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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

I'd known it before we saw the fire trucks and the smoke. I'd known all hell had broken loose at the House of Night the moment it had been proven beyond all doubt that Neferet was on the side of Darkness. Only now I had a terrible feeling that outing Neferet would serve more to free her than to force her to pay the consequences for her lies and betrayals. At last, Zoey has what she wanted: the truth is out. Neferet's evil has been exposed, and the High Council is no longer on her side - but she's far from done wreaking havoc in the vampyre world. With the seeds of distrust sown and Darkness breeding chaos at the House of Night, everyone must band together - but that's proving to be more difficult than ever before. The twins are barely speaking and the House of Night's former enemy, Kalona, has now become their warrior, pushing their trust to the limits. To top it all off, Zoey is pretty darn sure she might be losing her mind - she saw something when she looked at Neferet's minion, Aurox, through the Seer Stone that she can hardly explain to herself, let alone her friends. Zoey knows that following her instincts might be just what they need to defeat evil...but if she's wrong, it could cause the destruction of those closest to her. With the tension at a breaking point and friendships on the line, can the nerd herd come together to stop the spread of Darkness before it's too late?


Perfect Musical Coll. . . - 2839829111

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Perfect Musical Coll. . . Sony Music


1. Loesser, Frank - Runyonland (From 'Guys & Dolls') 2. Loesser, Frank - Fugue For Tinhorns (From 'Guys & 3. Loesser, Frank - Follow The Fold (From 'Guys & Dol 4. Loesser, Frank - The Oldest Established (From 'Guy 5. Loesser, Frank - I'll Know (From 'Guys & Dolls') 6. Loesser, Frank - A Bushel & A Peck (From 'Guys & D 7. Loesser, Frank - Adelaide's Lament (From 'Guys & D 8. Loesser, Frank - Guys & Dolls (From 'Guys & Dolls' 9. Loesser, Frank - Havana (From 'Guys & Dolls') 10. Loesser, Frank - If I Were A Bell (From 'Guys & Do 11. Loesser, Frank - My Time Of Day (From 'Guys & Doll 12. Loesser, Frank - I've Never Been In Love Before (F 13. Loesser, Frank - Entr'acte / Take Back Your Mink ( 14. Loesser, Frank - Adelaide's Lament (Reprise) (From 15. Loesser, Frank - More I Cannot Wish You (From 'Guy 16. Loesser, Frank - The Crapshooters' Dance (From 'Gu 17. Loesser, Frank - Luck Be A Lady (From 'Guys & Doll 18. Loesser, Frank - Sue Me (From 'Guys & Dolls') 19. Loesser, Frank - Sit Down, You're Rockin' The Boat 20. Loesser, Frank - Marry The Man Today (From 'Guys & 21. Loesser, Frank - Guys & Dolls (Reprise) (From 'Guy 101. Ensemble / Orchestra - Prologue 102. Green, Cody / Ensemble - Jet Song 103. Cavenaugh, Matt - Something's Coming 104. Company - Dance At The Gym 105. Cavenaugh, Matt - Maria 106. Cavenaugh, Matt / Scaglione, Josefina - Tonight 107. Olivo, Karen / Sanchez, Jennifer / Ensemble - Amer 108. Green, Cody / Ensemble - Cool 109. Cavenaugh, Matt / Scaglione, Josefina - One Hand, 110. Company - Tonight (Quintet) 111. Company - The Rumble 112. Scaglione, Josefina / Sanchez, Jennifer / Polan - 113. Barasch, Nicholas / Cavenaugh, Matt / Scaglione - 114. Holbrook, Curtis / Ensemble - Gee, Officer Krupke 115. Olivo, Karen / Scaglione, Josefina - Un Hombre Asi 116. Un Hombre Asi (A Boy Like That) 117. I Have A Love 118. Company - Finale 201. Lieberson, Goddard - The Sound Of Music - Original 202. Act I: Preludium 203. The Sound Of Music 204. Maria 205. My Favorite Things 206. Do-re-mi 207. Sixteen Going On Seventeen 208. The Lonely Goatherd 209. How Can Love Survive? 210. The Sound Of Music (Reprise) 211. Laendler 212. So Long, Farewell 213. Climb Ev'ry Mountain 214. Act Ii: No Way To Stop It 215. An Ordinary Couple 216. Processional 217. Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Reprise) 218. Edelweiss 219. Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Reprise) 220. Andrews, Julie / Burnett, Carol / Chorus - From Sw 221. Kraus, Michael / Pires, Sandra / Bernhard, Dagm - 222. Rodgers, Richard - Sok Dig Till Bergen - Climb Eve 301. Saks, Jay David - Opening 302. Leigh, Mitch - Man Of La Mancha (I, Don Quixote) 303. Leigh, Mitch - It's All The Same 304. Leigh, Mitch - Dulcinea 305. Leigh, Mitch - I'm Only Thinking Of Him 306. Leigh, Mitch - We're Only Thinking Of Him 307. Leigh, Mitch - I Really Like Him 308. Leigh, Mitch - What Does He Want Of Me? 309. Leigh, Mitch - Little Bird, Little Bird 310. Leigh, Mitch - Barber's Song 311. Leigh, Mitch - Golden Helmet Of Mambrino 312. Leigh, Mitch - To Each His Dulcinea (To Every Man 313. Leigh, Mitch - The Impossible Dream (The Quest) 314. Leigh, Mitch - Knight Of The Woeful Countenance 315. Leigh, Mitch - Aldonza 316. Leigh, Mitch - The Knight Of The Mirrors 317. Leigh, Mitch - I'm Only Thinking Of Him (Reprise) 318. Leigh, Mitch - A Little Gossip 319. Leigh, Mitch - Final Sequence: The Death Of Alons 320. Dulcinea (Reprise) 321. The Impossible Dream (The Quest) (Reprise) 322. Man Of La Mancha (I, Don Quixote) (Reprise) 323. The Psalm 324. Leigh, Mitch - Finale 401. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Overture (From 'Jesus Chris 402. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Heaven On Their Minds 403. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - What's The Buzz 404. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Strange Thing Mystifying 405. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Everything's Alright 406. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Jesus Must Die 407. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Hosanna 408. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Simon Zealotes 409. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Poor Jerusalem 410. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Pilate's Dream 411. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - The Temple 412. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Everything's Alright 413. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - I Don't Know How To Love Hi 414. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Damned For All Time 415. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Blood Money 416. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Betrayal 501. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Last Supper 502. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Argument 503. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Gethsemane 504. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Betrayal / Arrest 505. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Peter's Denial 506. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Pilate & Christ 507. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Herod's Song 508. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Judas's Death 509. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Trial & 39 Lashes 510. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Superstar 511. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Crucifixion 512. