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Spirit Filled Life Study Guide - 2844574491

39,19 zł

Spirit Filled Life Study Guide Nelson Reference & Electronic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

People of the Spirit takes a close and objective look at the third Person of the Trinity. It focuses on the gifts, fruit and fullness offered by the Holy Spirit of God. This study will lead the reader to a greater understanding of the ministry of the Holy Spirit and point them toward personal fulfillment of 1 Corinthians 14:1: "Pursue love and desire spiritual gifts." Spirit-Filled Life Study Guides are perfect companions to the New Spirit Filled Life Bible or for use on their own. The guides' interactive approach offers an in-depth look at practical living in God's kingdom and challenges users to examine and live their daily lives in light of God's Word. Features include: 12 Lessons, plus an introduction to Spiritual Warfare and a guide to using the study Each lesson features a Kingdom Key, Word Wealth, Kingdom Extra, and a guide to Kingdom Life. Includes strategies to overthrow works of darkness and live in victory More than 1 million SFL guides sold!


Life Essentials Study Bible-HCSB - 2839141355

215,29 zł

Life Essentials Study Bible-HCSB Broadman & Holman Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The full HCSB translation is complemented by Getz's extensive study notes guiding readers to put 1,500 life principles within Scripture into daily action. Personalized online video lessons for each principle--250 hours of free coaching led by Getz--is also made available to the user. 2,208 pp.


Life Essentials Study Bible-HCSB - 2835031575

338,09 zł

Life Essentials Study Bible-HCSB Broadman & Holman Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The full HCSB translation is complemented by Gene Getz's extensive study notes guiding readers to put 1,500 life principles within Scripture into daily action. Personalized online video lessons for each principle--250 hours of free coaching led by Getz--is also made available to the user.


Change Your Life, Change Your World - 2845104166

42,52 zł

Change Your Life, Change Your World Watkins Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

As the world teeters on the brink of massive change, many of us are feeling the urgent call to make changes in our own lives that not only shift us to a new level of individual fulfilment but also create a brighter future for us all. This step-by-step guide shows us how to create lasting change in the world in the only way that counts ...from the inside out. The book offers 10 life-changing Spiritual Lessons, each of which changes the way we see things, the way we experience things and the way we do things. Each Lesson is followed by a Spiritual Workbook, comprising a Daily Declaration, a Call to Action, and a Self-Reflection exercise (that is, something the reader is asked to reflect on at day's end and write in their journal). Written with simplicity and grace and charged with profound spiritual truths, these lessons on themes such as Forgiveness, Gratitude and Surrender shine with passion and clarity to inspire you to live life from a place of enlightened wisdom - and thereby help to shift the bias of human destiny from ego to heart, from poverty to abundance, from war to peace. Amoda Maa Jeevan beautifully and movingly expresses insights for all of us who are ready to re-create ourselves and the world by 'becoming the change we want to see' (as Gandhi memorably put it). The future is in our hands. Here is a timely must-read for the spiritual seeker and the spiritual activist.


Life as Politics - 2845526820

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Life as Politics Eurospan

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Prior to 2011, popular imagination perceived the Muslim Middle East as unchanging and unchangeable, frozen in its own traditions and history. In Life as Politics, Asef Bayat argues that such presumptions fail to recognise the routine, yet important, ways in which ordinary people make meaningful change through everyday actions. First published just months before the Arab Spring swept across the region, this timely and prophetic book sheds light on the ongoing acts of protest, practice, and direct daily action.The second edition includes three new chapters on the Arab Spring and Iran's Green Movement and is fully updated to reflect recent events. At heart, the book remains a study of agency in times of constraint. In addition to ongoing protests, millions of people across the Middle East are effecting transformation through the discovery and creation of new social spaces within which to make their claims heard. This eye-opening book makes an important contribution to global debates over the meaning of social movements and the dynamics of social change.


