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Wake Up! The Universe Is Speaking To You - 2862245209

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Wake Up! The Universe Is Speaking To You Energy Girl Publishing LLC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Within these pages you will learn how to work with the energy to your advantage. You will read my story and how I use this energy to enhace my business and personal life. I will teach you about the spoken word and the power of the vibrations that resinate from your words. You will learn how to use affirmations to achieve your goals in life. I cast light upon the power of prayer and its energy beneifts to all who believe. I make clear how energy can cause wellness or illness in your body and how to clear the negative energy contibuting to health issues. I will show you how the messages that the Universe sends us will keep you on the right path. I discuss the angels and offer true life stories of their existance, and how they assit us while on our life's journey. Throughout this book I share many life lessons aquired along the way. I am confident that the information that I share in these pages will bring happiness, properity and a more fullfilled life to all who read and use the energy as it was intended. As you learn to work with the Universal Energy, you will begin to realize the power this energy holds. You will understand that as humans, we posses much more ability than many of us may have realized or are utilizing. We have the strength and the capability as individuals and as the collective to change the energy here on this planet, As more and more poeple begin working with the Universal Energy and projecting positive vibrations, our lives and our surroundings will shine more brightly for us as a people. We actually have an opportunity to make a difference in a this vast Universe with our good energy vibrations. Now that's big! Maybe there is more to our purpose here on earth than you once thought. We, as the Universal Energy pioneers, must think of the possibiblites that lie ahead and how that energy will benefit our future generations. Our good energy travels out into the Universe,only to be returned us tenfold. Good vibrations create more good vibrations. it's infectious! All of the good vibrations that we send out, the Unvierse naturally bounces back to us. It's as the old saying goes, " You only get what you give." The returning energy creates harmony and balance for all of us who project good energy. The planet earth receives the good vibes too, and will balance itself. Bonus! We thrive in peace and harmony. This is why it is important for you to learn about Universal Energy and how to use it. This gift is for your benefit, and for all the others that will follow. May the Lord Bless you with his energy. Nancy Yearout


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