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'I Hope I Don't Intrude' - 2854315970

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'I Hope I Don't Intrude' Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'I Hope I Don't Intrude' takes its title from the catch-phrase of the eponymous hero of the 1825 play Paul Pry, which was an immense success on the London stage and then rapidly in New York and around the English-speaking world. It tackles the complex, multi-faceted subject of privacy in nineteenth-century Britain by examining the way in which the tropes, language, and imagery of the play entered public discourse about privacy in the rest of the century. The volume is not just an account of a play, or of late Georgian and Victorian theatre. Rather it is a history of privacy, showing how the play resonated through Victorian society and revealed its concerns over personal and state secrecy, celebrity, gossip and scandal, postal espionage, virtual privacy, the idea of intimacy, and the evolution of public and private spheres. After 1825 the overly inquisitive figure of Paul Pry appeared everywhere - in songs, stories, and newspapers, and on everything from buttons and Staffordshire pottery to pubs, ships, and stagecoaches - and 'Paul-Prying' rapidly entered the language. 'I Hope I Don't Intrude' is an innovative kind of social history, using rich archival research to trace this cultural artefact through every aspect of its consumer context, and using its meanings to interrogate the largely hidden history of privacy in a period of major transformations in the role of the home, mass communication (particularly the new letter post, which delivered private messages through a public service), and the state. In vivid and entertaining detail, including many illustrations, David Vincent presents the most thorough account yet attempted of a recreational event in an era which saw a decisive shift in consumer markets. His study casts fresh light on the perennial tensions between curiosity and intrusion that were captured in Paul Pry and his catchphrase. Giving a new account of the communications revolution of the period, it re-evaluates the role of the state and the market in creating a new regime of privacy. And its critique of the concept and practice of surveillance looks forward to twenty-first-century concerns about the invasion of privacy through new technologies.


100 Best Guitar - 2839232017

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100 Best Guitar Warner Music / EMI Classics


