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7 Signs You Will Be Rich: Good Signs Never Go Out of Style(how to Be Rich, How to Became a Millionaire, How to Get Rich, How Rich People Think) - 2854903612

34,43 zł

7 Signs You Will Be Rich: Good Signs Never Go Out of Style(how to Be Rich, How to Became a Millionaire, How to Get Rich, How Rich People Think)



7 Signs You Will Be Rich: Good Signs Never Go Out of Style (How to Become Rich, How to Became a Millionaire) - 2853705826

46,50 zł

7 Signs You Will Be Rich: Good Signs Never Go Out of Style (How to Become Rich, How to Became a Millionaire)



The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave: How to Recognize the Subtle Signs and ACT Before It's Too Late - 2851424296

82,76 zł

The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave: How to Recognize the Subtle Signs and ACT Before It's Too Late



7 Major Events That Will Occur Before the Rapture: Signs of the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. - 2853712910

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7 Major Events That Will Occur Before the Rapture: Signs of the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.



Signs On Lines - 2839537824

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1. Signs On Lines 2. Nardis 3. Little Waltz 4. Time Game 5. By Heart 6. Meje 7. Tune For The Moon 8. Lines 1 (Solo) 9. Beacons 10. Blues Nr.2 11. Between Now & Then


Signs Of Occupation - 2840462261

104,99 zł

Signs Of Occupation


1. Plus-minus Ensemble - Looping Busker Music (Fuer K 2. Stevens, Marcus Barcham - Three Trios (Fuer Trio F 3. Nr. 1 July '10 4. Nr. 2 February '11 5. Nr. 3 November '11 6. Sparling, Andrew - Signs Of Occupation (Fuer Sprec 7. Putt, Alastair - Digger (Fuer Gitarre) (2010) 8. Pioro, Daniel - Common Ground (Fuer Streichtrio) (


Life Between The Exit Signs - 2844415620

22,99 zł

Life Between The Exit Signs Warner Music / Rhino


1. Lisbon Stomp 2. Love No. 1 3. Love No. 2 4. Everything I Love 5. Margot 6. Long Time Gone (But Not Withdrawn) 7. Life Between The Exit Signs 8. Church Dreams


Migusie - pełen zestaw startowy Baby Signs - 1797772217

140,00 zł

Migusie - pełen zestaw startowy Baby Signs Baby Signs

Książki > Albumy

Małe dzieci bardzo długo nie umieją przekazać rodzicom swoich potrzeb słowami, o wiele szybciej uczą się koordynować ruchy rąk. Potrafią pokazać za pomocą prostych znaków swoje potrzeby i spostrzeżenia, na długo zanim będą w stanie to powiedzieć.  Język migowy dla dzieci słyszących, dostosowany jest do potrzeb małego dziecka w oparciu o badania naukowe prowadzone przez dwie dekady na Uniwersytecie Kalifornijskim.  Miguś


Vital Signs - 2839422319

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1. I Can't Hold Back 2. High On You 3. First Night 4. The Search Is Over 5. Broken Promises 6. Popular Girl 7. Everlasting 8. It's The Singer Not The Song 9. I See You In Everyone 10. The Moment Of Truth


Signs And Wonders - 2840107309

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Signs And Wonders


1. Mass Transit 2. The World Unseen 3. Anhedonia 4. Milky Way 5. Star People 6. Beyond This Life 7. Sophia 8. Nothing But Time 9. Jet Black 10. Eschaton


Neuroradiology Signs - 2854191780

478,90 zł

Neuroradiology Signs McGraw-Hill Medical

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Introducing a comprehensive, full-color guide to neuroradiology signs across all imaging modalities§The first book of its kind, Neuroradiology Signs provides a multimodality review of over 440 neuroradiologic signs in CT, MR, angiography, radiography, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine. It is designed to enhance recognition of specific imaging patterns that enable you to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.§Neuroradiology Signs is divided into 7 chapters:§Adult and General Brain§Pediatric Brain§Head, Neck, and Orbits§Vascular§Skull and Facial Bones§Vertebrae§Spinal Cord and Nerves §All cases have been reviewed by subspecialty experts and include:§Imaging Findings§Modalities§Differential Diagnosis§Discussion§References §Full-color photographs illustrate sign etymology and enhance the learning experience. The index is conveniently organized by sign, diagnosis, and modality. Neuroradiology Signs will be a valuable review for trainees preparing for board examinations and a trusted daily reference for practicing clinicians.§


