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Wherever You are, My Love Will Find You - 2844861040

39,57 zł

Wherever You are, My Love Will Find You Saint Martin`s Press Inc.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

." . . I wanted you more than you'll ever know, ""so I sent love to follow wherever you go. . . ."Love is the greatest gift we have to give our children. It's the one thing they can carry with them each and every day.If love could take shape it might look something like these heartfelt words and images from the inimitable Nancy Tillman. Here is a book to share with your loved ones, no matter how near or far, young or old, they are.


Motown Anthology - 2851168740

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Motown Anthology Motown

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. Nowhere To Run 2. Stop! In The Name Of Love 3. This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You) 4. Take Some Time Out For Love 5. I Guess I'll Always Love You 6. Baby Don't You Do It 7. Who Could Ever Doubt My Love? 8. Put Yourself In My Place 9. I Hear A Symphony 10. Just Ain't Enough Love 11. There's No Love Left 12. Seek And You Shall Find 13. Got To Have You Back 14. That's The Way Love Is 15. Whispers (Gettin' Louder) 16. Tell Me It's Just A Rumor (Baby) 17. One Too Many Heartaches 18. It's Out Of The Question 19. Why When Love Is Gone 20. Save Me From This Misery 21. Little Miss Sweetness 22. Good Things 23. Catching Up On Time 24. Behind A Painted Smile 25. Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While) 26. All Because I Love You 127. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) 128. A Weakspot In My Heart 129. Sure Is A Lotta Woman 130. You've Got So Much To Shout About 131. Trouble 132. Nevermore 133. No Good Without You 134. My Love Is Your Love (Alternate Version) 135. Born To Love You 136. Sad Souvenirs 137. Share A Little Love With Me (Somebody) 138. I Can't Help It (I Love You) 139. I Can't Go On Sharing Your Love (Cellarful Of Motown Version) 140. This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You) (Alternate Mix) 141. I Guess I'll Always Love You 142. Tell Me It's Just A Rumor (Baby) (Alternate Mono Mix) 143. I Guess I'll Always Love You (Album Version) 144. My Love Is Your Love (Forever) 145. Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam) 146. Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While) (Single Version) 147. All Because I Love You (Single Version)


Blues Blasters Boogie - 2839336925

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Blues Blasters Boogie JSP

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. Miss Mattie Left Me 2. Mean Mistreated Lover 3. Highway 101 4. Baby Don't You Want To Go 5. Achin? Heart 6. Street Loafin' Woman 7. You Deceived Me 8. Ola May 9. She's A Wino 10. She's A Wino 11. Rock & Rye: Pt 2 12. You Had Your Chance 13. Special For You 14. Rock & Rye 15. Miss Minnie Lee Blues 16. Playin' On Me 17. Big Foot Mama 18. Bad Luck & Trouble 19. Railroad Blues 20. Jimmy's Blues 21. Bad Condition Blues 22. Blues Blasters Shuffle 23. Low Down Mood 24. She's My Baby 25. When I'm Gone 26. South Side Mood 101. Listen Woman 102. I Can't Understand Love 103. Josephine (Just Won't Let Her Go) 104. I'll Get A Break Someday 105. Love When It Rains 106. Your Heart Ain't Right 107. My Life Depends On You 108. Gonna Find Another Woman 109. I Think My Time Is Here 110. Deceivin' Blues 111. Beer Drinkin' Woman 112. Up & Down Blues 113. Just Won't Let Her Go 114. Rockin' All Day 115. Gotta Cut Out 116. You Deceived Me 117. Bad Health Blues 118. Ragged As A Mop (Hamburger Joint) 119. Deceivin' Blues: Tk 1 120. Beer Drinkin' Woman: Alt Tk 121. Up & Down Blues: Alt Tk 122. Just Won't Let Her Go: Alt Tk 123. Looking For A Woman 124. You Don't Love Me 125. I'm Gonna Have My Fun 201. True Love Blues 202. Rockin' Man 203. What's Your Phone Number 204. That's Life 205. Blues For The People 206. House Rockin' Blues 207. Movin' On Down The Line 208. I Am Tired 209. My Days Are Limited 210. She's Gone 211. She Felt Too Good 212. Share & Share Alike 213. The Cheater 214. Pleasin' Papa 215. The End 216. Hear My Story 217. I Don't Want No Woman 218. Blues & Trouble 219. Hello Baby 220. We Could Make A Go I Know 221. Everytime 222. Night & Day 223. You Look So Fine: Tk 1 224. You Look So Fine: Tk 2 225. Blues Blasters Boogie 301. The Panic's On 302. Darlin' Share Your Love 303. Give My Heart A Break 304. Please Forgive Me Baby 305. Couldn't Be A Dream 306. Gonna Tell Your Mother 307. That Ain't Right 308. Don't Have To Worry 309. Lost Mind 310. Something About You 311. When You Was A Little Girl 312. Just Couldn't Take My Rest 313. I Told Ya Mama 314. Where I Got My Start 315. Cry On 316. Copyright On Your Love 317. Make Love To Me 318. Sue & Pat 319. Reconsider Baby 320. I Got To Know 321. Arkansas 322. You're The One


