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Old-Fashioned Farm Life Colouring Book - 2826619841

15,04 zł

Old-Fashioned Farm Life Colouring Book Dover Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Forty-three accurately rendered illustrations depict preparation of foods, churning butter, shearing sheep, mowing hay, plowing, planting, other farm activities. Fact-filled captions. Published in association with Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village.


Old Fashioned Ladies Colouring Book 2 - 2835032105

28,48 zł

Old Fashioned Ladies Colouring Book 2 INGRAM INTERNATIONAL

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna


Murder Houses of London - 2827059410

50,40 zł

Murder Houses of London Amberley Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In that stately Fitzrovia house, the butler was murdered by a disgruntled pantry boy; in that one, a king's housekeeper lost her life. In that Kensington flat, a demented playboy murdered a prostitute for kicks; in that Gloucester Road basement, 'Acid Bath' Haigh was busy digesting the bodies of his victims. In those two elegant Chelsea houses, located in peaceful garden squares, a clergyman and his housekeeper were brutally done to death in 1870. In that peaceful little house, not far from Camden Road Station, a woman murdered her rival, dismembered the body, and disposed of it using an old-fashioned perambulator. In that peaceful pub near the Thames, the landlady was murdered in 1920, and the killer was never found. In one Islington house, George Joseph Smith disposed of one of his 'Brides in the Bath'; in another, Annie Walters, the notorious baby farmer, was plying her deadly trade; in a third, a brilliant playwright was brutally murdered by his homosexual lover. This book deals with central London's architecture of capital crime: houses inside which celebrated murders have been committed. Pursue Lord Lucan as he escapes from his elegant Belgravia house, leaving the dead nanny in the basement; prowl the Soho streets once haunted by an elusive serial killer; and follow in the murderous footsteps of the Blackout Ripper and the serial killer Patrick Mackay. And read about London's many forgotten murders, where only the murder houses remain to tell a tale.


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