Man, Play and Games - 2826796085

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

According to Roger Caillois, play is "an occasion of pure waste: waste of time, energy, ingenuity, skill, and often of money." In spite of this - or because of it - play constitutes an essential element of human social and spiritual development. In this classic study, Caillois defines play as a free and voluntary activity that occurs in a pure space, isolated and protected from the rest of life. Play is uncertain, since the outcome may not be foreseen, and it is governed by rules that provide a level playing field for all participants. In its most basic form, play consists of finding a response to the opponent's action - or to the play situation - that is free within the limits set by the rules. Caillois qualifies types of games - according to whether competition, chance, simulation, or vertigo (being physically out of control) is dominant - and ways of playing, ranging from the unrestricted improvisation characteristic of children's play to the disciplined pursuit of solutions to gratuitously difficult puzzles. Caillois also examines the means by which games become part of daily life and ultimately contribute to various cultures their most characteristic customs and institutions. Presented here in Meyer Barash's superb English translation, "Man, Play and Games" is a companion volume to Caillois' "Man and the Sacred".


Blood Doctor - 2212839586

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Blood Doctor Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Blood. That



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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Sacred Art of Marriage explores married life as an art studio with fifty-two tools to creatively craft your spiritual life together. Drawing upon the fourth chapter of The Rule of St. Benedict, this book offers married couples fifty-two weeks of spiritual practices and ancient wisdom to deepen your marriage. Newlywed couples planning and preparing for married life will encounter in this book a variety of creative plans and patterns to put into practice, including daily, weekly, seasonal, and annual patterns of healthy, married living. Journeying through a year of marriage, readers move seasonally through this four-part book, from Summer, into Fall, through Winter, and around to Spring. In The Sacred Art of Marriage, you'll discover ancient wisdom and practical ways to deepen your spiritual life together across seasons as you grow together in God's gift of marriage. ""In The Sacred Art of Marriage, David has crafted something quite lovely. St. Benedict's fourth chapter on the Tools of Good Works was intended to shape our hearts into the heart of Christ through action. In simple, short chapters he weaves a small section from RB 4 and Sacred Scripture with tales his own life experience to call couples to deepen the quality of their lives together. These are organized by the four seasons--a nice reminder that our relationships and commitments also have 'seasons.' His simple exercises are practical. I recommend this for all, but especially for those preparing for marriage or in the early days of your lives together."" --Laura Swan, OSB, author of The Wisdom of the Beguines: The Forgotten Story of a Medieval Women's Movement ""David Robinson has a metaphorical mind and heart. His poetry combines with biblical, theological, pastoral, and marital wisdom. This book displays all of these gifts, and you will be the richer for reading it."" --Mark Labberton, President, Fuller Theological Seminary David Robinson is author of Soul Mentoring: Discover the Ancient Art of Caring for Others (Cascade, 2015); Ancient Paths: Discover Christian Formation the Benedictine Way (Paraclete, 2010); and The Busy Family's Guide to Spirituality (Crossroad, 2009). Married since 1981, David and his spouse, Trina, enjoy three married sons and one granddaughter. David has served as pastor of Cannon Beach Community Church, Cannon Beach, Oregon, since 1993. He is a Benedictine Oblate with Mount Angel Abbey.


Jack W. Hayford - Sflsg - 2826756069

47,76 zł

Jack W. Hayford - Sflsg Nelson Reference & Electronic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Kingdom Living is predominantly a study of the Book of Romans. The reader will begin to understand all that God has done for His children, all He is presently doing for them, and how faithful He is to His promises. This study is designed to meet the reader in a very real way; revealing God's provision for all of life. Spirit-Filled Life Study Guides are perfect companions to the New Spirit Filled Life Bible or for use on their own. The guides' interactive approach offers an in-depth look at practical living in God's kingdom and challenges users to examine and live their daily lives in light of God's Word. Features include: 12 Lessons, plus an introduction to Spiritual Warfare and a guide to using the study Each lesson features a Kingdom Key, Word Wealth, Kingdom Extra, and a guide to Kingdom Life. Includes strategies to overthrow works of darkness and live in victory More than 1 million SFL guides sold!


