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A Fallen Eagle - 2844165314

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A Fallen Eagle Dog Ear Publishing, LLC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"A Fallen Eagle" is the true story of a young boy from East Texas, who volunteered for service in 1942. He entered the service with only a high school education and limited experience, other than working on a farm. His desire to be a pilot drove him to overcome numerous obstacles to be accepted into pilot training. He persevered through rigorous training to earn his wings. After receiving his wings, he became a B-24 pilot assigned to the 722nd Squadron of the 450th Bomb Group. When his unit training was completed, he was assigned to the 15th Air Force, operating out of Italy. He flew missions over most of Europe and the Balkans. Through over 75 of his personal letters, he shares his experiences, both emotional and physical, as he went from being a farm boy to being a heavy bomber pilot. He flew in dangerous combat situations, saw the horrors of aerial battle, and ultimately, gave his life in the service of his country. The human side of the tragedy is told not only in his letters, but by letters of the crew's next of kin and government correspondence in the aftermath. The final chapter describes the detailed government process to recover, make positive identification, and return his remains to the states. CLARENCE P. COWART was born in Groves, Texas, grew up in Jasper, Texas and graduated from Texas A & M College. Upon his graduation, he entered the service at Ft. Bliss, Texas and graduated from Missile School. After serving his active duty obligation, he returned to East Texas and joined the Army Reserves. His first assignment was as a Platoon Leader in an infantry unit. His next assignment was in an Artillery Unit in Beaumont, Texas where he served in several positions. He served four years as Headquarters Company Commander in a support group. Through the years he served in several units, the last was as the Commander of a transportation battalion. After twenty-one years of service he retired as a Lt. Colonel. While serving in the reserves, his civilian jobs involved working in numerous positions in municipal government in Southeast Texas. He retired from the City of Beaumont. He and his wife, Dixie raised two children. They now have four grandchildren and one great granddaughter. They are retired and currently live in Lumberton, Texas. Colonel Cowart is active in the church where he attends, is an avid hunter, competitive shooter, and military arms collector. He operates a part-time design and inspection service from his home. His interest in WWII history led him to write "A Fallen Eagle."


Peace in Time - 2852637548

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Peace in Time First Edition Design eBook Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When Teresa Walker reluctantly visits an old cemetery in the small East Texas town of Balfour with her husband Granger, she suddenly has a vision about a young girl, Sarah Bollinger, who was buried there 150 years ago. Granger is skeptical about Teresa's experience at first. However, after she tells him that she feels compelled to determine what happened to Sarah, he agrees to go along. As they investigate the mystery, they form an uneasy alliance with Jack McAlester, an engineer from San Francisco who has been summoned to Balfour by a series of curious letters. Teresa is immediately unnaturally attracted to this handsome but devious stranger. Together, they seek the assistance of Phyllis Runyon, the sophisticated current resident of the plantation house where Sarah lived. Their unraveling of the dark family secret concerning the true identity of Sarah's murderer leads to the discovery of a hidden treasure, forces Teresa and Granger to confront unresolved issues in their personal lives, and leads to a shocking, deadly climax at the scene of the original crime. A Peace in Time is an intimate tale of love and hate across a century and a half and of the meting out of justice for a vicious murder. _____ Author Bio: Herschel Waller's thirty-eight year career as a petroleum engineer included numerous positions in the States and in Norway and Egypt. Now retired, he is exploring his life-long interest in writing by authoring A Peace in Time, which is set in his native East Texas. Though this is his first novel, he has also written several short stories. He now lives with his wife in Fulshear, Texas, just west of Houston. _____ Keywords: Mystery, Romance, all, Historical, Murder, Antebellum, Ghost, Greed, Secret, Attraction


Yellow House Draw - 2841431933

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Yellow House Draw Betascript Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Yellow House Draw is an ephemeral watercourse about 130 km (81 mi) long, heading about 21 km (13 mi) north of Morton, Texas, and tending generally east-southeastward across the Llano Estacado to the city of Lubbock where it joins Blackwater Draw to form Yellow House Canyon at the head of the North Fork Double Mountain Fork Brazos River. It stretches across Bailey, Cochran, Hockley, and Lubbock counties of West Texas and drains an area of 9,790 km2 (3,780 sq mi). Lubbock Lake Landmark, an important archeological site and natural history preserve, is located in a meander of Yellow House Draw in the city of Lubbock, Texas. Native Americans and early settlers of the Llano Estacado used the springs in the draw until they went dry in the early 1930s due to excessive pumping of the Ogallala Aquifer. In 1936, the City of Lubbock dredged the meander in an effort to make it a usable water supply. These efforts were unsuccessful, but brought to light the archeological significance of the site. Today, there is very little standing water and no actual lake but the site has become an important archeological landmark.


