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Poor Man's Guide to Suicide - 2842365830

51,40 zł

Poor Man's Guide to Suicide Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

IF YOU LOSE YOUR WILL TO LIVE-CAN YOU EVER GET IT BACK? SCOTT PHILLIPS, BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF "THE ICE HARVEST" LATER MADE INTO A MOVIE STARRING JOHN CUSAK SAYS, "...a decent man at the end of his rope...Armacost's writing is wonderfully funny and sad, and I will be reading whatever he writes from now on." The Poor Man's Guide to Suicide" is a powerful, slashing, terrifying, hilarious, explosive, sarcastic, misanthropic and lyrical black comedy about losing your will to live-and possibly getting it back. Wesley Weimer, a twice-divorced prison guard and failed father of two, realizes his life has grown lifeless. Child support payments suck him dry and he'll never finish that degree. Most of his free time is spent tending to his crippled mother or else writhing through painful visits with his children. So with Christmas right around the corner, Wesley persuades a prisoner to strangle him for ten thousand dollars-this way, at least his kids can cash in on the life insurance. The only problem is, he doesn't have ten thousand dollars... "Funny and well-conceived."-Dan Fante, author of "Chump Change" and "Mooch." "Armacost's fictional depiction of depression has an alarmingly real feel."-Library Journal, Douglas Lord, "Books for Dudes." "...wry humor and a surprising degree of wisdom...seems lifted right off the pages of [a Woody] Allen script...-"Kirkus Reviews." "...true grit at its best...a powerful read that will satisfy any who like dark, gritty noir writing..."-D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, "MidWest Book Review." "...delves into the male psyche...feelings of failure and hopelessness...despair and utter lack of hope rang true..."-"Opinionated Reviewer."


Suicide Hill - 2826779213

64,26 zł

Suicide Hill Arrow Books Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Joe caught Klein flush in the stomach and ripped upward with both hands. Blood spurted from his mouth...Suicide Hill. It was simple...and diabolical. Simply select a bank manager, kidnap his girlfriend, then hold her hostage until you've cleaned out the bank. At first, it was almost a game. But it turned into an orgy of violence, rape and insane revenge. Investigating is Sergeant Lloyd Hopkins, eager for a chance to clear his tarnished reputation. But what Hopkins doesn't know is that this time, the enemy is within.


The Suicide Exhibition - 2839955083

43,99 zł

The Suicide Exhibition

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Science fiction

England, 1941 Foreign Office Trouble Shooter Guy Pentecross Has Stumbled Into A Conspiracy Beyond His Imagining - A Secret War Being Waged In The Shadows Against A Terrible Enemy. The Battle For Europe Has Just Become The War For Humanity. This Is The Thi


New Suicide Squad - 2826691494

74,25 zł

New Suicide Squad Diamond Comics

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A breakaway fraction of the League of Assassins has their eyes locked on the Suicide Squad. With new recruits in tow, influtrating the deadly group requires extreme measures and dead squad members. Who will push the limits and who will fall? How will Harley deal with her greatest enemy: boredom? Collects NEW SUICIDE SQUAD #9-15.


The Suicide Shop - 2826625767

42,52 zł

The Suicide Shop CENTRAL BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A black comedy set in a bleak future where humans are killing themselves in increasing numbers.


New Suicide Squad - 2840402887

66,99 zł

New Suicide Squad

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Graphic novels>Superheroes & super-villains

A Breakaway Fraction Of The League Of Assassins Has Their Eyes Locked On The Suicide Squad. With New Recruits In Tow, Influtrating The Deadly Group Requires Extreme Measures And Dead Squad Members. Who Will Push The Limits And Who Will Fall? How Will Harley Deal With Her Greatest Enemy: Boredom?


Enemy Of God - 2847634323

92,49 zł

Enemy Of God SPV

Muzyka>Rock>Heavy / Hard

1. Enemy Of God 2. Impossible Brutality 3. Suicide Terrorist 4. World Anarchy 5. Dystopia 6. Voices Of The Dead 7. Murder Fantasies 8. When Death Takes It's Dominion 9. One Evil Comes - A Million Follow 10. Dying Race Apocalypse 11. Under A Total Blackened Sky 12. The Ancient Plague 13. Bonus Video: (Impossible Brutality)


The Man In The Brown Suit - 2848646325

94,99 zł

The Man In The Brown Suit

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Crime & mystery>Classic crime

Another Title In The Ever Popular Agatha Christie Series. The Suave And Debonair Colonel Race Must Solve A Question, Not Of 'accidental Death Or Suicide', But 'murder Or Double Murder'.


