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Science fiction writer Introduction - 2846575147

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Science fiction writer Introduction Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 50. Chapters: Adam Wisniewski-Snerg, Barrington J. Bayley, John Russell Fearn, Lavie Tidhar, Neal Asher, Walt Willis, Kate Orman, J. T. McIntosh, Josef Nesvadba, Alexander Kazantsev, Adam Roberts, Ben Aaronovitch, Ryu Mitsuse, Wayland Drew, Linda Evans, Tony Ballantyne, M. Christian, Vyacheslav Rybakov, William King, Laurence Manning, Jean Bruller, Robert Charroux, S. Fowler Wright, Maureen F. McHugh, Brenda Clough, T. L. Sherred, Jack Womack, Maxim Jakubowski, Kyril Bonfiglioli, Adam Browne, Tomasz Kolodziejczak, Liz Williams, Brian Thomsen, John Rankine, Ryo Hanmura, Brian Earnshaw, Eileen Kernaghan, Andy Remic, James Alan Gardner, David Louis Edelman, Mags L Halliday, Peter Anghelides, Marianne de Pierres, Geoffrey Hoyle, David J. Williams, William F. Wu, Joseph Shallit, Charles Eric Maine, Paul Harland, Mariko Ohara, Michel Pagel, Bernard Wolfe, Antonina Liedtke, Robert J. Szmidt, Nir Yaniv, Nick Gevers, Patrick Tilley, Paul Erickson, Jose Molina, Dorothy J. Heydt, Matt Hughes, G. C. Edmondson, Charles A. Spano, Jr., Yoji Kondo, Shinji Kajio, Simon Ings, Nick Webb, Carol Resnick, Tricia Sullivan, J. Grant Thiessen, Ronald M. Hahn, Alain Le Bussy, Jim Munroe, Robert Moore Williams, Miroslav Zamboch, Christopher Hodder-Williams, Margaret Ball, M. J. Engh, List of Romanian science fiction writers, Martti Löfberg, Arthur Thomson, Sylvia Kelso, Dalibor Perkovic, Marek Baraniecki, Paul Davids, Guy Hasson, Mikhail Yemtsev, Marek Huberath, Lesley Scott, Hans Beimler, Paul Melko, Cynthia Felice, Mizuhito Akiyama, C. I. Defontenay, Avedon Carol, John Glasby, Dave Wainwright, Jaroslaw Grzedowicz, Niall Harrison, Chris Boyce, Lan Wright, Nathalie Mallet, Michael Collier, Massimo del Pizzo, Redd Boggs, Dwight V. Swain, R. DeWitt Miller, Francis Leslie Ashton, Graham Sleight, Victor Koman, Peter Friend, Vid Pecjak, Gloria Barberi, William Barnwell, Chiaki Kawamata, Maja Lidia Kossakowska, Vylar Kaftan, Yves Meynard, W. H. C. Lawrence, Phil Janes, Shane Dix, Catherine Dufour, Sally Caves, Aleksandar Ziljak, Donald H. Tuck, Joëlle Wintrebert, Ye Yonglie, Pierre Stolze, Chris Nakashima-Brown, Sylvie Denis, Yuji Hayami, J.-H. Rosny jeune, Zheng Wenguang, Wyman Guin, Homer Eon Flint, Francis Berthelot, K. H. Scheer, Sage Walker, Wojciech Swidziniewski, Frank L. Pollack, Leigh Kennedy, William F. Temple, Yuli Burkin, Massimo Citi, Frank Riley, Sally Malcolm, Joseph E. Kelleam, Tensei Kono, Paul Rafaelovich Amnuél, David S. Garnett, Johan Heliot, Wildy Petoud, Aeron Clement, Philippe Curval, Marie-Anne de Roumier-Robert, Thomas Calvert McClary, Kazuma Shinjo, Ryszard Glowacki, Konrad Fialkowski, Thom Keyes, Anil Menon, Jean-Marc Ligny, Péter Zsoldos, Anna Hunger, Aarne Haapakoski, Ugo Bellagamba, Christine Renard, Yoshinori Shimizu, Musashi Kanbe, Hans Dominik, Joël Houssin, Otto Witt, Hugo Correa, Barbara Delaplace, Ram Moav, Fabrice Colin, Reginald Alec Martin, Jamil Nasir, Michael Ely. Excerpt: Barrington J. Bayley (April 9, 1937 - October 14, 2008) was an English science fiction writer. Bayley was born in Birmingham and educated in Newport, Shropshire. He worked a number of jobs before joining the Royal Air Force in 1955; his first published story, "Combat's End", had seen print the year before in Vargo Statten Magazine. In the 1960s, Bayley's short stories featured regularly in New Worlds magazine and then later in various New Worlds paperback anthologies, becoming friends with New Worlds editor Michael Mo...