Apartments in the United States - 2852492063

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Apartments in the United States Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 103. Chapters: Apartments in Chicago, Illinois, Apartments in Cincinnati, Ohio, Apartments in Dallas, Texas, Apartments in Detroit, Michigan, Apartments in Los Angeles, California, Apartments in Louisville, Kentucky, Apartments in Miami, Florida, Apartments in New York City, Apartments in Omaha, Nebraska, Apartments in Washington, D.C., The Dakota, Watergate complex, Co-op City, Bronx, Graham Court, Apartments and Flats of Downtown Indianapolis Thematic Resources, Galtier Plaza, The Century, Mercantile National Bank Building, The Ansonia, Bryson Apartment Hotel, L.A. Live, Kennedy-Warren Apartment Building, Cooperative Village, Hacienda Arms Apartments, Titche-Goettinger Building, 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, 2 Horatio Street, Riverside South, 834 Fifth Avenue, El Greco Apartments, Park Row Building, Skyline Tower, Alban Towers, Aqua, Hamilton Watch Complex, Jardinette Apartments, Van Allen Building, Castle Village, 15 Broad Street, Northumberland Apartments, The Osborne, Patrick Henry Hotel, Murillo Building, Wilson Building (Dallas, Texas), 740 Park Avenue, Hollywood Tower, Montecito Apartments, The Eldorado, Joel N. Cornish House, The Level Club, Tower Verre, The Beresford, Lester Apartments, Pythian Temple, Charles B. Russell House, Random House Tower, Edgewater Beach Hotel, Saxony Apartment Building, Los Angeles Nurses' Club, Dunbar Apartments, Kales Building, Lombardy Apartment Building, 310 West Church Street Apartments, Riverfront West, Robert T. Lyons, Park Flats, Brittany Apartment Building, Kentucky Towers, Liberty Square Housing Projects, Miami, Florida, Continental Life Building, CitySpire Center, 927 Fifth Avenue, Palazzo Chupi, Olympic Tower, W. W. Shirk Building (Muncie, Indiana), 45 Christopher Street, League of Catholic Women Building, Coronado Apartments, Van Nuys Apartments, Chateau Colline, The Corinthian, Palms Apartments, Drake Court Apartments and the Dartmore Apartments Historic District, Strehlow Terrace, Chester A. Arthur Home, The Cathcart, Industrial-Stevens Apartments, Marshall Field Garden Apartments, The 800 Apartments, Fyfe Building, The Wardell, The Wilson, Nash Block, Washington Square, Halifax Apartments, Verona Apartments (Detroit, Michigan), Jeffersonian Apartments, Beebe and Runyan Furniture Showroom and Warehouse, Plaza Apartments (Cleveland, Ohio), Prague Hotel, The Leland Hotel (Detroit, Michigan), Cleveland Court Apartments 620-638, Griswold Building Senior Apartments, Courtland Flats, Bauer Apartments, Vinton School, Belcrest Apartments (Detroit, Michigan), Dr. H. Huber Block, The Sherman (Omaha, Nebraska), Adena Court Apartments, 250 West 90th Street, Mason School, Saunders School, Milner Arms Apartments, Lancaster and Waumbek Apartments, Los Altos Apartments, Confucius Plaza, Ford Hospital, 353 Central Park West, Calvert Manor, Mosaic Dallas, Barclay Tower, Melrose Apartments (Omaha, Nebraska), Minneapolis YMCA Central Building, Shelby House (Botkins, Ohio), William E. Borah Apartment, Windsor Lodge, Robbins School, Edison Courts, Miami, Florida, Andalusia (Los Angeles, California), Washington Boulevard Building, George Washington Hotel (New York, New York), Kirby Building, Chatsworth Apartments, Barrington Plaza, Pentagon Row, Center School, Avalon Morningside Park, 300 East 57th Street, Hollywood Melrose Hotel, Cornwall Apartments, Villa Bonita, Gladstone and Hawarden Apartment Buildings, Onyx on First, Central YMCA (Cleveland, Ohio), Park School, Ansonia Apartments, The...