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - John 19:41 513. Lloyd-webber, Andrew - Could We Start Again Please 601. Vining, Steve - Alma Mater (From 'Grease') 602. Jacobs, Jim - We Go Together (From 'Grease') 603. Wood, Susan / Goldin, Ricky Paull / Ensemble - Sum 604. Harris, Sam / Company / Orchestra - Those Magic Ch 605. Mullally, Megan / Pink Ladies, The - Freddy, My Lo 606. Opsahl, Jason / Burger Palace Boys, The - Greased 607. O'donnell, Rosie / Burger Palace Boys, The / Or - 608. Blakely, Michelle - Rydell Fight Song (From 'Greas 609. Foster, Hunter / Stokes, Heather - Mooning (From ' 610. O'donnell, Rosie - Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee (Fro 611. Wood, Susan - Since I Don't Have You (From 'Grease 612. Mcdaniel, John - We Go Together (Reprise) (From 'G 613. Castree, Paul / Adkins, Clay / Jones, Denis / B - 614. Wood, Susan / Castree, Paul / Adkins, Clay / Jo - 615. Castree, Paul / Lewis, Marcia / Company - Born To 616. Porter, Billy / Stone, Jessica - Beauty School Dro 617. Goldin, Ricky Paull / Burger Palace Boys, The - Al 618. Harris, Sam / Opsahl, Jason - Rock 'N' Roll Party 619. O'donnell, Rosie - There Are Worse Things I Could 620. Wood, Susan / O'donnell, Rosie / Company - Look At 621. Jacobs, Jim - Finale (From 'Grease') 701. Caddick, David - Opening: I Hope I Get It - Album 702. Schecter, Jeffrey / Schecter, Jeffrey / Orchest - 703. Hamlisch, Marvin - At The Ballet - Album Version 704. Whitehead, Chryssie / Yazbeck, Tony / Whitehead - 705. Hamlisch, Marvin - Montage, Part 1: Hello Twelve, 706. Cortez, Natalie / Cortez, Natalie / Orchestra - Mo 707. Company / Orchestra - Montage, Part 3: Mother - Al 708. Company / Orchestra - Montage, Part 4: Gimme The B 709. Lee Goldyn, Jessica / Lee Goldyn, Jessica / Orc - 710. D'amboise, Charlotte / D'amboise, Charlotte / O - 711. Hamlisch, Marvin - One - Album Version 712. Hamlisch, Marvin - What I Did For Love - Album Ver 713. Company / Orchestra - One (Reprise) / Finale - Alb 801. Kander, John - Overture (From 'Chicago') 802. Neuwirth, Bebe / Musical Cast Recording - All That 803. Reinking, Ann - Funny Honey (From 'Chicago') 804. Kander, John - Cell Block Tango (From 'Chicago') 805. Kander, John - When You're Good To Mama (From 'Chi 806. Kander, John - All I Care About (From 'Chicago') 807. Sabella, D. - A Little Bit Of Good (From 'Chicago' 808. Kander, John - We Both Reached For The Gun (From ' 809. Kander, John - Roxie (From 'Chicago') 810. Kander, John - I Can't Do It Alone (From 'Chicago' 811. Neuwirth, Bebe - I Can't Do It Alone (Reprise) (Fr 812. Kander, John - My Own Best Friend (From 'Chicago') 813. Kander, John - Entr' Acte (From 'Chicago') 814. Kander, John - I Know A Girl (From 'Chicago') 815. Kander, John - Me & My Baby (From 'Chicago') 816. Kander, John - Mister Cellophane (From 'Chicago') 817. Kander, John - When Velma Takes The Stand (From 'C 818. Fisher, Rob - Razzle Dazzle (From 'Chicago') 819. Lewis, Marcia / Neuwirth, Bebe - Class (From 'Chic 820. Kander, John - Nowadays (From 'Chicago') 821. Kander, John - Hot Honey Rag (From 'Chicago') 822. Kander, John - Finale (From 'Chicago') 901. Howard, Peter - Annie 902. Act I: Overture 903. Maybe 904. It's The Hard-knock Life 905. Tomorrow 906. We'd Like To Thank You Herbert Hoover 907. Little Girls 908. I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here 909. N.y.c 910. Easy Street 911. You Won't Be An Orphan For Long 912. Act Ii: You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile 913. Tomorrow (Reprise) 914. Something Was Missing 915. I Don't Need Anything But You 916. Annie 917. A New Deal For Christmas 918. Strouse, Charles - Introductory Remarks - Voice 919. Strouse, Charles - Apples - Voice 920. Strouse, Charles - Lead-in & Song We Got Annie - 921. Strouse, Charles - Lead-in To Just Wait - Voice 922. Strouse, Charles - Just Wait - Voice 923. Strouse, Charles - Lead-in To That's The Way It Go 924. Strouse, Charles - That's The Way It Goes - Voice 925. Strouse, Charles - Lead-in To Parents - Voice 926. Strouse, Charles - Parents - Voice 927. Strouse, Charles - Lead-in & Song I've Never Been 928. Strouse, Charles - Tomorrow (First Performance) - 1001. Gemignani, Paul - Prelude: The Ballad Of Sweeney T 1002. Sondheim, Stephen - No Place Like London (From 'Sw 1003. Sondheim, Stephen - The Barber & His Wife (From 'S 1004. Sondheim, Stephen - The Worst Pies In London (From 1005. Sondheim, Stephen - Poor Thing (From 'Sweeney Todd 1006. Sondheim, Stephen - My Friends (From 'Sweeney Todd 1007. Sondheim, Stephen - The Ballad Of Sweeney Todd: 'L 1008. Sondheim, Stephen - Green Finch & Linnet Bird (Fro 1009. Sondheim, Stephen - Ah, Miss (From 'Sweeney Todd') 1010. Gemignani, Paul - Johanna (From 'Sweeney Todd') 1011. Sondheim, Stephen - Pirelli's Miracle Elixir (From 1012. Sondheim, Stephen - The Contest 1013. Sondheim, Stephen - The Ballad Of Sweeney Todd: 'S 1014. Sondheim, Stephen - Wait (From 'Sweeney Todd') 1015. Sondheim, Stephen - The Ballad Of Sweeney Todd: 'H 1016. Sondheim, Stephen - Johanna (From 'Sweeney Todd') 1017. Sondheim, Stephen - Kiss Me (From 'Sweeney Todd') 1018. Sondheim, Stephen - Ladies In Their Sensitivities 1019. Sondheim, Stephen - Pretty Women 1020. Gemignani, Paul - Epiphany (From 'Sweeney Todd') 1021. Sondheim, Stephen - A Little Priest (From 'Sweeney 1101. Sondheim, Stephen - God, That's Good! (From 'Sween 1102. Sondheim, Stephen - Johanna (From 'Sweeney Todd') 1103. Sondheim, Stephen - By The Sea (From 'Sweeney Todd 1104. Sondheim, Stephen - Wigmaker Sequence; The Ballad 1105. Sondheim, Stephen - Not While I'm Around (From 'Sw 1106. Sondheim, Stephen - Parlor Songs (From 'Sweeney To 1107. Sondheim, Stephen - Final Sequence (From 'Sweeney 1108. Sondheim, Stephen - The Ballad Of Sweeney Todd: 'A 1109. Sondheim, Stephen - Symphonic Sondheim: Sweeney To 1110. Sondheim, Stephen - Green Finch & Linnet Bird (Fro 1201. Warren, Harry - Overture; Audition (From '42nd Str 1202. Warren, Harry - Shadow Waltz (From '42nd Street') 1203. Warren, Harry - Young & Healthy (From '42nd Street 1204. Warren, Harry - Go Into Your Dance (From '42nd Str 1205. Warren, Harry - You're Getting To Be A Habit With 1206. Warren, Harry - Getting Out Of Town (From '42nd St 1207. Warren, Harry - We're In The Money (From '42nd Str 1208. Warren, Harry - Dames (From '42nd Street') 1209. Warren, Harry - Sunny Side To Every Situation (Fro 1210. Warren, Harry - Lullaby Of Broadway (From '42nd St 1211. Warren, Harry - About A Quarter To Nine (From '42n 1212. Warren, Harry - Shuffle Off To Buffalo (From '42nd 1213. Warren, Harry - 42nd Street (From '42nd Street') 1214. Warren, Harry - Finale: 42nd Street (Reprise); Bow 1301. Yazbek, David - Overture 1302. Yazbek, David - Scrap 1303. Yazbek, David - It's A Woman's World 1304. Yazbek, David - Man 1305. Yazbek, David - Big-ass Rock 1306. Skinner, Emily / Wilson, Patrick / Neville, Mar - 1307. Deshields, Andre / Wilson, Patrick / Conlee, Jo - 1308. Yazbek, David - You Rule My World 1309. Wilson, Patrick / Conlee, John Ellison / Daniel - 1310. Yazbek, David - Jeanette's Showbiz Number 1311. Yazbek, David - Breeze Off The River 1312. Wilson, Patrick / Deshields, Andre / Conlee, Jo - 1313. Yazbek, David - You Walk With Me 1314. Yazbek, David - You Rule My World (Reprise) 1315. Yazbek, David - Let It Go 1401. Brady, Patrick S. - Overture - Instrumental 1402. Brady, Patrick S. - Opening Night - Vocal 1403. Brady, Patrick S. - The King Of Broadway - Vocal 1404. Brady, Patrick S. - We Can Do It - Vocal 1405. Fordin, Hugh - I Wanna Be A Producer - Album Versi 1406. Brady, Patrick S. - In Old Bavaria - Vocal 1407. Brady, Patrick S. - Der Guten Tag Hop-clop - Vocal 1408. Brady, Patrick S. - Keep It Gay - Vocal 1409. Brady, Patrick S. - When You Got It, Flaunt It - V 1410. Brady, Patrick S. - Along Came Bialy - Vocal 1411. Brady, Patrick S. - That Face - Vocal 1412. Brady, Patrick S. - Haben Sie Gehort Das Deutsche 1413. Brady, Patrick S. - Opening Night - Vocal 1414. Brady, Patrick S. - You Never Say Good Luck On Ope 1415. Brady, Patrick S. - Springtime For Hitler/heil Mys 1416. Springtime For Hitler - Vocal 1417. Heil Myself - Vocal 1418. Brady, Patrick S. - Where Did We Go Right? - Vocal 1419. Brady, Patrick S. - Betrayed - Vocal 1420. Brady, Patrick S. - 'Til Him - Vocal 1421. Brady, Patrick S. - Prisoners Of Love (Leo & Max) 1422. Brady, Patrick S. - Goodbye! - Vocal 1501. Winokur, Marissa Jaret - Good Morning Baltimore 1502. Thorell, Clarke - The Nicest Kids In Town 1503. Winokur, Marissa Jaret / Bundy, Laura Bell / Bu - 1504. Winokur, Marissa Jaret / Hairspray Ensemble - I Ca 1505. Hart, Linda / Winokur, Marissa Jaret / Butler, - ( 1506. Morrison, Matthew / Winokur, Marissa Jaret / Ha - 1507. Winokur, Marissa Jaret / Fierstein, Harvey / St - 1508. Reynolds, Corey / Wilson, Danelle Eugenia / Hai - 1509. Davis, Mary Bond / Winokur, Marissa Jaret / Fie - 1510. Hoffman, Jackie / Hart, Linda / Fierstein, Harv - 1511. Winokur, Marissa Jaret - Good Morning Baltimore (R 1512. Latessa, Dick / Fierstein, Harvey - (You're) Timel 1513. Morrison, Matthew / Winokur, Marissa Jaret / Re - 1514. Davis, Mary Bond / Steele, Shayna / Hairspray E - 1515. Thorell, Clarke - (It's) Hairspray 1516. Bundy, Laura Bell - Cooties 1517. Bundy, Laura Bell / Morrison, Matthew / Hart, L - 1518. You Can't Stop The Beat 1519. Blood On The Pavement 1601. Avenue Q Company - The Avenue Q Theme 1602. Tartaglia, John / Gelber, Jordan / D'abruzzo, S - 1603. What Do You Do With A B.a. In English? 