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The Man Who Took It With Him - 2849956777

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The Man Who Took It With Him

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

Have You Heard The Expression You Can't Take It With You When You Die, So You Might As Well Spend It Now? What If You Really Could? One Man Found Out. This Story Is His Journey And Race Against Time To Unload His Burdens.


Kniha Took - 2852643050

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Kniha Took HMH Books for Young Readers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Folks say Old Auntie takes a girl and keeps her fifty years-then lets her go and takes another one." Thirteen-year-old Daniel Anderson doesn't believe Brody Mason's crazy stories about the ghost witch who lives up on Brewster's Hill with Bloody Bones, her man-eating razorback hog. He figures Brody's probably just trying to scare him since he's the new kid . . . a "stuck-up snot" from Connecticut. But Daniel's seven-year-old sister Erica has become more and more withdrawn, talking to her lookalike doll. When she disappears into the woods one day, he knows something is terribly wrong. Did the witch strike? Has Erica been "took"?


The Richest Man Who Ever Lived - 2826764079

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The Richest Man Who Ever Lived Simon & Schuster US

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The life and times of the wealthiest man who ever lived - Jacob Fugger - the Renaissance banker who revolutionized the art of making money and established the radical idea of pursuing wealth for its own sake.§§Jacob Fugger lived in Germany at the turn of the sixteenth century, the grandson of a peasant. By the time he died, his fortune amounted to nearly two percent of European GDP. Not even John D. Rockefeller had that kind of wealth.§§Most people become rich by spotting opportunities, pioneering new technologies, or besting opponents in negotiations. Fugger did all that, but he had an extra quality that allowed him to rise even higher: nerve. In an era when kings had unlimited power, Fugger had the nerve to stare down heads of state and ask them to pay back their loans - with interest. It was this coolness and self-assurance, along with his inexhaustible ambition, that made him not only the richest man ever, but a force of history as well. Before Fugger came along it was illegal under church law to charge interest on loans, but he got the Pope to change that. He also helped trigger the Reformation and likely funded Magellan's circumnavigation of the globe. His creation of a news service, which gave him an information edge over his rivals and customers, earned Fugger a footnote in the history of journalism. And he took Austria's Habsburg family from being second-tier sovereigns to rulers of the first empire where the sun never set.§§The ultimate untold story, The Richest Man Who Ever Lived is more than a tale about the richest and most influential businessman of all time. It is a story about palace intrigue, knights in battle, family tragedy and triumph, and a violent clash between the 1 percent and everybody else. To understand our financial system and how we got it, it pays to understand Jacob Fugger.


Stieg Larsson - the Man Who Left Too Soon - 2826647008

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Stieg Larsson - the Man Who Left Too Soon BLAKE PUBLISHING

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Stieg Larsson, the man behind the }Millennium{ trilogy, died before he saw his books become international bestsellers. Although tragic, was there something more sinister about his death? In his native Sweden, he took on some dangerous Neo-Nazis, who often told him that his days were numbered.


Man Who Wouldn't Fly - 2844571070

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Man Who Wouldn't Fly Cambria Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Phil Humphries suffered for years with a severe debilitating affliction or phobia - aviophobia, the fear of flying. This is shared apparently by millions of people worldwide. This book begins by briefly following the author's career as a rugby player in Wales with his ambition of becoming a successful rugby coach. Confronting a phobia of flying would help to enrich the author's experiences, expand horizons and improve his prospects of achieving this goal. Phil Humphries tells how he first overcame a fear of flying when he took up a coaching post with Malmo RFC in Sweden. This first massive step convinced him that he could now travel by air. Flying gradually grew into an addiction even an obsession. Not content with flying to one destination, he was compelled to fly onwards to other places, sometimes remaining for only hours and minutes. In addition to cities in different continents of the world, he eventually visited every European country. This is the story of his travels by air in the hope that other sufferers will benefit from or be entertained by the experiences.


Man Who Stalked Einstein - 2850284608

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Man Who Stalked Einstein The Lyons Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

By the end of World War I, Albert Einstein had become the face of the new science of theoretical physics and had made some powerful enemies. One of those enemies, Nobel Prize winner Philipp Lenard, spent a career trying to discredit him. Their story of conflict, pitting Germany's most widely celebrated Jew against the Nazi scientist who was to become Hitler's chief advisor on physics, had an impact far exceeding what the scientific community felt at the time. Indeed, their mutual antagonism affected the direction of science long after 1933, when Einstein took flight to America and changed the history of two nations. The Man Who Stalked Einstein details the tense relationship between Einstein and Lenard, their ideas and actions, during the eventful period between World War I and World War II.


