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Balanced Musician - 2836513997

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Balanced Musician Rowman & Littlefield

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

For musicians to attain the level of peak performance that they know is within their reach, they need to do more than spend time in the practice room. The most accomplished and healthiest musicians lead a balanced and satisfying life in which they place equal emphasis on three areas of musicianship: physical technique (body); analysis and knowledge (mind); and musicianship and creativity (soul). By integrating all of the parts of this triangle, you can learn to communicate creatively and with seeming effortlessness during performance. Organized into four main parts, this book first explores the mind-body connection and then separately discusses the mind, body, and soul of musicians, scholars, performers, and teachers of all voices and instruments. By delving into research literature in both sport psychology and music, you will learn to use mental rehearsal and imagery away from your instrument and deliberate practice at your instrument. You will also learn such relaxation techniques as meditation, centering, stretching, and deep breathing. Drawing on findings from scientific studies, particularly in the area of sports medicine, McAllister offers practical tools for your practice, performances, and daily routine. By learning these techniques, you will also find enhanced confidence, concentration, endurance, and control over your own music-making. With terms, questions for reflection, and assignments at the end of each chapter, this book may be used as a textbook for a course or as a supplement to music lessons. Both novice and experienced performers alike will learn ways to meet career demands and reach their full potential. Appendixes at the end of the book contain worksheets, scripts, questionnaires, self-evaluation forms, and journal entries that help you to individualize your work. Every musician who spends countless hours practicing deserves to learn these techniques, which will forever change the way you approach both practice and performance.


Innovative Interventions in Child & Adolescent Mental Health - 2822223243

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Innovative Interventions in Child & Adolescent Mental Health Routledge

Medycyna > English Division

Innovative Interventions in Child and Adolescent Mental Health is a unique composite of the literature on various innovative interventions for children and adolescents, and provides a developmental and neurobiological rationale for utilizing innovative interventions with this population. Based on the latest research, this book emphasizes that children and adolescents need more than just talk therapy. These innovative interventions can be applied in a variety of practice settings including schools, juvenile justice, community-based counseling centers, and residential treatment. This book bridges the gap between theory and practice, and provides a historical, theoretical, and research-based rationale, as well as a helpful case study, for each type of intervention being discussed. "In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Christine Norton and her team of esteemed contributing authors provide the reader with a range of innovative interventions in child and adolescent mental health. This book is a must-have for those students and clinicians that desire to reach beyond traditional talk therapy."--David Springer, Social Work, University of Texas at Austin "Norton and her colleagues identify cutting-edge interventions designed to include young people in structured activities involving art, nature, music, animals, bibliotherapy, and meditation. This book is an important resource for practitioners working in child and adolescent mental health settings."--Jeff Jenson, Social Work, University of Denver aaaaa "Dr. Norton's "Innovative Interventions" is a sorely needed and well done addition to the treatment literature. While this book focuses on younger clients, I suspectathese modalities of healing would yield fruit with clients of any age."--Louis Cozolino, Psychology, Pepperdine University


The Less Dust The More Trust - 2846026763

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The Less Dust The More Trust

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities>Religion & beliefs>Buddhism

The Inside-story Of A Woman Participating In Frontline Meditation Research, Exploring The Interfaces Of Mind-practice, Science And Psychology


Fragment - 2842085646

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Fragment Getty Research Institute,U.S.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is a thought-provoking collection of essays on art history and criticism - written by scholars from numerous disciplines. Almost everything we know about the past comes from physical and narrative fragments. Yet a fragment is not simply a static part of a once-whole thing. It is itself something in motion over time, manifesting successively as object, evidence, concept, and condition. This volume brings together a number of essays - written by scholars of the arts, art history, archaeology, literature, philosophy, psychology, numismatics, and film - investigating the significance of the fragment. Each essay offers a meditation on a distinctive moment in the history of the fragment, ranging from spoila in late antique architecture to the practice of collage in the modern period. Complementing these is a visual essay by renowned English sculptor and installation artist Cornelia Parker, whose oeuvre contemplates not only the power of relics but also the meaning of found objects turned into art.


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