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Sundays at Eight - 2840800969

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Sundays at Eight PublicAffairs,U.S.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

For the last 25 years, Sunday nights at 8pm on C-SPAN has been appointment television for many Americans. During that time, host Brian Lamb has invited people to his Capitol Hill studio for hour-long conversations about contemporary society and history. In today's soundbite culture that hour remains one of television's last vestiges of in-depth, civil conversation. First came C-SPAN's Booknotes in 1989, which by the time it ended in December 2004, was the longest-running author-interview program in American broadcast history. Many of the most notable nonfiction authors of its era were featured over the course of 800 episodes, and the conversations became a defining hour for the network and for nonfiction writers. In January 2005, C-SPAN embarked on a new chapter with the launch of Q and A. Again one hour of uninterrupted conversation but the focus was expanded to include documentary film makers, entrepreneurs, social workers, political leaders and just about anyone with a story to tell. To mark this anniversary Lamb and his team at C-SPAN have assembled Sundays at Eight, a collection of the best unpublished interviews and stories from the last 25 years. Featured in this collection are historians like David McCullough, Ron Chernow and Robert Caro, reporters including April Witt, John Burns and Michael Weisskopf, and numerous others, including Christopher Hitchens, Brit Hume and Kenneth Feinberg. In a March 2001 Booknotes interview 60 Minutes creator Don Hewitt described the show's success this way: "All you have to do is tell me a story." This collection attests to the success of that principle, which has guided Lamb for decades. And his guests have not disappointed, from the dramatic escape of a lifelong resident of a North Korean prison camp, to the heavy price paid by one successful West Virginia businessman when he won $314 million in the lottery, or the heroic stories of recovery from the most horrific injuries in modern-day warfare. Told in the series' signature conversational manner, these stories come to life again on the page. Sundays at Eight is not merely a token for fans of C-SPAN's interview programs, but a collection of significant stories that have helped us understand the world for a quarter-century.


Marketing Concept for the Friedrich Naumann Foundation - 2835641776

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Marketing Concept for the Friedrich Naumann Foundation GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Diploma Thesis from the year 2003 in the subject Business economics - Marketing, Corporate Communication, CRM, Market Research, Social Media, grade: 2,3, Berlin School of Economics and Law (unbekannt), language: English, abstract: Inhaltsangabe:Gang der Untersuchung:§Die Arbeit beschreibt das BEP (Basic Economic Principle Wirtschaftliche Grundprinzipien) Seminar in dem südafrikanischen Township Alexandria in Johannesburg im europäischen Sommer 2002 durch die Mitliberalen Friedrich Naumann Stiftung im Rahmen eines dort absolvierten Praktikums.§Die Arbeit ist in 5 Hauptteile gegliedert, wobei Teil 1 bis 3 die Einleitung bilden, Teil 4 den Hauptteil und Schluß der Arbeit darstellt und Teil 5 auf die Anhänge verweist. Im Teil 1 findet sich u.a. sowohl eine Danksagung als auch die persönliche Motivation des Autors. Teil 2 versucht NGO und NPO von einander abzugrenzen und Teil 3 beschäftigt sich mit politischen Stiftungen in Deutschland, ihren Aufgaben und Zielen im Allgemeinen und der Friedrich Naumann Stiftung im Besonderen.§Teil 4 beschäftigt sich einleitend im Überblick kurz mit dem historischen Südafrika und beschreibt zum besseren Verständnis die möglichen Zielgruppen vor Ort. Im 2. Unterabschnitt geht der Autor auf die Segmentierung der Zielgruppen ein und beschreibt im Folgenden deren Targeting, im 4. Unterpunkt das Positioning. Es folgt die Einbindung Porter's 5 Faktorenmodell am BEP, wo sich die Erfolgsfaktoren anschließen. Im 7. Unterabschnitt präsentiert der Autor 2 selbst geschriebene Geschichten, die als Marketingtool bei der speziellen Zielgruppe sehr erfolgreich waren, bevor im Schlussabschnitt Zusammenfassung und Aussicht, resp. Empfehlungen aus den evaluierten Ergebnissen folgen. Teil 5 hat die Hauptfragebögen und somit die Untersuchungsgrundlage, die Bibliographie und einen nützlichen Adressenhang von Partnern der Stiftung zum Inhalt.§Abstract:§The thesis describes the realisation process of the BEP (Basic Economic Principle) Seminar in the South African Township of Alexandria in Johannesburg in the European Tate summer 2002, realised by the employees of the liberal Friedrich Naumann Foundation which was evaluated during the authors internship.§The thesis is divided in 5 main parts; part 1 to 3 is the preface, part 4 the main part and the conclusion, attachments will be found in part 5. Part 1 contents acknowledgements and a personal motivation, part 2 tries to distinguish between NGO's and NPO's. Part 3 deals with political foundations in Germany, their tasks and objectives in general, and, at last, with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in particular.§Pt 4 starts with an overview about the historical situation in RSA and discusses different target groups. It continues with segmentation, targeting, and positioning of target groups before subpart 5 uses Porter's 5 Factor Model for the BEP. Followed by typical success factors the author implements strategically 2 little stories as a new marketing tool for this particular target group. Subpart 8 closes with a summary and a forecast out of the evaluations. In part 5 there are the main questionnaires as the basis of the evaluation, the bibliography, and some very useful addresses of the foundation's partners.§Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents:§Part One Preface§1.Contents5§2.Index of Tables8§3.Acknowledgements9§4.Explanations10§5.Personal Motivation11§Part Two Organisations§1.Differences between Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Organisations12§1.1What are Non-Profit Organisations?12§1.2Problems with and Changes in Non-Profit Organisations15§1.3What are Non-Governmental Organisations?15§1.4Where are the Differences?17§Part Three Political Foundations§1.Political Foundations in Germany17§1.1Development and Function of Political Parties in Germany17§1.2The Idea of Political Fo...


