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Hart Crane's Poetry - 2840796420

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In one of his letters Hart Crane wrote, "Appollinaire lived in Paris, I live in Cleveland, Ohio," comparing-misspelling and all-the great French poet's cosmopolitan roots to his own more modest ones in the midwestern United States. Rebelling against the notion that his work should relate to some European school of thought, Crane defiantly asserts his freedom to be himself, a true American writer. John T. Irwin, long a passionate and brilliant critic of Crane, gives readers the first major interpretation of the poet's work in decades. Irwin aims to show that Hart Crane's epic The Bridge is the best twentieth-century long poem in English. Irwin convincingly argues that, compared to other long poems of the century, The Bridge is the richest and most wide-ranging in its mythic and historical resonances, the most inventive in its combination of literary and visual structures, the most subtle and compelling in its psychological underpinnings. Irwin brings a wealth of new and varied scholarship to bear on his critical reading of the work-from art history to biography to classical literature to philosophy-revealing The Bridge to be the near-perfect synthesis of American myth and history that Crane intended. Irwin contends that the most successful entryway to Crane's notoriously difficult shorter poems is through a close reading of The Bridge. Having admirably accomplished this, Irwin analyzes Crane's poems in White Buildings and his last poem, "The Broken Tower," through the larger context of his epic, showing how Crane, in the best of these, worked out the structures and images that were fully developed in The Bridge. Thoughtful, deliberate, and extraordinarily learned, this is the most complete and careful reading of Crane's poetry available. Hart Crane may have lived in Cleveland, Ohio, but, as Irwin masterfully shows, his poems stand among the greatest written in the English language.


The Complete Poems Of Hart Crane - 2839891862

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The Complete Poems Of Hart Crane

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Despite Critical Misunderstanding And Neglect Both In His Time And In Ours, Hart Crane Remains One Of America's Greatest Poets. This Text Is An Authoritative Presentation Of Crane's Work, And Features An Introduction By Harold Bloom That Provides A Keen C


Complete Poems of Hart Crane - 2826742178

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Complete Poems of Hart Crane W W NORTON & CO

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This edition features a new introduction by Harold Bloom as a centenary tribute to the visionary of White Buildings (1926) and The Bridge (1930). Hart Crane, prodigiously gifted and tragically doom-eager, was the American peer of Shelley, Rimbaud, and Lorca. Born in Garrettsville, Ohio, on July 21, 1899, Crane died at sea on April 27, 1932, an apparent suicide. A born poet, totally devoted to his art, Crane suffered his warring parents as well as long periods of a hand-to-mouth existence. He suffered also from his honesty as a homosexual poet and lover during a period in American life unsympathetic to his sexual orientation. Despite much critical misunderstanding and neglect, in his own time and in ours, Crane achieved a superb poetic style, idiosyncratic yet central to American tradition. His visionary epic, The Bridge, is the most ambitious and accomplished long poem since Walt Whitman's Song of Myself. Marc Simon's text is accepted as the most authoritative presentation of Hart Crane's work available to us. For this centennial edition, Harold Bloom, who was introduced to poetry by falling in love with Crane's work while still a child, has contributed a new introduction.


Poetry Notebook - Reflections on the Intensity of Language - 2827114057

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Poetry Notebook - Reflections on the Intensity of Language Liveright Publishing Corporation

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The last ten years has unequivocally demonstrated that Clive James is far more than a mere talking head. Once known as one of the English-speaking world s most popular television personalities, James has gone on to be a celebrated essayist, translator, and poet. The appearance of Poetry Notebook, which distills his passion for poetry into one indispensable volume, further adds to our appreciation of a world-class intellectual and Renaissance man. Poetry Notebook examines the poems and legacies of a panorama of twentieth-century poets, from Hart Crane to Ezra Pound (a mad old amateur fascist with a panascopic grab bag ), from Ted Hughes to Anne Sexton. Whether demanding that poetry be heard beyond the world of poetry or opining on his five favorite poetry books (Yeats, Frost, Auden, Wilbur, and Larkin), James captures the whole truth of life s transience in this unforgettably eloquent book on how to read and appreciate modern poetry."


True-love - 2826976654

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True-love University of Chicago Press

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"True-Love" is the fulfillment of revered poet-critic Allen Grossman's long service to poetry in the interests of humanity. Poetry's singular mission is to bind love and truth together - love that desires the beloved's continued life, knotted with the truth of life's contingency - to help make us more present to each other. In the spirit of Blake's vow of 'mental fight,' Grossman contends with challenges to the validity of the poetic imagination, from Adorno's maxim 'No poetry after Auschwitz,' to the claims of religious authority upon truth, and the ultimate challenge posed by the fact of death itself. To these challenges he responds with eloquent and rigorous arguments, drawing on wide resources of learning and his experience as master-poet and teacher. Grossman's readings of Wordsworth, Hart Crane, Paul Celan, and others focus on poems that interrogate the real or enact the hard bargains that literary representation demands. "True-Love" is destined to become an essential book wherever poetry and criticism sustain one another.


Sharpsburg - 2847572267

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Sharpsburg Resource Publications

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The Civil War, sometimes called ""The American Iliad,"" is an epic of violence, rage, bravery, and love, whose echoes still can be heard. America's bloodiest day was September 17, 1862--the Battle of Antietam, or Sharpsburg, which enabled President Lincoln to issue a proclamation freeing all slaves in the rebellious states. The battle's story is told here by two soldiers: a Yankee, who fights for union, justice, and equality; and a Rebel, for whom the war is a battle for freedom. Both voices still haunt today's struggles over race, rights, and the flag. ""Through the eyes and voices of two soldiers who fought at Antietam, one Confederate and one Union, Kent Gramm cuts to the core of that terrible experience and its larger meaning in blank verse of eloquence and power. Each soldier fought for his own version of liberty, giving their stories a tragic irony that stands for the deeper meaning of the Civil War."" --James M. McPherson, author of The War That Forged a Nation Kent Gramm is the author of Gettysburg, November, Somebody's Darling, Clare, The Prayer of Jesus, Gettysburg: This Hallowed Ground (with Chris Heisey), and the editor of Battle: The Nature and Consequences of Civil War Combat. A winner of the Hart Crane Poetry Prize, he has published two books of poetry: Psalms for Skeptics and Psalms for the Poor. He teaches Civil War Era Studies and Creative Writing at Gettysburg College.


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