Blue Grass - Hit Festival - 2840113431

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Blue Grass - Hit Festival


1. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 2. Foggy Mountain Breakdown 3. Cotton Eyed Joe 4. Roving Gambler 5. Y'all Come 6. You Don't Know My Mind 7. Are You Missing Me? 8. Tis Sweet To Be Remembered 9. Going Back To The Blue Ridge Mountains 10. Mule Skinner Blues 11. Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet 12. Crazy Finger Blues 13. Earl's Breakdown 14. Old Rattler 15. Orange Blossom Special 16. She's Just A Cute Thing 17. The Fields Have Turned Brown 18. I'm Gonna Settle Down 19. I'm Lonesome Without You 20. Footprints In The Snow 101. Blue Grass Breakdown 102. Blue Eyed Darling 103. I'm Lonesome And Blue 104. Hey, Hey, Hey 105. The Old Cross Road 106. I'm Gone, Long Gone 107. Banjo Pickin' Girl 108. Over The Hills To The Poorhouse 109. It's Raining Here This Morning 110. Remember The Cross 111. Will The Circle Be Unbroken 112. Pretty Polly 113. My Darling's Last Goodbye 114. Rattlesnake Daddy 115. I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome 116. There's Another Baby Waiting For Me Down The Line 117. Little Birdie 118. Get In Line Brothers 119. The Lonesome River 120. Alabama Waltz 201. Molly And Tenbrooks 202. Happy Valley Special 203. Brother I'm Getting Ready To Go 204. Sweetest Love 205. Can't You Hear Me Calling 206. Mountain Dew 207. Cabin Home In Carolina 208. Why Did You Wander 209. Tennessee Cut-up Breakdown 210. Travelin' This Lonesome Road 211. Alabama 212. The Wandering Boy 213. Run Mountain 214. Flint Hill Special 215. Toy Heart 216. Uncle Eph's Got The Coon 217. The Little Girl And The Dreadful Snake 218. Three Miles South Of Cash In Arkansas 219. Thinking About You 220. Heavy Traffic Ahead 301. The Coupon Song 302. If I Should Wander Back To You 303. John Henry 304. Little Glass Of Wine 305. Goodbye Old Pal 306. Come Here Soon 307. Baby Girl 308. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke 309. Banjo Twist 310. Blue Grass Special 311. Save It, Save It 312. Are You Waiting Just For Me 313. It Won't Be Long 314. Dear Old Dixie 315. True Life Blues 316. I Will Never Marry 317. Little Birdie 318. Arkansas Special 319. I'll Go Stepping Too 320. Were You There 401. Mansions For Me 402. Say You Won't Be Mine 403. I'd Rather Be Alone 404. My Lonely Heart 405. Wicked Path Of Sin 406. Beautiful Brown Eyes 407. Ridin' The Waves 408. Ready To Go Home 409. Foggy Mountain Chimes 410. Summertime Is Past And Gone 411. This Weary Heart You Stole Away 412. Can't Live With 'Em 413. Someone Took My Place With You 414. I'll Wash Your Love From My Heart 415. Little Cabin Home On The Hill 416. Doin' My Time 417. Wiggle Worm Wiggle 418. Mother Prays Loud In Her Sleep 419. I'm Lonesome Without You 420. Shine Hallelujah Shine 501. That Home Above 502. Get Along Home Cindy 503. Be Ready For Tomorrow May Never Come 504. Our Last Goodbye 505. No Letter In The Mail 506. Are You From Dixie? 507. Rosa Lee Mcfall 508. Reunion In Heaven 509. Buddy Won't You Roll Down The Line 510. It's Mighty Dark To Travel 511. Air Mail Special 512. Poison Lies 513. Till The End Of The World Rolls Around 514. Ain't Nobody's Business 515. Six White Horses 516. No Home, No Place To Pillow My Head 517. Dickson County Breakdown 518. You're Not A Drop In The Bucket 519. Western Kentucky Limited 520. I'm Going Back To Old Kentucky 601. Dog House Blues 602. Hard For To Love 603. Don't This Road Look Rough And Rocky 604. I Long To See The Old Folks 605. Blue Yodel #7 606. Shady Grove 607. If The River Was Whiskey 608. Foggy Mountain Special 609. I Get My Whiskey From Rockingham 610. Katy Hill 611. A Voice From On High 612. The Great Speckle Bird 613. I'm Going To Make Heaven My Home 614. When The Train Comes Along 615. Tennessee Blues 616. East Texas Drag 617. Memories Of Mother 618. Farewell Blues 619. All Of The Monkeys Ain't In The Zoo 620. I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do 701. Honky Tonk Swing 702. Could You Love Me (One More Time) 703. My Cabin In The Hills Of Caroline 704. Jackson Stomp 705. Back Up And Push 706. Red Hot Breakdown 707. Out Of Business 708. We'll Meet Again Sweetheart 709. Hawkins' Rag 710. Rocky Road Blues 711. I Just Got Wise 712. Hold The Woodpile Down 713. Is It Too Late 714. The Girl Behind The Bar 715. Blue Yodel #4 716. Once I Had A Darling Mother 717. Harbour Of Love 718. So Happy I'll Be 719. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms 720. In The Pines 801. Will You Be Loving Another Man 802. Feudin' Banjos 803. God Loves His Children 804. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 805. When You Are Lonely 806. Heart's Hall Of Fame 807. Tanner's Boarding House 808. Baby Blue Eyes 809. Go Along Mule 810. Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong 811. Calling From Heaven 812. Hop Light Ladies 813. Why Don't You Tell Me So 814. Poor Ellen Smith 815. Blue Grass Stomp 816. Mother No Longer Waits For Me 817. Carve That Possum 818. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms 819. On Tanner's Farm 820. My Rose Of Old Kentucky 901. Uncle Penn 902. Doin' My Time 903. The Story Of The Knoxville Girl 904. The Jealous Lover 905. The Girl In The Blue Velvet Band 906. The Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee 907. My Little Girl In Tennessee 908. Salty Dog Blues 909. Little Country Preacher 910. New River Train 911. Have You Forgotten 912. Little Maggie 913. I'll Never Shed Another Tear 914. Lonely Tombs 915. Just A Song Of Old Kentucky 916. When I Safely Reach That Other Shore 917. Our Darling's Gone 918. Pike County Breakdown 919. In The Hills Of Roane County 920. Banks Of The Ohio


James M. Collins - 2844569928

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James M. Collins Alphascript Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. James Mitchell Collins, often known as Jim Colllins (April 29, 1916 July 21, 1989), was a Republican who represented the Third Congressional District of Texas from 1968-1983. The district was based at the time about Irving in Dallas County.Collins was born in Hallsville in Harrison County, in East Texas. He graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School and Southern Methodist University in University Park (a part of Dallas) and from Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Collins then entered the United States Army, having served as a lieutenant in the Third Army of General George S. Patton, Jr., during the Battle of the Bulge in World War II.