2015 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market - 2826890055

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2015 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market Writer's Digest Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published. For 33 years, Novel Short Story Writers Market has been the only resource of its kind exclusively for fiction writers. Anyone who is writing novels and/or storieswhether romance or literary, horror or graphic novelneeds this resource to help them prepare their submissions and sell their work.


Anatomy of a Short Story - 2826700530

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Anatomy of a Short Story Continuum Publishing Corporation

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Since its first publication in 1948, one of Vladimir Nabokov's shortest short stories, "Signs and Symbols," has generated perhaps more interpretations and critical appraisal than any other that he wrote. It has been called "one of the greatest short stories ever written" and "a triumph of economy and force, minute realism and shimmering mystery" (Brian Boyd, Vladimir Nabokov: The American Years). Part and parcel of a classical short fiction genre, Nabokov's "Signs and Symbols"--one of his last experiments in short prose--strikes with lexical density and contains a surprising structural element: what the writer had described in his letter to Katharine White, the editor of the New Yorker, as having an "inside," "inner scheme," and "a system of mute responses". The goal of the present collection of essays is to approach the narrative riddles of "Signs and Symbols"-- reproduced here in full -- an open-ended story which invites attempts to break its mysterious code. In doing so, the contributors illuminate the ways in which we interpret fiction, and the short story in particular.


Walter de la Mare, Short Stories 1895-1926 - 2826757411

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Walter de la Mare, Short Stories 1895-1926 Giles De La Mare Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The publication of "Short Stories 1895-1926" celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of Walter de la Mare's death. It is also the culmination of a major literary enterprise. For many people Walter de la Mare (1873-1956) is as great a writer of fiction as of poetry. But the majority of his short stories, of which there are a hundred, have long been unavailable. "Short Stories" brings them all together in three volumes in the first comprehensive collection to be published. The first volume, "Short Stories 1895-1926", starts with "Broomsticks and Other Tales of 1925", with its twelve stories, and continues with "The Lord Fish of 1933" with seven stories. The famous story called 'The Riddle' is also included as it is a story that appeals equally to adults and children. De la Mare's earliest published works were stories, and he continued writing and rewriting stories throughout the rest of his life. There was always a creative counterpoint between the themes and imagery of his prose and his poetry - such as the dream, childhood, the house, night, love lost and regained, solitude and the traveller. A full understanding of either is impossible without knowledge of both.


The Story of an Hour - Kate Chopin's voice against patriarchy - 2826947535

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The Story of an Hour - Kate Chopin's voice against patriarchy GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Seminar paper from the year 2004 in the subject English - Literature, Works, grade: 2,0, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, course: Proseminar, language: English, abstract: Kate Chopin, a female writer and essayist, lived from 1850 to 1904. From 1894 onwards, she was pushing her career to become a well accepted author. Three of her most striking stories A Respectable Woman , The Story of an Hour , and Her Letters were about wives and their strong individualities (Toth 171). This paper is to give a feminist reading of her short story The Story of an Hour , written on April 19, 1894, which is in the American literary canon today. To emphasise its significance, one should mention the publication of this short story in one of the early issues of the Vogue (Toth 172). In her stories, Chopin dared to write about women, finding their personal freedom and choosing their own ways of liberation very uncommon fiction in that period of time or as Papke claims, the first modern female literary discourse in America (4). Whereas on the one hand, the public rights of women were slowly being gained (e.g. the vote, education, rights to their children and their own property), on the other hand private needs of women were not issues so far yet. Though she never took part in any feminist movement (Papke 2), Kate Chopin can be seen as a pre-feminist writer and her work can be treated as a feminist statement. She however, produce[s] what one might call, for want of a better term, female moral art in works that focus relentlessly on the dialects of social relations and the position of women therein (Papke 2). The Story of an Hour illuminates how a woman, after her husband s sudden death, finds herself freed, achieves autonomy, and starts to develop self-determination at least for the duration of one hour, as the title proclaims. It can be seen as a description of a moment that shatters social complacency and gives birth to a woman s self-desire and self-recognition. Chopin "offer[s] readers both criticism of what was and implicit vision of what could be, alternative worlds imagined if only through self-annihilation (Papke 19). This short story is a great story in a small space, and with her specific use of language, Chopin brings significance to the reader with every single word. Though it is given very little information on the surface of the story, one obviously gets to know a lot about Mrs. Louise Mallard s life and with her as a representative, a lot about the experience of womanhood in Chopin s period of time.From Male-Orientation to Self-Determination: a Text-Internal Transformation