1. Gavotte En Rondeau (Lute Suite In E, Bwv1006a) 2. Allemande 3. Prelude, Fugue & Allegro Bwv998 - Prelude 4. Partita No.2 In D Minor Bwv1004 - Gigue 5. Gigue 6. Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring (Cantata 147) 7. Guitar Concerto In D Rv93 - Ii. Largo 8. Suite No.11 In B Minor Prelude - Allemande - Gigue 9. O Mia Cieca E Dura Sorte 10. Sonata In E Kk380 (Longo 23) 11. Countess Of Pembroke's Paradise (Pavan No.15) 12. Heigh Ho Holiday (Galliard No.13) 13. Variations On 'Guardam Las Vacas' 14. Pieces In G Prelude - Gigue - Courante - Canarie 15. Suite In D (Terpsichore)i. Courante - Ii. Ballet - 16. Harpsichord Concerto In E Bwv 1053 - I. Allegro 17. Pieces In F Sharp Minor 18. Carillon De Village 19. Sonata In A Kk322 (Longo485) 20. Fantasie 21. Guitar Concerto In C Rv425 - Iii. Allegro 101. La Minona De Cataluna (Suite Espanola) 102. Variations On A Theme Of Mozart Op.9 103. Grand Solo In D Op.14 104. Suite Espanola I. Granada 105. Suite Espanola Iii. Sevilla 106. Capricho Arabe (Serenata) 107. Lagrima (Prelude) 108. Maria (Gavotte) 109. Mazurka In G 110. Recuerdos De La Alhambra 111. Recuerdos De Viaje Op.71 I. En El Mar (Barcarola) 112. Recuerdos De Viaje Op.71 Ii. Asturias (Leyenda) 113. Recuerdos De Viaje Op.71 V. Puerta De Tierra (Bole 114. Recuerdos De Viaje Op.71 Vi. Rumores De La Caleta 115. Serenata Espanola 116. Canco Del Lladre 201. Romance (From The Film Jeux Interdits) 202. Night - The Miller's Dance 203. The Corregidor - Dance Of The Miller's Wife 204. Sonata A La Espanola 205. La Maja De Goya (Goyescas) 206. Andaluza (Danza Espanola No.5) 207. Hommage A Tarrega 208. Valses Poeticos 209. Omaggio Per Chitarra (Le Tombeau De Claude Debussy 210. Invocation Et Danse (Hommage A Manuel De Falla) 211. 1. Fandango (Allegretto) 212. 2. Passacaglia (Andante) 213. 3. Zapateadeo (Allegro) 301. I. Allegro Con Spirito 302. Ii. Adagio 303. Iii. Allegro Gentile 304. I. Fanfarre (Allegro Marziale) 305. Vi. Pastoral (Allegretto) 306. Vii. Fandango (Molto Ritmico) 307. Viii. Arieta (Andante Nostalgico) 308. Ix. Zapateado (Allegro Vivace) 309. I. Tempio De Bolero (Allegro Vivace) 310. I. Villano Y Ricercare 311. Ii. Espanoleta Y Fanfare De La Caballeria De Napol 312. Iii. Danza De Las Hachas 313. Iv. Canario 401. Aconquija 402. Las Abeias (Study) 403. Choros No.1 In E Minor 404. Etude No.1 In E Minor 405. Cueca, Danza Chilena 406. Preludio - Andante Religioso - Allegro Solemne 407. Triste No.4 408. Valse Op.8 No.4 409. Mazurka Apasionata 410. Prelude No.1 In E Minor 411. Prelude No. 3 In A Minor 412. Prelude No.5 In D 413. 3 Mexican Songs 414. Estrellita 415. La Muerte Del Angel 416. Danza Negra (Suite Venezolana) 417. Valse (Suite Venezolana) 418. Valse No.3 'Natalia' 501. Guitar Concerto - I. Allegro 502. Homenaje A La Guitarra 503. Penny Lane 504. Guitar Concerto For Two Christophers - Iii. Celebr 505. Yesterday 506. Bookends 507. Eleanor Rigby 508. Koln Concert - Part Iic 509. Ojos Brujos (Les Yeux Sorciers) 510. Guajira Criolla 511. Estudio Sin Luz 512. Madronos 513. Sonata - Iii. Barbaro 514. Sonatina - I. Allegretto 515. Gymnodedie No.1 516. Nocturnal After John Dowland - March-like 517. Five Bagatelles - Sempre Espressivo 518. Cancion (Suite Compostelana) 519. Tarentella CD1: BAROQUE AND BEFORE - Sharon Isbin : Gavotte En Rondeau - Lute Suite In E BWV1006a (JS Bach) Christopher Parkening - Allemande (Dowland Arr - Parkening) Manuel Barrueco - Prelude Fugue And Allegro BWV998 : Prelude Partita No.2 In D Minor BWV1004 : Gigue (JS Bach) Andres Segovia - Gigue (Froberger) Christopher Parkening : Jesu Joy Of Man S Desiring (JS Bach) Christopher Parkening / Academy Of St Martin In The Fields / Iona Brown - Guitar Concerto In D RV93 : Largo (Vivaldi) Manuel Barrueco - Suite No.11 In B Minor (de Visee) Anthony Bailes - O Mia Cieca E Dura Sorte (Capirola) Julian Byzantine - Sonata In E Kk380 Longo 23 (Domenico Scarlatti Arr - Byzantine) Anthony Bailes - Countess Of Pembroke S Paradise - Pavan No.15 Heigh Ho Holiday - Galliard No.13 (Holborne) Oscar Ghiglia - Variations On Guardam Las Vacas (de Narvaez Arr - Pujol) Anthony Bailes - Pieces In G (Gaultier) Christopher Parkening - Terpsichore : Suite In D (Praetorius Adpt Patrick Russ) Christopher Parkening / Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra / Paul Shure - Harpsichord Concerto In E BWV1053 : Allegro (JS Bach Arr - Russ) Anthony Bailes - Pieces In F Sharp Minor : La Belle Iris - Allemande / Le Mouton - Canarie (Mouton) Anthony Bailes - Carillon De Village (Vallet) Julian Byzantine - Sonata In A Kk322 Longo485 (Domenico Scarlatti Arr - Byzantine) Julian Byzantine - Fantasie (Weiss) Christopher