Just For What I Am - 2839331040

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Just For What I Am Bear Family Records


1. Family Bible 2. The Last Letter 3. Heartbreak Avenue 4. Walk Through This World With Me 5. If The Whole World Stopped Lovin' 6. That's All This Old World Needs 7. I Love Charley Brown 8. There Are Some Things 9. The Sunshine Of My World 10. Run Away Little Tears 11. Let Me Help You Work It Out 12. Between Each Tear 13. Little Things 14. What Makes A Man Wander 15. The Hurt Goes On 16. What Would I Do Without You 17. The Deepening Snow 18. Natchilly Ain't No Good 19. To Chicago With Love 20. Just A Little Sunshine In The Rain 21. Gentle On My Mind 22. You Are Gone 23. Sundown Of My Mind 24. Only Mama That'll Walk The Line 25. A Lonely Woman 26. Blue Little Girl 27. Seattle 101. Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet 102. Today I Started Loving You Again 103. Sound Of Different Drums 104. Happy Street 105. Gotta Lotta Blues To Lose 106. You 107. Ribbon Of Darkness 108. You Don't Have Very Far To Go 109. Let It Be Me 110. I Got You 111. Rings Of Gold 112. Together Alone 113. Two Together 114. Yours Love 115. Stand Beside Me 116. Something Pretty 117. I'll Share My World With You 118. Even The Bad Times Are Good 119. Whispering Hope 120. Young Love 121. Back In Baby's Arms 122. The Wedding Cake 123. Long Black Limousine 124. Fool No.1 125. Too Many Rivers 126. I Can't Get Used To Being Lonely 127. Now 128. Gone Too Far 129. How Great Thou Art 130. The Call 201. You & Your Sweet Love 202. I'm So Glad 203. Sunday Morning 204. Daddy Sang Bass 205. Way Up On The Mountain 206. His Love Takes Care Of Me 207. He Turned The Water Into Wine 208. If God Is Dead (Who's That Living In My Soul) 209. God Will 210. Now Lord, What Can I Do For You 211. Well, It's All Right 212. Crumbs From The Table 213. Did You Let Your Light Shine 214. I Never Once Stopped Loving You 215. The Sun Shines Down On Me 216. (I'm So) Afraid Of Losing You Again 217. Thank You For Loving Me 218. This Precious Love (We Know) 219. I Love You More & More Everyday 220. I'll Fly Away 221. Think I'll Go Somewhere (And Cry Myself To Sleep) 222. If My Heart Had Windows 223. Alone With You 224. Love Has A Mind Of Its Own 225. Louisiana Man 226. There's Something Lonely In This House 227. Clinging To A Saving Hand 228. Too Good To Be True 229. Where Is My Castle 230. Before I'm Over You 231. Hello Darlin' 232. I Don't Want Your Memories (I Just Want You) 301. I Can't Believe That You've Stopped Loving Me 302. If We Want Love To Last 303. Jesus Take A Hold 304. Darling Days 305. I'm So Used To Loving You 306. I Love You More & More Every Day 307. When A House Is Not A Home 308. My Heart Was The Last One To Know 309. I Don't Want To Be With You 310. Don't Walk Away 311. Just One Time 312. One More Time 313. If You Were Mine To Lose 314. Sweet Memory 315. Amazing Grace 316. He Is My Everything 317. Wait For The Light To Shine 318. As Long As We've Got Each Other 319. Too Much To Gain To Lose 320. Come Along & Walk With Me 321. Don't Let Me Walk Too Far From Calvary 322. I'd Still Want To Serve Him Today 323. The Bridge Of Love 324. Crumbs From The Table 325. (In The Valley) He Restored My Soul 326. Plenty Of Time 327. The Street Where The Lonely Walk 328. He Touched Me 329. Take Me Back 330. I'm Sorry If My Love Got In Your Way 331. Blue, Blue Day 401. If I Could Just Get Over You 402. How Sweet It Is 403. I Know You're Going Away 404. Love Is The Look You're Looking For 405. Ain't We Havin' Us A Good Time 406. Just For What I Am 407. If God Is Dead (Who's That Living In My Soul) 408. Way Up On The Mountain 409. You're Getting' Heavy On My Mind 410. Don't Tell Him That I'm Still Crying 411. The Laying On Of Hands 412. Everything's Found A Home With Me (But You) 413. If That Ain't Strong Enough 414. If It Ain't Love (Let's Leave It Alone) 415. For Goodness Sake, It's Love 416. My Ecstasy 417. Bringin' It Home 418. Living Without You (Is Too Much To Live With) 419. Dream Painter 420. Here Comes My Baby 421. Just A Little Bit Of You 422. Turn Your Radio On 423. If You Leave Me Tonight I'll Cry 424. I Ain't Never 425. What Ain't To Be, Just Might Happen 426. All The Praises 427. He's All I Got 428. Country Girl 429. Until My Dreams Come True 430. Someone To Give My Love To 431. Weldon Myrick: Connie's Song


