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Lost Road & the Lion and the Unicorn - 2826920429

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Lost Road & the Lion and the Unicorn Flying Chipmunk Publishing

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"The Lost Road" - Published in 1913 and updated with three additional stories in 1917, this is a collection of ten of Davis's dramatic and gripping stories. From soldiers who never give up, to how a Boy Scout saved hundreds of jobs and large company from disaster, you will find these stories well worth your time. The stories included are: "The Lost Road," "The Miracle of Las Palmas," "Evil to Him Who Evil Thinks," "The Men of Zanzibar," "The Long Arm," "The God of Coincidence," "The Buried Treasure of Cobre," "The Boy Scout," "Somewhere in France", and "The Man Who Had Everything" (also known as "The Deserter"). Includes a commemorative foreword written by John T. McCutcheon. * * * * "The Lion and the Unicorn" - Published in 1899, these five stories continue Davis's fine tradition of dramatic and gripping writing. A playwright goes to London to make his name, but finds love instead; A wounded soldier on a hospital ship struggles through hallucinations and delirium and refuses to die because his girl is on her way to care for him, she has promised so; a politician is placed in an awkward situation; a vagrant turns out to be more than he first appears; and three viewpoints on a rebellion in South Africa. The stories are: "The Lion and the Unicorn," "On the Fever Ship," "The Man with One Talent," "The Vagrant," and "The Last Ride Together - A Sketch Containing Three Points Of View." * * * * This volume includes the complete text of all the stories, published in 1899, 1913, 1915, and 1917. Also included are the original 14 illustrations that graced these stories. * * * * Check our other Children's, Juvenile, and Adult books at, or Like us on Facebook for our latest releases.


Lion And The Unicorn - 2839844736

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Lion And The Unicorn

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As Lenny's Father Goes Off To Fight In The World War II, He Gives His Son A Brass Badge With A Lion And A Unicorn On It. Lenny Keeps It With Him When He Has To Be Evacuated To A Big House In The Country. He Misses His Parents, And The Other Children There And At School Are Spiteful In Teasing Him. But, He Finds A Secret Walled Garden To Escape.


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