1604. It Sucks To Be Me 1605. Tartaglia, John / Lyon, Rick - If You Were Gay 1606. Tartaglia, John / Avenue Q Company - Purpose 1607. Tartaglia, John / D'abruzzo, Stephanie / Belcon - 1608. D'abruzzo, Stephanie / Lyon, Rick / Avenue Q Co - 1609. D'abruzzo, Stephanie / Tartaglia, John - Mix Tape 1610. Gelber, Jordan / Harada, Ann - I'm Not Wearing Und 1611. D'abruzzo, Stephanie / Avenue Q Company - Special 1612. Belcon, Natalie Venetia / Lyon, Rick / Barnhart - 1613. Tartaglia, John / D'abruzzo, Stephanie / Lyon, - F 1614. Tartaglia, John - My Girlfriend, Who Lives In Cana 1615. D'abruzzo, Stephanie - There's A Fine, Fine Line 1616. Gelber, Jordan / Tartaglia, John / Avenue Q Com - 1617. Harada, Ann / D'abruzzo, Stephanie - The More You 1618. Belcon, Natalie Venetia / Lyon, Rick - Schadenfreu 1619. D'abruzzo, Stephanie / Lyon, Rick / Tartaglia, - I 1620. Lyon, Rick / Belcon, Natalie Venetia / Tartagli - 1621. Lyon, Rick / Avenue Q Company - School For Monster 1622. School For Monsters 1623. The Money Song (Reprise) 1624. Tartaglia, John / D'abruzzo, Stephanie / Harada - 1625. There's A Fine, Fine Line (Reprise) 1626. What Do You Do With A B.a. In English? (Reprise) 1627. D'abruzzo, Stephanie / Gelber, Jordan / Belcon, - 1701. Orchestra / Holbrooke, Curtis - Overture 1702. Gambatese, Jenn / Price, Mark / Holbrooke, Curt - 1703. Parker, John Eric / Price, Mark / Wilkins, Shar - 1704. Jackson, Cheyenne / Holbrooke, Curtis - Roustabout 1705. Gambatese, Jenn / Holbrooke, Curtis - One Night Wi 1706. Jackson, Cheyenne / Company / Holbrooke, Curtis - 1707. Jackson, Cheyenne / Gambatese, Jenn / Holbrooke - 1708. Jackson, Cheyenne / Hocking, Leah / Price, Mark - 1709. Teddy Bear 1710. Hound Dog 1711. Gibson, Michael - Teddy Bear Dance 1712. Gibson, Michael - That's All Right 1713. Korey, Alix / Ensemble / Holbrooke, Curtis - (You' 1714. Gibson, Michael - It's Now Or Never 1715. Gibson, Michael - Blue Suede Shoes 1716. Gibson, Michael - Don't Be Cruel 1717. Gibson, Michael - Let Yourself Go 1718. Wilkins, Sharon / Price, Mark / Hocking, Leah / - 1719. Gibson, Michael - All Shook Up 1720. Gibson, Michael - It Hurts Me 1721. Gambatese, Jenn / Ensemble / Jackson, Cheyenne - A 1722. Gibson, Michael - The Power Of My Love 1723. Gibson, Michael - I Don't Want To 1724. Gibson, Michael - Jailhouse Rock 1725. Wilkins, Sharon / Holbrooke, Curtis - There's Alwa 1726. Gibson, Michael - If I Can Dream 1727. Gibson, Michael - Fools Fall In Love 1728. Gibson, Michael - Burning Love 1729. Gibson, Michael - C'mon Everybody Encore 1801. Sklar, Matthew - It's Your Wedding Day 1802. Sklar, Matthew - Someday 1803. Sklar, Matthew - A Note From Linda 1804. Sklar, Matthew - Pop! 1805. Sandler, Adam - Somebody Kill Me 1806. Sklar, Matthew - A Note From Grandma 1807. Sklar, Matthew - Casualty Of Love 1808. Sklar, Matthew - Come Out Of The Dumpster 1809. Sklar, Matthew - Today You Are A Man 1810. Sklar, Matthew - George's Prayer 1811. Sklar, Matthew - Not That Kind Of Thing 1812. Sklar, Matthew - Saturday Night In The City 1813. Sklar, Matthew - All About The Green 1814. Sklar, Matthew - Someday (Reprise) 1815. Sklar, Matthew - Right In Front Of Your Eyes 1816. Sklar, Matthew - Single 1817. Sklar, Matthew - If I Told You 1818. Sklar, Matthew - Let Me Come Home 1819. Sklar, Matthew - If I Told You (Reprise) 1820. Sklar, Matthew - Move That Thang 1821. Sandler, Adam - Grow Old With You 1822. Sklar, Matthew - It's Your Wedding Day (Finale) 1901. Coverdale, David - David Coverdale Introduction 1902. Rock Of Ages Full Company / Various / Jarvis, M - 1903. Just Like Paradise 1904. Nothin' But A Good Time 1905. Carpinello, James / Mais, Michele / Maroulis, C - 1906. Schoeffler, Paul / Molina, Lauren / Taylor, Wes - 1907. We Built This City 1908. Too Much Time On My Hands 1909. Spanger, Amy / Maroulis, Constantine / Rock Of - I 1910. Woodard, Jeremy / Wise, Savannah / Molina, Laur - 1911. Maroulis, Constantine / Spanger, Amy / Wise, Sa - 1912. Heaven 1913. More Than Words 1914. To Be With You 1915. Maroulis, Constantine / Spanger, Amy / Carpinel - 1916. Carpinello, James / Spanger, Amy / Rock Of Ages - 1917. Maroulis, Constantine / Spanger, Amy / Carpinel - 1918. Dannheisser, Adam / Maroulis, Constantine / Spa - 1919. Cum On Feel The Noize 1920. We're Not Gonna Take It (Reprise) 1921. Jarvis, Mitchell / Mais, Michele / Spanger, Amy - 1922. Harden My Heart 1923. Shadows Of The Night 1924. Rock Of Ages Full Company / Jarvis, Mitchell / - H 1925. Jarvis, Mitchell / Dannheisser, Adam / Schoeffl - 1926. Jarvis, Mitchell / Mais, Michele / Dannheisser, - 1927. Any Way You Want It 1928. I Wanna Rock (Reprise) 1929. Rock Of Ages Cast, The / Maroulis, Constantine - H 1930. Spanger, Amy / Carpinello, James / Maroulis, Co - 1931. I Hate Myself For Loving You 1932. Heat Of The Moment 1933. Schoeffler, Paul / Taylor, Wesley / Molina, Lau - 1934. Jarvis, Mitchell / Dannheisser, Adam / Rock Of - C 1935. Mais, Michele / Spanger, Amy / Maroulis, Consta - 1936. Maroulis, Constantine / Spanger, Amy / Rock Of - O 1937. Maroulis, Constantine / Spanger, Amy / Rock Of - T 1938. Rock Of Ages Full Company / Jarvis, Mitchell / - D 2001. Orchestra - Overture 2002. Sonenclar, Carly Rose - Home 2003. Dacal, Janet - Down The Rabbit Hole 2004. Dacal, Janet / Mason, Karen / Staudenmayer, Edw - 2005. Hill, Natalie / James, Morgan / Loprest, Kate - Dr 2006. Cornelious, E. Clayton / Dacal, Janet / Berry, - A 2007. Llana, Jose / Dacal, Janet / Calveri, Joey / Fe - 2008. Ritchie, Darren / Calveri, Joey / Ferguson, Der - 2009. Ritchie, Darren / Stiles, Danny / Staudenmayer, - 2010. Shindle, Kate / Ritchie, Darren / Stiles, Danny - 2011. Mason, Karen / Ritchie, Darren / Dacal, Janet / - 2012. Dacal, Janet - Home (Reprise) 2013. Shindle, Kate / Stiles, Danny - A Nice Little Walk 2014. Dacal, Janet / Ritchie, Darren / Llana, Jose / - T 2015. Shindle, Kate / Stiles, Danny / Berry, April / - I 2016. Ritchie, Darren / Dacal, Janet - I Am My Own Inven 2017. Mason, Karen / Cornelious, E. Clayton / Llana, - O 2018. Dacal, Janet - Once More I Can See 2019. Ritchie, Darren / Cornelious, E. Clayton / Llan - 2020. Staudenmayer, Edward / Llana, Jose / Cornelious - 2021. Dacal, Janet / Ritchie, Darren / Cornelious, E. - 2101. Company / Original London Cast Recording, The - Op 2102. Costello, Jack / Original London Cast Recording - 2103. Planer, Nigel / Page, Roni / Boyle, Billy / San - 2104. Costello, Jack / The Bucket Family / Original L - 2105. Dawes, Ross / Graham, Kate / Company / Original - 2106. Ivir, Jasna / Steele, Jenson / Allen, Joe / Ori - 2107. Dawes, Ross / Graham, Kate / Original London Ca - 2108. Carter, Clive / Noakes, Tia / Original London C - 2109. Dawes, Ross / Graham, Kate / Original London Ca - 2110. Johnson, Jade / Medford, Paul / Original London - 2111. Dawes, Ross / Graham, Kate / Original London Ca - 2112. Roberts, Iris / Heyman, Jay / Original London C - 2113. Shalloo, Jack / Clatworthy, Alex / Original Lon - 2114. Planer, Nigel / Costello, Jack / Company / Orig - 2115. Hodge, Douglas / Company / Original London Cast - 2116. Hodge, Douglas / Company / Original London Cast - 2117. Hodge, Douglas / Costello, Jack / Company / Ori - 2118. Hodge, Douglas / Original London Cast Recording - 2119. Hodge, Douglas / Ivir, Jasna / Steele, Jenson / - 2120. Oompa-loompas / Ivir, Jasna / Steele, Jenson / - A 2121. Hodge, Douglas / Johnson, Jade / Medford, Paul - G 2122. Oompa-loompas / Allen, Joe / Medford, Paul / Jo - 2123. Oompa-loompas / Carter, Clive / Noakes, Tia / H - 2124. Oompa-loompas / Roberts, Iris / Heyman, Jay / H - 2125. Hodge, Douglas / Costello, Jack / Original Lond - 2126. Hodge, Douglas / Costello, Jack / Company / Ori - 2127. Hodge, Douglas / Original London Cast Recording -