The Columbia Masters - 2839279953

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The Columbia Masters Sony Music Entertainment


1. Time Is On Your Side - 2011 Remaster 2. Interlude - 2011 Remaster 3. They Don't See - 2011 Remaster 4. Interlude - 2011 Remaster 5. Make It With You - 2011 Remaster 6. Power - 2011 Remaster 7. Remember The Children - 2011 Remaster 8. Interlude - 2011 Remaster 9. Where Have All The Flowers Gone - 2011 Remaster 10. I'd Rather Have You - 2011 Remaster 11. Mom - 2011 Remaster 101. Evil - 2005 Remaster 102. Keep Your Head To The Sky - 2005 Remaster 103. Build Your Nest - 2005 Remaster 104. The World's A Masquerade - 2005 Remaster 105. Clover - 2005 Remaster 106. Zanzibar - 2005 Remaster 201. Mighty Mighty - Album Version 202. Devotion - Album Version 203. Fair But So Uncool - Album Version 204. Feelin' Blue - Album Version 205. Kalimba Story - Album Version 206. Drum Song - Album Version 207. Tee Nine Chee Bit - Album Version 208. Spasmodic Movements - Album Version 209. Rabbit Seed - Album Version 210. Caribou - Album Version 211. Open Our Eyes - Album Version 301. Shining Star - Album Version 302. That's The Way Of The World - Album Version 303. Happy Feelin' - Album Version 304. All About Love - Album Version 305. Yearnin' Learnin' - Album Version 306. Reasons - Album Version 307. Africano - Album Version 308. See The Light - Album Version 401. Introduction By Mc Perry Jones - Live 402. Africano/power - Live 403. Africano - Live 404. Power - Live 405. Yearnin' Learnin' - Live 406. Devotion - Live 407. Sun Goddess - Live 408. Reasons - Live 409. Sing A Message To You - Live 410. Shining Star - Live 411. New World Symphony - Live 412. Interlude No. 1 - Live 413. Sunshine - Live 414. Sing A Song - Album Version 415. Gratitude - Live 416. Celebrate - Live 417. Interlude No. 2 - Live 418. Can't Hide Love - Album Version 501. Getaway - Album Version 502. On Your Face - Album Version 503. Imagination - Album Version 504. Spirit - Album Version 505. Saturday Nite - Album Version 506. Earth, Wind & Fire - Album Version 507. Departure - Album Version 508. Biyo - Album Version 509. Burnin' Bush - Album Version 601. Serpentine Fire - Album Version 602. Fantasy - Album Version 603. In The Marketplace (Interlude) - Album Version 604. Jupiter - Album Version 605. Love's Holiday - Album Version 606. Beijo (Interlude) Aka Brazilian Rhyme (Interlude) 607. I'll Write A Song For You - Album Version 608. Magic Mind - Album Version 609. Runnin' - Album Version 610. Brazilian Rhyme Aka Ponta De Areia - Album Version 611. Be Ever Wonderful - Album Version 701. Got To Get You Into My Life - Album Version 702. Fantasy - Album Version 703. Can't Hide Love - Album Version 704. Love Music 705. Getaway - Album Version 706. That's The Way Of The World - Album Version 707. September - Album Version 708. Shining Star - Album Version 709. Reasons (Razones) 710. Sing A Song - Album Version 801. In The Stone - Album Version 802. Can't Let Go - Album Version 803. After The Love Has Gone - Album Version 804. Let Your Feelings Show - Album Version 805. Boogie Wonderland - With The Emotions)(album Versi 806. Star - Album Version 807. Wait - Album Version 808. Rock That! - Album Version 809. You & I - Album Version 901. Let Me Talk - 2011 Remaster 902. Turn It Into Something Good - 2011 Remaster 903. Pride - 2011 Remaster 904. You - 2011 Remaster 905. Sparkle - 2011 Remaster 906. Back On The Road - 2011 Remaster 907. Song In My Heart - 2011 Remaster 908. You Went Away - 2011 Remaster 909. And Love Goes On - 2011 Remaster 910. Sailaway - 2011 Remaster 911. Take It To The Sky - 2011 Remaster 912. Win Or Lose - 2011 Remaster 913. Share Your Love - 2011 Remaster 914. In Time - 2011 Remaster 915. Oriental (Interlude) - 2011 Remaster 916. Faces - 2011 Remaster 917. Pipe Organ (Interlude) - 2011 Remaster 1001. Let's Groove - Album Version 1002. Lady Sun - Album Version 1003. My Love - Album Version 1004. Evolution Orange - Album Version 1005. Kalimba Tree - Album Version 1006. You Are A Winner - Album Version 1007. I've Had Enough - Album Version 1008. Wanna Be With You - Album Version 1009. The Changing Times - Album Version 1101. Fall In Love With Me - Album Version 1102. Spread Your Love - Album Version 1103. Side By Side - Album Version 1104. Straight From The Heart - Album Version 1105. The Speed Of Love - Album Version 1106. Freedom Of Choice - Album Version 1107. Something Special - Album Version 1108. Hearts To Heart - Album Version 1109. Miracles - Album Version 1201. Magnetic - 2011 Remaster 1202. Touch - 2011 Remaster 1203. Moonwalk - 2011 Remaster 1204. Could It Be Right - 2011 Remaster 1205. Spirit Of A New World - 2011 Remaster 1206. Sweet Sassy Lady - 2011 Remaster 1207. We're Living In Our Own Time - 2011 Remaster 1208. Electricnation - 2011 Remaster 1301. System Of Survival 1302. Evil Roy 1303. Thinking Of You 1304. You & I 1305. New Horizons: Musical Interlude 1306. Money Tight 1307. Every Now & Then 1308. Touch The World 1309. Here Today & Gone Tomorrow 1310. Victim Of The Modern Heart 1401. Interlude: Soweto - Album Version 1402. Takin' Chances - Album Version 1403. Heritage - Album Version 1404. Good Time - Album Version 1405. Interlude: Body Wrap - Album Version 1406. Anything You Want - Album Version 1407. Interlude: Bird - Album Version 1408. Wanna Be The Man - Album Version 1409. Interlude: Close To Home - Album Version 1410. Daydreamin' - Album Version 1411. King Of Groove - Album Version 1412. I'm In Love - Album Version 1413. For The Love Of You - Album Version 1414. Motor - Album Version 1415. Interlude: Faith - Album Version 1416. Welcome - Album Version 1417. Soweto - Reprise 1501. Getaway - Live In Rio, 2011 Remaster 1502. Boogie Wonderland - Instrumental Version, 2011 Rem 1503. Saturday Nite - Alternate Version, 2011 Remaster 1504. Hot Dawgit - 2011 Remaster 1505. Brazilian Rhyme (Aka Ponta De Areia) - 2011 Remast 1506. I Am Love - 2011 Remaster 1507. Let's Groove - Instrumental Version, 2011 Remaster 1508. Easy Lover - 2011 Remaster 1509. Time Machine - 2011 Remaster 1510. Kalimba Tree - Extrended Interlude, 2011 Remaster 1511. Stand By Me - 2011 Remaster 1512. Eyes Of Hope 1513. Insensitive 1514. Turn On (The Beat Box) - 12' Version, 2011 Remaste 1515. Stand Up For Love - 2011 Remaster 1516. In The Stone - Live In Rio, 2011 Remaster


