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Princess Pirate - 2843497066

61,50 zł

Princess Pirate Tate Publishing & Enterprises

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Young lady, you are in trouble now. Two men have spotted you and are headed this way." One man grabbed Rebekah by her arm and said, "Look what we found!" Rebekah drew her sword, swung around, and ran her sword through his shoulder. He fell backward to the floor, screaming in pain. The other man drew his sword and said, "Okay, little missy, you want to play swords? Let's play!" Before he took his first swing, Rebekah whipped her sword around and with two swings knocked his sword from his hand, almost removing his hand in the process. Sail the high seas with Princess Rebekah Martin; her first mate, Jack Reese; and the unpredictable pirates that are under her command. Join Rebekah as she and her band of buccaneers raid ships for gold and silver bullion in retaliation for England taking away Rebekah's father's kingdom. But the vengeance Rebekah seeks doesn't stop there. She is also on the hunt for the man who murdered her father before her very eyes. On her journey for revenge, Rebekah meets up with other pirates and bounty hunters, as well as enemies whose only goal is to end her life.


Pirate Attack! - 2840062393

30,99 zł

Pirate Attack!

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

Suitable For Children Who Are Beginning To Read For Meaning, Decoding And Recognising Words, And Enjoying Reading, This Book Helps Them Learn How To Read And Learn To Love Reading.


Isaac the Pirate - 2835874095

61,01 zł

Isaac the Pirate NBM Publishing Company

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Isaac is a talented artist with no money but with a wonderful lover back in the 18th century. He runs into a rich Captain who is taken by his abilities and hires him with a handsome stipend to come along in his voyages. It turns out he's a pirate. Isaac went to make some quick money and come back and marry the love of his life but has embarked upon a series of at turns hilarious and dark adventures on the high seas from the Caribbean to the icy North, with apparently no end in sight. Meanwhile, his girlfriend is getting attention from another.


Pirate Attack! - 2826764827

26,22 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

New series from DK designed to help kids learn how to read and learn to love reading. Pirate Attack! is a 'Beginner' reader, perfect for children who are beginning to read for meaning, decoding and recognising words, and enjoying reading. Come and join Captain Blackbeard and his pirate crew for an action-packed adventure on the high seas. This short, simple storybook has unique interactive elements to share and discuss with your child. Plus, they'll have fun with a song to sing, a recipe to whip up, and treasure map to follow. Pirate Attack! is part of the new DK Reads series, a three-level reading scheme that helps children become confident readers, featuring engaging and illustrated topics. DK Reads is created in consultation with literacy experts and adheres to leveled reading scheme guidelines so the grammar, vocabulary, and content are spot on for each stage.


Jonny Duddle Pirate Treasure Chest - 2826713697

57,78 zł

Jonny Duddle Pirate Treasure Chest Templar Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Ahoy there, all briny rogues who love puzzles and games!


Szkatułka styropianowa owalna do decoupage 75x155x115mm (CPS00118) - 2844312108

9,05 zł

Szkatułka styropianowa owalna do decoupage 75x155x115mm (CPS00118)

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Nazwa - Szkatułka styropianowa owalna do decoupage 75x155x115mm (CPS00118) Kod EAN - 5900310155771 Wydawca - APAX Podatek VAT - 23%


Pirates In An Adventure With Napoleon - 2826762317

36,74 zł

Pirates In An Adventure With Napoleon Bloomsbury

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'But, Pirate Captain, you love being a pirate', said Jennifer.'That's because I was looking at piracy through rose-tinted spectacles,' the Captain replied. 'There's very little job security. The hours are terrible. And I keep finding barnacles in my belly button.' The Pirate Captain has finally had enough. Still reeling from his crushing disappointment at the Pirate of the Year Awards, he decides it's time to hang up his hat and ditch his cutlass. Begrudgingly followed by his sceptical but loyal crew, the Captain fixes his sights on a quiet life on the island of St Helena. But his retirement plan is rudely disrupted by the arrival of another visitor to the island - the recently deposed Napoleon Bonaparte. Has the Pirate Captain finally met his match? Is the island's twenty-eight-mile circumference big enough to contain two of history's greatest egos? And will the pirates be able to settle the biggest question of all: who has the best hat?