Ramblin' Jack - 2839372901

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Ramblin' Jack TOPIC

Muzyka>Muzyka świata>Folk / Ludowa / Etno

1. Talking Columbia Blues 2. Pretty Boy Floyd 3. Ludlow Massacre 4. Talking Miner Blues 5. Hard Travelling 6. So Long, It's Been Good To Know You 7. Talking Dustblow Blues 8. 1913 Massacre 9. Rambling Blues 10. Talking Sailor Blues 11. San Francisco Bay Bay 12. Ol' Riley 13. The Boll Weevil 14. New York Town 15. Mule Skinner's Blues 16. East Texas Talking Blues 17. Dink's Song 18. It's Hard, Ain't It Hard 19. All Around The Water Tank 20. Mother's Not Dead 21. East Virginia Blues 22. Danville Girl 23. Rich And Rambling Boys 24. Roll On Buddy


1964 - 1969 - 2839413340

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1964 - 1969 Bear Family Records


1. Petticoat Junction 2. Have You Seen My Dear Companion 3. The Good Things (Outweigh The Bad) 4. Working It Out 5. Amber Tresses (Tied In Blue) 6. Jimmie Brown, The Newsboy 7. When Papa Played The Dobro 8. Fireball (Instrumental) 9. Father's Table Grace 10. I'm Walking With Him 11. My Wandering Boy 12. Sally Don't You Grieve 13. A Faded Red Ribbon 14. Bummin' An Old Freight Train 15. Georgia Buck (Instrumental) 16. Hello Stranger 17. Please Don't Wake Me 18. You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone 19. I Still Miss Someone 20. Wabash Cannonball 21. Rose Conelly 22. You've Been Fooling My Baby 23. Will You Be Lonesome Too? 24. Big Shoes To Fill 25. Branded Wherever I Go 26. Starlight On The Rails 27. Loafer's Glory 28. I'll Be On That Good Road Some Day 29. Confessing 30. Gonna Have Myself A Ball 101. Rock, Salt & Nails 102. The Soldier's Return 103. Memphis 104. Jackson 105. Colours 106. For Lovin' Me 107. Houston 108. Detroit City 109. Foggy Mountain Breakdown (Instrumental) 110. Kansas City 111. Nashville Blues (Instrumental) 112. Take Me Back To Tulsa 113. The Last Public Hanging In West Virginia 114. The Boys From Tennessee 115. Ten Miles From Natchez 116. Seattle Town 117. Green Acres 118. I Had A Dream 119. When The Saints Go Marching In 120. God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign 121. Call Me On Home, Too 122. A Stone That Builders Refused 123. Wait For The Sunshine 124. No Mother In This World 125. Thank God I'm On My Way 126. Troublesome Waters 127. The Last Thing On My Mind 128. Mama, You Been On My Mind 129. It Was Only The Wind 130. Why Can't I Find Myself With You 201. Southbound 202. I'm Gonna Ride That Steamboat 203. Roust-a-bout 204. Nashville Cats 205. Train Number 1262 206. Bringin' In The Georgia Mail 207. Going Across The Sea 208. The Atlantic Coastal Line 209. East Bound Train 210. Orange Blossom Special (Instrumental) 211. Last Train To Clarksville 212. California Up Tight Band 213. Don't Think Twice It's All Right 214. Four Strong Winds 215. Blowin' In The Wind 216. It Ain't Me Babe 217. Down In The Flood 218. Buddy Don't You Roll So Slow 219. Where Have All The Flowers Gone 220. This Land Is Your Land 221. Foggy Mountain Breakdown (Instrumental) 222. Mr. Tambourine Man 223. Ode To Billie Joe 224. Like A Rolling Stone 225. I'd Like To Say A Word For Texas 226. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 227. Folsom Prison Blues 228. Gentle On My Mind 229. The Times They Are A-changin' 301. If I Were A Carpenter 302. Universal Soldier 303. Long Road To Houston 304. Catch The Wind 305. Rainy Day Women 12 & 35 306. Frieda Florentine 307. Nashville Skyline Rag (Instrumental) 308. I Walk The Line 309. Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town 310. A Boy Named Sue 311. Maggie's Farm 312. Wanted Man 313. One More Night 314. One Too Many Mornings 315. Girl From The North Country 316. Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance 317. Tonight Will Be Fine 318. The Story Of Bonnie & Clyde 319. Another Ride With Clyde 320. A Picture Of Bonnie 321. The Barrow Gang Will Get You Little Man 322. Bang You're Alive 323. See Bonnie Die, See Clyde Die 324. Reunion (Instrumental) 325. Get-away (Instrumental) 326. The Chase (Instrumental) 327. Highway's End (Instrumental) 401. Pick Along (Instrumental) 402. John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man (Inst.) 403. Jazzing (Instrumental) 404. Evelina (Instrumental) 405. Tammy's Song (Instrumental) 406. Lonesome Ruben (Instrumental) 407. Spanish Two Step (Instrumental) 408. Careless Love (Instrumental) 409. Liberty (Instrumental) 410. Bill Cheatham (Instrumental) 411. Nothin' To It (Instrumental) 412. Intro 413. Lost All My Money 414. Maggie Blues (Instrumental) 415. Steamboat Whistle Blues 416. Paul & Silas 417. Cannonball Blues (Instrumental) 418. You Are My Flower 419. Old Leather Britches (Instrumental) 420. Across The Blue Ridge Mountains 421. Old Folks (Instrumental) 422. Going Back To Harlan 423. Poor Rebel Soldier 424. No Hiding Place Down Here 425. Going Up Cripple Creek 426. Foggy Mountain Special 501. Bile Them Cabbage Down 502. Old Joe Clark 503. Sally Goodin 504. Black Mountain Rag 505. Billy In The Lowground 506. Twinkle Little Star 507. Old Fiddler 508. Soldier's Joy 509. Cheyenne 510. Down Yonder 511. Georgia Shuffle 512. Golden Slippers 513. Tennessee Wagner 514. Chicken Reel 515. Theme From Beverly Hillbillies 516. Beverly Hills 517. Vittles 518. A Long Talk With That Boy 519. Jethro's A Powerful Man 520. Elly's Spring Song 521. Back Home U.s.a. 522. Critters 523. What A Great Doctor Granny Is 524. Lady Lessons 525. Birds & The Bees 526. Love Or Money 527. Close