Torebki i morderstwo - Dorothy Howell - 2836982797

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Torebki i morderstwo - Dorothy Howell

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - NOWA SERIA WSPÓŁCZESNYCH POWIEŚCI OBYCZAJOWO-KRYMINALNYCH, KTÓRYCH AKCJA ROZGRYWA SIĘ W USA, A ICH WSPÓLNYM MOTYWEM SĄ DAMSKIE MARKOWE TOREBKI. Kryminał, jakiego jeszcze w Polsce nie było! Żywa, dowcipna, dynamiczna akcja, pełna nieoczekiwanych i zaskakujących zwrotów. Powieść barwniejsza niż hollywoodzki film - czyta się doskonale! Jeśli spodobała Ci się książka Diabeł ubiera się u Prady, musisz przeczytać serię o Haley Randolph. Torebki i morderstwo to dowcipna i inteligentna powieść dziejąca się w Los Angeles, Mieście Aniołów, z rozlicznymi centrami handlowymi, butikami i straganami gdzie sprzedaje się damskie torebki. Pasją życiową bohaterki, Haley Randolph, są właśnie torebki. Ale wyłącznie MARKOWE, zaprojektowane przez stylistów z najwyższej półki... I ta namiętność sprowadzi na bohaterkę mnóstwo kłopotów, wśród których najmniejszymi będą oskarżenia o morderstwo i defraudację... Aby mieć środki na życie - i na swoja życiową pasję - Haley musi pracować na dwóch posadach. Ta główna, prestiżowa, to praca w renomowanej firmie prawniczej Pike&Warner, której centrum decyzyjne mieści się na tajemniczym, i dla urzędniczego proletariatu firmy niedostępnym, Szesnastym Piętrze. Druga posada to praca ekspedientki-kasjerki-sprzątaczki-magazynierki (zależnie od kaprysu kierownictwa...) w wielkim domu towarowym Holt`s, w którym sprzedaje się "ohydne ciuchy", "koszmarne buty" i "beznadziejne torebki"... To właśnie tam, w magazynie damskiej bielizny, znajduje zwłoki Richarda, wyjątkowo niesympatycznego faceta, którego ktoś zatłukł drążkiem wyłamanym ze stojaka na ubrania... Niebawem ona sama staje się główną podejrzaną. Haley sama musi oczyścić się z zarzutów i podejmuje prywatne śledztwo. Kończy się ono nieoczekiwanym rezultatem... Nazwa - Torebki i morderstwo Autor - Dorothy Howell Oprawa - Twarda Wydawca - Bellona Kod ISBN - 9788311132061 Kod EAN - 9788311132061 Rok wydania - 2014 Format - 13x20 Ilość stron - 382 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2014-09-30


