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The Role Of International Law In Wto Dispute Settlement Proceedings - 2857254295

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The Role Of International Law In Wto Dispute Settlement Proceedings

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International Organizations in WTO Dispute Settlement - 2854286780

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International Organizations in WTO Dispute Settlement Cambridge University Press

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This book analyses the role of international organisations in WTO dispute settlement as arising from a number of WTO disputes. In particular, the roles of the IMF, WIPO, WCO and WHO are addressed. The use of the Vienna Convention rules of interpretation framework allows an evaluation of the weight attributed to this material by the WTO adjudicator. This allows specific conclusions to be drawn regarding the level of institutional sensitivity of the WTO adjudicator to each of the organisations. As well as being a valuable source of research, the analysis will appeal to international law scholars, civil servants and law practitioners interested in the WTO and dispute settlement.


Consultation within WTO Dispute Settlement - 2854466102

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Consultation within WTO Dispute Settlement Verlag Peter Lang

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This book provides a comprehensive study of consultation procedures within the dispute settlement system of the World Trade Organization. It offers in-depth analysis of diplomatic practices relating to what has been a poorly explored and researched part of the Dispute Settlement Understanding. Findings are supported by interviews with representatives of several Member States. The author analyses its relationship to panel proceedings and uses comparative studies with other parts of international law. The study particularly focuses on a Chinese perspective which has placed strong emphasis upon consultation and negotiated settlements. With its theoretical and practical insights, the book will be of equal use to scholars, diplomats and government officials alike.


Negotiations in the Case Law of the International Court of Justice - 2854348707

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Negotiations in the Case Law of the International Court of Justice Ashgate Publishing Limited

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This book examines the multifunctional role negotiations play in the jurisprudence of the International Court of Justice. Prior negotiations may be necessary to bring to the surface and clarify the legal aspects of a dispute before its submission to the ICJ. Negotiations may play a potential and parallel role during the course of the proceedings; results of negotiations may find their way into the judicial reasoning and may even form part of the basis of the judicial settlement. The Court's judgment may require further negotiations for its implementation. A failure of this process may bring the parties back before the Court.This volume presents a detailed and critical examination of the case law of the ICJ through the prism of the functional interaction between negotiation and judicial settlement of disputes. In case legal interests of third States are involved this functional interaction becomes even more complex. The focus is not on the merits of each individual case, but on the Court's contribution and clarification of this functional interplay.The systematic analysis of the Court's jurisprudence makes this book essential reading for those involved with and studying international law and justice.


Self-Enforcing Trade - 2854323404

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Self-Enforcing Trade Brookings Institution

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The World Trade Organization - backbone of today's international commercial relations - requires member countries to self-enforce exporters' access to foreign markets. Its dispute settlement system is the crown jewel of the international trading system, but its benefits still fall disproportionately to wealthy nations. Could the system be doing more on behalf of developing countries? In "Self-Enforcing Trade", Chad P. Bown explains why the answer is an emphatic 'yes'. Bown argues that as poor countries look to the benefits promised by globalization as part of their overall development strategy, they increasingly require access to the WTO dispute settlement process to protect their trading interests. Unfortunately, the practical realities of WTO dispute settlement as it currently stands create a number of hurdles that prevent developing countries from enjoying the trading system's full benefits. This book confronts these challenges. "Self-Enforcing Trade" examines the WTO's 'extended litigation process', highlighting the tangle of international economics, law, and politics that participants must master. He identifies the costs that prevent developing countries from disentangling the self-enforcement process and fully using the WTO system as part of their growth strategies. Bown assesses recent efforts to help developing countries overcome those costs, including the role of the Advisory Centre on WTO Law and development focused NGOs. Bown's proposed Institute for Assessing WTO Commitments tackles the largest remaining obstacle currently limiting developing country engagement in the WTO's selfenforcement process - a problematic lack of information, monitoring, and surveillance.


Corporate & Employment Perspectives in a Global Business - 2212828730

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Corporate & Employment Perspectives in a Global Business Kluwer Law International

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In today's society, the "foreground" of deliberation - politics, legislation, judicial decisions, even war - is increasingly experienced by citizens as a mask for the working out of norms and institutions the precise nature of which eludes us. We are accustomed to looking behind every news item, often feeling that the real decisions are made by other people than those who seem to be in power, or that events are merely driven by facts on the ground or unconscious motives. To consider global business activity, and especially employment issues, in this experiential context is a daring and provocative challenge - one which was taken up in August 2004 under the sponsorship of the Department of Business Law at Lund University. This remarkable book presents a rich sampling of what was said at that unique symposium among a group of notable authorities in law, business, and international relations. The seventeen authors whose contributions appear in this book bring their lucid perspectives to bear on the vital and complex issues that emerge from the contemplation of the territory where the rule of law encounters global business interests. These perspectives encompass such factors as the following: the role of the "expert"; global extension of the nation-state model; the effect of development aid on legal systems in developing countries; WTO rules and dispute settlement; the most favoured nation (MFN) principle; efforts to harmonise contract law; international taxation; multinational corporate behaviour; the search for fair labour standards; the clash of economic law and labour law; corporate social responsibility; and alternative dispute resolution in international trade. Underlying all the essays is the insight that, although there is no established global law and no global law-giver, yet there is no national law that is not deeply affected by the globalisation of markets. Collectively, these authors provide a deeper and truer vision of the "real" global legal regime that is rapidly taking shape. The powerful impetus this book provides toward an understanding of actually developing global governance and global justice will be of great value to all who wish to see a balance struck among economic, environmental, and social interests in our world.


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