Savy Sugar - 2839317837

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Savy Sugar Fantastic Voyage


1. Jeanette & Decky - Crazy With You 2. Dixon, Floyd - Rita 3. Fats Domino - No, No 4. Jackson, Dimples - Ring-a-ling 5. Berry, Richard - Besame Mucho 6. Tann, Roy - Hey Sugar 7. Ashby, Irving - Guitar Rock 8. Dukes, Aggie - John John 9. Day, Bobby - Gotta New Girl 10. Trenier, Milt - Gonna Catch Me A Rat 11. Williams, Larry - I Can't Stop Loving You 12. Tucker, Anita - Hop, Skip & Jump 13. Young Jessie - Mary Lou 14. Cole, Nat King - Blue Moon 15. Bostic, Earl - Tow O'clock Jump 16. Ronnie & Roy - Get Up & Let's Dance 17. Carr, Wyona - Should I Ever Love Again 18. Hughes, Ben - Sack 19. Rachas, Coo-coo - Track Down 20. Don & Dewey - Farmer John 21. James, Etta - Sunshine Of Love 22. Gene & Eunice - Ah! Ah! 23. Walker, T-bone - Two Bones & A Pick 24. Hawkins, Jennell & Lockettes, The - The Mess Aroun 25. Church, Eugene - Don't Stop Loving Me 101. Turks, The - Rockville Usa 102. Adams, Marie & Three Tons Of Joy, The - Loop De Lo 103. Cadets, The - I Want You 104. Coasters, The - Sweet Georgia Brown 105. Ray Johnson Combo, The - Wanna, Wanna, Wanna, Wann 106. Blossoms, The - Move On 107. Five Masks - Polly Molly 108. Robins, The - Every Night 109. Kents, The - I Found My Girl 110. Titans, The - Can It Be 111. Platters, The - You'll Never, Never Know 112. Lockettes, The - Puddin' Pie 113. Barbara & Boys, The - Hootie Sapperticker 114. Hollywood Flames - Crazy 115. Teen Queens, The - I Miss You 116. Bystanders, The - Yellow, Mellow Hardtop 117. Souvenirs, The - Alene, Sweet Little Texas Queen 118. Romancers, The - House Cat 119. Moore, Gene & Metronomes, The - She's Gone 120. Julian, Don & Meadowlarks, The - Boogie Woogie Tee 121. Zeppa, Ben & Zephyrs, The - Baby - I Need (Ting-a- 122. Six Teens, The - Why Do I Go To School 123. Otis, Johnny & Jayos, The - Tough Enough 124. Maharajahs, The - Sweet Loretta 125. Tramps, The - You're A Square 201. Burnette, Dorsey - Bertha Lou 202. Vincent, Gene - Somebody Help Me 203. Jackson, Roddy - I've Got My Sights On Someone New 204. Prima, Louis - Whistle Stop 205. Lory, Dick - Cool It Baby 206. Brown, Boots - (Let's Go To) Strollsville 207. Bain, Babbette - That's It 208. Nelson, Ricky - My Babe 209. Otis, Johnny - All I Want Is Your Love 210. Danny Boy - Don't Go Baby 211. Byrnes, Edd - Koooky's Mad Pad 212. Ralke, Don - Four Paces East 213. Engel, Scott - The Livin' End 214. Sands, Tommy - Little Mama 215. Tony & Joe - Where Can You Be 216. Norris, Bobby - I Went Rockin' 217. Clark, Sanford - Modern Romance 218. Cochran, Eddie - Teenage Heaven 219. Butera, Sam - Twinkle In Your Eye 220. Champs, The - Double Eagle Rock 221. Fuller, Jerry - Tennessee Waltz 222. Reynolds, Jody - Tight Capris 223. Annette - Tall Paul 224. Lee, Curtis - Pure Love 225. Jan & Arnie - The Beat That Can't Be Beat


Awesome As F**k - 1059550474

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Awesome As F**k Warner Music