Disney Classics - Ltd - - 2839608969

339,99 zł

Disney Classics - Ltd - EMI


1. Frank Churchill - Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf 2. Adriana Caselotti - Whistle While You Work 3. Harline, Leigh - When You Wish Upon A Star 4. Oliver Wallace - When I See An Elephant Fly 5. Frank E. Churchill - Little April Shower 6. Jose Oliviera - The Three Caballeros 7. Gilbert, Ray - Zip-a-dee-doo-dah 8. Burl Ives - Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly) 9. David, Mack - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes 10. The Disney Studio Chorus - All In The Golden After 11. Cahn, Sammy - You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fl 12. Sonny Burke - What A Dog/he's A Tramp 13. Fain, Sammy - Once Upon A Dream 14. Mel Leven - Cruella De Vil 15. Richard M. Sherman - Let's Get Together 16. Richard M. Sherman - The Ugly Bug Ball 17. Richard M. Sherman - A Spoonful Of Sugar 18. Richard M. Sherman - The Monkey's Uncle 19. Tommy Steele - Fortuosity 20. Gilkyson, Terry - The Bare Necessities 21. Floyd Huddleston - Ev'rybody Wants To Be A Cat 22. Miller, Roger - Whistle Stop 23. Fain, Sammy - Someone's Waiting For You 24. Sean Marshall - It's Not Easy 25. Richard Johnston - Best Of Friends 101. Howard Ashman - Under The Sea 102. Howard Ashman - Be Our Guest 103. Jack Feldman - Seize The Day 104. Menken, Alan - A Whole New World 105. Elfman, Danny - What's This? 106. John, Elton - Circle Of Life 107. Schwartz, Stephen - Colors Of The Wind 108. Newman, Randy - You've Got A Friend In Me 109. Menken, Alan - Out There 110. Menken, Alan - I Won't Say (I'm In Love) 111. David Joel Zippel - Reflection 112. Newman, Randy - The Time Of Your Life 113. Collins, Phil - Strangers Like Me 114. Newman, Randy - When She Loved Me 115. Nikita Hopkins - Whoop-de-dooper Bounce 116. Newman, Randy - If I Didn't Have You 117. Alan Silvestri - Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride 118. Collins, Phil - Look Through My Eyes 119. Ed Robertson - One Little Slip 120. Menken, Alan - Happy Working Song 121. Newman, Randy - Dig A Little Deeper (Feat. The Pin 122. Menken, Alan - I See The Light 123. Newman, Randy - We Belong Together 201. Jimmie Dodd - Mickey Mouse March 202. Tom Blackburn - The Ballad Of Davy Crockett 203. Triple R Chorus - The Triple R Song (Yippi-a, Yipp 204. The Wellingtons - Theme From Zorro 205. The Wellingtons - Scarecrow 206. Richard M. Sherman - Winnie The Pooh 207. Frank Churchill - Minnie's Yoo Hoo 208. The New Mouseketeers - Who, What, Why, Where, When 209. The Disney Afternoon Studio Chorus - Gummi Bears T 210. The Disney Afternoon Studio Chorus - Duck Tales Th 211. The Disney Afternoon Studio Chorus - Chip 'N' Dale 212. Nelson, Steve - Darkwing Duck Theme 213. Elliot Lurie - Theme To Lizzie Mcguire 214. Brian Setzer - Rockin' At The House Of Mouse 215. Adam Berry - The Naked Mole Rap 216. Jamie Houston - Cheetah Sisters 217. A.b. Olmo - Aloha, E Komo Mai (Theme Song From Lil 218. J. Flansburgh - Hot Dog! 219. Ray Cham - Get'cha Head In The Game 220. M. Gerrard - Nobody's Perfect 221. Dan Povenmire - Gitchee Gitchee Goo 222. Adam Watts - This Is Me 223. Matthew Gerrard - What Time Is It 224. John Adair - Everything Is Not As It Seems 225. Jimmie Dodd - Mickey Mouse Club Alma Mater 301. Fulton Burley - The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room 302. Buddy Baker - Swisskapolka 303. Xavier Atencio - Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me) 304. Robert Macgimsey - Splash Mountain Medley 305. Xavier Atencio - The Bear Band Serenade 306. Buddy Baker - Grim Grinning Ghosts 307. Richard Sherman - It's A Small World 308. Rex Allen - There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow 309. Wilkins - The Great Outdoors 310. Aarin J. Richard - Space Mountain 311. Jerry Goldsmith - Soarin' 312. Kevin Rafferty - It's Tough To Be A Bug 313. George Wilkins - California Screamin' 314. Robert B. Sherman - The Best Time Of Your Life 315. Michael Giacchino - Space Mountain 316. Al Kasha - Universe Of Energy 317. Colander Combo & The Fiesta Fruit - Kitchen Kabare 318. Billy Barty - One Little Spark 319. Bob Moline - Canada (You're A Lifetime Journey) 320. Bob Moline - Golden Dream 321. Barnette Ricci - Finale