Adult Cloze - 2826890881

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This set of 30 cloze short stories is designed to provide reading and comprehension material that is appropriate for adults who have literacy skills that do not allow them to be/feel successful in their everyday lives. A number of reasons account for the large number of adults in this category. Failure in school, a broken family, illness, negative life experiences, emigration, second language English and many other causes may have contributed to their situation. Most of these adults are aware of their needs. They also often lack confidence in their reading ability and wish to improve and further develop their literacy skills.This is hard to achieve by oneself, so many adults look for support. Seeking help is a huge step.Adults who seek help may have different motivations, including getting a job or moving up the job ladder. Or it may mean gaining independence in commonplace tasks such as sitting a driving exam, writing a grocery list, reading the newspaper or doing personal banking. The main result of their efforts in literacy programs, in addition to increasing their reading skills, is the improvement of their self-image. They will be able to feel the effects in every part of their lives.How is the resource organized? The stories have been presented according to a continuum that gets gradually more difficult. They provide a variety of worthwhile reading development alternatives, using fiction and non-fiction. The contents of this resources approximately the average reading levels of 11-14 year olds. Each story is accompanied with a photo and five comprehension questions. This resource is produced in the form of black line master worksheets. Ideas for using photocopiable worksheets are suggested at the end of this introduction.What is Cloze? The cloze procedure was initially used for testing, diagnosing, classifying and identifying deficiencies in reading ability. Words are deleted from a passage and the reader is required to fill in the blanks. It is still widely used for diagnostic purposes. In recent years however the cloze procedure has also been used as an aid for reading instruction. Activities using the cloze procedure can help to develop reading and writing skills by teaching the student how to gain meaning from context clues. Cloze can also help with grammar, spelling and sequencing.How is comprehension tested? The purpose of reading is for the reader to gain information from the written word. It is possible to 'say' a word accurately but get no meaning or only a limited meaning from it. Therefore, checking the reader's understanding or comprehension of the text they have read is very important. Start by asking your student what the purpose of reading is. Many will answer with phrases such as 'learning to spell', or 'saying the words'. If necessary, explain to them that the whole point of reading is to take the meaning out of the words that the writer put there. You might like to discuss the fact that it doesn't matter too much whether they read every word correctly, or whether they sound good when reading aloud.What matters is whether they take the meaning from the text. Ask the students how they will know that they have understood the text. They will come to realise that by answering the questions accurately, they are demonstrating that they have actually read the text, ie that they have understood the meaning behind the individual words. After your initial assessment of each of your students, you may find some of them need to start by discussing what the story is about, and even, in the early stages, by reading the story once or twice to them before they try reading it. Then, having read the story as many times as they feel they need to in order to understand the meaning, the student will complete the five comprehension questions that accompany that particular story.Questions test a variety of comprehension skills and go beyond basic recall. Most of the questions are inferential, evaluative or analytical.Inferential, evaluative and analytical questions require the reader to think beyond the words or to 'read between the lines', picking subtle clues that are not immediately obvious. These questions usually require the reader to write answers based on their understanding or opinion of the story, draw conclusions, make predictions, identify main ideas and use context to guess meaning. Some of the stories require the use of reference materials such as a dictionary, maps and diagrams.Strategies - Each story can be used in many ways. Here are three: The tutor reads the story to the students with the missing words included, and then lets the students do the cloze exercise using their listening memory; The students read the story and fill in the gaps with any words they want. Their answers do not have to match the listed words, as long as they make sense in the context of the story. This should lead to an interesting discussion; and, Students read the story and then fill in the gaps, with the words provided, to complete the story so that it makes sense.After they are familiar with the story, they answer the questions you assign. Many different skills can be improved using different strategies with these stories.Discussion - discussing the topic of a story before the student reads it will give them clues; discuss related aspects of a story. Reading aloud - the way a text is read aloud, and words emphasised and grouped in particular ways, will indicate a level of understanding. Word identification - some words will be known by sight and reinforced in the text. Word attack (decoding) - decoding skills must be taught so that students can apply them when reading independently. Silent reading - silent reading is a highly developed skill which takes time to master. Help them gain confidence.Repetition - students begin to recall words when reading text a second or third time. Developing skilled reading has a lot to do with reading 'mileage' - just doing the practice.Photos - clues can also be gained from the photo on each page. This isn't cheating - it's something we all do to assist our understanding of text. Context - adults have a wealth of experience which they can use. To read effectively, readers need to learn to take risks without the fear of failure. Teach students how to guess what a word means using the surrounding clues. Use the word in another context to reinforce the learning. Analysis - encourage students to read analytically, thinking beyond the written information, and relating what they read to their own experiences. Some questions can have more than one right answer, as long as the reasoning is logical.Revision - the stories can be effectively used for revision. Keep stories in a folder so they can reread their favourites regularly. Enrichment - students may find particular stories more appealing than others. When they really enjoy a story, find related stories from other sources to read. These will more likely hold their interest and speed up their learning.Photocopiable resources - The following is a list of some of the ways in which photocopiable teaching resources (black line masters or BLM) may be used in an instructional environment to ensure variety of presentation and moderation in photocopying costs. Copy the resource to A4 paper at a rate of one sheet per student. Students write on the sheet. Copy the resource to A4 paper at a rate of one sheet per group. Students work together to complete one sheet between them. Use the resource as a tutor guide only, running the exploration as a tutor-guided activity. Copy the resource to the whiteboard. Copy the resource to an OHP transparency and project it on the wall. Keep the OHP with the resource book so that tutors choosing the same resource do not have to copy the page again.Some resources lend themselves to a discussion activity, where half the class does one activity and the other half does another.They pair up to 'mark' each other's work. Copy the resource to A3 paper using the enlarging function of your copier. Use this page as a wall chart. Copy the resource 2 per A4 sheet (depending on legibility). Guillotine. Students paste the small sheets into their workbooks then write their answers or complete the activities on the adjoining pages.Copy all the pages required for the unit to A3 to form a booklet. Pages can either be retained at A4 presentation size or reduced to A5. By choosing say 8 pages to present in this way during the unit, students can each receive a small booklet at the start of the unit comprised of just one or two sheets of A3 paper folded and stapled appropriately. Present a copy of the resource to students the day before the exercise. Explain that they will be required to present this part of the unit in their own way the following day. Use peer teaching by presenting the resource to one student to teach the ideas to others.


