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Code Black - 2844394768

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Code Black Ibooks

Ksi±żki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

PRAISE FOR CODE BLACK "In CODE BLACK Philip Donlay firmly establishes himself as a writer of great thrillers. The first hundred pages are breathtaking. His knowledge of aviation is incredible. CODE BLACK is even better than CATEGORY FIVE. A real winner." -Steve Thayer, author of The Weatherman and Wolf Pass "I don't like airplane thrillers, and I never read them. Except this one; I loved it. Philip Donlay is a gifted storyteller, and everything is there-great characters, great plot, and suspense and momentum that don't stop. Put this book on the very top of your reading list." -Brian Haig, Bestselling author of The Man In The Middle and The President's Assassin A terrible blizzard, a grisly accident, a mid-air collision, and that's only the beginning... Minnesota Book Award Finalist - January 2008 Crippled by a high altitude crash, Wayfarer Flight 880, half the roof ripped away, flies on in the evening sky. Seated in the back, amid dead, dying, and wounded passengers, pilot Donovan Nash fights decompression and oxygen deprivation to make it to the shattered cockpit and its dead pilot and grievously wounded co-pilot. With no power, no instruments, and time running out, Nash must land a plane he's never flown... On the ground, his fiancée, Dr. Lauren McKenna, must convince Henry Parrish, an unlikely ally, to help her save the man she loves. Together, Lauren and Henry have to stay one step ahead of an airline whose secret agenda seeks to exploit the impending disaster for its own benefit, as well as heightened security, to execute a daring midair solution to save Donovan and the others on Flight 880. Code Black is the story of a desperate rescue, heroism under fire, and the secrets even heroes must keep. PHILIP DONLAY's experience as an aviator has taken him to thirty-five countries on four continents. He earned his pilot's license at the age of seventeen. The following year his first article was published in a national magazine on aviation, and at the age of nineteen he began his aviation career as a flight instructor in Wichita, Kansas. When he was twenty, Donlay accepted the position of co-pilot of a private jet based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This was followed by a stint back in the States as a cargo pilot flying at night. By the age of twenty-two he had earned his first jet-type rating. Presently he holds the title Senior Captain and is licensed to fly six different types of jets. Donlay's first novel, starring Donovan Nash, is Category Five. Donlay lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.s


The Grainger Edition - Box - 2845999582

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The Grainger Edition - Box Chandos


