg Woman 711. 49 Highway Blues 712. Baby Please Don't Go 713. I Know You Gonna Miss Me 714. Vitamin A 715. Break 'Em On Down 716. Providence Help The Poor People 717. Wild Cow Blues 718. Rootin' Ground Hog 719. Brother James 720. Peach Orchard Mama 721. Someday Baby 722. Somebody's Been Worryin' 801. Moanin' At Midnight 802. How Many More Years 803. Riding In The Moonlight 804. Dog Me Around 805. Morning At Midnight 806. Keep What You Got 807. Riding In The Moonlight 808. House Rockin' Boogie 809. Crying At Daybreak 810. Passing My Blues 811. My Baby Stole Off 812. I Want Your Picture 813. The Wolf Is At Your Door (Howlin' For My Baby) 814. California Blues 815. California Blues 816. Look-a-here 817. Howlin' Wolf Boogie 818. Smile At Me 819. Getting Old And Grey 820. Mr. Highway Man 821. My Baby Walked Off 822. Blues 823. My Troubles And Me 824. Chocolate Drop 825. Highway Man 901. Blues With A Feeling 902. Juke 903. Sad Hours 904. Tell Me Mama 905. Off The Wall 906. You Better Watch Yourself 907. My Babe 908. Last Night 909. You're So Fine 910. Roller Coaster 911. Moonshine Blues 912. Bad Acting Woman 913. Blue Baby 914. Can't Hold On Much Longer 915. Tonight With A Fool 916. Boogie 917. Red Headed Woman 918. I Just Keep Loving Her 919. Mean Old World 920. Lights Out


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