The Bat - Jo Nesbo - 2846809463

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The Bat - Jo Nesbo

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - This is the 20th anniversary edition of the first book in the internationally best-selling Harry Hole series. It includes the opening of the brand new Harry Hole thriller, The Thirst, and an exclusive new introduction by Jo Nesbo. Harry is out of his depth. Detective Harry Hole is meant to keep out of trouble. A young Norwegian girl taking a gap year in Sydney has been murdered, and Harry has been sent to Australia to assist in any way he can. He's not supposed to get too involved...When the team unearths a string of unsolved murders and disappearances, nothing will stop Harry from finding out the truth. The hunt for a serial killer is on, but the murderer will talk only to Harry...But he might just be the next victim. "A fascinating book, filling in the gaps in Hole's biography and telling the story of the murder case in Australia that cemented his reputation as a brilliant investigator... A stunning opening to the series" Sunday Times "Meaty, big and bloody, this is the rock and roll of detective fiction" Financial Times "Nesbo is a terrific writer who knows how to build a story, taking you slowly to the top of a rollercoaster before sending you hurtling towards a solution that you never see coming" Sunday Express "Harry Hole is fully formed as the difficult, vulnerable personality we have come to know. The evocation of Australia itself has the customary Nesbo expertise...most satisfyingly - we can now see the organic shape that Nesbo always intended his work to take" -- Barry Forshaw Independent "Whether a hardened Hole addict or a first-time imbiber, The Bat is sure to snare your interest with its tale of this booze-fuelled policeman" Sunday Sun "A searing read from a chilling thriller writer" Independent "Hole is a spiky character and this is the first novel to feature him. If you want to get to know this brilliant, flawed character, this is the best place to start" -- William Leith Scotsman Nazwa - The Bat Autor - Jo Nesbo Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Vintage Kod ISBN - 9781784705848 Kod EAN - 9781784705848 Rok wydania - 2017 Język - angielski Format - 12.9x19.8cm Ilość stron - 448 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2017-02-28


The Collected Works of Nathanael West - Nathanael West - 2837000522

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The Collected Works of Nathanael West - Nathanael West

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - With an Introduction and Notes by Henry Claridge, Senior Lecturer, School of English, University of Kent at Canterbury. The four novels gathered here constitute the complete longer works of one the most brilliant and original American writers. West"s vision of American modernity is terrifyingly comical and diagnoses the tawdriness and meretriciousness of much of American popular culture. His greatest work, Miss Lonelyhearts, which begins this collection, is unique in modern literature. It describes New York in the early years of the Great Depression through the point of view of an "agony aunt" who corresponds with his suffering readers in the guise of "Miss Lonelyhearts: (Are you in trouble" " Do you need advice")". A Cool Million is, as its subtitle suggests, the "dismantling" of a myth, here a caustic satire of the "rags to riches" story. West"s final novel, The Day of the Locust, is a comic, yet apocalyptic account of the fantasies of 1930s Hollywood. This volume concludes with West"s parodic and surreal first venture into fiction, The Dream Life of Balso Snell. Henry Claridge"s introduction to this new edition of West"s fictional writings contextualises his work in the United States of the Great Depression, in his evocation of 1930s Hollywood (where he worked as a writer of screenplays), and in the larger context of his Eastern European Jewish background, and, particularly, his reading of Dostoyesvky. The text comes with extensive annotations, a note on the textual history of West?s writings, and a guide to further reading for both the student and the general reader. Nazwa - The Collected Works of Nathanael West Autor - Nathanael West Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Wordsworth Kod ISBN - 9781840226584 Kod EAN - 9781840226584 Rok wydania - 2011 Język - angielski Format - 13.0x20.0cm Ilość stron - 352 Podatek VAT - 5%