1. 'The Duke Of Marlborough' Fanfare 2. Colonial Song 3. English Dance 4. Shepherd's Hey! 5. There Were Three Friends 6. Fisher's Boarding-house 7. We Were Dreamers 8. Harvest Hymn 9. Blithe Bells 10. Walking Tune (Symphonic Wind Band Version) 11. Arrival Platform Humlet 12. Gay But Wistful 13. Pastoral 14. The 'Gum-suckers' March 15. Green Bushes 101. Northern March 102. Rustic March 103. Norse Dirge 104. Eastern Intermezzo 105. English Waltz 106. Molly On The Shore 107. Irish Tune From County Derry 108. Shepherd's Hey! 109. Country Gardens 110. Early One Morning 111. Handel In The Strand 112. Mock Morris 113. Dreamery 114. The Warriors 201. Green Bushes 202. Hill-song No. 2 203. The Merry King 204. Eastern Intermezzo 205. Colonial Song 206. Spoon River 207. Lord Maxwell's Goodnight 208. The Power Of Rome And The Christian Heart 209. The Immovable Do 210. Irish Tune From County Derry 211. Ye Banks And Braes O' Bonnie Doon 212. English Dance No. 1 301. Shallow Brown 302. Marching Tune 303. I'm Seventeen Come Sunday 304. Shenandoah 305. Stormy 306. Molly On The Shore 307. Brigg Fair 308. Early One Morning 309. Afterword 310. There Was A Pig Went Out To Dig 311. The Lonely Desert-man Sees The Tents Of The Happy Tribes 312. Thou Gracious Power 313. Country Derry Air 314. Handel In The Strand 315. Six Dukes Went Afishin' 316. Anchor Songs 317. Ye Banks And Braes O' Bonnie Doon 401. The Widow's Party 402. The Sea-wife 403. The Running Of Shindland 404. We Have Fed Our Sea For A Thousand Years 405. Tiger-tiger! 406. Love Song Of Har Dyal 407. Country Gardens 408. The Immovable Do 409. Mock Morris 410. Collean Dhas 411. Scotch Strathspey And Reel 412. Dreamery 413. Colonial Song 414. My Robin Is To The Greenwood Gone 415. Harvest Hymn 416. Handel In The Strand 417. Lord Maxwell's Goodnight 418. The Lost Lady Found 501. Mock Morris 502. The Power Of Love 503. Died For Love 504. Love Verses From The Song Of Solomon 505. Shepherd's Hey! 506. Early One Morning 507. The Three Ravens 508. Scherzo 509. Youthful Rapture 510. Random Round 511. The Merry King 512. O Gin I Were Where Gadie Rins 513. Skye Boat Song 514. Danny Deever 515. Irish Tune From County Derry 516. Dollar And A Half A Day 517. Molly On The Shore 601. Fadir Og Dăłttir 602. Kleine Variationen-form 603. A Song Of Vă¤rmeland 604. To A Nordic Princess 605. The Merry Wedding 606. Stă±lt Vesselil 607. The Rival Brothers 608. Dalvisa 609. The Crew Of The Long Serpent 610. Under En Bro 611. The Power Of Love 612. Lord Peter's Stable-boy 613. The Nightingale And The Two Sisters 614. Jutish Medley 701. My Love's In Germanie 702. Six Dukes Went A-fishin' 703. O Mistress Mine 704. Mary Thomson 705. Early One Morning 706. Irish Tune From County Derry 707. Agincourt Song 708. Australian Up-country Song 709. Recessional 710. At Twilight 711. The Gipsy's Wedding Day 712. Mo Dighean Dubh 713. Ye Banks And Braes O' Bonnie Doon 714. Soldier, Soldier 715. Night-song In The Jungle 716. Lukannon 717. Hunting-song Of The Seeonee Pack 718. Tiger-tiger! 719. Near Woodstock Town 720. Love At First Sight 801. Hill Song No. 2 802. Ye Banks And Braes O' Bonnie Doon 803. Faeroe Island Dance 804. The Lads Of Wamphray March 805. Irish Tune From County Derry 806. Shepherd's Hey 807. The Merry King 808. Molly On The Shore 809. Country Gardens 810. Sentimental No. 1 811. The 'Gum-suckers' March 812. Dublin Bay 813. Harkstow Grange 814. Rufford Park Poachers 815. The Brisk Young Sailor 816. Lord Melbourne 817. The Lost Lady Found 901. The Power Of Rome And The Christian Heart 902. Children's March 903. Bell Piece 904. Blithe Bells 905. The Immovable Do 906. Hill Song 1 907. Hill Song 2 908. Irish Tune From County Derry 909. Marching Song Of Democracy 1001. Molly On The Shore 1002. My Robin Is To The Greenwood Gone 1003. Shepherd's Hey! 1004. Harvest Hymn 1005. Arrival Platform Humlet 1006. Handel In The Strand 1007. Swedish Air And Dance 1008. Song Of Varmeland 1009. Norwegian Polska 1010. Danish Melody 1011. Air And Finale On Norwegian Dances 1012. The Nightingale And The Two Sisters 1013. The Maiden And The Frog 1014. The Shoemaker From Jerusalem 1015. Mock Morris 1016. The Sussex Mummers' Christmas Carol 1017. Theme And Variations 1018. Youthful Rapture 1019. Colonial Song 1101. Lord Peter's Stable-boy 1102. The Shoemaker From Jerusalem 1103. Hubby And Wifey 1104. The Only Son 1105. Ye Banks And Braes O' Bonnie Doon 1106. Lisbon 1107. The Bridegroom Grat 1108. The Land O' The Leal 1109. Walking Tune 