Purcell Operas - 2845319397

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Purcell Operas Universal Music / Deutsche Grammophon


1. Dawson, Lynne - Dido Und Aeneas 2. Ouvertuere (Englisch) 3. Dawson, Lynne - Dido Und Aeneas (Englisch) 4. Shake The Cloud From Off Your Brow (Erster Akt) 5. Ah! Belinda, I Am Press'd With Torment - Grief Inc 6. Whence Could So Much Virtue Spring? - Fear No Dang 7. See, Your Royal Guest Appears - Cupid Only Throws 8. If Not For Mine, For Empire's Sake - Pursue Thy Co 9. The Triumphing Dance (Erster Akt) 10. Prelude For The Witches (Zweiter Akt) 11. Ruin'd Ere The Set Sun - Ho, Ho, Ho - But Ere We T 12. In Our Deep-vaulted Cell The Charm We'll Prepare ( 13. Echo Dance Of Furies (Zweiter Akt) 14. Ritornelle - Thanks To These Lonesome Vales (Zweit 15. Oft She Visits This Lone Mountain (Zweiter Akt) 16. Behold, Upon My Bending Spear (Zweiter Akt) 17. Stay, Prince, & Hear Great Jove's Command (Zweit 18. Prelude - Come Away, Fellow Sailors (Dritter Akt) 19. The Sailors' Dance - See The Flags - Destruction's 20. Our Next Motion - Destruction's Our Delight (Dritt 21. The Witches' Dance (Dritter Akt) 22. Your Counsel All Is Urg'd In Vain - Great Minds Ag 23. Thy Hand, Belinda, Darkness Shades Me (Dritter Akt 24. With Drooping Wings Ye Cupids Come (Dritter Akt) 25. Argenta, Nancy - King Arthur 26. Argenta, Nancy - First Music: Chaconne 27. Macdougall, Jamie - Second Music: 1. Overture 28. Argenta, Nancy - Second Music: 2. Air 29. Argenta, Nancy - Woden, First To Thee - We Have Sa 30. Argenta, Nancy - The White Horse Neigh'd Aloud - T 31. Argenta, Nancy - The Lot Is The Cast (Erster Akt) 32. Argenta, Nancy - Brave Souls (Erster Akt) 33. Argenta, Nancy - I Call You All To Woden's Hall (E 34. Gooding, Julia - Come If You Dare - First Act Tune 101. Argenta, Nancy - Hither, This Way, This Way Bend ( 102. Argenta, Nancy - Let Not A Moon-born Elf Mislead Y 103. Argenta, Nancy - Hither, This Way, This Way Bend ( 104. Argenta, Nancy - Come Follow Me (Zweiter Akt) 105. Argenta, Nancy - How Blest Are Shepherds (Zweiter 106. Argenta, Nancy - Symphony - Shepard, Shepherd, Lea 107. Finley, Gerald - Come, Shepherds (Zweiter Akt) 108. Argenta, Nancy - Air (Zweiter Akt) 109. Argenta, Nancy - Prelude (Dritter Akt) 110. Argenta, Nancy - What Ho! - Prelude (Dritter Akt) 111. Argenta, Nancy - What Power Art Thou (Dritter Akt) 112. Argenta, Nancy - Thou Doting Fool, Forbear (Dritte 113. Argenta, Nancy - Great Love, I Know Thee Now (Drit 114. Finley, Gerald - No Part Of My Dominion (Dritter A 115. Argenta, Nancy - Prelude (Dritter Akt) 116. Argenta, Nancy - See, See We Assemble (Dritter Akt 117. Argenta, Nancy - Tis I, 'Tis I, 'Tis I That Have W 118. Argenta, Nancy - Sound A Parley - Tis Love, 'Tis L 119. Argenta, Nancy - Hornpipe (Dritter Akt) 120. Argenta, Nancy - Two Daughters Of This Aged Stream 121. Gooding, Julia - Passacaglia - How Happy The Lover 122. Argenta, Nancy - Air (Vierter Akt) 123. Argenta, Nancy - Trumpet Tune (Fuenfter Akt) 124. Argenta, Nancy - Ye Blust'ring Brethren (Fuenfter 125. Argenta, Nancy - Symphony (Fuenfter Akt) 126. Argenta, Nancy - Round Thy Coast (Fuenfter Akt) 127. Argenta, Nancy - For Folded Flocks (Fuenfter Akt) 128. Huggett, Monica - Your Hay, It Is Mow'd - Dance (F 129. Argenta, Nancy - Fairest Isle (Fuenfter Akt) 130. Argenta, Nancy - You Say, 'Tis Love (Fuenfter Akt) 131. Argenta, Nancy - Trumpet Tune (Fuenfter Akt) 132. Argenta, Nancy - Saint George, The Patron Of Our I 201. Agnew, Paul - Dioclesian 202. First Music 203. Second Music 204. Overture 205. Hornpipe (Erster Akt) 206. Prelude: Great Diocles