Well of Loneliness - 2826956605

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Well of Loneliness Penguin Classics

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

New to Penguin Modern Classics, the seminal work of gay literature that sparked an infamous legal trial for obscenity and went on to become a bestseller. The Well of Loneliness tells the story of tomboyish Stephen, who hunts, wears trousers and cuts her hair short - and who gradually comes to realise that she is attracted to women. Charting her romantic and professional adventures during the First World War and beyond, the novel provoked a furore on first publication in 1928 for its lesbian heroine and led to a notorious legal trial for obscenity. Hall herself, however, saw the book as a pioneer work and today it is recognised as a landmark work of gay fiction. This Penguin edition includes a new introduction by Maureen Duffy. "The archetypal lesbian novel". (Times Literary Supplement). "One of the first and most influential contributions of gay and lesbian literature". (New Statesman). Radclyffe Hall was born in 1880. After an unhappy childhood, she inherited her father's estate and from then on was free to travel and live as she chose. She fell in love and lived with an older woman before settling down with Una Troubridge, a married sculptor. Hall wrote many books but is best known for The Well of Loneliness, first published in 1928. She died in 1943 and is buried in Highgate Cemetery in London. Maureen Duffy was born in 1933 and educated at Kings College London. She became a full-time writer in the 1960s, and has since written numerous screenplays, poetry and novels. A lifelong campaigner for gay rights and animal rights, Duffy is also president of the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society.


Krambambuli. The District Doctor (Two Novellas. German Classics) - 2826845684

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Krambambuli. The District Doctor (Two Novellas. German Classics) MONDIAL

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Austrian writer Baroness (Freifrau) Marie von Ebner Eschenbach (1830-1916) was one of the foremost novelists in the German tongue, and one of the best short-story writers in the world. The Austrian aristocracy with their Slavo-German dependents in the Moravian villages constitute the world of her fiction. Country and city are her theatres, noble and peasant keep the balance. All forms of the short-story are at her command: letters, diaries, dialogues, and that most difficult of all forms, the story within a story. --- Where can be found a more concrete and genial characterization of the leading political lords and ladies, more lifelike portraits of officialdom and of the much abused peasantry than in her historic tale "The District Doctor" (1883), which has as its background the bloody peasant uprisings in Galicia in 1846? Where do we find human sympathy ethically and artistically more refined than in her little masterpiece "Krambambuli" (1883), the story of a dog with spotless pedigree who, like Rüdiger in the Nibelungen, perishes in the vain attempt to serve two masters? --- Of the qualities that make up a great writer she has the deep and high truth of substance. She does not view the world in the rosy light of the idyll. She never seeks to avoid the ugly. But more, she puts a high moral interpretation on human life. Her ethics is proof against all egotism and will bear comparison with that of the great moralists, ancient and modern.