1110. Willow Willow 1111. Harvest Hymn 1112. The Old Woman At The Christening 1113. The Nightingale 1114. The Two Sisters 1115. Sea Song 1116. Bold William Taylor 1117. The Power Of Love 1118. Lord Maxwell's Goodnight 1119. Colonial Song 1120. Free Music 1121. The Twa Corbies 1122. Died For Love 1123. Molly On The Shore 1201. C. Hughes - Daffyd Y Garreg Wen 1202. Died For Love 1203. The Sprig Of Thyme 1204. Willow, Willow 1205. Near Woodstock Town 1206. Early One Morning 1207. In Bristol Town 1208. Weaving Song 1209. This Is No Plaid 1210. Skye Boat Song 1211. Turn Ye To Me 1212. The Bridegroom Grat 1213. Lady Nairne - The Land O' The Leal 1214. Proud Vesselil 1215. Under A Bridge 1216. Hubby And Wifey 1217. The Lonely Desert-man Sees The Tents Of The Happy Tribes 1218. Colonial Song 1219. Kipling - The Only Son 1220. Kipling - The Love Song Of Har Dyal 1221. A L Gordon - A Song Of Autumn 1222. To Echo 1223. Honey Pot Bee 1224. Farewell To An Atoll 1225. Crying For The Moon 1226. Love At First Sight 1227. F Corteccia - O Glorious, Golden Era 1228. Little Ole With His Umbrella 1229. Variations On Handel's 'The Harmonious Blacksmith' 1230. Harvest Hymn 1231. Afterword 1301. Dedication II 1302. Anchor Song 1303. The Sea-wife 1304. Ganges Pilot 1305. The First Chantey 1306. The Widow's Party 1307. Soldier, Soldier 1308. The Young British Soldier 1309. Dedication I 1310. Yon Wild Mossy Mountain 1311. Evan Banks 1312. Afton Water 1313. My Faithful Fond One 1314. The Woman Are A Gane Wud 1315. O'er The Moor 1316. Fair Young Mary 1317. The Power Of Love 1318. The Twa Corbies 1319. A. C. Swinburne - A Reiver's Neck-verse 1320. Lord Maxwell's Goodnight 1401. Willow Willow 1402. Six Dukes Went Afishin' 1403. British Waterside 1404. The Pretty Maid Milkin' Her Cow 1405. The Lost Lady Found 1406. Creepin' Jane 1407. Bold William Taylor 1408. Leezie Lindsay 1409. Bonnie George Campbell 1410. Drowned 1411. Willie's Gane To Melville Castle 1412. Lukannon 1413. Merciful Town 1414. Ride With An Idle Whip 1415. Northern Ballad 1416. The Men Of The Sea 1417. Soldier, Soldier 1418. Hard Hearted Barb'ra (H)ellen 1419. The Secret Of The Sea 1420. Sailor's Chanty 1421. Shallow Brown 1501. Green Bushes 1502. Let's Dance Gay In Green Meadow 1503. In Bristol Town 1504. English Dance 1505. Zanzibar Boat Song 1506. The Widow's Party March 1507. Ye Banks And Braes O' Bonnie Doon 1508. Jutish Medley 1509. Harvest Hymn 1510. Country Gardens 1511. Random Round 1512. The Keel-row 1513. The Warriors 1601. Prelude In G Major 1602. Prelude In C Major 1603. Gigue 1604. Andante Con Moto 1605. Klavierstăµck In D Major 1606. Klavierstăµck In E Major 1607. Klavierstăµck In A Minor 1608. Klavierstăµck In B Flat Major 1609. Peace 1610. Saxon Twi-play 1611. Eastern Intermezzo 1612. English Waltz 1613. At Twilight 1614. Train Music 1615. Sailor's Song 1616. Walking Song 1617. Will Ye Gang To The Hielands, Leezie Lindsay? 1618. Mo Dighean Dubh 1619. O Gin I Were Where Gadie Rins 1620. Scotch Strathspey And Reel 1621. Seven Men From All The World 1622. Paraphrase On Tchaikovsky's, 'Flower Waltz' 1623. Irish Tune From County Derry 1624. Near Woodstock Town 1625. In Dahomey 1701. Tiger-tiger! 1702. The Hunter In His Career 1703. The Sussex Mummers' Christmas Carol 1704. The Rival Brothers 1705. Australian Up-country Song 1706. Harvest Hymn 1707. The Merry King 1708. Lisbon (Dublin Bay) 1709. Pastoral 1710. The Widow's Party 1711. Died For Love 1712. Horkstow Grange 1713. The Brisk Young Sailor (Who Returned To Wed His True Love) 1714. Hard Hearted Barb'ra (H)ellen 1715. Bristol Town 1716. Sea-song Sketch 1717. Molly On The Shore 1718. Arrival Platform Humlet 1719. Shepherd's Hey 1720. Country Gardens 1721. Mock Morris 1722. 'The Gum-suckers' March 1723. Colonial Song 1724. The Tents Of The Happy Tribes 1725. Gay But Wistful 1726. Handel In The Strand 1727. My Robin Is To The Greenwood Gone 1801. Lullaby 1802. One More Day, My John 1803. A Bridal Lullaby 1804. Knight And Shepherd's Daughter 1805. Children's March, 'Over The Hills And Far Away' 1806. Bridal Lullaby Ramble 1807. Spoon River 1808. Ramble On The Last Love 1809. The Power Of Love 1810. The Nightingale And The Two Sisters 1811. Jutish Medley 1812. To A Nordic Princess 1813. Blithe Bells 1814. Walking Tune 1815. Lullaby 1816. Proud Vesselil 1817. Rimmer And Goldcastle 1818. Irish Tune From County Derry 1819. Country Gardens 1820. The Immovable Do 1821. Beautiful Fresh Flower 1822. Now, Oh Now I Needs Must Part