Muzyka -> Rock, Metal

Jedna z największych gwiazd muzyki ostatnich kilkunastu lat w koncertowym wydaniu! Ci, którzy mieli okazję doświadczyć występu Green Day na własnej skórze, doskonale wiedzą, że na scenie są niesamowici. Z wielką troską i pieczołowitością podchodzą również do wydawnictw koncertowych, które traktują jako dowód wdzięczności dla fanów, którzy zawsze zgotowują triu niezwykle gorące przyjęcie. Oto kolejny dowód na to. Na krążkach CD i DVD zapisano występy Billego Joe Armstronga, Mike'a Dirnta i Tre Coola podczas światowej trasy koncertowej promującej multiplatynowy, nagrodzony Grammy krążek "21st Century Breakdown". Green Day pomyśleli oczywiście o zróżnicowaniu oferty i część bonusowych piosenek udostępnili za pośrednictwem sklepu iTunes. Bonusowe DVD zawiera numery z koncertów w Tokio, w Japonii. W zestawie nie zabrakło oczywiście największych hitów z "21 Guns", "American Idiot", "When I Come Around" i "Good Riddance" na czele. Nagrania trio wybierało z koncertów zarejestrowanych w USA, Kanadzie, Niemczech, Anglii, Irlandii, Szkocji, Austrii, Japonii i Australii.


Western (genre) novels (Book Guide) - 2853798121

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Western (genre) novels (Book Guide) Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (novels not included). Pages: 59. Chapters: Riders of the Purple Sage, List of Ace western double titles, Lonesome Dove, The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon, Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down, No Country for Old Men, The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl, Fair Land, Fair Land, Streets of Laredo, Noon Wine, Destry Rides Again, Shane, Buckskin Brigades, Tonto Basin, Dead Man's Walk, The Haunted Mesa, The Ox-Bow Incident, Comanche Moon, Golden Checkerboard, Western fiction, The Brave Cowboy, The Crossing, Big Little Book series, The Able McLaughlins, Last Stand at Saber River, The Bandit of Hell's Bend, The Love of the Last Tycoon, The Trail of the Lonesome Pine, Ride the Wind, Ghost Warrior, To the Last Man, Breakheart Pass, Catlow, The Law and the McLaughlins, Young Pioneers, Tucket's Gold, Last of the Duanes, Nevada, Forlorn River, Fearless, A Novel of Sarah Bowman, The Ferguson Rifle, Holmes on the Range, The Steam Man of the Prairies, The Last Hunt, The Trailsman, Edge the Loner, The Big Country, The Lone Star Ranger, Mr. Tucket, Tucket's Ride, Smoky Valley, Horseman, Pass By, Free Land, Texas Fever, Murphy's Gold, The Last Ride, Slocum, Spur Award, Murphy's Trail, Murphy's Stand, Murphy's Ambush, Backtrack, Mad River, Hombre, The Man From Santa Clara, Murphy's Herd, Murphy's War, The Redwater Raid, Resolution, It Feels Like Thunder, A Mule for the Marquesa, The Last Crossing, Brimstone, The Sundowners, Savage Range, Spirit of the Border, Folly and Glory, The Apple Dumpling Gang, Cool Hand Luke, The Harvey Girls, By Sorrow's River, The Wandering Hill, Shalako, Scarlet Plume, Apache, Long Ride Home. Excerpt: Riders of the Purple Sage is Zane Grey's best-known novel originally published in 1912. Most critics agree that it played a significant role in shaping the formula of the popular Western genre. Riders of the Purple Sage tells the story of Jane Withersteen and her battle to overcome her persecution by members of her LDS church, a leader of which, Elder Tull, wants to marry her. Withersteen is supported by a number of Gentile friends, including Bern Venters and Lassiter, the famous gunman and killer of Mormons. Throughout most of the novel she struggles with her "blindness" in seeing the evil nature of her church and its leaders, trying to keep both Venters and Lassiter from killing her adversaries, who are slowly ruining her. Through the adoption of a child, Fay, she abandons her false beliefs and discovers her true love. A second plot strand tells of Venters and his escape to the wilderness with a girl whom he has accidentally shot, cares for, and falls in love with. In the end of the novel Venters and Bess, "the rustler's girl," escape to the East, while Lassiter, Fay, and Jane, pursued by both Mormons and rustlers, escape into a paradise-like valley by toppling a giant balancing rock, forever closing off the only way in or out. The events depicted in Riders of the Purple Sage occur between the mid-spring and the late summer of 1871. Early in Riders of the Purple Sage, we are introduced to Jane Withersteen and the main conflict: the right to befriend a Gentile. (In Riders of the Purple Sage, the word "Gentile" is synonymous with "non-Mormon." The usage was common in the Church.) This conflict is best demonstrated in the statement: "Jane Withersteen gazed down the wide purple slope with dreamy and troubled eyes. A rider had just left her and it was his message that held her thoughtful and...