XSLT 2.0 and XPath 2.0 Programmer's Reference - 2826757129

250,40 zł

XSLT 2.0 and XPath 2.0 Programmer's Reference Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book is primarily a practical reference book for professional XSLT developers. It assumes no previous knowledge of the language, and many developers have used it as their first introduction to XSLT; however, it is not structured as a tutorial, and there are other books on XSLT that provide a gentler approach for beginners. The book does assume a basic knowledge of XML, HTML, and the architecture of the Web, and it is written for experienced programmers. There's no assumption that you know any particular language such as Java or Visual Basic, just that you recognize the concepts that all programming languages have in common. The book is suitable both for XSLT 1.0 users upgrading to XSLT 2.0, and for newcomers to XSLT. The book is also equally suitable whether you work in the Java or .NET world. As befits a reference book, a key aim is that the coverage should be comprehensive and authoritative. It is designed to give you all the details, not just an overview of the 20 percent of the language that most people use 80 percent of the time. It's designed so that you will keep coming back to the book whenever you encounter new and challenging programming tasks, not as a book that you skim quickly and then leave on the shelf. If you like detail, you will enjoy this book; if not, you probably won't. But as well as giving the detail, this book aims to explain the concepts, in some depth. It's therefore a book for people who not only want to use the language but who also want to understand it at a deep level. The book aims to tell you everything you need to know about the XSLT 2.0 language. It gives equal weight to the things that are new in XSLT 2.0 and the things that were already present in version 1.0. The book is about the language, not about specific products. However, there are appendices about Saxon (the author's own implementation of XSLT 2.0), about the Altova XSLT 2.0 implementation, and about the Java and Microsoft APIs for controlling XSLT transformations, which will no doubt be upgraded to handle XSLT 2.0 as well as 1.0. A third XSLT 2.0 processor, Gestalt, was released shortly before the book went to press, too late to describe it in any detail. But the experience of XSLT 1.0 is that there has been a very high level of interoperability between different XSLT processors, and if you can use one of them, then you can use them all. In the previous edition we split XSLT 2.0 and XPath 2.0 into separate volumes. The idea was that some readers might be interested in XPath alone. However, many bought the XSLT 2.0 book without its XPath companion and were left confused as a result; so this time, the material is back together. The XPath reference information is in self-contained chapters, so it should still be accessible when you use XPath in contexts other than XSLT. The book does not cover XSL Formatting Objects, a big subject in its own right. Nor does it cover XML Schemas in any detail. If you want to use these important technologies in conjunction with XSLT, there are other books that do them justice. This book contains twenty chapters and eight appendixes (the last of which is a glossary) organized into four parts. The following section outlines what you can find in each part, chapter, and appendix. Part I: Foundations: The first part of the book covers essential concepts. You should read these before you start coding. If you ignore this advice, as most people do, then you read them when you get to that trough of despair when you find it impossible to make the language do anything but the most trivial tasks. XSLT is different from other languages, and to make it work for you, you need to understand how it was designed to be used. Chapter 1: XSLT in Context: This chapter explains how XSLT fits into the big picture: how the language came into being and how it sits alongside other technologies. It also has a few simple coding examples to keep you alert. Chapter 2: The XSLT Processing Model: This is about the architecture of an XSLT processor: the inputs, the outputs, and the data model. Understanding the data model is perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes an XSLT expert from an amateur; it may seem like information that you can't use immediately, but it's knowledge that will stop you making a lot of stupid mistakes. Chapter 3: Stylesheet Structure: XSLT development is about writing stylesheets, and this chapter takes a bird's eye view of what stylesheets look like. It explains the key concepts of rule-based programming using templates, and explains how to undertake programming-in-the-large by structuring your application using modules and pipelines. Chapter 4: Stylesheets and Schemas: A key innovation in XSLT 2.0 is that stylesheets can take advantage of knowledge about the structure of your input and output documents, provided in the form of an XML Schema. This chapter provides a quick overview of XML Schema to describe its impact on XSLT development. Not everyone uses schemas, and you can skip this chapter if you fall into that category. Chapter 5: The Type System: XPath 2.0 and XSLT 2.0 offer strong typing as an alternative to the weak typing approach of the 1.0 languages. This means that you can declare the types of your variables, functions, and parameters, and use this information to get early warning of programming errors. This chapter explains the data types available and the mechanisms for creating user-defined types. Part II: XSLT and XPath Reference: This section of the book contains reference material, organized in the hope that you can easily find what you need when you need it. It's not designed for sequential reading, though you might well want to leaf through the pages to discover what's there. Chapter 6: XSLT Elements: This monster chapter lists all the XSLT elements you can use in a stylesheet, in alphabetical order, giving detailed rules for the syntax and semantics of each element, advice on usage, and examples. This is probably the part of the book you will use most frequently as you become an expert XSLT user. It's a "no stone unturned" approach, based on the belief that as a professional developer you need to know what happens when the going gets tough, not just when the wind is in your direction. Chapter 7: XPath Fundamentals: This chapter explains the basics of XPath: the low-level constructs such as literals, variables, and function calls. It also explains the context rules, which describe how the evaluation of XPath expressions depends on the XSLT processing context in which they appear. Chapter 8: XPath: Operators on Items: XPath offers the usual range of operators for performing arithmetic, boolean comparison, and the like. However, these don't always behave exactly as you would expect, so it's worth reading this chapter to see what's available and how it differs from the last language that you used. Chapter 9: XPath: Path Expressions: Path expressions are what make XPath special; they enable you to navigate around the structure of an XML document. This chapter explains the syntax of path expressions, the 13 axes that you can use to locate the nodes that you need, and associated operators such as union, intersection, and difference. Chapter 10: XPath: Sequence Expressions: Unlike XPath 1.0, in version 2.0 all values are sequences (singletons are just a special case). Some of the most important operators in XPath 2.0 are those that manipulate sequences, notably the "for" expression, which translates one sequence into another by applying a mapping. Chapter 11: XPath: Type Expressions: The type system was explained in Chapter 5; this chapter explains the operations that you can use to take advantage of types. This includes the "cast" operation which is used to convert values from one type to another.A big part of this chapter is devoted to the detailed rules for how these conversions are done. Chapter 12: XSLT Patterns: This chapter returns from XPath to a subject that's specific to XSLT. Patterns are used to define template rules, the essence of XSLT's rule-based programming approach. The reason for explaining them now is that the syntax and semantics of patterns depends strongly on the corresponding rules for XPath expressions. Chapter 13: The Function Library: XPath 2.0 includes a library of functions that can be called from any XPath expression; XSLT 2.0 extends this with some additional functions that are available only when XPath is used within XSLT. The library has grown immensely since XPath 1.0. This chapter provides a single alphabetical reference for all these functions. Chapter 14: Regular Expressions: Processing of text is an area where XSLT 2.0 and XPath 2.0 are much more powerful than version 1.0, and this is largely through the use of constructs that exploit regular expressions. If you're familiar with regexes from languages such as Perl, this chapter tells you how XPath regular expressions differ. If you're new to the subject, it explains it from first principles. Chapter 15: Serialization: Serialization in XSLT means the ability to generate a textual XML document from the tree structure that's manipulated by a stylesheet. This isn't part of XSLT processing proper, so (following W3C's lead) it's separated it into its own chapter. You can control serialization from the stylesheet using an declaration, but many products also allow you to control it directly via an API. Part III: Exploitation: The final section of the book is advice and guidance on how to take advantage of XSLT to write real applications. It's intended to make you not just a competent XSLT coder, but a competent designer too. The best way of learning is by studying the work of others, so the emphasis here is on practical case studies. Chapter 16: Extensibility: This chapter describes the "hooks" provided in the XSLT specification to allow vendors and users to plug in extra functionality. The way this works will vary from one implementation to another, so we can't cover all possibilities, but one important aspect that the chapter does cover is how to use such extensions and still keep your code portable. Chapter 17: Stylesheet Design Patterns: This chapter explores a number of design and coding patterns for XSLT programming, starting with the simplest "fill-in-the-blanks" stylesheet, and extending to the full use of recursive programming in the functional programming style, which is needed to tackle problems of any computational complexity. This provides an opportunity to explain the thinking behind functional programming and the change in mindset needed to take full advantage of this style of development. Chapter 18: Case Study: XMLSpec: XSLT is often used for rendering documents, so where better to look for a case study than the stylesheets used by the W3C to render the XML and XSLT specifications, and others in the same family, for display on the web? The resulting stylesheets are typical of those you will find in any publishing organization that uses XML to develop a series of documents with a compatible look-and-feel. Chapter 19: Case Study: A Family Tree: Displaying a family tree is another typical XSLT application. This example with semi-structured data-a mixture of fairly complex data and narrative text-that can be presented in many different ways for different audiences. It also shows how to tackle another typical XSLT problem, conversion of the data into XML from a legacy text-based format. As it happens, this uses nearly all the important new XSLT 2.0 features in one short stylesheet. But another aim of this chapter is to show a collection of stylesheets doing different jobs as part of a complete application. Chapter 20: Case Study: Knight's Tour: Finding a route around a chessboard where a knight visits every square without ever retracing its steps might sound a fairly esoteric application for XSLT, but it's a good way of showing how even the most complex of algorithms are within the capabilities of the language. You may not need to tackle this particular problem, but if you want to construct an SVG diagram showing progress against your project plan, then the problems won't be that dissimilar. Part IV: Appendices: A ppendix A: XPath 2.0 Syntax Summary: Collects the XPath grammar rules and operator precedences into one place for ease of reference. Appendix B: Error Codes: A list of all the error codes defined in the XSLT and XPath language specifications, with brief explanations to help you understand what's gone wrong. Appendix C: Backward Compatibility: The list of things you need to look out for when converting applications from XSLT 1.0. Appendix D: Microsoft XSLT Processors: Although the two Microsoft XSLT processors don't yet support XSLT 2.0, we thought many readers would find it useful to have a quick summary here of the main objects and methods used in their APIs. Appendix E: JAXP: the Java API for XML Processing: JAXP is an interface rather than a product. Again, it doesn't have explicit support yet for XSLT 2.0, but Java programmers will often be using it in XSLT 2.0 projects, so the book includes an overview of the classes and methods available. Appendix F: Saxon: At the time of writing Saxon (developed by the author of this book) provides the most comprehensive implementation of XSLT 2.0 and XPath 2.0, so its interfaces and extensions are covered in some detail. Appendix G: Altova: Altova, the developers of XML Spy, have an XSLT 2.0 processor that can be used either as part of the development environment or as a freestanding component. This appendix gives details of its interfaces. Appendix H: Glossary Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.


