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Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish - 2846487509

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Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish

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Nazwa - Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish Wydawca - KUM Kod ISBN - 4064900016314 Kod EAN - 4064900016314 Podatek VAT - 23%


Energy in Norway - 2848129495

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Energy in Norway Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 20. Chapters: Brage oil field, Centre for Renewable Energy, Haltenpipe, Heimdal gas field, Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, NASDAQ OMX Commodities Europe, Nordic energy market, Nord Pool Spot, Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, Oseberg East, Oseberg oil field, Oseberg South, Sognefjord Span, The budgetary rule, Ula oil field, Zero Emission Resource Organisation. Excerpt: 42 article summaries including: One billion barrels of oil (Oseberg oil field). Clean energy in Norway(Norway)(Brief Article). Green energy: next niche of development: Greater Sudbury sets sights on establishing itself as a centre for renewable energy (Energy & Environment)(Brief Article). Cover Story Gas-Fired Top Plants: Kĺrstř Power Plant, Stavanger, Norway. First Norwegian Power Distributor Chooses Smart Metering Solution. Total Acquires Offshore Exploration Permit in Barents Sea. The ocean's role in Atlantic climate variability (Perspectives: climate)(paleoclimatology research)(Statistical Data Included). Technip-Coflexip lands Oseberg flowline contract in Norway(International Highlights)(Brief Article). Committees are information channels. Norway: The Norwegian Government. Aiming to be a key player in Norway(Chevron Europe). Industry under spotlight at forum. -Statoil ASA submits fast-track plan for development and operation for Hyme field. Seabed survey for COsub2 pipelines(Offshore)(Marine Matteknikk AB)(Brief article). New regs for Norway's offshore infrastructure(Brief Article). Norway Plans Funds for Renewables. Gas exports planned from Norwegian offshore oil field(Gas industry)(Brief Article). How will the LNG boom look in 25 years. Oil frontiers: the future of oil(OIL FRONTIERS)(Arctic Frontiers Conference). Cape Verde to host green energy centre(Renewable energy)(Brief article). Readers forum. NEWS: Vision for marine energy. CAREERS: Wave of optimism. Renewable energy in power systems(Brief article)(Book review). Global Design - Global Impact. Funding for renewables Research and Development shrivels up: the federal government's love affair with the minerals sector continues, shelling out big bucks for coal and oil--at the same time as axing funding for renewable energy research and development. Dubai Supreme Council of Energy heads to Rio+20. Wind power expectations(People & Ideas). Rio+20 Review : Energy and Water. Global design - global impact: students design and build sustainable technology projects in Africa(MADE IN CAMEROON)(Interview). Ecowas The Gbeho period. Eco-friendly combined energy complex (De Montfort University's hybrid-biomass system). Howard eclipses renewable energy (Brief Article). Gulf nuclear: six key players leading the development of the Gulf's nuclear sector(Arab Atomic Energy Agency)(Jordan Atomic Energy Commission). AROUND WI SOUTHEAST: BUSINESS BRIEFS. Masdar Institute s WEN contributes to clean energy. The editor's comment: Where alternative energy is working. Pivotal power negotiations(News). UAE confirmed as the permanent headquarter of International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Solar future looks bright: solar photovoltaic power is on the way to becoming a fully competitive part of the electricity system in Europe and an increasingly important part of the energy mix around the world(Photovoltaics)(Cover story). Sale puts a question mark on strategy(Neste and IVO form Fortum)(Company Profile)(Statistical Data Included). Europe faces euro500 millio...


Current issues of sustainable development - priorities and trends - 2619308260

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Current issues of sustainable development - priorities and trends Uniwersytet Opolski


