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Power of Community Engagement for Educational Change - 2835032080

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Power of Community Engagement for Educational Change Lightning Source UK Ltd

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A volume in Family School Community Partnership Issues Series Editors: Diana B. Hiatt-Michael, Pepperdine University Effective schools engage a wide range of families and community members to support their award-winning programs. This monograph highlights exemplary examples of communities, including foundations, community organizers, non-profit organizations, community agencies, as well as school districts, that lead successful group, school, district and state level initiatives to improve educational outcomes. Practitioners and scholars join hands to share promising practices and research-based examples of community initiatives that have had positive impacts on families, schools, and communities. This monograph is vital to educational leadership preparation programs; education policymakers at the local, state, and national levels; school and district level administrators; and a broad range of community leaders.


Community Literacy Journal 8.2 (Spring 2014) - 2841429684

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Community Literacy Journal 8.2 (Spring 2014) Lightning Source UK Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

COMMUNITY LITERACY JOURNAL 8.2 (Spring, 2014) | The journal understands "community literacy" as the domain for literacy work that exists outside of mainstream educational and work institutions. It can be found in programs devoted to adult education, early childhood education, reading initiatives, lifelong learning, workplace literacy, or work with marginalized populations, but it can also be found in more informal, ad hoc projects. For COMMUNITY LITERACY JOURNAL, literacy is defined as the realm where attention is paid not just to content or to knowledge but to the symbolic means by which it is represented and used. Thus, literacy makes reference not just to letters and to text but to other multimodal and technological representations as well. We publish work that contributes to the field's emerging methodologies and research agendas. CONTENTS: ARTICLES: "Reframing the Argument: Critical Service-Learning and Community-Centered Food Literacy" by Veronica House | "Assembling for Agency: Prisoners and College Students in a Life Writing Workshop" by David Coogan | "'Socializing Democracy': The Community Literacy Pedagogy of Jane Addams" by Rachael Wendler | "Investigating Adult Literacy Programs through Community Engagement Research: A Case Study" by Jaclyn M. Wells | "Reading Under Cover of the Veil: Oral and Textual Literacies in Antebellum America" by Sandra Elaine Jones | ""To Learn About Science": Real Life Scientific Literacy Across Multicultural Communities" by Adriana Briseńo-Garzón, Victoria Purcell-Gates, and Kristen H. Perry | BOOK AND NEW MEDIA REVIEWS: "From the Book Review Editor's Desk" by Jim Bowman | "Keyword Essay: 'Community Management'" by Jennifer deWinter | "Unsustainable: Re-imaging Community Literacy, Public Writing, Service-Learning and the University" by Jessica Restaino and Laurie JC Cella, eds., reviewed by Jody A. Briones | "Cultural Practices of Literacy: Case Studies of Language, Literacy, Social Practice, and Power" by Vicoria Purcell-Gates, ed., reviewed by Kelly A. Concannon Mannise | "Local Literacies: Reading and Writing in One Community" by David Barton and Mary Hamilton, reviewed by Charlotte Brammer | "Literacy in the Digital Age," 2nd edition by Richard W. Burniske, reviewed by Lilian Mina


Future Search in School District Change - 2826665529

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Future Search in School District Change ScarecrowEducation

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Here are sixteen compelling case studies that illustrate the power of future search to create lasting, whole system change. Future Search in School District Change: Connection, Community, and Results chronicles ways in which educational institutions have used broad-based stakeholder involvement to improve education. These experiences, by individual authors-many who are school superintendents, directors, and education professionals-will help those tasked with improving education by offering ideas that have proven successful. These cases document innovative initiatives in rural, suburban, and urban schools on such key issues including: District mergers, Healing racial divisions, Curriculum reform, Developing community partnerships, Creating district-wide strategic plans. This book also contains important educational themes such as: Early childhood education, Improving the performance of school boards, Improving student health, Improving achievement. For superintendents, school board members, district administrators, and anyone else with an interest in high-involvement/high-performing schools and districts.


University and Urban Revival - 2843287325

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University and Urban Revival University of Pennsylvania Press

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In the last quarter of the twentieth century, urban colleges and universities found themselves enveloped by the poverty, crime, and physical decline that afflicted American cities. Some institutions turned inward, trying to insulate themselves rather than address the problems in their own backyards. Others attempted to develop better community relations, though changes were hard to sustain. Spurred by an unprecedented crime wave in 1996, University of Pennsylvania President Judith Rodin knew that the time for urgent action had arrived, and she set a new course of proactive community engagement for her university. Her dedication to the revitalization of West Philadelphia was guided by her role not only as president but also as a woman and a mother with a deep affection for her hometown. The goal was to build capacity back into a severely distressed inner-city neighborhood-educational capacity, retail capacity, quality-of-life capacity, and especially economic capacity-guided by the belief that "town and gown" could unite as one richly diverse community. Cities rely on their academic institutions as stable places of employment, cultural centers, civic partners, and concentrated populations of consumers for local business and services. And a competitive university demands a vibrant neighborhood to meet the needs of its faculty, staff, and students. In keeping with their mission, urban universities are uniquely positioned to lead their communities in revitalization efforts, yet this effort requires resolute persistence. During Rodin's administration (1994-2004), the Chronicle of Higher Education referred to Penn's progress as a "national model of constructive town-gown interaction and partnership." This book narrates the challenges, frustrations, and successes of Penn's campaign, and its prospects for long-term change.


Ecology of Learning - 2212828576

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Ecology of Learning Earthscan

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Your house is flooded by a rain-swollen river. What do you learn from this experience? Do you shrug your shoulders and call your insurer? Or do you choose to learn about climate change, switch to renewable energy and lobby politicians? This book is a groundbreaking examination of how learning in everyday environments - business, work, home, community life - is key to improving society and achieving sustainability. It is ideal for educators, teachers, corporate trainers and consultants working to integrate environmental education, sustainability and innovation in non-traditional learning situations. How can we understand and achieve sustainability? How can we re-school society towards sustainability? Throughout life we learn, we develop meanings and connections, and we act. This book explores the possibilities for developing a sustainable society through 'lifelong learning' - that is, learning that happens in everyday environments and activities as diverse as shopping, community, 'edutainment', information and communication technology, the internet, broadcasting, people's experience of place and space, green building, social networks and consumer culture. Drawing on a range of sociological, anthropological and educational studies as well as new research "The Ecology of Learning" provides a broad trans-disciplinary understanding of the topic. The coverage is impressive with an accessible but informed engagement with both theory and practice and a wide range of examples. The voices, stories and experiences of many people are used to illustrate the ways people may reshape our understanding of learning and sustainability.


Tanganyika Under German Rule 1905 - 2826716377

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Tanganyika Under German Rule 1905 Cambridge University Press

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The history of Tanganyika from the Maji Maji rebellion of 1905 (the greatest African rebellion against early European rule) to the last years of German administration. It examines a colonial situation in depth, ranging from the processes of change in African societies to the decisions of policy-makers in Berlin. In the aftermath of rebellion an imaginative Governor, Freiherr von rechenberg, initiated a programme of African cash-crop agriculture. This programme was reversed by a settler community which successfully manipulated the German political system. Meanwhile, after their defeat in armed rebellion, Africans sought power through educational and economic advancement. Tanganyika in 1912 was poised for that struggle for control between European settler and educated African which has been a fundamental theme of the modern history of East and Central Africa. Dr Illiffe's book is one of the few available studies of German colonial administration. He has drawn on a wide range of sources, both in East Africa and Germany. Written in the light of current reappraisal of African history, the book gives valuable insight into African initiatives during the early years of European rule.


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