The Boar Has Kill'd - Sing 207. Charon The Peaceful Shade Invites (Zweiter Akt) 208. Symphony (Zweiter Akt) 209. Let All Mankind The Pleasure Share - Sound All You 210. Let All Mankind The Pleasure Share (Zweiter Akt) 211. Prelude - Let The Soldiers Rejoice - Rejoice, Rejo 212. Ritornello (Zweiter Akt) 213. To Mars Let 'Em Raise (Zweiter Akt) 214. Ritornello (Zweiter Akt) 215. Symphony - Since The Toils & The Hazards (Zweite 216. Dance Of Furies (Zweiter Akt) 217. Second Act Tune (Zweiter Akt) 218. Chaconne (Dritter Akt) 219. When First I Saw (Dritter Akt) 220. The Chair Dance (Dritter Akt) 221. Prelude - What Shall I Do (Dritter Akt) 222. Third Act Tune (Dritter Akt) 223. Butterfly Dance (Vierter Akt) 224. Trumpet Tune (Vierter Akt) 225. Sound, Fame, Thy Brazen Trumpet Sound! (Vierter Ak 226. Fourth Act Tune (Vierter Akt) 227. Country Dance (Fuenfter Akt) 228. Prelude - Call The Nymphs (Das Maskenspiel) 229. Let The Graces & Pleasures Repair (Das Maskenspi 230. Come, Come Away (Das Maskenspiel) 301. Prelude - Behold, O Mightiest Of Gods (Das Maskens 302. Paspe (Das Maskenspiel) 303. Oh Sweet Delights Of Love! (Das Maskenspiel) 304. Let Monarchs Fight - Hear, Mighty Love! (Das Maske 305. Since From My Dear Astrea's Sight (Das Maskenspiel 306. Make Room, Make Room (Das Maskenspiel) 307. I'm Here, I'm Here, With My Jolly Crew (Das Masken 308. Dance Of Bacchanals (Das Maskenspiel) 309. Still I'm Wishing, Still Desiring (Das Maskenspiel 310. Canaries (Das Maskenspiel) 311. Tell Me Why (Das Maskenspiel) 312. Dance (Das Maskenspiel) 313. All Our Days & Our Nights (Das Maskenspiel) 314. Let Us Dance, Let Us Sing (Das Maskenspiel) 315. Dance (Das Maskenspiel) 316. Triumph, Triumph Victorious Love - Then All Rehear 317. Agnew, Paul - Timon Of Athens 318. Ouvertuere (The Masque Of Cupid & Bacchus) 319. Hark How The Songsters Of The Grove (The Masque Of 320. Love In Their Little Veins Inspires (The Masque Of 321. But Ah! How Much Are Our Delights (The Masque Of C 322. Hence With Your Trifling Deity (The Masque Of Cupi 323. Come All To Me (The Masque Of Cupid & Bacchus) 324. Return, Revolting Rebels (The Masque Of Cupid And 325. The Cares Of Lovers (The Masque Of Cupid & Bacch 326. Love Quickly Is Pall'd (The Masque Of Cupid & Ba 327. Come Let Us Agree (The Masque Of Cupid & Bacchus 328. Curtain Tune (The Masque Of Cupid & Bacchus) 401. Chance, Michael - Come, Ye Sons Of Art, Away Birth 402. Ouvertuere 403. Come Ye Sons Of Art 404. Sound The Trumpet 405. Come Ye Sons Of Art 406. Strike The Viol, Touch The Lute 407. The Day That Such A Blessing Gave 408. Bid The Virtues, Bid The Graces 409. These Are The Sacred Charms 410. See Nature, Rejoicing 411. Ainsley, John Mark - Ode For Cecilia's Day 412. Ouvertuere 413. Symphony - Welcome To All The Pleasures That Delig 414. Here The Deities Approve 415. Then Lift Up Your Voices 416. Beauty Thou Scene Of Love 417. In A Consort Of Voices 418. Ainsley, John Mark - Of Old, When Heroes Thought I 419. Symphony 420. Of Old, When Heroes Thought It Base 421. The Bashful Thames, For Beauty So Renowned 422. The Pale & The Purple Rose 423. And In Each Track Of Glory Since 424. Symphony 425. And Now When The Renown'd Nassau 426. They Did No Storms, Nor Threat'nings Fear 427. So When The Glitt'ring Queen Of Night 428. Let Music Join 429. Sound, Trumpets, Sound 430. Sound All To Him Dido & Aeneas King Arthur Diolesian Timon Of Athens Three Odes : Come Ye Sons Of Art Away - Ode For The Birthday Of Queen Mary II / Welcome To All The Pleasures - Ode For St Cecilia S Day / Of Old When Heroes Thought It Base - The Yorkshire Feast Song.