Dead Winter Sun - 2840079875

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Dead Winter Sun SOULFOOD

Muzyka>Rock>Heavy / Hard

1. Dead Winter Sun 2. When Hope Dies 3. Last Goodbye 4. Cast The Last Stone 5. Speed Of Dark 6. Spiritual Warfare 7. Hollow Soul 8. Echoes Of The Lost 9. In A Cold World 10. Tears 11. Dead Winter Sun (Video) (Data Track)


Wagner: Complete Goodall Ring Cycle - 2839251367

579,99 zł

Wagner: Complete Goodall Ring Cycle Chandos


1. Masterson, Valerie - The Rhingold (Musikdrama In 4 2. Orchestral Prelude (1. Szene) 3. Weia! Waga! Wandering Waters' 4. He, He! You Nisxies! 5. Slimpy, Slippery, Slithery Smoothless! 6. Look, Sisters! The Sunlight Is Greeting The Gold 7. What's That, You Nixies...? 8. The World's Wealth Can Be Mine...? 9. Still Not Afraid? - Orchestral Interlude 10. Wotan, My Lord! Awaken! (2. Szene) 11. For I Wished You Faithful & True 12. Then Shelter Her Now 13. Soft Sleep Closed Your Eyes 14. God Of Light, Light Of Spirit! 15. To Me, Freia! Back Her, Giant! 101. This Bond Is Graved On My Spear's Strong Shaft 102. What? How Am I Concerned In A Contract? 103. Never One Word Of Praise Or Thanks! 104. But One I Found Then 105. So I Promised I'd Tell You The Story 106. A Toy, While It Was In The Waters 107. And I Should Posses It! 108. Hear, Wotan, I'll Speak My Last Word! 109. Over Rock & Stone They Stride 110. I See Now! Hear What Is Wrong! 111. Come, Loge, Descend With Me! 112. Hehe! Hehe! Come Here! Come Here! (3. Szene) 113. Ha, You Rogue! 114. Nibelheim Here 115. What Help For Me? 116. Better Take Care! Alberich's Near 117. What Brought You Here? 118. In The Clouds, You Great Ones 119. All Must Stand In Amazement 201. Ohe! Ohe! Terrible Dragon' 202. Now Swiftly Up! - Orchestral Interlude 203. There, Albrich, Sit On Your Throne! (4. Szene) 204. And Now The Niblungs Will Come To My Call 205. The Gold Lies There; Now Let Me Go 206. Am I Now Free? 207. Fasolt & Fafner Come This Way 208. Wait! Don't Touch Her Yet! 209. Far Too Loose You're Piling The Gold 210. Freia, The Fair One, See I No More 211. Yield It, Wotan, Yield It! 212. Hear, You Giants! 213. Stop, You Greedy One! 214. Your Luck, Wotan, What Could Surpass It? 215. Swelrering Mists Hang In The Air... Heda! Heda! He 216. The Bridge Leads You Homeward 217. Evening Rays Flood The Sky With Splendour 218. Rhinegold! Rhinegold! - Orchestral Postlude 301. Attfield, Helen - The Valkyrie (Musikdrama In 3 Ak 302. Prelude (1. Akt) 303. The Storm Drove Me Here (1. Szene) 304. This House & This Wife 305. Evil Fortune's Never Far From Me 306. There He Lay, Feeble & Faint (2. Szene) 307. Through Field & Forest 308. Friedmund No One Could Call Me 309. The Neidings Raided Again 310. So The Norn Who Dealt You This Fate 311. I Know A Troublesome Race 312. A Sword Was Pledged By My Father (3. Szene) 313. Are You Awake? 314. My Husband's Kinsmen 315. Yes, Loveliest Bride 316. Winter Storms Have Vanished 317. You Are The Spring 318. Oh Sweetest Enchantment 319. The Stream Has Shown My Reflected Face 320. Siegmund Call Me, & Siegmund Am I! 321. Siegmund, The Waelsung, Here You See! 401. Go Bridle Your Horse, Warrior Maid! (2. Akt, 1. Sz 402. Hoyotoho! Hoyotoho! 403. The Usual Storm, The Usual Strife! 404. Pretend That You Don't Understand!c 405. Now It's Come To Pass! 406. So This Is The End Of The Gods Amd Their Glory 407. You Never Learn What I Would Teach You 408. What Must I Do? 409. Hiaha! Hiaha! Hoyotoho! 410. Fricka Has Won The Fight (2. Szene) 411. When Youth's Delightful Pleasures Had Waned 412. She Refused To Reveal More About It 413. There's More To Tell 414. Yet One Can Accomplish What I May May Not 415. But The Waelsung, Siegmund 416. Then Siegmund Must Fall In His Fight? 417. I Give You My Bloessing, Niblung Son! 418. No, Have Mercy 501. So I Obey His Command 502. Rest Here For A While; Stay By My Side! (3. Szenew 503. Away! Away! 504. Where Are You, Siegmund? 505. Siegmund! Look At Me! (4. Szene) 506. And If I Come 507. Then Greet For Me Wallhall 508. Woe! Woe! Sister & Bride 509. Two Lives Now Lie In Your Power 510. Charmes Of Sleep Are Sent To Still (5. Szene) 511. I Hear Your Call 512. Wehwalt! Wehwalt! 601. Hoyotoho! Hoyotoho! (3. Akt, 1. Szene) 602. Shield Me & Help 603. Hear While I Tell 604. Pray Suffer No Sorrow For Me 605. Fly Him Swifly, Away To The East! 606. O Radiant Wonder! 607. Stay, Bruennhild! 608. Where Is Bruennhild? (2. Szene) 609. Weak-spirited, Womanish Brood! 610. Here Am I, Father 611. No More Will You Ride From Wallhall 612. Didi You Not Hear What I Decreed? 613. Was It So Shameful? (3. Szene) 614. I Know So Little 615. You, Who This Love Into My Heart Revealted 616. You Ingulged Your Love 617. Unworth Of You This Foolish Maid 618. You Fathered A Glorious Race 619. In Long, Deep Sleep 620. Farewell, My Valiant, Glorious Child! 621. These Eyes So Warm & So Bright 622. Loge, Hear! Come At My Call! 623. Magic Fire Music 701. Hunter, Rita - Siegfried (Musikdrama In 3 Akten) ( 702. Prelude (1. Akt) 703. Wearisome Labour! (1. Szene) 704. Hoiho! Hoiho! 705. Well, There Are The Pieces 706. A Whimpering Babe 707. Much You've Taught To Me, Mime 708. I Found Once In The Wood 709. And Now These Fragments 710. He Storms Away! 711. Hail There, Worthy Smith! (2. Szene) 712. I Sit By Your Hearth 713. What You Needed To Know 714. The Fragments! The Sword! 801. Accursed Light! (3. Szene) 802. Hey There! You Idler! 803. Have You Not Felt Within The Woods 804. Give Me These Pieces 805. Notung! Notung! Sword Of My Need! 806. Hoho! Hoho! Hohi! 807. Prelude (2. Akt) 808. In Gloomy Night By Fafner's Cave I Wait (1. Szene) 809. To Neidhohl By Night I Have Come 810. Not My Plan! 811. Fafner! Fafner! You Dragon, Wake! 812. Now, Alberich! That Plan Failed! 813. We Go No Further! (2. Szene) 814. So He's No Father Of Mine 901. Could I But Know 902. See My Mother 903. Ha Ha! At Last With My Call 904. Who Are You, Youthful Hero 905. The Deyad Can Tell No Tidings 906. Hehe! Sly & Slippery Knave (3. Szene) 907. Tarnhelm & Ring, Here They Are 908. Be Welcome, Siegfried! 