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The Psychology Of Interpersonal Violence - 2849932750

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The Psychology Of Interpersonal Violence

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The Psychology of Interpersonal Violence - 2854388865

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The Psychology of Interpersonal Violence Wiley & Sons

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The Psychology of Interpersonal Violence is a textbook which gives comprehensive coverage of interpersonal violence - exploring the various violent acts that occur between individuals in contemporary society.§§Examines in detail the controversial use of corporal punishment§Explores ways that psychology can add to our understanding of interpersonal violence§Offers directions for future research that can help to prevent or reduce incidents of interpersonal violence


Religion, Disability, And Interpersonal Violence - 2856150194

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Religion, Disability, And Interpersonal Violence

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Empathy and the Psychology of Literary Modernism - 2854321680

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Empathy and the Psychology of Literary Modernism EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY PRESS

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This book shows how fin de siecle conceptions of empathy are woven into the fabric of literary modernism. Empathy is a cognitive and affective structure of feeling, a bridge across interpersonal distance. Coined in 1909 to combine English 'sympathy' and German 'Einfuhlung,' 'empathy' is a specifically 20th-century concept of fellow feeling. Empathy and the Psychology of Literary Modernism looks into the little-known history of empathy, revealing how this multi-faceted concept had a profound effect on literary modernism. Meghan Marie Hammond shows how five exemplary writers (Henry James, Dorothy Richardson, Katherine Mansfield, Ford Madox Ford, and Virginia Woolf) tackle the so-called 'problem of other minds' in ways that reflect and enrich early 20th-century discourses of fellow feeling. Hammond argues that these authors reconfigure notions of intersubjective experience; their writings mark a key shift away from sympathetic forms of literary representation toward empathic forms that strive to provide an immediate sense of another's thoughts and feelings. But while literary modernism values empathic experience as an ideal, it is also teeming with voices that recognize potential for danger, even violence, in acts of empathy. These voices illuminate our culture's ongoing concern with empathy's limits. It recovers early psychology, a discipline that has often been neglected in favor of psychoanalysis, as a framework for literary modernism. It provides a conceptual history of empathy that expands our understanding of the modernist world. It grants new insight into modernist technique by explaining how it relates to contemporaneous psychological and aesthetic theories on empathy. It prompts a rethinking of empathy, a capacity that is as widely misunderstood as it is celebrated.


Gender and Culture in Psychology - 2852642494

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Gender and Culture in Psychology Cambridge University Press

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Gender and Culture in Psychology introduces new approaches to the psychological study of gender that bring together feminist psychology, socio-cultural psychology, discursive psychology and critical psychology. It presents research and theory that embed human action in social, cultural and interpersonal contexts. The book provides conceptual tools for thinking about gender, social categorization, human meaning-making, and culture. It also describes a family of interpretative research methods that focus on rich talk and everyday life. It provides a close-in view of how interpretative research proceeds. The latter part of the book showcases innovative projects that investigate topics of concern to feminist scholars and activists: young teens' encounters with heterosexual norms; women and men negotiating household duties and childcare; sexual coercion and violence in heterosexual encounters; the cultural politics of women's weight and eating concerns; psychiatric labelling of psychological suffering; and feminism in psychotherapy.


Przez Sen - Krol (Płyta winylowa) - 2855491415

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Przez Sen - Krol (Płyta winylowa)

Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Nazwa - Przez Sen Autor - Krol Wydawca - Warner Music Group Kod EAN - 5907678818560 Rok wydania - 2016 Nośnik - Płyta winylowa Ilość elementów - 1 Podatek VAT - 23% Premiera - 2016-09-16


Profiling Violent Crimes - 2854248187

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Profiling Violent Crimes Sage Publications

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As in previous editions, this book is appropriate for criminal investigation, forensic psychology, criminal behavior and interpersonal violence courses, generally as a supplement to a core text or as one of several paperbacks. The authors continuing research and involvement in field investigation are a source of relevant and often high profile case studies to illustrate theory and application of methods shown. Chapters include Arson, Pedophilia and Psychological Profiling and Rape. This edition features a new chapter on Lizzie Borden, analyzing this historic murder case with fresh insight and a unique analysis. The text is particularly readable and engaging, making frequent use of illustrative tables, figures and occasional photos.


Subject to Ourselves - 2854499659

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Subject to Ourselves Paradigm

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The revised edition of Subject to Ourselves, a lively and provocative book that was a leader on its topic in England, uses psychoanalytic theory as the basis for a fresh reassessment of the nature of modernity and postmodernism. Analyzing changing experiences of selfhood, desire, interpersonal relations, culture and globalization, the author develops a novel account of postmodernity that supplants current understandings of "fragmented selves." Subject to Ourselves includes a diverse set of case studies, including the power of fantasy in military violence and war, the debate over sexual seduction in psychoanalysis, and the cultural uses of media and new information technologies. The book will be essential reading for students and professionals of social and political theory, psychoanalytic studies, psychology and cultural studies, as well as those with an interest in the modernity/postmodernity debate. Praise for the First Edition: 'This book not only fills an important gap in the literature, for it summarises a debate that is scattered across a decade of rather difficult texts, but also offers a resolution that is sensible and grounded in the best current thinking. It will be widely read by graduate students, faculty, and professionals in the humanities and social sciences.' Choice 'This is an informative and enjoyable book, which will be of use to students and academics...It is accessibly written and provides useful summaries of the different theories and debates in cultural and psychoanalytic theory. Recommended.' Radical Philosophy


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