Parkening / Academy Of St Martin In The Fields / Iona Brown - Guitar Concerto In C RV425 : Allegro (Vivaldi) CD2 SPANISH GUITAR MUSIC Volume 1 - Christopher Parkening - La Minona De Cataluna - Suite Espanola (Sanz Trans Parkening) Christopher Parkening - Variations On A Theme Of Mozart Op.9 (Sor Ed Parkening) Manuel Barrueco - Grand Solo In D Op.14 (Sor) Andres Segovia - Suite Espanola : Granada / Sevilla (Albeniz) Wulfin Lieske - Capricho Arabe - Serenata Lagrima - Prelude Maria - Gavotte Mazurka In G Recuerdos De La Alhambra (Tarrega) Julian Byzantine - Recuerdos De Viaje Op.71 : En El Mar - Barcarola / Asturias - Leyenda / Puerta De Tierra - Bolero / Rumores De La Caleta - Malaguena (Albeniz Arr - Byzantine) Julian Byzantine - Serenata Espanola (Malats) Wulfin Lieske - Canco Del Lladre (Llobet) CD3 SPANISH GUITAR MUSIC Volume 2 - Pierre Laniau - Romance From The Film Jeux Interdits (Anon Arr - Narcisso Yepes) Manuel Barrueco - The Three-Cornered Hat : Night - The Miller S Dance / The Corregidor - Dance Of The Miller S Wife (de Falla Arr - Barrueco) Ernesto Bitetti - Sonata A La Espanola : Allegro Assai / Adagio / Allegro Moderato - Tempo De Bolero (Rodrigo) Eliot Fisk - La Maja De Goya - Goyescas / Andaluza - Danza Espanola No.5 (Granados) Ernesto Bitetti - Hommage A Tarrega : Garrotin / Soleares (Turina) Dario Rossetti-Bonell - Valses Poeticos : Introduction / Valse I / Valse VI / Coda (Granados) Manuel Barrueco - Omaggio Per Chitarra - Le Tombeau De Claude Debussy (de Falla) Manuel Barrueco - Invocation Et Danse - Hommage A Manuel De Falla (Rodrigo) Manuel Barrueco - Three Spanish Pieces : Fandango - Allegretto / Passacaglia - Andante / Zapateadeo - Allegro (de Falla) CD4 THE GUITAR MUSIC OF RODRIGO WITH ORCHESTRA - Angel Romero / London Symphony Orchestra / Andre Previn - Concierto De Aranjuez : Allegro Con Spirito / Adagio / Allegro Gentile Alfonso Moreno / Deborah Mariotti / London Symphony Orchestra / Enrique Batiz - Concierto Madrigal : Fanfarre - Allegro Marziale / Pastoral - Allegretto / Fandango - Molto Ritmico / Arieta - Andante Nostalgico / Zapateado - Allegro Vivace Alfonso Moreno / Minerva Garibay / Cecilia Lopez / Jesus Ruiz / Mexican State Symphony Orchestra / Enrique Batiz - Concierto Andaluz : Tempio De Bolero - Allegro Vivace Ernesto Bitetti / Philharmonia Orchestra / Antoni Ros-Marba - Fantasia Para Un Gentilhombre : Villano Y Ricercare / Espanoleta Y Fanfare De La Caballeria De Napoles / Danza De Las Hachas / Canario (Rodrigo) CD5 LATIN AMERICAN GUITAR MUSIC - Eliot Fisk - Aconquija / Las Abeias - Study (Barrios Mangore) Manuel Barrueco - Choros No.1 In E Minor (Villa Lobos) Oscar Ghiglia - Etude No.1 In E Minor (Villa Lobos) Manuel Barrueco - Cueca Danza Chilena (Barrios Mangore) La Catedral : Preludio / Andante Religioso / Allegro Solemne (Barrios Mangore) Eliot Fisk - Triste No.4 (Aguirre) Dario Rossetti-Bonell - Valse Op.8 No.4 / Mazurka Apasionata (Barrios Mangore) Julian Byzantine - Prelude No.1 In E Minor / Prelude No.3 In A Minor / Prelude No.5 In D (Villa Lobos) Eliot Fisk - 3 Mexican Songs : Allegro / Andante / Allegro (Ponce) Estrellita (Ponce) Manuel Barrueco - La Muerte Del Angel (Piazzolla Arr - Leo Brouwer) Julian Byzantine - Danza Negra - Suite Venezolana Valse - Suite Venezolana Valse No.3 Natalia (Lauro) CD6 THE MODERN GUITAR - Julian Bream / Members Of The City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra / Simon Rattle - Guitar Concerto : Allegro (Arnold) Julian Byzantine - Homenaje A La Guitarra (Sainz De La Maza) Manuel Barrueco / David Tannenbaum - Penny Lane (Lennon & McCartney Arr - Leo Brouwer) Christopher Parkening / London Symphony Orchestra / Elmer Bernstein - Guitar Concerto For Two Christophers : Celebration (Elmer Bernstein) Manuel Barrueco - Yesterday (Lennon & McCartney Arr - Toru Takemitsu) Manuel Barrueco - Bookends (Harrison) Manuel Barrueco / London Symphony Orchestra / Jeremy Lubbock - Eleanor Rigby (Lennon & McCartney Arr - Leo Brouwer) Manuel Barrueco - Koln Concert - Part IIc (Jarrett Arr Barrueco) Manuel Barrueco - Ojos Brujos - Les Yeux Sorciers Guajira Criolla (Brouwer) Ernesto Bitetti - Estudio Sin Luz (Segovia) Angel Romero - Madronos (Moreno-Torroba) Ernesto Bitetti - Sonata : III Barbaro (Buenagu) Ernesto Bitetti - Sonatina : Allegretto (Moreno-Torroba) Pierre Laniau - Gymnodedie No.1 (Satie) Carlos Bonell - Nocturnal After John Dowland : March-like (Britten) Carlos Bonell - Five Bagatelles : Sempre Espressivo (Walton) Oscar Ghiglia - Cancion - Suite Compostelana (Mompou) Oscar Ghiglia - Tarentella (Castelnuovo-Tedesco) .


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