Color Him Gay - 2848540524

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Color Him Gay Borgo Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Being the Further Adventures of THAT MAN FROM C.A.M.P. Steve thought to cut in on the source of blackmail money that Dingo Stark was paying the boys who wanted to COLOR HIM GAY but his hatred took him too far. As his screams drift through the still air, it's up to the debonair secret agent, Jackie Holmes, that Man from C.A.M.P., to arrive in time to save the day!


Family in Edward Albee's plays 'The Sandbox' and 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' - 2826620765

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Family in Edward Albee's plays 'The Sandbox' and 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Seminar paper from the year 2008 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Literature, printed single-sided, grade: 1,3, Ernst Moritz Arndt University of Greifswald (Department of English and American Studies), course: Modul Specialisation, language: English, abstract: The American dramatist Edward Albee is going to celebrate his 80th birthday these days. In his life he observed several decades of American society as well as changes in attitudes and values of the American population. In almost all of his plays Edward Albee looks at the American family and its various manifestations, criticises it, mocks it, and reveals its dishonesty. His plays frequently contain the figure of the child which ranges from that of the adopted infant, real or imagined baby, young man, dead child, imaginary person, to that of grown-up homosexual son (Cristian 1). The figure of the child is often understood as the alter ego of Edward Albee (Cristian 6).Shortly afterwards his birth on March 12 1928 Albee was adopted by a wealthy couple. The family was part of the New York high society and tried to bring up their son to be a respectable constituent of this community. Edward Albee sensed early that he was not the couple s biological son. He experienced several conflicts with his parents who disapproved of his lifestyle, interests, sexual orientation and acquaintances. After some years at various boarding schools and colleges, Albee finally and abruptly left home and broke ties with his adoptive parents in 1949. Albee took employment as runner in an advertising agency, sales clerk in a music shop, bookseller-assistant, waiter in convenience restaurant and telegram deliverer for Western Union. His various occupations not only allowed him to write but through his jobs he was able to observe quite a number of different people and lifestyles. In an interview about his plays and the assumed analogousness of his plays he said: You must remember I ve been watching and listening to a great number of people for a long time. Absorbing things, I suppose. (Flanagan 8). He not only observed other people but also his experiences influenced his plays strongly. Albee seems to have observed especially families and the relationships between the members of families as well as the traditional but also slowly breaking image of husband and wife. The purpose of this term paper is to analyse the picture of the white American family in Albee s The Sandbox (1959) and Who s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (1962) in contrast to the prevailing ideal of the white nuclear family of the 1950s and 1960s and to ask to what extent his characters fulfil this ideal.


Last Man Standing - 2826804341

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Last Man Standing PAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Seven seconds. That's all it took for Web London to lose everything: his friends, his team, his reputation. Point man of the FBI's super-elite Hostage rescue Team, Web roared into a blind alley towards a drug leader's lair, only to meet a high-tech, custom-designed ambush that killed everyone around him. Coping with the blame-filled words of anguished widows and the suspicions of colleagues, Web tries to put his life back together. To do so, he must discover why he was the one man who lived through the ambush - and find the only other person who came out of the alley alive ...a ten-year-old boy who has since disappeared. Acting on his instincts, Web believes he knows where the killer will strike next. Only this time, he may not survive the attack. In this extraordinary work, Baldacci uses his unsurpassed storytelling skills to explore the essence of survival itself, as a conspiracy of violence surrounds an FBI agent whose fate was to be the ...LAST MAN STANDING.


Man Versus Ball - 2826732395

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Man Versus Ball Potomac Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Jon Hart is not a professional athlete. His one major sports victory is a world championship in roller basketball, which is basketball on in-line skates. More than ten years ago, he started pursuing his own bucket list and embarked on a hilarious and insightful journey into the furthest reaches of the sports world. Man versus Ball follows Hart's adventures around the country as he undertakes new missions, often with unexpected results. He became a pro wrestler, learning "fake" moves that all but landed him in the hospital after one pile driver too many. He played an entire season for a championship semipro football team, suited up as a U.S. Open ball boy, and was an "amateur caddie" for a Professional Golfers' Association tournament. He attended mascot school and performed in a neon gorilla suit in front of several thousand fans at a minor league hockey game. He worked as a ballpark vendor at several venues around the country, hawking concessions while fending off drunken fans. He even earned a bit of glory for himself, leading his roller basketball league in rebounds for two consecutive seasons. Feeling confident, he took part in the World Cup of roller soccer. All this prepared him for his moment of truth, that is, a race up the 1,576 stairs of the Empire State Building. A George Plimpton - style excursion into the unknown, Man versus Ball will delight and inspire readers who have secretly yearned to cross items off their life's to-do list.