7 Secrets of Synchronicity - 2854218958

67,92 zł

7 Secrets of Synchronicity HAY HOUSE PUBLISHING

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

There are signs everywhere, pointing the way to a better life, if you know how to read them. If you recognise the signs, you'll begin to see the plan the universe has mapped out for you. In "The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity", you'll see why there is no such thing as coincidence - and how your life can be the better for it. Synchronicity is the universal language of transformation - and its secrets reveal how you can live a life rich in fulfilment, meaning and wonder. "The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity" will convince you of the power of synchronicity with: the novel that seemed to predict the Titanic's sinking 14 years before it set sail; the number that links the deaths of Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison; and, fantastic tales of the powerful predictions people have received through divination tools. In this impressive book, authors Trish and Rob MacGregor reveal the seven secrets that allow you to recognise synchronicity when it happens - and make the most of it. You'll learn to interpret the meaning of the signs you encounter every day, and use such tools as the tarot, I-Ching and astrology to understand your past, inform your present and guide your future. Synchronicity - your key to making magic in your own life.


7 Reasons to Believe in the Afterlife - 2826952889

68,25 zł

7 Reasons to Believe in the Afterlife Healing Arts Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

An uplifting study of the scientific evidence for the afterlife from an experienced anesthesiologist/intensive care physician - Details meticulously recorded and hospital-verified cases of near-death experiences - Cites scientific research on NDEs to refute the standard objections of doubters and materialists point by point - Explores out-of-body experiences, sessions with mediums, electronic communication with the deceased, and other signs from the afterlife Over the course of his 25-year career as an anesthesiologist and intensive care physician, Jean Jacques Charbonier, M.D., gathered hundreds of accounts of patients who returned from clinical death. Across all of these accounts--from patients with vastly different backgrounds--Dr. Charbonier found striking similarities as well as indisputable proof that these experiences were more than hallucinations. He surveyed other physicians, nurses, and professional caregivers and discovered that their patients described the same experiences as well as exhibited the same positive life transformations afterward. Igniting a scientific quest to learn more, he collected more accounts of near-death experiences as well as out-of-body experiences, attended dozens of sessions with mediums, experimented successfully with electronic communication with the deceased (EVP), interviewed hundreds of people who have cared for the dying, and gathered countless inexplicable stories of "signs" from the afterlife. With each experience he studied, he found himself more firmly believing in the survival of consciousness beyond death. Dr. Charbonier distills his findings into 7 reasons to believe in the afterlife, beginning with the more than 60 million people worldwide who have reported a transcendent afterlife experience. He refutes the standard objections of doubters and materialists point by point, citing scientific research on NDEs and the work of pioneers in the field of consciousness studies such as Raymond Moody and Pim van Lommel. Drawing on meticulously recorded and hospital-verified cases, Dr. Charbonier explains that we should not fear death for ourselves or our loved ones. By releasing our fear of death, we can properly prepare for "the final journey." As those who have returned from death reveal, death is simply a transition and its lessons enable us to live more fully, peacefully, and happily in the now.


Scanners 7 - 2826837101

48,96 zł

Scanners 7 Special Interest Model Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The 'Scanners' series of books have been consistent bestsellers, being the UK's leading guides to receiving equipment employed by enthusiasts to monitor the short wave and VHF/UHF wavebands used by airfields, maritime and rescue services, and analogue and digital two-way private mobile radio systems. This new (seventh) edition covers the rapidly increasing trend towards digital two-way radio communications and the latest handheld and mobile/base scanners with some digital modes fitted. It has been fully re-written and updated to include the latest UK radio frequency listings and call signs for airports, maritime and emergency services and other professional organisations.The book covers the latest shifts in the hobby towards digital and PC- and tablet-controlled radio technology and illustrates the very latest commercial radio scanning equipment and accessories. Included are details of an increasing number of 'apps' for smartphones specifically for radio data decoding, including programs for digital scanner communications decoding for which a smartphone can be linked to an existing scanner radio to decode. Other innovations include TETRA as used by police, ambulance, fire and rescue services, and DMR modes such as Mototrbo. It is predicted that by 2016, fifty per cent of two-way radio communication in the UK will use digital modes.


7-ain't You Got A Heart - 2840439612

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7-ain't You Got A Heart

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul>Soul



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