909. You Lie There Too, Mighty Dragon 910. Prelude (3. Akt) 911. Waken, Wala! Wala! Awake! (1. Szene) 912. Strong Is Your Call 913. You Unwise One, Learn What I Will 914. I See That Siegfried's Near (2. Szene) 1001. My Woodbird Fluttered Away 1002. Young Man, Hear Me 1003. Child, If You Knew Who I Am 1004. With His Spear In Splinters 1005. Here In The Sunlight (3. Szene) 1006. Come, My Sword! 1007. Hail, Bright Sunlight! 1008. Siegfried! Siegfried! Glorious Hero! 1009. And There Is Grane, My Sacred Horse 1010. Oh! I Cared Always 1101. Curphey, Margaret - Twilight Of The Gods (Musikdra 1102. What Light Shines Down There? (Prelude) 1103. Wotan Made Holy Laws & Treaties 1104. That Mighty Hall The Giants Have Raised 1105. Now The God Will Seize The Spear That Was Shattere 1106. Dawn Music - To Deeds Of Glory 1107. Ah, But To Prove You Love Me 1108. Love, I Leave You Alone 1109. So By Your Daring I Am Fired 1110. O Heavenly Rulers! 1111. Siegfried's Rhine Journey 1112. Now Hear, Hagen (1. Akt, 1. Szene) 1113. What Woman Should I Wed 1114. At Neidhohle The Nibelung Gold Was Guarded 1115. You Mock Me, Wicked Hagen! 1116. Merrily Seeking Adventures & Fame 1117. Which Is Gibich's Son? (2. Szene) 1118. I Welcome You, My Friend 1119. That Treasure I Quite Forgot 1120. Welcome, O Guest, To Gibich's House! 1201. Flourishing Life's Refreshing Blood 1202. Now On Our Way! 1203. I Sit Here & Wait 1204. Sounds I Once Knew So Well (3. Szene) 1205. You've Come To Me? 1206. Fear & Dread I Read In Your Features! 1207. Hear Me With Care, & I Will Tell You! 1208. He Sits There, Speaks No Word 1209. These Tales Of Evil Fancies 1210. Upon Your Hand, The Ring 1211. Go Home To The Sacred Clan Of The Gods! 1212. Borne On The Wind 1213. Bruennhild! Your Husband Comes 1214. The Night Draws On 1215. Now Nothing Can Save Me 1216. With Your Brother I Promised To Serve 1217. I Fear Not The Flames 1301. Prelude (2. Akt, 1. Szene) 1302. Sleep You, Hagen, My Son? 1303. The Might Of The Gods 1304. Help Me! 1305. That Ring Shall Be Hangen's 1306. Hoiho! Hagen! Fast Asleep? (2. Szene) 1307. Yet My Siegfried Was With Bruennhild? 1308. I Can See A Sail In The Distance 1309. Hoiho! Hoihohoho! (3. Szene) 1310. Come To My Call, & Arm Yourselves! 1311. Glad Times Have Come 1312. Elcome, Gunther! (4. Szene) 1313. I Greet You, Noble Friend 1314. A Ring I Saw Upon Your Hand 1315. Ha! - Siegfried Stole It 1316. Hear In Wallhall, Mighty Immortals! 1317. Would You Defile Your Name So Lightly? 1318. Shining Steel! Holiest Weapon! 1319. Gunther, Look To Your Wife There 1320. Dark, Unholy Powers Lie Here Around Me! (5. Szene) 1321. Have Trust In Me, Offended Wife! 1322. Can No Weapon's Point Then Pierce Him? 1323. Deceived Am I - & Deceiver! 1324. He Betrayed You 1401. Since This Blow Must Be Dealt Her 1402. Prelude (3. Akt) 1403. Fair Sunlight, Shine On Us In Splendour (1. Szene) 1404. Fair Sunlight, Send To Us The Hero 1405. A Goblin Led Me Stray 1406. Siegfried, If We Find Your Bear 1407. Why Shuold I Let Them Laugh & Jeer? 1408. Siegfried!... Give Heed To Our Word'st 68 1409. Come, Sisters! Flee From This Madman! 1410. Hoiho! (2. Szene) 1411. You Drove The Game Away From Us 1412. Drink, Gunther, Drink 1413. Mime Was A Hideous Dwarf 1414. Now You Must Hear What Happened Next 1415. Ring & Tanrhelm - Both I Had Found 1416. In Grief I Watched The Branches Above 1501. Bruennhilde! Holiest Bride! 1502. Siegfried's Funeral March 1503. Was That His Horn? 1504. Ah, If Siegfried Were Back! 1505. Cast Not The Blame On Me 1506. Peace With Your Cries Of Useless Lament! 1507. Poor Creature, Peace! 1508. Sturday Branches, Building His Pyre 1509. The Sun In Radiance Shines From His Eyes 1510. O You, You Guardians 1511. My Heritage I Claim From The Hero 1512. Fly Home, You Ravens! 1513. Grane, My Horse! 1514. Give Back The Ring


When Punk Met Grunge - 2826880408

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When Punk Met Grunge Scarecrow Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In An Illustrated Book About Birds: Curt Kirkwood's Lyrics in the Original Meat Puppet,s Matthew Smith-Lahrman interprets the words of Curt Kirkwood, founding member and songwriter of the Meat Puppets, a pioneering rock and roll band of the last thirty years. Smith-Lahrman's analysis covers Kirkwood's lyrics on nine albums from the original line-up of the band covering 1983 to 1995. Kirkwood wrote virtually every lyric for the band during this period. A lyricist whom Rolling Stone writer Kurt Loder once rated alongside Bob Dylan, Kirkwood remains an important, too-long neglected songwriter of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. His often oblique "cut-up" style not only recalls Dylan, but other great lyricists such as Brian Eno, Jimi Hendrix, and Robert Hunter of the Grateful Dead, as well as poets and authors like John Milton, Arthur Rimbaud, Lewis Carroll, and William Burroughs. As a band, the original Meat Puppets spent their early career releasing albums on the seminal indie rock label SST Records, moving on to the major label London Records in the early nineties. Along the way they forged a unique blend of punk, country, psychedelic, and hard rock that paved the way for the grunge and alternative movements of the 1990s. As a lyricist, Kirkwood commonly addresses the nature of existence and the dichotomy between individual psyche and behavioral expectations this creates. His songs regularly cast a critical eye upon Christianity, reimagining it as a social construction that serves the purposes of the living, providing us with meaning in an otherwise purposeless life. As the original Meat Puppets began to dissolve, Kirkwood turned to writing about personal issues: his frustrations with the major label industry, the death of his mother, the addictions of his brother, and the demise of the band itself. An Illustrated Book About Birds looks at eighty-six of Kirkwood's penned songs, , starting with 1984's Meat Puppets II and ending with 1995's No Joke! . It is the perfect work for Meat Puppets fans worldwide.