Na poligonie - dla malucha - 2836915925

3,37 zł

Na poligonie - dla malucha

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Nazwa - Na poligonie - dla malucha Wydawca - Pasja Kod ISBN - 9788364773921 Kod EAN - 9788364773921 Ilość stron - 16 Podatek VAT - 5%


Release - 2826673149

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Release Essence Publishing (Canada)

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Release is the compelling story of a soul's encounter with Destiny and the liberating power of Love. Born of a profound experience, it reveals in deathless words that only love can overcome hatred. Our duty is to let God's Love transform our human love. The more inadequate we feel and the more handicaps we must overcome, the more beautiful the fruit God will bring forth when His Love turns us inside out. This great human document grips the attention and often brings "Release" to those baffled by life and enmeshed in adversity, or seeking a deeper faith grounded in mercy. Dr. George Ritchie, a prominent American M.D. who held positions as President of the Richmond Academy of General Practice, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry of Towers Hospital, and founder and long-time President of the Universal Youth Corps Inc., certainly held both Release and its author in very high esteem. He often recommended the book to his patients. Speaking of Release in his own volume entitled Ordered to Return (1998), Dr. Ritchie declares, "This book and my own experience with the Christ did more to change my life than any other things." "I was so impressed with the book, I decided if I had to travel halfway around the world to meet this man, I would. I did meet him a year later...His book profoundly changed the life of many others to whom I recommended it." Who was Starr Daily? A force to be reckoned with. A modern Dante who in his teens became a major criminal, moving from crime to crime and jail to jail. As he lay in solitary confinement, near death, the Master, Himself, filled his consciousness with an outpouring of Love. Daily began practicing love in action and embarked on a fascinating spiritual adventure. Released during the Great Depression with only ten dollars in his pocket and a fifth-grade education, he overcame incredible odds and became a respected and well-known Christian author and speaker. He spoke with rare authority and perceptiveness.


Surviving the Planet X Tribuation - 2837897922

263,05 zł

Surviving the Planet X Tribuation Your Own World Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This 430 page leadership guide with 142 color illustrations features a first-of-its-kind approach to surviving the coming Planet X tribulation, the days of darkness, the pole shift, and beyond. Written in a gentle and empowering style for faith-based leaders and those in awareness, it presents a non-violent strategy for enlightened continuity and comfort in survival villages of 100 or more people. The purpose of this book is to help those who are ready to take action during the last possible window of opportunity to prepare effectively for what is coming. Newly aware faith-based leaders who trust their own inner guidance know that they must take action quickly if they are to lead their flocks to safety, and that untested Cold War strategies for sheltering and preparedness are unsuited to the demands of an extended tribulation. The strategy in this book is. ABOUT KNOWLEDGE MOUNTAIN Humanity stands at the cusp of a great tribulation that will last between seven to ten years claim the lives of the better part of our species. Many who know of these coming events have come to this awareness through science. Many more have come to this awareness through dreams, visions and premonitions. Our church serves those in awareness. Marshall and Jennifer Masters founded the Knowledge Mountain Church of Perpetual Genesis, a non-denominational teaching church, in 2015. We promote walking humbly with God in service to others as the best tribulation survival strategy, and the best overall life strategy. We have hope for humanity to become a more spiritually enlightened species. FOR THOSE IN AWARENESS Know this - you are in awareness because God intends for you to be a part of the solution. Your role is to be a mentor, a comforter, and a teacher during the tribulation. Read and study this book thoroughly to prepare yourself for your true mission. Then, when a spiritual leader you admire and respect is seeing the same clear and present danger that you are, your path is simple. Hand that leader this book as you say, "You need a plan, and this is the plan that will work for what is coming. Please read it, and if you have any questions, I am always at your service." ABOUT MARSHALL MASTERS Marshall first began writing about Planet X and survival in January of 2002 and is the publisher of Your Own World USA, A frequent guest on the Coast to Coast AM show with George Noory, Marshall sees a dark tribulation cloud coming, as do other researchers, but he also sees a silver lining - an opportunity for the freedom and spiritual evolution of humankind. Marshall is also a ham radio operator with a General license, a certified ARES volunteer (Amateur Radio Emergency Services), and a certified CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) volunteer.