The eighth volume of Economic and Environmental Studies titled ?Current Issues of Sustainable Development ? priorities and trands? includes papers from scholars from a many European countries ? Russia, Englnad, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Greece and Italy. Articles deal with theoretical issues of sustainable development, regional case studies of policy making for sustainable development, stakeholder involvement and education, sustainable development of rural areas and issues of business involvement in sustainable development. This volume may be of interest of scientists and students interested in the field of sustainable development. Furthermore, the articles may be a source of information for many policy makers. Ósmy numer czasopisma z serii ?Economic and Environmental Studies? zatytułowany ?Aktualne kwestie zrównoważonego rozwoju ? priorytety i trendy? zawiera artykuły naukowców z wielu krajów Europy ? Rosji, Anglii, Litwy, Polski, Niemiec, Holandii, Francji, Grecji oraz Włoch. Praca ta traktuje o teoretycznych kwestiach zrównoważonego rozwoju, studiach przypadku dotyczących kształtowania polityki zrównoważonego rozwoju, zaangażowaniu ?interesariuszy? w edukację, zrównoważonym rozwoju terenów wiejskich oraz zaangażowaniu biznesu w zrównoważony rozwój. Najnowszy numer adresowany jest do naukowców oraz studentów zainteresowanych kwestią zrównoważonego rozwoju. Publikację te mogą być również źródłem informacji dla osób zajmujących się polityką. Spis treści: Introduction Theoretical Issues of Sustainable Development Joost PLATJE, Who is Interested in What Kind of Sustainable Development? Time-Horizons and Stakeholder Interests Ludwik TOMIAŁOJĆ, Sustainable Development and Nature Conservation - The Necessity for Compromise Instead of Confrontation Bogusław FIEDOR and Romuald JOŃCZY, General Problems in the Interpretation and Implementation of the Concept of Sustainable Development Herman W. HOEN, "Transitology". The Revival of Geografic-Economic Research on the Transition in Cental and Eastern Europe Małgorzata BURGHARD-DZIUBIŃSKA, Sustainable Development as a Political Category Policy Making for Sustainable Development - regional case studies Janne JUURIKAS and Walter LEAL FILHO, Promoting Sustainable Development by Means of River Basin Management in the Baltic: the Watersketch Project Judith MARQUAND and Sergey KOSTAREV, Sustainable Development in Omsk - Lessons for Central Europe Verena Leila HOLZER, Sustainability and the Electricity Sector - Objectives, Instruments and Effectiveness of German Energy Policy Monika PARADOWSKA, Sustainable Transport and External Costs of Transport Fabrizio OLEARI, National Health Service Reform and Regional Devolution in Italy: are They Consistent with the Public Finance Strategy? A Critical Analysis of the Present Situation in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region Holger KREFT, Municipal Sustainability Management: Minimising the Impact of Structural Development on Land Resources Stefan BUZAR and Maja GRABKOWSKA, The Social Reproduction of Flexibility in the Housing Environment: Stories from Inner-City Gdansk Inna AKSENOVA and Olga SERGIENKO, A Study of Consumers Attitudes Towards Environmentally Safe Food: a Case Study from St. Petersburg Policy Making for Sustainable Development - stakeholder involvement and education Remigijus CIEGIS, Dalia GINEITIENE, Stasys GIRDZIJAUSKAS and Elena TALOCKAITE, Capacity Building for Stakeholder Involvement in Sustainable Development Anna HAŁADYJ, Considering Legal Issues of Stakeholder Involvement in the Decision-Making Process - Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead Karol KOCISZEWSKI, Environmental Protection in Agriculture Within the EU Strategy for Sustainable Development - Implications for Poland Andrzej GRACZYK and Zbigniew JAKUBCZYK, Investments in Environmental Projects as an Element of a Policy for Sustainable Development in the Region of Opole in 1993-2004 - from a Structural Point of View Evangelos I. MANOLAS, A Critical Introduction to Deep Ecology in Higher Education: an Application of Kolb's Model of Experiential Learning Sustainable Development of rural areas Jarosław CHORMAŃSKI and Kinga ZAKRZEWSKA, Application of GIS Techniques and Flood Modeling as a Tool for Supporting Sustainable Agriculture Maria ALEXEEVA and Olga SERGIENKO, Development of Organic Farming - the Russian Experience Wiktor SZYDŁO, Rural Development in Poland - Preliminary Results of European Budget Support and Determinants of Progress Barbara DESPINEY-ZOCHOWSKA, The Restructuring Process of Polish Agriculture in the Light of CAP Reforms Henryk MANTEUFFEL SZOEGE, Sustainable Development in Rural Poland from the Perspective of Environmental Economics Laura PŁATKOWSKA-PROKOPCZYK, Constraints on the Sustainable Development of Rural Areas in the Light of Integration with the European Union Urszula WĄSIKIEWICZ-RUSNAK, The Philosophy of Sustainable Development in the Strategy of a Local Business Company Agnieszka SKOWROŃSKA, Logistics as a Tool for Sustainable Development Anna BARWIŃSKA-MAŁAJOWICZ, Achievements and Future Perspectives of European Employment and Social Policy in the Context of the European Union's Sustainable Growth and Employment Strategy


Renewable Bioenergy Technologies, Risks, and Rewards - 2839145497

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Renewable Bioenergy Technologies, Risks, and Rewards Professional Engineering Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Renewable Bioenergy - Technologies, Risks and Rewards explores the management of risks faced by bioenergy projects and the potential benefits that they bring. This volume includes papers from authoritative authors who have had first hand experience in the bioenergy sector, whether it be from the perspective of the farming sector, the suppliers of technology, the project developers, or the financiers. Their knowledge and experience will help identify the way forward for this emerging renewable energy sector, which has the potential to make a significant contribution to our future energy needs. Topics covered include: Fuel - Research and Development - The Government Perspective - Deploying Technology - Developers and Users - Covering the Risks - The Regulatory Context - Connecting and Selling


Triumph of Technology - 2212825410

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Triumph of Technology Cambridge University Press

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The Triumph of Technology is taken from Lord Alec Broers 2005 BBC Reith Lectures on the role and importance of technology in our lives. The lectures discuss the way technology has shaped life since the beginnings of civilization, explaining how we owe to technologists most of what drives our world today, how technologies develop, and the excitement of the modern creative process. There are some who believe that technology's future development should be controlled, and that it may already have gone too far, especially in areas such as the use of energy - something which has the potential to permanently harm our environment. Alec Broers argues that although we need to understand such dangers, and use technology wisely, it can improve our lives - that we must look to technology to solve many of the problems that threaten our planet. Included here are the complete lectures plus a new introduction and conclusion.


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