Pop Cultured - 2826887141

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Pop Cultured Liverpool University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Since leaving Eat My Dog, Mark McNulty hasn't looked back! For over twenty years Mark has been documenting the Liverpool music scene in the city and its proliferation worldwide. With 300 photographs from his portfolio, "Pop Cultured" celebrates a city, its music and its culture through the lens of an acclaimed and highly influential Liverpool photographer. As a jobbing photographer McNulty began work covering events such as the Earthbeat festivals in Sefton Park, Liverpool, an annual live music event that would witness breakthrough performances from iconic artists such as The La's and The Stone Roses. While Britain enjoyed the Second Summer of Love and the advent of acid house McNulty chronicled the full glory of the period in monochrome and technicolor capturing The Happy Mondays, The Farm, Echo & The Bunnymen, Cast and the legendary Liverpool dance mecca and rival to the Hacienda, Cream. As well as celebrating the current crop of Liverpool talent including The Zutons, Pop Levi, Candie Payne and Ladytron, "Pop Cultured" displays Mark's work with some of the most iconic figures in British popular music from The Who to Arctic Monkeys. Visually stunning and extremely witty, "Pop Cultured" combines McNulty's images with his own laconic words along with contributions from some of his subjects to provide an enthralling rollercoaster account of some of the most influential artists and movements in the last twenty years of British popular culture.


Świat Gier Planszowych #06-07 - 1650517605

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Świat Gier Planszowych #06-07 Portal

Czasopisma o grach

Świat Gier Planszowych to drugi w historii, polski magazyn poświęcony grom planszowym i karcianym. Jego wydawcą jest Portal, wydawnictwo słynące z tytułów takich jak Zombiaki, Machina czy bijąca rekordy popularności Neuroshima HEX. Magazyn ten jest bogatym zbiorem recenzji, artykułów o tematyce gier planszowych, felietonów i konkursów.   W tym numerze:  TEKST NUMERU Gry o zombie  RECENZJE 1960: The Making of President 6. bierze Agricola Battleground Blox Eufrat i Tygrys ed. karciana Futbol Ligretto Giganten der Lufte Keltis Kingsburg Lamigłówki Cast Puzzle Last Night on Earth League of Six Manoeuvre Owczy pęd Pandemic Polowanie na robale Railroad Tycoon & Rails of Europe Sabotażysta Stone Age Through the Ages Ubongo ARTYKUŁY I WYWIADY Archiwum gier w Marburgu Twój przyjaciel Bruno Wywiad z Petrem Murmakiem Gigamic STARE DOBRE CZASY Historia gier w Polsce cz. 2 Historia Spiel des Jahres, cz. 6 FELIETONY Damski punkt widzenia Moja tura: Dlaczego lubie gry planszowe? Okiełznany chaos Czarny pionek: Gry towarzyskie Dlaczego niektóre kobiety lubią "Inwigilacje"? Kapusta planszowa: Planszówkowy terminator Kogworks LAMIGLÓWKI Oprócz Sudoku DOBRANOC PANSTWU Roz(g)rywka Sprintem po grach


ŚWIAT GIER PLANSZOWYCH # 6/7 - 2647167558

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ŚWIAT GIER PLANSZOWYCH # 6/7 Wydawnictwo Portal

Akcesoria do gier > Czasopisma o grach

Jesienne wydanie Świata Gier Planszowych kryje w sobie kolejną porcję gorących recenzji oraz dużej dawki publicystyki. Wśród recenzji na czytelników czekają zwycięzca Spiel des Jahres, Keltis, czy zwycięzca Deutche Spiel Preis Agricola! Wśród artykułów znajduje się między innymi przegląd gier o zombich, czy prezentacja sylwetki Bruno Faiduttiego. Numer jesienny jest o 16 stron grubszy od poprzednich! Zachęcamy do lektury. Spis treści jesiennego numeru: Wieści TEKŚCIOR NUMERU Gry o zombie RECENZJE Last Night on Earth Agricola Keltis Owczy pęd League of Six Ubongo Pandemic Polowanie na robale Stone Age Futbol Ligretto 6. bierze Eufrat i Tygrys ed. karciana Sabotażysta Through the Ages Battleground 1960: The Making of President Kingsburg Railroad Tycoon & Rails of Europe Blox Manoeuvre Giganten der Lufte Lamigłówki Cast Puzzle ARTYKUŁY I WYWIADY Archiwum gier w Marburgu Twój przyjaciel Bruno Wywiad z Petrem Murmakiem Gigamic STARE DOBRE CZASY Historia gier w Polsce cz. 2 Historia Spiel des Jahres, cz. 6 FELIETONY Damski punkt widzenia Moja tura: Dlaczego lubie gry planszowe? Okiełznany chaos Czarny pionek: Gry towarzyskie Dlaczego niektóre kobiety lubi1 "Inwigilacje"? Kapusta planszowa: Planszówkowy terminator Kogworks LAMIGLÓWKI Oprócz Sudoku DOBRANOC PANSTWU Roz(g)rywka Sprintem po grach  


100 - The Birthday. . - 2839376579

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100 - The Birthday. . Membran


1. Prologue 2. Pastoral 3. Nocturne 4. Elegy 5. Dirge 6. Hymn 7. Sonnet 8. Epilogue 9. Fanfare 10. Villes 11. Phrase 12. Antique 13. Royaută


The Annual Spring 2009 - 2839255511

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The Annual Spring 2009 Ministry of Sound


1. Harddrive - Deep Inside (Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero' 2. Edx - Casa Grande (Robbie Juicy Mix) 3. Fatboy Slim / Groenefeld, Koen - Rockafeller Skank 4. Grey, Richard / Morillo, Erick / Nunez, Jose / - L 5. Remady P&r - No Superstar 6. Carroll, Ron - Bump To Dis (Bart B More Vs Bingo P 7. Lazy Jay - Float My Boat 8. Novy / Eniac - Superstar (Show Me Your Intention) 9. Gaudino, Alex / Rooney, Jason - I Love Rock 'N' Ro 10. Samson, Sidney - Riverside 11. Darwin & Backwal - Bob-omb (Phatzoo Remix) 12. Rudenko - Everybody (Dabruck & Klein Remix) 13. Real Booty Babes, The - Poker Face (Walker & Danie 14. Bendj / Sushy - Me & Myself (Wolfgang Gartner Uk E 15. Gold, Thomas / Menck, Matthias - Everybody Be Some 16. May, David - Superstar 17. Cudi, Kid / Crookers - Day 'N' Nite (D.o.n.s. Remi 18. Dlg / Morillo, Erick - Where Are You Now (2009 Rem 101. Faithless / Cass Fox - Music Matters (Mark Knight 102. Atfc / Yasmeen - Tell U Y (Chris Lake Remix) 103. Cidinho & Doca - Rap Das Armas (D.o.n.s. Remix) 104. Lissat & Voltaxx - Release Yourself (Music Takes Y 105. Mastiksoul - Run For Cover 106. Smax & Gold / Dawuda, Inusa - Rising Sun (Club Mix 107. Herd, Jason / Clark, Roland - I Feel Good (Juan Ki 108. R.o.n.y. - I Feel Love 109. Corr, Ida - Ride My Tempo (Oliver Lang Dojo Mix) 110. Maverick, Kurd - Blue Monday (Vandalism Remix) 111. Attrax, Paul - Like A Bitch (Alternative Club Mix) 112. Jansen - Staring At The Sun (Dbn Remix) 113. Doray, Norman / Garner, Tristan - Last Forever (Da 114. Female Deejays / Azin - Memories (Gold Ryan & Tape 115. Sanchez, Roger / Terri B. - Bang That Box (Laidbec 116. Koyu, Deniz - Feel This (Vocal Mix) 117. Thoneick, Eddie - I Wanne Freak U (Chris Moody Rem 201. Funkagenda - Breakwater (Edx's Ibiza Sunrise Remix 202. Fernandez, Emilio - Reynosa 203. Cj Stone - Shining Star (Martin Roth Nustyle Remix 204. Sono - Keep Control Plus (Fedde Le Grand Mix) 205. Deadmau5 - Slip 206. Angello, Steve / Ingrosso, Sebastian - Partouze (J 207. Moguai - Beatbox (Inpetto Remix) 208. Dj Sammy - Feel The Love 209. Eleze - Teardrop (Robbie Rivera Remix) 210. Diaz, Francesco / Young Rebels - It's Our Future ( 211. Cerrone, Greg - Taking Control Of You (Albin Myers 212. Elan, Jean - Shake Me 213. Gnewkow, Sebastian - Monorail (Albin Myers & Jonas 214. Moor, Micha / Royko, Tim - I Like That (Patric La 215. Romero, Harry 'Choo Choo' - Lifting Me High 216. Costa, David - Transporter (Club Mix) 217. Shaw, Adam - Engage


100 Hits Drive Time - 2839319566

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100 Hits Drive Time 100 Hits