100 Years Of Peter Pan - 2839684322

94,99 zł

100 Years Of Peter Pan SEPIA RECORDINGS


1. Peter Pan Selection Part 1 2. Peter Pan Selection Part 2 3. The Nursery Scene 4. The Home Under The Ground 5. Hook's Monologue - The Pirate's Song - 6. Captain Hook's Song - Lullaby - We'll Build A House For Wendy 7. Jolly Tunes From The Incidental Music 8. Part One 9. Part Two 10. Part Three 11. Part Four 12. Who Am I? 13. The Pirate Song 14. Build My House 15. Peter, Peter 16. The Plank Song 17. You Can Fly; A Pirate's Life; Following The Leader 18. Your Mother And Mine; Never Smile At A Crocodile; The Second Star To The Right 19. The Second Star To The Right 20. You Can Fly 21. March Of The Lost Boys 22. What Made The Red Man Red 23. Your Mother And Mine 24. Never Smile At A Crocodile (Instrumental) 25. Peter Pan's Song 26. Peter Pan (I Love You) 27. Peter Pan (I Love You)


Guardian Angel - 2826706974

39,49 zł

Guardian Angel POCKET BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Emerald flew across the seas, its black hull teasing the waves, its sails whipping on the wind. Aboard was the pirate Pagan despised by the ton, whose riches this scoundrel plundered: beloved by the poor, whose plight was eased by the pirate's gifts. The Marquess of Cainewood vows to hunt down the pirate wretch in revenge for his brother's death. But when Jade, an enchanting vision of rippling red hair and eyes of fire green, appears at his door to beg desperately for his protection, the Marquess agrees to keep her safe from the villains who want her dead. Jade is infuriating, exasperating and gorgeous; Caine is noble, strong-willed and powerful. No woman has ever befuddled him so, nor so deeply roused his desire. But as Jade responds to his knowing caresses with an innocent, wild abandon, they are drawn into a web of treachery that will test the very heart of their love!