Consolations of Philosophy - 2212839584

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Consolations of Philosophy Penguin

Nauki humanistyczne

Alain de Botton, best-selling author of How Proust can Change Your Life, has set six of the finest minds in the history of philosophy to work on the problems of everyday life. Here then are Socrates, Epicurus, Seneca, Montaigne, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche on some of the things that bother us all; lack of money, the pain of love, inadequacy, anxiety, the fear of failure and the pressure to conform.


Blood Doctor - 2212839586

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Blood Doctor Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Blood. That


Shadow of the Sun - 2212824581

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Shadow of the Sun Penguin

Literatura faktu

'Only with the greatest of simplifications, for the sake of convenience, can we say Africa. In reality, except as a geographical term, Africa doesn't exist'. Ryszard Kapuscinski has been writing about the people of Africa throughout his career. In a study that avoids the official routes, palaces and big politics, he sets out to create an account of post-colonial Africa seen at once as a whole and as a location that wholly defies generalised explanations. It is both a sustained meditation on the mosaic of peoples and practises we call 'Africa', and an impassioned attempt to come to terms with humanity itself as it struggles to escape from foreign domination, from the intoxications of freedom, from war and from politics as theft. The Beginning: Collision, Ghana 1958 More than anything, one is struck by the light. Light everywhere. Brightness everywhere. Everywhere, the sun. Just yesterday, an autumnal London was drenched in rain. The airplane drenched in rain. A cold, wind, darkness. But here, from the morning


Rackham's Fairy Tale Illustrations - 2826690652

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Rackham's Fairy Tale Illustrations DOVER PUBLICATIONS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

