krainaksiazek the oklahoma city bombing the history of the deadliest domestic terrorist attack in american history 20119027

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1995 - 2849500340

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Offers Fresh Interpretations Of The Decisive Moments Of 1995, Including The Emergence Of The Internet And The World Wide Web In Mainstream American Life; The Bombing At Oklahoma City, The Deadliest Attack Of Domestic Terrorism In US History; And The Sensational Trial Of The Century, At Which OJ Simpson Faced Charges Of Double Murder.


W.Joseph Campbell - 1995 - 2826787719

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W.Joseph Campbell - 1995 University of California Press

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Nineteen ninety-five was an exceptional year, a hinge moment in recent American history. Drawing on interviews, oral histories, memoirs, archival collections, and contemporaneous news reports, W. Joseph Campbell presents a vivid, detail-rich portrait of those memorable twelve months. The book offers fresh interpretations of the decisive moments of 1995, including the entry of the Internet and the World Wide Web into the mainstream of American life; the bombing at Oklahoma City, the deadliest attack of domestic terrorism in U.S. history; the sensational "Trial of the Century," at which O.J. Simpson faced charges of double murder; the U.S. - brokered negotiations at Dayton, Ohio, which ended the Bosnian War, Europe's most vicious conflict since the time of the Nazis; and the first encounters at the White House between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, a liaison that culminated in a stunning scandal and the spectacle of the president's impeachment and trial. As Campbell demonstrates in this absorbing chronicle, 1995 was a year of surpassing exceptionality, a watershed at the cusp of the millennium. The effects of that pivotal year reverberate still, marking the close of one century and the dawning of another.


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