Say Something - 2836516174

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Say Something Dreamspinner Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Saying the right words could transform a friendship that can survive anything into the love of a lifetime. But finding them isn't always easy. Jenson can't remember a time when he didn't love Mike, but he's never been able to articulate what's in his heart. Though they're separated while Mike pursues his Hollywood dreams and cowboy Jenson remains in their small East Texas hometown, they always find their way back to each other when life gets hard and a friend's support is crucial. Through life's amazing victories and crushing losses, Jenson trusts he can always depend on Mike, and vice versa. But the timing never feels right to make the move from friends to lovers. When what might be their last chance arises, Jenson knows he must overcome his fear. The man he loves is slipping through his fingers, and he can't wait any longer. It's time to say something.


1976 in case law - 2841668157

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1976 in case law Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 47. Chapters: 1976 in United States case law, DHN Food Distributors Ltd v Tower Hamlets London Borough Council, Gregg v. Georgia, North v. Russell, Mullens v Federal Commissioner of Taxation, Hampton v. United States, South Dakota v. Opperman, Colorado River Water Conservation District v. United States, Virginia State Pharmacy Board v. Virginia Citizens Consumer Council, Buckley v. Valeo, TSC Industries, Inc. v. Northway, Inc., Schmidt decision, Ward v Tesco Stores Ltd, People v. Berry, Washington v. Davis, Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of California, Arizona v. New Mexico, Public Prosecutor v. Khong Teng Khen & Anor., Craig v. Boren, Nebraska Press Assn. v. Stuart, Olk v. United States, Esso Petroleum Co Ltd v Mardon, National League of Cities v. Usery, United States v. Martinez-Fuerte, List of United States Supreme Court cases, Serrano v. Priest, Fitzpatrick v. Bitzer, DPP v Majewski, Runyon v. McCrary, Rizzo v. Goode, Kleppe v. New Mexico, List of United States Supreme Court cases, volume 425, Mathews v. Eldridge, Time, Inc. v. Firestone, List of United States Supreme Court cases, volume 426, Andresen v. Maryland, Hills v. Gautreaux, Dann v. Johnston, Murphyores Inc Pty Ltd v Commonwealth, Planned Parenthood of Central Missouri v. Danforth, Hughes v. Alexandria Scrap Corp., Paul v Constance, Examining Board v. Flores de Otero, Reardon Smith Line Ltd v Yngvar Hansen-Tangen and Sanko SS & Co Ltd, Imbler v. Pachtman, Pasadena City Bd. of Ed. v. Spangler, Miliangos v George Frank Ltd, List of United States Supreme Court cases, volume 424, List of United States Supreme Court cases, volume 427, Young v. American Mini Theatres, Bellotti v. Baird, Moore v. Younger, Doyle v. Ohio, Estelle v. Gamble, Shell UK Ltd v Lostock Garages Ltd, Morgan v. Prince Edward Island, Sakraida v. Ag Pro, List of United States Supreme Court cases, volume 428. Excerpt: DHN Food Distributors Ltd v Tower Hamlets London Borough Council 1 WLR 852 is a UK company law case, where on the basis that a company should be compensated for loss of its business under a compulsory acquisition order, a group was recognised as a single economic entity. It stands as a liberal example of when UK courts may lift the veil of incorporation of a company. The decision was, however, doubted in Woolfson v Strathclyde Regional Council and qualified in Adams v Cape Industries plc. DHN ran a wholesale cash and carry grocery business from premises owned by its wholly owned subsidiary, called Bronze. It had a warehouse in Malmesbury Road, in Bow, the East End of London. Bronze's directors were DHN's. Bronze had no business and the only asset was the premises, of which DHN was licensee. Another wholly owned subsidiary had the vehicles. In 1970 Tower Hamlets London Borough Council compulsorily acquired the premises to build houses. DHN had to close down. Compensation was already paid to Bronze, one and a half times the land value. DHN could only get compensation too if it had more than a license interest. The Lands Tribunal held no further compensation was payable. The Court of Appeal held that DHN and Bronze were part of single economic entity. Therefore as if DHN had owned the land itself, it was entitled to compensation for the loss of business. Lord Denning MR's judgment went as follows. Goff LJ concurred and read his judgment. Gregg v. Georgia, Proffitt v. Florida, Jurek v. Texas, Woodson v. North Carolina, and Roberts v. Louisiana, 42...