This Is Northern Soul - 2849899040

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This Is Northern Soul Motown

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. Think It Over (Before You Break My Heart) 2. Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) 3. This Love Starved Heart Of Mine (It's Killing Me) 4. Goodbye Cruel World 5. Share A Little Love With Me (Somebody) 6. Forever In My Heart 7. I'm Still Loving You 8. He's All I Got 9. Just Walk In My Shoes 10. Keep On Lovin' Time 11. Crying In The Night 12. You Hit Me Where It Hurts Me 13. (Like A) Nightmare 14. A Thrill A Moment 15. I'll Keep On Holding On 16. Truly Yours 17. When I'm Gone 18. Just A Little Misunderstanding 19. No One Could Love You More 20. You Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New 21. Goodnight Irene 22. I Gotta Find A Way (To Get You Back) 23. What More Could A Boy Ask For 24. It's Never Too Late For You And Me 101. Suspicion 102. Your Love Can Save Me 103. Just Ain't Enough Love 104. Lonely Lonely Girl Am I 105. Lonely Boy 106. Baby Come Home To Me 107. I Gotta Let You Go 108. When I Feel The Need 109. For The Love Of Mike 110. Baby Hit And Run 111. Tune Up 112. My Weakness Is You 113. One Way Out 114. I Ain't Going Nowhere 115. Tell Me It's Just A Rumor (Baby) 116. Two Can Have A Party 117. My Smile Is Just A Frown Turned Upside Down 118. Oh I've Been Blessed 119. I'll Always Love You 120. These Things Will Keep Me Loving You 121. This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You) 122. A Bird In The Hand (Is Worth Two In The Bush) 123. Sweet Thing 124. Lonely Lover


The Very Best Of - 2852229370

25,99 zł

The Very Best Of Universal Music


1. Lady 2. Desperado 3. Lay Down Beside Me 4. Puttin' In Overtime At Home 5. He Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp 6. Just The Way You Are 7. Gideon Tanner 8. No Good Texas Rounder 9. We've Got Tonight 10. Sayin' Goodbye 11. Somebody Help Me 12. Together Again 13. Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got) 14. Scarlet Fever 15. A Love Song 16. Love Is What We Make 17. What Are We Doin' In Love 18. I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again 101. Coward Of The County 102. Daytime Friends 103. Blaze Of Glory 104. San Francisco Mabel Joy 105. Green Green Grass Of Home 106. Sleep Tight, Goodnight Man 107. Let's Take The Long Way Around The World 108. Tennessee Bottle 109. All I Ever Need Is You 110. Love Will Turn You Around 111. Making Music For Money 112. Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer 113. All My Life 114. Share Your Love With Me 115. Midnight Flyer 116. Twentieth Century Fool 117. Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonight 118. Every Time Two Fools Collide 201. Lucille 202. She Believes In Me 203. The Gambler 204. Goodbye Marie 205. I Don't Need You 206. Love Lifted Me 207. Love Or Something Like It 208. These Chains 209. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' 210. The King Of Oak Street 211. The Hoodooin' Of Miss Fannie Deberry 212. You Were A Good Friend 213. Today I Started Loving You Again (The First Editio 214. Love The World Away 215. Mother Country Music 216. Sweet Music Man 217. Through The Years 218. You Decorated My Life