Original Album Series - 2839261177

68,99 zł

Original Album Series Warner Music / Rhino


1. Pack Up Your Sorrows (Lp Version) 2. The Coming Of The Roads (Lp Version) 3. So Early, Early In The Spring (Lp Version) 4. Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Lp Version) 5. Daddy You've Been On My Mind (Lp Version) 6. Thirsty Boots (Lp Version) 7. Mr. Tambourine Man (Lp Version) 8. Lord Gregory (Lp Version) 9. In The Heat Of The Summer (Lp Version) 10. Early Morning Rain (Lp Version) 11. Carry It On (Lp Version) 12. It Isn't Nice (Lp Version) 101. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Lp Version) 102. Hard Lovin' Loser (Lp Version) 103. Pirate Jenny (Lp Version) 104. Suzanne (Lp Version) 105. La Colombe (Lp Version) 106. Marat/sade (Lp Version) 107. I Think It's Going To Rain Today (Lp Version) 108. Sunny Goodge Street (Lp Version) 109. Liverpool Lullaby (Lp Version) 110. Dress Rehearsal Rag (Lp Version) 111. In My Life (Lp Version) 201. Michael From Mountains (Lp Version) 202. Since You Asked (Lp Version) 203. Sisters Of Mercy (Lp Version) 204. Priests (Lp Version) 205. A Ballata Of Francesco Landini (Ca. 1335-1397) Las 206. Both Sides Now (Lp Version) 207. La Chanson Des Vieux Amants (The Song Of Old Lover 208. Sky Fell (Lp Version) 209. Albatross (Lp Version) 210. Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye (Lp Version) 301. Hello, Hooray (Lp Version) 302. Story Of Isaac (Lp Version) 303. My Father (Lp Version) 304. Someday Soon (Lp Version) 305. Who Knows Where The Times Goes (Lp Version) 306. Poor Immigrant (Lp Version) 307. First Boy I Loved (Lp Version) 308. Bird On The Wire (Lp Version) 309. Pretty Polly (Lp Version) 401. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (Lp Version) 402. Angel Spread Your Wings (Lp Version) 403. Houses (Lp Version) 404. The Lovin' Of The Game (Lp Version) 405. Song For Duke (Lp Version) 406. Send In The Clowns (Lp Version) 407. Salt Of The Earth (Lp Version) 408. Brother Can You Spare A Dime (Lp Version) 409. City Of New Orleans (Lp Version) 410. I'll Be Seeing You (Lp Version) 411. Pirate Ships (Lp Version) 412. Born To The Breed (Lp Version)


Ugly Duchess - 2826881679

47,42 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Theodora Saxby is the last woman anyone expects the gorgeous James Ryburn, heir to the Duchy of Ashbrook, to marry. But after a romantic proposal before the prince himself, even practical Theo finds herself convinced of her soon-to-be duke's passion. Still, the tabloids give the marriage six months. Theo would have given it a lifetime ...until she discovers that James desires not her heart, and certainly not her countenance, but her dowry. Society was shocked by their wedding, but it's scandalized by their separation. James heads to sea where he becomes a notorious pirate, and Theo builds their estate into a flourishing concern. Back from the seas, a scandalous tattoo of a poppy under one eye, James now faces the battle of his lifetime: convincing Theo that he loved the duckling who blossomed into the swan. Theo will quickly find that for a man with the soul of a pirate, all's fair in love - or war.


Dad, I Didn't Know I Loved You 'Til I Saw You Rock 'N' Roll - 2839333451

15,98 zł

Dad, I Didn't Know I Loved You 'Til I Saw You Rock 'N' Roll Go Entertainment Group / GO ENTERTAIN

