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What's In Your Future? Mantle Ministries

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Everyone wonders about what will be in their future. Our Lord Jesus Christ gave us the answer about 2000 years ago. He commanded the Apostle John to "Write, therefore, what you have seen, what is now and what will take place later." Revelation 1:19. But what John wrote has been a mystery and difficult to decipher even for the most serious and sincere Christian. It requires unraveling many symbols, visions, and above all putting events in their proper sequence. And yet those who are willing to study and keep its message are rewarded by the Lord, "Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near." Revelation 1:3. The diligent reader of the Book is awed by Christ's person, grace, and power. As the Lamb of God, it demonstrates His desire that none should perish - leaving a powerful witness for those left behind after the rapture. As the Head of the Church, He provides both a warning to stay ready for His return, and encouragement that by His strength we can overcome all things. As the returning Messiah, He vanquishes all evil, and claims His right to rule over heaven and earth. What's In Your Future? offers a suggested sequence that places events in chronological order, and that also groups symbols together that are reiterating and adding detail to similar events - thus reducing or eliminating repetition. This results in portions of the Book of Revelation being read "out of order." Our belief is that Revelation is a microcosm of the entire Word of God - where prophecies do not occur in a chronological sequence. We also gather together scriptures from other parts of God's Word that confirm and add meaning and understanding to the various parts of Revelation. Finally, we have added author insights that will bring perspective and also (we trust) glorify the One and only One who is ".worthy. to receive glory and honor and power, for (He) created all things, and by (His) will they were created and have their being." Revelation 4: 11. About the Author(s): Jim Biscardi is President of New Jersey Christian Ministries, Inc. (NJCM), a non-profit, interdenominational corporation that equips Christians to make disciples through about 90 instructors. For the past 45 years, it has sponsored an annual Christian Ministries Convention with 150 workshops and over 60 exhibitors. Over the last 5 years, attendance has been between 925 -1500 people. In 2003, 196 churches/ministries were represented with over 280 teachers and 174 other leaders, including 41 Sunday School Superintendents. Regional seminars at host churches in various geographical areas are also presented. Jim has been interviewed on various NY-NJ radio stations about his books, his workshops, and NJCM - Family Stations Inc., Star 99.1, and WMCA/WWDJ New Yorkżs Christian Talk Radio. Besides What's In Your Future?, heżs written three other books, published by Operation Mobilisation, Petros-Faith Publishing, and Mantle Ministries. Besides distribution in the USA, his books are distributed in India, Nigeria, and Kenya. Joe Velez is a short-term missionary, evangelist, and inspirational teacher of the Bible. He's a sought-after workshop instructor - especially in the area of "end-times" prophecy. He used his extensive background as a computer network technician, to research, teach, and document technology that is paving the way for the Antichrist world ruler. He describes this technology in easy-to-understand terms along with pictures in a chapter called, "Technology and the Rise of the Antichrist."


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