1. The Boys Are Back In Town - Thin Lizzy 2. All Right Now - Free 3. Crazy Crazy Nights - Kiss 4. Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor 5. Addicted To Love - Robert Palmer 6. This Love - Maroon 5 7. Sewn - The Feeling 8. Just A Day - Feeder 9. Wake Up Boo! - The Boo Radleys 10. Halo - Texas 11. Up The Junction - Squeeze 12. Going Underground - The Jam 13. Steppin' Out - Joe Jackson 14. Miami Vice Theme - Joe Hammer 15. Axel F - Harold Faltermeyer 16. Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fe 17. Stuck In The Middle With You - Stealer's Wheel 18. Always The Last To Know - Del Amitri 19. Copperhead Road - Steve Earle 20. New York, New York - Ryan Adams 101. Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd 102. You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet - Bachman Turner Over 103. More Than A Feeling - Boston 104. Since You Been Gone - Rainbow 105. The Final Countdown - Europe 106. Gasoline Alley - Rod Stewart 107. A Town Called Malice - The Jam 108. I'm Waiting For The Man - Velvet Underground And 109. Wishing Well - Free 110. 20th Century Boy - T.rex 111. Rockin' All Over The World - Status Quo 112. Wild Thing - The Troggs 113. Spirit Of Radio - Rush 114. Touch Sensitive - The Fall 115. What A Waste - Ian Drury 116. Fields Of Fire - Big Country 117. Eloise - The Damned 118. Heat Of The Moment - Asia 119. Sylvia - Focus 120. Radar Love - Golden Earring 201. Love Spreads - The Stone Roses 202. The Changingman - Paul Weller 203. The Day We Caught The Train - Ocean Colour Scene 204. Trash - Suede 205. She's A Star - James 206. Good Enough - Dodgy 207. Movin' On Up - Primal Scream 208. A Thousand Trees - Stereophonics 209. Come Back Around - Feeder 210. Hush - Kula Shaker 211. Speakeasy - Shed Seven 212. Walkaway - Cast 213. Hedonism - Skunk Anansie 214. My Favourite Game - The Cardigans 215. Groovy Train - The Farm 216. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place - Space 217. Hey Jealousy - Gin Blossoms 218. Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm 219. On A Rope - Rocket From The Crypt 220. Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden 301. Whisky In The Jar - Thin Lizzy 302. Born To Be Wild - Steppenwolf 303. Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd 304. Trouble - Gillan 305. All Night Long - Rainbow 306. Rocky Mountain Way - Joe Walsh 307. Down Down - Status Quo 308. Solid Gold Easy Action - T.rex 309. In My Own Time - Family 310. Son Of My Father - Chicory Tip 311. This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us - 312. Real Wild Child (Wild One) - Iggy Pop 313. Get The Funk Out - Extreme 314. Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone) - Cinde 315. Out In The Fields - Gary Moore 316. Nights In White Satin - The Moody Blues 317. Music - John Miles 318. 5-7-0-5 - City Boy 319. Jessica - The Allman Brothers Band 401. Baby I Love Your Way - Peter Frampton 402. How Long - Ace 403. Johnny And Mary - Robert Palmer 404. I Want Your Love - Transvision Vamp 405. Just Like Jesse James - Cher 406. Somewhere Down The Crazy River - Robbie Robertso 407. Take Me To The River - Al Green 408. Mmmbop - Hanson 409. First Time - Robin Beck 410. What I Am - Edie Brickell And The New Bohemians 411. Running In The Family - Level 42 412. Ocean Drive - The Lighthouse Family 413. Breakfast At Tiffany's - Deep Blue Something 414. You Get What You Give - The New Radicals 415. Runaway Train - Soul Asylum 416. Save Tonight - Eagle-eye Cherry 417. Concrete And Clay - Unit 4 + 2 418. Hitchin' A Ride - Vanity Fare 419. You Keep It All In - The Beautiful South 420. California Dreamin' - The Mamas And The Papas


Incomplete Studio.. - 2840098476

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Incomplete Studio..


1. I Dreamed I Was In Heaven 2. Still Blue 3. Things That My Ears Can Do 4. Walking On My Memories 5. Song Of My Heart 6. All Over But The Cryin' 7. One More Time 8. Lily Of The Valley 9. Lovers Chain 10. You And Me 11. Constantly 12. I Cried 13. You're Not The Only One 14. Fireside Dreaming 15. Summer Country Skies 16. Close Your Eyes 101. A Million Ways To Fall 102. My Forever Friend 103. Song Of The Ocean 104. When You're Not A Dream 105. What Colour Is The Wind 106. Once Bitten Twice Shy 107. Throw Me Away 108. When The Counting's Done 109. Funny Way To Say Goodbye 110. A Dream Or Two 111. Two At A Time 111. Dance With Me 112. White Lies And Windows 201. No Time At All 202. How Do You Do Those Things 203. Part Of Me 204. Shine Your Light 205. The Isle Of Innisfree 206. Down To Earth 207. I Will Love You All My Life 208. Heaven Knows 209. If Only 210. I Say You 211. Irish Waltz 212. You Stand All Alone 301. Further Down The Road 302. Love You Every Second 303. Saints 304. It's Raining Outside 305. God Knocking On Your Door 306. The Twelfth Of Never 307. Uninvited 308. Loreto 309. I Want Someone Who Will Love Me 310. The Green Hills Are Rolling Still 311. Oh, Nancy 312. In The Bleak Midwinter 401. One True Love 402. Why Worry 403. Muddy Roads 404. Blue Umbrella 405. I Still Can't Say Goodbye 406. I've Been Rained On Too 407. Angels With One Wing 408. Like I Used To Do 409. Five Fingers 410. It'll Be Her 411. Time To Learn 412. When I'm Dead And Gone 501. What'll I Do? 502. I Don't Know Why I Love You But I Do 503. Bewitched 504. Me And The Elephant 505. Imagine 506. Always On My Mind 507. Gasoline Alley 508. Once In A While 509. Fields Of Gold 510. If You Could Read My Mind 511. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen 512. Just One More Chance 513. Love Me 514. Every Time We Say Goodbye 515. Once In A While 601. Not The Only Thing Blue 602. I Wish It Was Me 603. Leave Me 604. Special 605. Who Can Blame Him 606. If I Only Had Wings 607. Passing Through 608. Centuries 609. Like Rain 610. Your Eyes 611. Sunshine 612. Long And Heavy Chain 613. My Father Used To Sing 614. It's Good To See You 615. Love Has Come Home To My Heart 616. Too Good To Last 617. Special (Feat. St. Ambrose Rc School) 701. Sentimentally Yours 702. Gone, But I Can't Let You Go 703. Smile 704. Little Bit Of Heaven 705. The Bluebell Man 706. Peace Of Mind 707. What Makes Me Happy 708. After All These Years 709. Child Of Candlelight 710. Raining In My Heart 711. Takin' My Time 712. Marie 713. Counterfeit Man 714. Like You Once Loved Me 715. Getting Out 716. Silver Of My Tears 717. What Happened To Love 718. When You Were Sweet Sixteen 801. Always 802. 24 Hours Times Two 803. My Heart Would Know 804. I Am Red 805. You'll Cast A Mighty Long Shadow 806. I Know What It Is To Be Loved 807. Maggie 808. Closest Thing (To My Heart) 809. The Long And Winding Road 810. Going My Own Sweet Way 811. Ugly Bug Ball 812. Moate 813. He Still Holds You 814. Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again 815. Like A Stone 816. I'll Be Missing You 901. Blowin' In The Wind 902. Half Of The Ghost Of A Chance 903. You've Got A Friend 904. Not A Day Goes By 905. Saviour's Song 906. My Most Wonderful Time 907. One Day At A Time 908. Song Of Bernadette 909. I'm A Lucky Man 910. I Don't Know 911. Who Is This Man 912. Someone Is Looking For Someone Like You 913. Longer Than 914. Put Your Hand In The Hand 915. It's About Loving You 916. Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good 917. Song For The Dragonfly 918. Shine Your Light/i Saw The Light 1001. Heaven Knows 1002. Part Of Me 1003. God Knocking On Your Door 1004. When You're Not A Dream 1005. There You Are 1006. No Time At All 1007. I Will Love You All My Life 1008. What Colour Is The Wind 1009. How Can You But Killarney/an Irish Lullaby 1010. Further Down The Road 1011. I Will Love You All My Life 1012. To Each His Own 1013. Loreto 1014. You Belong To Me 1015. Shine Your Light 1016. The Isle Of Innisfree 1017. My Forever Friend 1101. Doddy's Song 1102. Growing Old 1103. I've Seen Love 1104. A Father's Song 1105. You're Still Around 1106. Come Next Year 1107. Love Love 1108. The Mountains Of Mourne 1109. Look What You've Done 1110. You're Still Around 1112. Crazy 1113. Fly Like A Rocket 1114. Can't Stop The Wheels 1115. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes


Napoleon - 2839574546

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1. Overture 2. The Dream Within 3. Cut Throat Game 4. The Road To Austria 5. On That First Night 6. Tale Of The Sculptors 7. Calm Before The Storm 8. Timor Mortis 9. Sweet Victory Divine 10. Walls Of Stone 11. Last Crusade 12. Friend You Were To Me 13. The Day Is Won (Napoleon's Return) 14. Waiting & Hoping 15. Finale


Understanding What We've Grown To Be (Dlx) - 2839714171

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Understanding What We've Grown To Be (Dlx) Equal Vision Records


1. Hope 2. The King Of Silence 3. Let These Words Last Forever 4. Mis//understanding 5. Everything As Planned 6. What I Wished I Never Had 7. Cast The First Stone 8. The Way That We Have Been 9. War Inside 10. Stay Inspired 11. Just Keep Breathing 12. Views That Never Cease, To Keep Me From Myself 13. What My Heart Held 14. I Canat Make Your Decisions For You 15. Understanding What Weave Grown To Be


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