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Law, Tropical Forests and Carbon - 2826839328

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Law, Tropical Forests and Carbon Cambridge University Press

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Emerging from the scientific parameters underpinning REDD+ (including the measurement of carbon stocks, reporting and verification), Law, Tropical Forests and Carbon considers the crucial challenges for global and national governance and the legal rights and interests of indigenous people and local communities, all of which have fundamental implications for development and poverty alleviation. With contributions from leading experts in the fields of law, governance, science, development studies and geography, it sheds light on the complexity of REDD+ and offers perspectives on the extent to which REDD+ agreements can be enforced under international law and in concert with new private and public domestic institutions.


Women in the Middle East and North Africa - 2826644864

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Women in the Middle East and North Africa INDIANA UNIVERSITY PRESS

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Tracing the evolution of the role of women beginning with ancient Middle Eastern societies through the seventeenth century, Guity Nashat employs a rational choice theoretical framework to examine the interplay between local practices and early Islamic beliefs and institutions. She further examines the expansion of Islam throughout the area and the subsequent development of the foundations of Islamic law and practice with regard to women. Judith E Tucker surveys women and gender issues in the nineteenth and twentieth century Middle East with a particular focus on economic activity, access to political power, and contributions to cultural life. This essay also addresses the role that Islam and indigenous custom are thought to play in shaping women's lives.


Organizational Theory: The importance of Stakeholders in Project Management - 2852493964

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Organizational Theory: The importance of Stakeholders in Project Management GRIN Verlag

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Seminar paper from the year 2013 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, Atlantic International University, language: English, abstract: Contemporary project management recognizes the importance of stakeholder involvement in project initiation, planning and execution. This is particularly so as stakeholder s interests, involvement and expectations all influence project execution as well as its impact. Project management is the planning, organizing, directing and controlling of resources for a relatively short-term objective that has been established to complete specific goals and objectives . Stakeholders refers to any individuals, groups, or institutions who have a vested interest in the natural resources of the project area and who potentially will be affected by project activities and have something to gain or lose if conditions change or stay the same . Thus in the context of project management, stakeholders are all those who need to be considered in achieving project goals and whose participation and support are crucial to its success. Stakeholders can be internal to the project or external. The major stakeholders in project management are the project managers, project team, sponsors of the project, customers or project beneficiaries, government, local communities among others. In project management, stakeholders are identified through stakeholder analysis. Stakeholder analysis identifies all primary and secondary stakeholders who have a vested interest in the issues with which the project or policy is concerned . The main aims of stakeholder analysis are to identify the interests of stakeholders and potential areas of conflict as well as ways to reduce negative impacts on vulnerable and disadvantaged groups . The importance of stakeholders is in project management is evident at different levels. Firstly, it gives the concerned people say over how projects may affect their lives. Secondly, it is essential for project sustainability. Thirdly, it generates a sense of ownership if initiated early in the development process. Fourthly, it builds capacity and enhances responsibility. Fifthly, it provides opportunities for learning for both the project team and stakeholders themselves. This paper thus examines the importance of stakeholders in project management informed by the view that all the important decisions during initiation, planning and execution stages of the project are made by these stakeholders.


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