Muzyka>Rock>Rock & Roll

1. What Do You Want? - Adam Faith 2. Great Balls Of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis 3. Hit And Miss - John Barry Seven Plus Four 4. Blue Moon - The Marcels 5. Reet Petite - Jackie Wilson 6. Wonderful World - Sam Cooke 7. Stay - Maurice Williams 8. That'll Be The Day - Buddy Holly & The Cric 9. It's Only Make Believe - Conway Twitty 10. Only The Lovely - Roy Orbison 11. Three Steps To Heaven - Eddie Cochran 12. You Got What It Takes - Marv Johnson 13. Poetry In Motion - Johnny Tillotson 14. Wake Up Little Susie - The Everly Brothers 15. Save The Last Dance For Me - The Drifters 16. Shakin' All Over - Johnny Kidd & The Pirate 17. Chapel Of Love - The Dixie-cups 18. Come Softly To Me - The Fleetwoods 19. Wonderous Place - Billy Bury 20. Walking To New Orleans - Fats Domino 101. Stagger Lee - Lloyd Price 102. Wild One - Bobby Rydell 103. Teen Angel - Mark Dinning 104. Diana - Paul Anka 105. Kansas City - Wilbert Harrison 106. Running Bear - Johnny Preston 107. Walk Don't Run - The Ventures 108. Mr Blue - The Fleetwoods 109. Only Sixteen - Craig Douglas 110. Living Doll - Cliff Richard 111. To Know Him Is To Love Him - Teddy Bears 112. Good Timin' - Jimmy Handy Man Jones 113. Rubber Ball - Bobby Vee 114. It's All In The Game - Tommy Edwards 115. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans - Freddy Can 116. When - Kalin Twins 117. Little Girl - Marty Wilde 118. Who's Sorry Now? - Connie Francis 119. Ain't That A Shame - Pat Boone 120. Shazam - Duane Eddy 201. Twist, The - Chubby Checker 202. Tequila - The Champs 203. Party Doll - Buddy Knox 204. Harlem Shuffle - Bob & Earl 205. Whole Lotta Woman - Marvin Rainwater 206. Tell Laura I Love Her - Ricky Valance 207. Only You - The Platters 208. Get A Job - The Silhouettes 209. Honeycomb - Jimmie Rodgers 210. My Heart - Gene Vincent 211. Yakety Yak - The Coasters 212. Here Comes Summer - Jerry Keller 213. All Shook Up - Elvis Presley 214. Venus - Frankie Avalon 215. Will You Love Me Tomorrow? - The Shirelles 216. Why Do Foold Fall In Love? - Frankie Lymon 217. At The Hop - Danny & The Juniors 218. Rock Around The Clock - Bill Haley & His Co DISC ONE What Do You Want? Great Balls Of Fire Hit And Miss Blue Moon Reet Petite Wonderful World Stay That'll Be The Day It's Only Make Believe Only The Lonely Three Steps To Heaven You Got What It Takes Poetry In Motion Wake Up Little Susie Save The Last Dance For Me Shakin' All Over Chapel Of Love Come Softly To Me Wonderous Place Walking To New Orleans DISC TWO Stagger Lee Wild One Teen Angel Diana Kansas City Running Bear Walk Don't Run Mr Blue Only Sixteen Living Doll To Know Him Is To Love Him Good Timin' Rubber Ball It's All In The Game Way Down Yonder In New Orleans When Little Girl Who's Sorry Now? Ain't That A Shame Shazam DISC THREE The Twist Tequila Party Doll Harlem Shuffle Whole Lotta Woman Tell Laura I Love Her Only You Get A Job Honeycomb Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini My Heart Yakety Yak Here Comes Summer All Shook Up Venus What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For? Will You Love Me Tomorrow? Why Do Fools Fall In Love? At The Hop Rock Around The Clock


Saga of Hugh Glass - 2826624358

88,36 zł

Saga of Hugh Glass University of Nebraska Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Before his most fabulous adventure (celebrated by John G. Neihardt in "The Song of Hugh Glass" and by Frederick Manfred in "Lord Grizzly"), Hugh Glass was captured by the buccaneer Jean Lafitte and turned pirate himself until his first chance to escape. Soon he fell prisoner to the Pawnees and lived for four years as one of them before he managed to make his way to St. Louis. Next he joined a group of trappers to open up the fur-rich, Indian-held territory of the Upper Missouri River. Then unfolds the legend of a man who survived under impossible conditions: robbed and left to die by his comrades, he struggled alone, unarmed, and almost mortally wounded through two thousand miles of wilderness. 'There is no story like it in all literature and in all history...The greatest and truest hero of all time was once a buckskin man living on the American frontier. Mr. Myers has done a fine job of scholarly research. He offers many new insights as to the true character of the mountain man. And the bibliography is alone worth the price of admission' - Frederick Manfred, "Chicago News". 'Myers has done a bang-up job, and when he finishes the reader readily understands why Glass's experience became tradition among the Indians, who - far more than most whites - knew how to judge, and who appreciated and respected, a real man' - Arthur L. Coleman, "San Antonio Express".


One Piece - 2826723092

52,60 zł

One Piece Viz Media

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

As a child, Monkey D. Luffy dreamed of becoming King of the Pirates. But his life changed when he accidentally ate the Gum-Gum Fruit, an enchanted Devil Fruit that gave him the ability to stretch like rubber. Its only drawback? He'll never be able to swim again - a serious handicap for an aspiring sea dog! Years later, Luffy sets off on his quest to find the One Piece, said to be the greatest treasure in the world...Luffy's epic clash with Baroque Works pirate captain Crocodile continues, while deposed princess Vivi and the rest of the Straw Hat crew race against time to save the ancient kingdom of Alabasta. Just when it seems smooth sailing is ahead, Luffy and crew discover an interloper among their ranks! Who is this former Baroque Works member, and what does she want from the Straw Hats?


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