List of Plates LITTLE BROTHER AND LITTLE SISTER AND OTHER TALES BY THE BROTHERS GRIMM 1 "She took off her golden garter and put it round the roe-buck's neck ("Little Brother and Little Sister")" 2 "The end of his beard was caught in a crack in the tree ("Snow-White and Rose-Red)" 3 "The third time she wore the star-dress which sparkled at every step ("The True Sweetheart")" 4 "Suddenly the branches twined round her and turned into two arms ("The Old Woman in the Wood")" 5 "He played until the room was entirely full of gnomes ("The Gnomes")" 6 "What did she find there but real ripe strawberries ("The Three Little Men in the Wood")" 7 "The waiting maid sprang down first and Maid Maleen followed ("Maid Maleen")" 8 "She begged quite prettily to be allowed to spend the night there ("The Hut in the Forest")" SNOWDROP AND OTHER TALES BY THE BROTHERS GRIMM 9 "The Dwarfs, when they came in the evening, found Snowdrop lying on the ground ("Snowdrop")" 10 "The King could not contain himslef for joy ("Briar Rose")" 11 "The young Prince said, "I am not afraid; I am determined to go and look upon the lovely Briar Rose" ("Briar Rose")" 12 "Ashenputtel goes to the ball ("Ashenputtel")" 13 "The fishes, in their joy, stretched up their head above the water, and promised to reward him ("The White Snake")" 14 "So the four brothers took their sticks in their hands, bade their father good-bye, and passed out of the town gate ("The Four Clever Brothers")" 15 "The King's only daughter had been carried off by a dragon ("The Four Clever Brothers")" 16 "She went away accompanied by the lions ("The Lady and the Lion")" 17 "Alas! Dear Falada, there thou hangest ("The Goosegirl")" 18 "Bow, blow, little breeze, And Conrad's hat seize ("The Goosegirl")" 19 "Good Dwarf, can you not tell me where my brothers are? ("The Water of Life")" 20 "The son made a circle, and his father and he took their places within it, and the little black Manniken appeared ("The King of the Golden Mountain")" 21 "But they said one after another: "Halloa! Who has been eating off my plate? Who has been drinking out of my cup?" ("The Seven Ravens")" 22 "The beggar took her by the hand and led her away ("King Thrushbeard")" HANSEL AND GRETHEL AND OTHER TALES BY THE BROTHERS GRIMM 23 "All at once the door opened and an old, old woman, supporting herself on a crutch, came hobbling out ("Hansel and Grethel")" 24 "Hansel put out a knuckle-bone, and the old woman, whose eyes were dim, could not see it, and thought it was his finger, and she was much astonished that he did not get fat ("Hansel and Grethel")" 25 "Once there was a poor old woman who lived in a village ("The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean") " 26 "So she seized him with two fingers, and carried him upstairs ("The Frog Prince")" 27 "The cat stole away behind the city walls to the church ("The Cat and Mouse in Partnership")" 28 "The witch climbed up ("Rapunzel")" 29 "When she got to the wood, she met a wolf ("Red Riding Hood")" 30 "O Grandmother, what big ears you have got" she said ("Red Riding Hood")" 31 "The old man had to sit by himself, and ate his food from a wooden bowl ("The Old Man and His Grandson")" THE ALLIES' FAIRY BOOK 32 "In a twinkling the giant put each garden, and orchard, and castle in the bundle as they were before ("The Battle of the Birds")" 33 "If thou wilt give me this pretty little one," says the king's son. "I will take thee at they word" ('"The Battle of the Birds")" 34 "Now, Guleesh, what good will she be to you when she'll be dumb? It's time for us to go-but you'll remember us, Guleesh")" 35 "The sleeping Princess ("The Sleeping Beauty")" 36 "So valiantly did they grapple with him that they bore him to the ground and slew him ("Cesarino and the Dragon")" 37 "The birds showed the young man the white dove's nest ("What Came of Picking Flowers")" 38 "Art thou warm, maiden? Art thou warm, pretty one? Art thou warm, my darling?" ("Frost")" 39 "Nine peahens flew towards the tree, and eight of them settled on its branches, but the ninth alighted near him and turned instantly into a beautiful girl ("The Golden Apple-Tree and the Nine Peahens")" 40 "The dragon flew out and caught the queen on the road and carried her away ("The Golden Apple Tree and the Nine Peahens")" ENGLISH FAIRY TALES 41 "Mr. And Mrs. Vinegar at home ("Mr. And Mrs. Vinegar")" 42 "Somebody has been at my porriedge, and has eaten it all up!" ("The Story of the Three Bears")" 43 "The giant Cormoran was the terror of all the country-side ("Jack the Giant-Killer")" 44 "Tree of mine! O tree of mine! Have you seen my naughty little maid?" ("The Two Sisters")" 45 "Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman" ("Jack and the Beanstalk")" 46 "She went along, and went along, and went along ("Catskin")" 47 "They thanked her and said good-bye, and she went on her journey ("The Three Heads of the Well")" 48 "Many's the beating he had from the broomstick or the ladle ("Dick Whittington and his Cat")" 49 "When Puss saw the rats and mice she didn't want to be told ("Dick Whittington and his Cat")" 50 "She sat down and plaited herself an overall of rushes and a cap to match ("Caporushes")" IRISH FAIRY TALES 51 "In a forked glen into which he slipped at night-fall he was surrounded by giant toads ("Becuma of the White Skin")" 52 "My life became a ceaseless scurry and wound and escape, a burden and anguish of watchfullness" ("The Story of Tuan Mac Cairill")" 53 "She looked angry woe at the straining and snarling horde below ("The Wooing of Becfola")" Headpiece [on title page] By day she made herself into a cat . . . Tailpiece [following Plate 53] . . . or a screech owl


David Wilkerson - 2826624439

49,97 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is the story of David Wilkerson, the man who believed against the odds that God could do great things in the rejected and ignored of New York City, who refused to give up on those on the streets even when they had given up on themselves, and who saw in the eyes of the drug addicts and gang members what others failed to see-the love of Jesus Christ. But who was David Wilkerson? Many Christians don't really know. More often than not, we saw the fruit of his faith in God rather than the man himself. When Wilkerson moved to New York from rural Pennsylvania in 1958 to confront the gangs who ran the streets, he was a skinny, 120-pound man. After the initial publicity that brought him face to face with some of the most dangerous young men of the city, he largely flew under the radar of the media, using the Word of God and a bit of tough love to help men and women of the street escape the destructive spiral of drugs and violence. Wilkerson was always the real deal, full of passion and conviction, not interested in what others said was the "right" or political thing to do. Wilkerson later founded the Times Square Church, now a non-denominational mega-church of 8,000 members, to this day a crossroads for those battling sin, drugs, and pornography, and a place where the message of Christ is discussed. He created the faith-based program Teen Challenge to wean addicts off drugs, and then World Challenge, dedicated since its beginning to promoting and spreading the Gospel throughout the world. Both now have branches worldwide, continuing the work that God began in the life of one man who believed David Wilkerson was a man of faith who trusted God would give him what he needed to enter a world of crime and killing. He was a man of conviction who took the dream God gave him and marched forward without ever looking back. And he was a man of vision who could not be shaken from his beliefs-sometimes even when counseled otherwise. David Wilkerson was the preacher of New York City.


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