krainaksiazek the sport of life how lessons learned from sports relate to life 20092129

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Consolations of Philosophy - 2212839584

45,80 zł

Consolations of Philosophy Penguin

Nauki humanistyczne

Alain de Botton, best-selling author of How Proust can Change Your Life, has set six of the finest minds in the history of philosophy to work on the problems of everyday life. Here then are Socrates, Epicurus, Seneca, Montaigne, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche on some of the things that bother us all; lack of money, the pain of love, inadequacy, anxiety, the fear of failure and the pressure to conform.


A. S. Neill - 2826676120

153,92 zł

A. S. Neill Bloomsbury Academic

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A. S. Neill was probably the most famous school teacher of the twentieth century. His school, Summerhill, founded in 1921, attracted admiration and criticism from around the world, and became an emblem of radical school reform and child-centred education. Neill claimed that he was a practical man, but this book reveals that Summerhill expresses a comprehensive and distinctive set of ideas. Whether he wanted to be or not, Neill was an important educational thinker with a powerful influence on current educational approaches and philosophy. A. S. Neill is the first book to examine this philosophy of education in detail. It begins by showing how Neill's fascinating life story gives clues to the origin of his ideas, and why they mattered so much to him. It goes on to explore the main themes of his philosophy, showing how they relate to the work of other great educational thinkers, and how they are novel. It also discusses whether there are lessons that could and should be learned by other schools from the original, alternative 'free' school of Summerhill.


Kardashian Konfidential - 2826629369

108,32 zł

Kardashian Konfidential Saint Martin`s Press Inc.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Headliners of four hit reality television shows, and staple cover girls of weekly celebrity magazines, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian live large and glamorous lives. But to see how they really live and relate as sisters, fans clamoured to read "Kardashian Konfidential", making it an instant bestseller. The book is their sisterhood autobiography, full of fun facts about their childhoods (guess who was the ugly duckling?), their beauty and style secrets, and the lessons on life, love and business they learned from their parents. "Kardashian Konfidential" is as fun and fashionable as the girls themselves and a perfect buy-one-for-me-buy-three-for-friends fan's book. A new chapter written just for this edition focuses on their business acumen: their success at building a brand and maintaining it, and at making a living out of what they love and believe in. This chapter is a What Color is Your Parachute? for young, style-conscious, modern women and men. They exemplify these skills with their own products (fragrances, skin care, jewellry, shoes, swim suits, clothing and more) and those they choose to endorse.


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