American punk rock guitarists - 2837117557

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American punk rock guitarists Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 137. Chapters: Greg Ginn, Billie Joe Armstrong, Ian MacKaye, Tom Wisniewski, Dez Cadena, Omar Rodríguez-López, Tom DeLonge, Tobi Vail, Johnny Thunders, Bradley Nowell, Kathleen Hanna, Johnny Ramone, Brett Gurewitz, Pat Smear, Bob Mould, Mike Ness, Tim McIlrath, Buzz Osborne, Hank Williams III, Dale Crover, Tim Armstrong, Robert Quine, Chris Conley, Ella Guru, Sharon Cheslow, Matt Skiba, Sylvia Juncosa, James Williamson, Calvin Johnson, Wayne Kramer, Aaron Barrett, Tom Verlaine, Lars Frederiksen, Jason White, Ryan Key, Ben Weasel, Greg Graffin, Trever Keith, Ivan Julian, Mike Herrera, Ron Asheton, Matthew Fox, Todd Youth, Guy Picciotto, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, Daniel Anderson, Chris Clavin, Brodie Foster Hubbard, William DuVall, Scott Morgan, East Bay Ray, Greg Dulli, Justin Sane, Sylvain Sylvain, Chris Traynor, David Grubbs, Beau Burchell, D. Boon, Ken Stringfellow, Jade Puget, Christian Martucci, Greg Hetson, Jesse Michaels, Josh Caterer, Joey Goebel, Laramie Dean, Jody Harris, Geoff Kresge, Ron Emory, Gábor Szakácsi, Ted Leo, Brix Smith, Nick 13, David Kennedy, Eric Carlson, Anthony Rossomando, Ross the Boss, Jody Bleyle, Marko DeSantis, Zach Blair, Roxy Saint, Bobby Steele, Noodles, Skyla Talon, Steve Bjorklund, Kaleo Wassman, Craig Fairbaugh, Brian Baker, Bryan Gregory, Fred "Sonic" Smith, Donita Sparks, Robert Eggplant, Eric Melvin, William Gilmore Weber, Matt McIntosh, Jaxon Benge, Matthew Fletcher, Mark X, Garrett Uhlenbrock, Dennis Danell, Acey Slade, Shelby Cinca, Warren Fitzgerald, Duke Decter, Curt Kirkwood, Brandon Reilly, Oliver Chapoy, Brad Logan, El Hefe, Mike Saunders, Nathan Larson, Robert Hecker, Courtney Pollock, Marc Orrell, Gunner McGrath, Frank Navetta, Tim Pagnotta, Ian Fowles, Billy Zoom, Jonny Wickersham, Dave Schulthise, Ed Crawford, Poison Ivy, Stephen Egerton, Billy Karren, Geza X, Alfunction, Shane Gallagher, Adam Thorn, Devin Bronson, Keith Barney, Michael Hampton, Brian Lisik, Chris McCaughan, Micah Ortega, Scott Klopfenstein, Lyle Preslar, Richie Stotts, Angel Ibarra, Todd Mohney, Dr. Know, Rikk Agnew, Greg Sage, Brendon McNichol, Fletcher Dragge, John Porcelly, Charlee Johnson, Richard Thurston, Peter Bartsocas, Jon Ginoli, Suzi Gardner, Ben Flanagan, Jeff Lorien, Chris "X-13" Higgins, Franché Coma, Jon Siebels, Chuck Briggs, Danny Sage, Andy Husted, John Pierson, Nolan McGuire, Rose Mazzola, Andrew Logan, Mike Kirsch, Spoonboy, Randy Torres, Steve Kidwiller, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Parker Lundgren, Mark Mitchell, Aaron Lisi, Bill Henderson, Nate Albert, Mark Arnold, Aaron Dalbec, Chris Beaty, Ronnie Washburn, Brian Crozier, Marco Peńa. Excerpt: Omar Alfredo Rodríguez-López (born September 1, 1975) is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, writer, actor and film director who was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. He is the composer, guitarist and producer for the progressive rock group The Mars Volta, and the former bassist and guitarist for the dub reggae band De Facto and the post-hardcore outfit At The Drive-In respectively. He has also embarked upon a prolific and genre-defying solo career, both in studio and in concert, frequently described as experimental, avant-garde and/or progressive and has collaborated with numerous artists spanning from John Frusciante to El-P. Rodríguez-López was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in El Paso, Texas, but spent some of his childhood in South Carolina. He began playing the bass at age 12, but then switched to guitar at 15 becau...


Rofur US Civil War 1861-1865 1/72-17: CS Infantry 1861-65 - 2824104005

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Rofur US Civil War 1861-1865 1/72-17: CS Infantry 1861-65 Rofur-Flags

Figurki > Figurki - 1/72

  Rofur US Civil War 1861-1865 1/72-17: CS Infantry 1861-65. Battle Flags (Corps Flags 1) Przepraszamy za angielskie opisy Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flag 1861, 3 Variations / Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flag Mai-Nov. 1864 / Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flag "First bunting issue", Juli 1862-Mai 1864 / South Carolina, Georgia und Florida Infanterie Battle Flag Sept. 1862 pattern / Texas, Arkansas, West Louisiana, Arizona and Missouri Inf. battle Flag: 6 Versions / Alabama, Mississippi und East Louisiana Inf. Battle Flag 1864/65 / Army of Tennessee Battle Flag 1864. Wysokiej jakości druk na papierze samoprzylepnym. Format arkusza: 105mm x 145mm Aby pobrać pełną, kolorową ofertę kliknij tutaj: ROFUR-FLAGS CATALOGUE Producent: Rofur-Flags (Niemcy)   Nasza pełna oferta jest tutaj: LINK (kliknij) Ważne informacje: Prosimy o dokładne zapoznanie się z zasadami działania naszego sklepu. To bardzo ważne i pozwoli na uniknięcie nieporozumień związanych z koniecznością oczekiwania na przesyłkę. Wszystkie zamówienia realizujemy w kolejności zgłoszeń. Zamówione towary wysyłamy zazwyczaj w ciągu 10-14 dni od daty zgłoszenia lub wcześniej. Jeśli dany towar sprowadzany jest na indywidualne zamówienie to czas oczekiwania może być dłuższy. Nie ponosimy odpowiedzialności za różnicę w zawartości pudełka w stosunku do prezentowanego zdjęcia. * * * * *

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