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The Risk Of Brexit - 2842835938

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The Risk Of Brexit

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With The Addition Of Substantial New Material, This New Edition Charts How Recent Political Developments Have Changed The Debate Surrounding Britain's Membership Of The European Union As A Referendum On Brexit Approaches.


Why the UK Voted for Brexit - 2843905477

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Why the UK Voted for Brexit Springer Palgrave Macmillan

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This book studies the unprecedented decision of 23 June 2016, which saw the UK electorate vote to leave the EU, turning David Cameron's referendum gamble into a great miscalculation. It analyzes the renegotiation that preceded the vote, before examining the campaign itself so as to understand why the government's strategy for winning foundered. It then evaluates the implications that this decision has for the country's international relations as well as for its domestic politics. The author's final reflections are on the political philosophy of Brexit, which is founded on a critique of representative democracy. Yet the use of direct democracy to trigger EU withdrawal leaves the supposedly sovereign British people at an impasse. For it is up to the people's representatives to negotiate the terms of Brexit. By engaging with a highly charged political debate in an accessible and non-partisan manner this book will appeal to a broad readership of academics, policy-makers, journalists, and interested citizens.


Let's Stay Together - 2840434729

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Let's Stay Together

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From The Bestselling Author Of BREXIT Comes A Personal And Passionate Plea For Voting 'Remain' On 23rd June. Denis MacShane, Former Minister For Europe, Is Alarmed That The Referendum Debate So Far Has Been Too Polite, Too Restrained. Now Is The Time For The Gloves To Come Off, He Insists.The Result Is A Small Book With A Hugely Important Message.


The Brexshit Book - 2846081159

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The Brexshit Book

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Through A Series Of Therapeutic Exercises We Will Overcome Our Depression And Grief Around The EU Referendum Result And Walk Tall Post Brexit. Activities Include: Acceptance: Who Needs Olives When You Have Pickled Eggs? Relaxation: Why Not Take Tim


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