Persian Gardens and Pavilions - 2826877736

358,08 zł

Persian Gardens and Pavilions I B TAURIS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From Timur's tent in Samarqand to Shah 'Abbas's palace in Isfahan and Humayun's tomb in Delhi, the pavilion has been an integral part of Persianate gardens since its earliest appearance at the Achaemenid garden in Pasargadae in the sixth century BC. Here, Mohammad Gharipour places both the garden and the pavilion within their historical, literary and artistic contexts, emphasizing the importance of the pavilion, which has hitherto been overlooked in the study of Iranian historical architecture. Starting with an examination of the depictions and representations of gardens in religious texts, Gharipour analyses the how the idea of the garden developed from the model of pre-Islamic gardens in Achaemenid and Sassanian Persia to its mentions in the Zoroastrian text of Aban Yasht and on to its central role as paradise in the Qur'an. Continuing on with an exploration of gardens and pavilions in Persian poetry, Gharipour offers in-depth analysis of their literal and metaphorical values. It is in the poetry of major Persian poets such as Ferdowsi, Naser Khosrow, Sa'di, Rumi and Hafez that Gharipour finds that whilst gardens are praised for their spiritual values, they also contain significant symbolic worth in terms of temporal wealth and power. Persian Gardens and Pavilions then goes onto examine the garden and the pavilion as reflected in Persian miniature painting, sculpture and carpets, as well as accounts of travelers to Persia. With masters such as Bizhad representing daily life as well as the more mystical prose and poetry in, for example, Sa'di's Bustan (The Orchard) and Golestan (The Rose Garden), the garden and the pavilion can be seen to have crucial semiotic significances and cultural meanings. But in addition to this, they also point to historical patterns of patronage and ownership which were of central importance in the diplomatic and social life of the royal courts of Persia. Gharipour thereby highlights the metaphorical, spiritual, symbolic and religious aspects of gardens, as well as their more materialistic and economic functions. This book reaches back through Persia's rich history to explore the material and psychological relationships between human beings, pavilions and gardens, and will be a valuable resource for Art History, Architecture and Iranian Studies.


Bartender's Assistant - 2847393993

42,68 zł

Bartender's Assistant Wipf & Stock Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Description: Mike McNichols has created a marvelous fable about evangelism, spiritual formation, faith community, and ministry leadership in The Bartender. This is a study guide to that book. It was written by one who has led several discussion groups on The Bartender and who discovered that readers found it deeply fascinating. The issues it raises are so relevant to many contemporary conversations about how those who believe intersect and interact with those who may not . . . or those who do but don't know they do yet. Mike McNichol's choice to discuss these issues in the context of a fable made them accessible in ways that a more didactic approach would not have. As a result, this guide has been adapted for the use of a more general audience. Specifically, it's been formatted into twelve sessions for those who would wish to read, discuss it, and practice its principles together over a defined period of time. Of course, it can be adapted for other schedules and formats. Whether you're reading this on your own or as part of a group, The Bartender's Assistant is a helpful guide for the journey. Endorsements: ""My friend Tony Blair has taken my modest enterprise and created this wonderful study guide to help leaders and churches open up conversations about both the inward and outward life of the church. He has taken the jumbled furniture of my fictional house and offered a framework for a sense of order-not in the way that confines, but in the creative, intelligent way that he has for preparing things for movement and action. I'm grateful for his thoughtful work that has resulted in this study guide."" --from the Foreword by Michael McNichols About the Contributor(s): Anthony L. (Tony) Blair is a faculty member in leadership studies for Eastern University, Philadelphia. He is also co-senior pastor of Hosanna! A Fellowship of Christians in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He is the author of Fire Across the Water: The Transatlantic Dimensions of the 18th Century Presbyterian Revivals (2010) and Church and Academy in Harmony: Models of Collaboration for the Twenty-First Century (2010).


Roaring Nineties - 2212835695

40,80 zł

Roaring Nineties Penguin


His previous book revealed the shocking truth about globalization. Now, Joseph Stiglitz blows the whistle on the devastation wrought by the free market mantra in the nineties


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