Likeonomics - 2826779780

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Likeonomics Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

How to become a trusted resource for consumers in a society of constant manipulation People decide who to trust, what advice to heed, and which individuals to forge personal or transactional relationships with based on a simple metric of believability. Success, in turn, comes from understanding one basic principle: how to be more trusted. Likeonomics offers a new vision of a world beyond Facebook where personal relationships, likeability, brutal honesty, extreme simplicity, and basic humanity are behind everything from multi-million dollar mergers to record-breaking product sales. There is a real ROI to likeability, and exactly how big it is will amaze you. Likeonomics provides real-world case studies of brands and individuals that have used these principles to become wildly successful, including: An iconic technology brand that awakened a revolution among their employees by standing for something bigger than their products A Portuguese singer who used YouTube to rack up more than 30 million views and launch her professional career. A regional team of financial advisors that went from being last in the nation among 176 branches to first, and stayed there for 13 of the next 15 years A tiny professional sports talent agent who achieved the impossible by landing the #1 drafted player in the NFL draft as a client through the power of relationships Author Rohit Bhargava is a founding member of the world's largest group of social media strategists at Ogilvy, where he has led marketing strategy for clients including Intel, Pepsi, Lenovo, Seiko, Unilever, and dozens of other large companies With Likeonomics as a guide, readers will get unconventional advice on how to stand out in a good way, avoid the hype and strategic traps of social media, and appeal to customers in a way that secures your company as a trusted and believable resource.


Reshaping Juvenile Justice - 2834156888

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Reshaping Juvenile Justice Institute of Criminology, Sydney

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Reshaping Juvenile Justice examines reforms in New South Wales under the Young Offenders Act 1997. The Act institutionalises a fresh approach to juvenile justice as one that regulates police discretion at the gate-keeping level, emphasises diversion as a principle, introduces restorative conferencing as an intermediate intervention, and relegates the use of courts to the last resort. The enactment of the Young Offenders Act followed years of experimentation with various models of police cautioning and diversion. The Act is unique in its focus on community, victim and family participation, in the limits it places on the exercise of police discretion, and in the provisions made for children's access to legal advice. The reform is also exceptional in that it was implemented through an unusual mixture of cross-government and community co-operation. An independent agency, the Youth Justice Conferencing Directorate, was established to manage and administer youth justice conferences. Conference convenors are recruited from individuals who live and work in the local communities. As an innovative social experiment, policymakers and researchers will watch the impact of the Act both nationally and internationally. Reshaping Juvenile Justice brings together the most up-to-date research evidence and analysis of the Young Offenders Act. It details the history of the Acts development and implementation. It describes the working of the Act and evaluates its effectiveness and impact on young offenders, victims, and juvenile crime. In discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the Act and in identifying the critical success factors and barriers to implementation, the monograph lays the groundwork for future debates on juvenile justice in Australia.


Dogma (Film) - 2845523508

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Dogma (Film) Alphascript Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Dogma is a 1999 American adventure-comedy-fantasy film, written and directed by Kevin Smith; he also co-stars in the film along with an ensemble cast that includes Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Linda Fiorentino, Alan Rickman, Bud Cort, Salma Hayek, Chris Rock, Jason Lee, Jason Mewes, George Carlin, Janeane Garofalo, and Alanis Morissette. Brian O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson, the stars of Smith's debut film Clerks, have cameo roles, as do Smith regulars Scott Mosier, Dwight Ewell, Walt Flanagan, and Bryan Johnson. The film is a satire of the Catholic Church and Catholic belief, which caused organized protests and much controversy in many countries, delaying release of the film and leading to at least two death threats against Smith. The film follows two fallen angels, Loki and Bartleby, who, through a loophole in Catholic Dogma, find a way to get back into Heaven after being cast out by God. However, as existence is founded on the principle that God is infallible, their success would prove God wrong and thus undo all creation. The last scion and two prophets are sent by the Voice of God to stop them.


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