Różni Wykonawcy - Christmas Songs & Carols For Kids - 2847263123

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Różni Wykonawcy - Christmas Songs & Carols For Kids

Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Opis - "Christmas Songs And Carols For Kids" to album zawierający 35 anglojęzycznych kolęd i piosenek świątecznych w wykonaniu dzieci i nie tylko. Wesołe, barwne aranżacje z najpopularniejszymi świątecznymi przebojami! Tracklista: CD 1 1. Have a Merry Christmas 2. The First Noel 3. O Christmas Tree 4. Wonderful Christmastimea 5. Ding Dong Merrily On High 6. Jingle Bells 7. A Caroling We Go 8. Angels We Have Heard On High (Gloria) 9. Driving Home For Christmas 10. A Gift for You 11. Good King Wenceslas 12. Silver Bells 13. I Saw Three Ships 14. White Christmas 15. Christmas Is for Sharing 16. Sleight Ride 17. We Wish You a Merry Christmas 18. Last Christmas CD 2 1. Jingle Bells 2. O Come, All Ye Faithful 3. Joy to the World 4. It's Christmas Time 5. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 6. Deck the Halls 7. Share the Love At Christmas Time 8. O Little Town of Bethlehem 9. I Just Can't Wait Until It's Christmas 10. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) 11. Let's Have a Merry Christmas This Year 12. Silent Night 13. Santa Claus is Coming To Town 14. If Christmas Could Last All Year 15. The Magic of Christmas 16. Your Wish Is My Wish, Too 17. Jingle Bells Nazwa - Christmas Songs & Carols For Kids Autor - Różni Wykonawcy Wydawca - Soliton Kod EAN - 5901571094670 Rok wydania - 2015 Nośnik - Płyta CD Podatek VAT - 23%


Lillian Hellman - 2835876721

129,78 zł

Lillian Hellman Counterpoint

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Out of the feuds, plays, movies and affairs of a complex life comes a sweeping, focused biography. It's reassuring to have Martinson (English and Writing/Occidental Coll.) write at the start of a biography authorized by her subject's estate that "I don't always like Lillian Hellman." Sharp insight into Hellman's often contradictory, controversial life is what Martinson goes after, not hagiography. Indeed, Hellman herself could be a little fox. Settling the estate of writer Dashiell Hammett, her longtime lover, she outmaneuvered his daughters to win the royalties from his work, though his will directed her to share them with his family. It was a grab that could have been made by one of the characters in Hellman's thundering melodrama, The Little Foxes. Hammett, according to Martinson, pulled Hellman's life and writing career together as he pointed her to playwriting by critiquing, editing and even contributing to her texts. Major success on Broadway and in Hollywood as a screenwriter followed. But Hellman did not get cozy on Shubert Alley or at the Brown Derby. A vocal, active liberal, she covered revolution in Spain and life in Russia, ending up the subject of extensive FBI files and, eventually, a witness before the House Un-American Activities Committee during the red scares of the '50s. Throughout her life, she suffered fools with cutting words, though her razor-sharp opinions could be contradictory and hypocritical. As intense as her anger were the affairs she enjoyed well into late middle age. She once feared Leonard Bernstein, in a hotel room next to hers, might hear the noise she'd made while making love. Then she realized she could hear Bernstein, similarly engaged. A rich, literate, compelling account with the spark of a Hellman play. (Kirkus Reviews)


Hear To Tempt You / Bare. . - 2839829400

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Hear To Tempt You / Bare. . SHOUT

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. Think For Yourself 2. In A Lifetime 3. Can We Come And Share In Love 4. She's All I've Got 5. Snake In The Grass 6. It's Time For Love 7. Let's Live In Peace 8. Read Between The Lines 9. I Could Never Stop Loving You 10. Mystic Woman (Love Me Over) 11. I Just Don't Know How To Let You Go 12. That's When You Need Love 13. Bare Back 14. Ever Ready Love 15. Wake Up To Me 16. You're So Easy To Love 17. I See My Child 18. Touch Me Again


Mary MacCracken - Lovey - 2843287131

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Mary MacCracken - Lovey Harper Collins