Bell Tolls for No One - 2826842947

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Bell Tolls for No One City Lights Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Bell Tolls for No One is a book of previously uncollected short fiction by everyone's favorite dirty old man, Charles Bukowski. Beginning with the illustrated, unpublished 1947 story, "A Kind, Understanding Face," continuing through his famous underground newspaper column, "Notes of a Dirty Old Man," and concluding with his hardboiled contributions to 1980s glossy adult magazines, The Bells Tolls for No One encompasses the entire range of Bukowski's talent as a short story writer, from straight-up genre stories to postmodern blurring of the line between fact and fiction. Designed not only for Bukowski fans, but also for readers new to his work, the book contains an informative introduction by editor David Stephen Calonne that provides historical context for these seemingly scandalous and chaotic tales, revealing the hidden hand of the master at the top of his form. Also included are several of Bukwoski's own illustrations. Born in Andernach, Germany, and raised in Los Angeles, California, Charles Bukowski published his first story when he was twenty-four and began writing poetry at the age of thirty-five. His first book of poetry was published in 1959; he would eventually publish more than fourty-five books of poetry and prose. He died of leukemia in San Pedro, California, on March 9, 1994. David Stephen Calonne has edited three previous books of uncollected prose by Charles Bukowski for City Lights Publishers. He is the author of several books, including the critical study Charles Bukowski, and the editor of Charles Bukowski: Sunlight Here I Am/Interviews and Encounters 1963-1993.


Immortals - 2826694957

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Immortals Simon & Schuster

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

WHAT IS THE PRICE OF IMMORTALITY? For nomad Marshall Cartwright, the price is knowing that he will never grow old. That he will never contract a disease, an infection, or even a cold. That because he will never die, he must surrender the right to live. For Dr. Russell Pearce, the price is eternal suspicion. He appreciates what synthesizing the elixir vitae from the Immortal's genetic makeup could mean for humankind. He also fears what will happen should Cartwright's miraculous blood fall into the wrong hands. For the wealthy and powerful, no price is too great. Immortality is now a fact rather than a dream. But the only way to achieve it is to own it exclusively. And that means hunting down and caging the elusive Cartwright, or one of his offspring. The Immortals, James Gunn's masterpiece about a human fountain of youth, collects the author's classic short stories that ran in elite science-fiction magazines throughout the 1950s. All-new material accompanies this updated edition, including an introduction from renowned science-fiction writer Greg Bear, a preface from Gunn himself, and "Elixir," Gunn's new short story that introduced Dr. Pearce to another Immortal in the May 2004 issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine.


Regions of Great Heresy - 2212843443

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Regions of Great Heresy Newman Hemisphere

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Exactly sixty years after the now-legendary Polish writer Bruno Schulz (1892--1942) was murdered in his hometown, publication of Regions of the Great Heresy: Bruno Schulz, A Biographical Portrait is a cause for literary celebration. In this seminal work, the Polish poet Jerzy Ficowski, widely regarded as the world's foremost authority on Schulz, reconstructs the enigmatic life story and evokes the fictional vision of this prodigiously gifted Polish Jew who first created erotic drawings and then composed short fiction as utterly private expressions. So entranced were Schulz's first readers, friends in the Jewish intellectual circles of LwĂłw, that they brought his writing to the attention of a prominent Warsaw writer who had them published. With its deeply informed insight into the mythical and psychological layers of Schulz's extraordinary life story, Jerzy Ficowski's Regions of the Great Heresy is a much-awaited work of invaluable literary heritage and lays the groundwork to understanding the life and fiction of Bruno Schulz.'Bruno Schulz was one of the great writers....[His] verbal art strikes us -- stuns, even -- with its overload of beauty.' -- John Updike


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Best known for his Gothic masterpiece Uncle Silas and the vampire story Carmilla, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu was a prolific writer whose extensive body of work included historical, sensation and horror novels, poems and ballads, numerous stories of the supernatural, journalism and a verse-drama. While his name is well known to aficionados of the horror genre, much of his work still remains in the shadows. Indeed, despite his vampire creation, Carmilla, being the best-known female blood-sucker in the world, and despite an enormous scholarly and popular interest in the novella in which this character first appeared (an interest evident in the very large number of cinematic, televisual and even new media adaptations of the story), Le Fanu himself is almost completely unknown outside of the world of Irish Gothic scholarship, and most of his fiction remains difficult to obtain or is out of print. To celebrate the bicentenary of Le Fanu's birth, this collection brings together established scholars and emerging researchers in order to shed new light on some of his less famous fiction and celebrate his influential contribution to the Gothic genre. The main aim of the collection is to read Le Fanu in the round, expanding the critical focus away from its current obsession with a small proportion of his work and taking account of the full extent of his writing, from his other Gothic novels, The Rose and the Key, Haunted Lives and A Lost Name, to his short stories and journalism. The collection also considers Le Fanu's relationship to Victorian Ireland and especially Dublin from a number of different angles, as well as addressing his status as an 'Irish' writer of substance.


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