Science And The Weather - 2852638546

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Science And The Weather Read Books

Ksi±żki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

PREFACE THE situation of the British Isles is such that the weather is uncertain and variable. Whilst in some parts of the world it is possible to fix a date months ahead for an out- door festival with the sure knowledge that there will be sunshine, no such thing is possible in these islands. Yet there are certain laws which the course of the weather follows. This book does not profess to be a complete course of Meteorology. It is hoped, however, that a study of its pages will give added interest and a better understanding of the various types of weather. The weather is always with us. It provides scope for one of the most easily practised forms of nature study for the pupils of all schools, whether in town or country. I Modern man-Savage man-Explorers-Airmen, etc.- History of the study of weather-Astrologers-The Greeks- Galileo-Torricelli-Rain gauges-Balloons and bites-Ex- planations-Charts and maps-Buys Ballot-Recent research CHAPTER I1 THE ATMOSPHERE . I2 What is air-Chief gases-Oxygen-Nitrogen-Breathing and carbon dioxide-Plants-Water vapour-Other gases- Dust - Weight - Pressure of gases - Pressure of air- Climbing a mountain-Aeroplanes-Ballon-sonde-Pilot balloons - Records -Troposphere -Stratosphere - Height of atmosphere-Barometers--Types of barometers-Fortin -Kew-Aneroid-Barographs-Measurement of Pressure -Millibars-Corrections CHAPTER I11 THE SUN AND THE EARTH . 33 The travelling earth-The sun-Heat of sun-Insulation- Earths shape-Latitude-Earths axis and seasons-Solstices-Equinoxes-How does the sun warm the earth- Convection-Radiation-Thermometers-What they measure-Scales-Fixed points-Weather temperatures-Stevenson screen-Maximum and minimum thermometers-Sixs thermometer-Reading thermometers CHAPTER IV WINDS 9 Cause-Room and draughts-Ventilation-Wind or current -Direction- Judging direction-Weather vane-Speed of wind - Beaufort - Beaufort scale - Anemometers - Great winds of the world-Why caused-Trade winds-Ferrels Law - Anti-trades - High pressure regions - MTesterlies - Land and sea breezes-Monsoons vii CONTENTS CHAPTER V PAGE MOISTURE IN THE ATMOSPHERE . 78 Puddles-Evaporation-Latent heat-Unit of heat-Calorie -Condensation-Saturation-Cooling-Dew-point-Humid- ity-Measurement of relative humidity-Finding dew-point -Hygrometers-Dew-Hoar frost-Preventing frost-Fog and mist-Fogs at sea-Eddy currents-Fog on land-Pre- dicting fogs-Visibility-Causes affecting visibility CHAPTER V1 CLOUDS AND RAIN 96 What is a cloud -Cloud shapes-Types of clouds-Cloud heights-Nephoscopes-Amount of cloud-Sunshine recor- ders-Rain-Size of drops-Velocity of drops-snow- Glaciers-Perpetual snow-Sleet-Hail-Measurement of rain and snow-Gauges-Weight of rainfall CHAPTER V11 MAKING WEATHER CHARTS . . I22 System-Observation stations-The growing map-Strange isobars-Cyclone-Anticyclone-Secondaries-shaped de- pressions-Wedge of high pressure-The Col-Straight isobars-Temperature CHAPTER V111 WEATHER FORECASTS . . I32 Weather reports-The expert and how he works-The amateur forecaster-Apparatus-Lines along which to work -Forecasting with a barometer CHAPTER IX CURIOUS WEATHER PHENOMENA . . 142 Thunderstorms-Anvil-shaped cumulus-Cause of lightning -Two kinds of electricity-Rushing raindrops-lightning- Distance of storm-Line squalls-Hurricanes-Tornados CHAPTER X WEATHER LORE AND PROVERBS . I49 The sky-Rainbow-The moon-Seaweed, etc.-Summer and winter-St. Swithin-Birds and animals CHAPTER XI POETS AND THE WEATHER 1.54 ILLUSTRATIONS PAGE Crossing a Glacier , 2 Korean Rain-gauge . . 6 Heights of Adventurers . g Dustless Air . . . . 16 Pass of Glencoe . . 18 Kite and Meteorograph . 20 Air Pressure . - 23 Diagonal Barometer . 24 Fortin Cistern . 25 Diaphragm of Aneroid . 26 Aneroid Movement . 27 Barograph ...


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