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This deeply moving memoir tells the story of Hannah: a child who has been beaten and abused; a girl full of loneliness and rage; a student no one but learning disabilities teacher Mary MacCracken could reach. Mary had reservations about eight-year-old Hannah joining her class. The three emotionally disturbed boys she was currently looking after had been making steady progress, and Hannah, who had a reputation for being a withdrawn and incredibly troubled child, would only be a disruptive influence. For the first fortnight Hannah retired to a cupboard and refused to come out. Howling almost non-stop she was displaying the worst symptoms that Mary had ever seen. How could Mary help a child who had been shut up in closets and treated like an animal? What could she say to a child who had been locked out of her own home, and beaten by both her brother and her father? How could she reach this lost girl? This is the remarkable story of Hannah and Mary's journey together. Deep within Hannah, Mary recognises an amazing strength. And with love, skill and patience, she gradually starts to make a difference. It's a long road to recovery, but Mary never gives up. As this moving true story unfolds, we feel Mary's joy, we share her hope and, in time, her faith that Hannah will be okay.


Echo of the Witch - 2839142915

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Echo of the Witch Limitless Publishing

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There is no 'normal life' for a witch with a very special gift... All Echo Freyer wants is to be an ordinary eighteen-year-old girl. She works in a rundown bookstore in New York City, watches out for her younger sister Wren, and most importantly, always makes it home before sundown. When the Shriekers come out to play, even a witch isn't safe... Witches like Echo have been hunted for centuries, their magical souls craved by monsters lurking in the shadows. So far, she's kept her abilities concealed, sometimes even from herself. But denying your true nature can only last so long. She thought she could hide from the creatures and live a normal life. She thought she could run from her power, and she thought she could protect her heart from love. Upon an unlikely introduction to Jai Axel, the latter proves to be harder than she thought. When a Hunter spends his days stalking evil, he'll do whatever he can to hold on to something good... Jai isn't just a normal guy. No normal guy would make Echo feel the way she does, and no normal guy hunts Shriekers. But when Echo discovers she and Jai share much more than sparks, their entire future is in jeopardy. With a kingdom of Shriekers hunting for souls, only Echo can save the people she loves from a bitter, torturous end.


Hamiltons - 2843286312

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Hamiltons Simon & Schuster

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Catherine Cookson's Hamilton novels have taken their place among the most widely acclaimed and enjoyed of her books. In this omnibus edition of Hamilton and Goodbye Hamilton, she shows her exceptional ability to tell a story in which good humor and a sense of compassion are finely blended, with characters so vividly alive they leap off the page. Maisie could never be quite sure when she first met Hamilton, but most likely it was when she started talking to herself as a lonely seven-year-old. She didn't know his name until much later,when she was fourteen and Dr. Kane had to pay her a visit. "Let us use our horse sense," he said, and at that moment Maisie saw a great horse galloping past him and all the time looking at her, its eyes full of knowledge and its lips drawn back as if in laughter. Soon after, Maisie adopted the name Hamilton for her new and secret companion. Of course, she couldn't talk about Hamilton to anyone -- but she could write about him. And write she did, with results that would eventually broaden her horizons far beyond the confines of the small town where she had spent her lonely girlhood. Hamilton would continue to be a pillar of Maisie's life for years, as she deals with the adult problems of work, love,and marriage and builds a life for herself. Goodbye Hamilton picks up where Hamilton leaves off. By the time Maisie reaches her early thirties, she's escaped a disastrous marriage and become a bestselling author with her very first book: all about Hamilton, the remarkable horse who exists only in her imagination but had nonetheless proved a real guide, philosopher, and friend since her childhood. Now she's about to be married again, this time to a man whose deep and abiding love for her knows no bounds. And Hamilton, in turn, marks the occasion by taking a wife himself, an elegant (and equally imaginary) mare named Begonia. So the outlook was fair, but it seems Maisie was destined never to know happiness untouched by sorrow, and the next few years would bring their share of fresh troubles -- some a legacy from the past -- to face and fight. But Hamilton and Begonia are there to back her up, and at a time when things are looking especially black, a very real flesh and blood boy (with a surprisingly deplorable vocabulary) comes tumbling into her life, providing the greatest support and joy of all.


Sameth Green - 2844865537

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Sameth Green AuthorHouse

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His presence was intoxicating. From the moment he entered our mysterious town, we were consumed. I was mesmerized, completely taken by him, but not like everyone else. They stared at him like a juicy piece of meat. The men looked at him like a meal; they sniffed the gorgeous scent of his blood like a druggie does to a fresh bag of pot. I could tell that if they ever managed to get the poor human boy alone, they would share him among their fellow young vampires and feast on him. They would bite into his warm flesh and feel his blood flow to the surface, through the wounds that they inflected on him. They would drink his blood, which smelled so very delicious. His blood was rich with life and love and coated with a thick layer of innocence. You could smell his joys and pleasures. Biting into him would give them a true high that would last days, if not a week or two. They would laugh in the horrible ecstasy of his screams until the loss of blood left him too weak to utter a sound. That would thrill them-a greater thrill than sex, and believe me, vampires love sex. His name was Justin Collin, and he too consumed me.


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