Japanese Secret Projects: Experimental Aircraft of the IJA a - 2826746451

131,52 zł

Japanese Secret Projects: Experimental Aircraft of the IJA a IAN ALLAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is the second volume in the Japanese Secret Project series, compiled by popular demand after the great success of the first volume. This popularity reveals that Secret and X-Plane aircraft projects remain highly popular with historians, enthusiasts, modellers and the flight sim community. Surprisingly, secret Japanese planes of World War 2 remain an area which has not been extensively covered due to scarcity of information. They do, however, have a large base of interest as unlike the majority of secret Luftwaffe programs that were resigned to the drawing board, the vast number of aircraft featured within this book actually flew or were in development. As with the first volume, the book is divided into two sections dedicated to the two air forces of the IJA and IJN, with over 40 aircraft examined, each with its history, variants, performance, and any combat records laid out in an easy to read fashion. This is beautifully complimented by stunning colour renditions of the aircraft in combat and colour profiles of genuine markings and camouflage. The majority of the book is dedicated to aircraft that were under development or in service during the war years, but there are examples of pre-war experimental aircraft, and a selection of missile projects. Sample aircraft projects include: Imperial Japanese Army Air Force Tachikawa Ki-104 fighter Kawasaki Ki-48-II Kai and Ki-174 suicide light bomber Nakajima Ki-117 high altitude fighter Kawasaki Ki-119 light bomber Imperial Japanese Navy Air Force Hitachi 'He-Type' heavy bomber Aichi S1A Denko night fighter Mitsubishi Q2M1 ASW bomber Kawanishi K-60 flying boat Yokosuka D5Y1 Myojo Kai suicide aircraft


A Long Way Down - 2829588755

84,12 zł

A Long Way Down KIWI

Beletrystyka / Literatura piękna

Hornby never seems quite at his ease with his subject. Having raised the issues of depression and suicide, he then devotes much of the book to backing away from them, attempting to retreat to the arenas of social comedy where he feels secure. This is a shame because he is capable of great empathy: `A man who wants to die feels angry and full of life and desperate and bored and exhausted, all at the same time,` JJ the disillusioned guitarist tells us. `He wants to fight everyone, and he wants to curl up in a ball and hide in a cupboard somewhere. He wants to say sorry to everyone, and he wants everyone to know just how badly they`ve all let him down.` But the only real moment of darkness that is allowed to enter the narrative comes from a taxi driver from an unnamed African country whose family has been slaughtered, the narrators feel guilty, give him a `very large tip,` and he passes on into the night.


A Great and Terrible Beauty. Gemmas Visionen, englische Ausgabe - 2826701816

48,23 zł

A Great and Terrible Beauty. Gemmas Visionen, englische Ausgabe Random House US

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

England,1895: Die 16-jährige Gemma wird auf einem Internat für höhere Töchter, der 'Spence-Akademie', zur heiratsfähigen jungen Dame erzogen. Hier sollen ihr die Aufsässigkeit und sonstiges unziemliches Betragen ausgetrieben werden. Gemeinsam mit drei anderen Mädchen gründet Gemma, den strengen Regeln der Akademie zum Trotz, einen geheimen Zirkel. Das neu entstandene Kleeblatt Felicity, Pippa, Gemma und Ann trifft sich heimlich nachts, um dem Schulalltag zu entkommen, verbotenen Alkohol zu probieren und über Übersinnliches zu spekulieren. Dann entdeckt Gemma das Tagebuch eines Mädchens, das 20 Jahre zuvor auch Schülerin von Spence war. Die Lektüre elektrisiert sie: Die Verfasserin hatte Visionen von einem herrlichen Reich, das sie durch eine Art Portal betreten konnte. Hin- und hergerissen dazwischen, ihre Macht zu ergründen und sie zu verdrängen, weiht Gemma ihre Freundinnen ein. Die sind natürlich Feuer und Flamme. Bei einer


A Life In Rural Music - 2839401265

419,99 zł

A Life In Rural Music Bear Family Records


1. You're A Prisoner In My Heart 2. I Wanna Be A Railroad Man 3. She's A Two-timin' Woman 4. Who's That Man 5. I've Found A Hiding Place 6. He's Waiting There 7. Keep On The Firing Line 8. I Heard My Name On The Radio 9. Heaven's My Home 10. I'm Pressing On 11. I'm Gonna Change My Way Of Living 12. The Circle Was Broken 13. I Heard My Mother Weeping 14. Love Is A Game 15. I Watched You Walk Away 16. Women Are Still The Same 17. My Lord Keeps A Record 18. Every Time Somebody Calls Your Name 19. Heaven's Inside 20. Tennessee Border 21. You're A Prisoner In My Heart 22. He's Waiting There 23. Love Is A Game 24. Every Time Somebody Calls Your Name 25. Every Time Somebody Calls Your Name 26. Every Time Somebody Calls Your Name 27. Heaven's Inside 28. Heaven's Inside 29. Tennessee Border 30. Tennessee Border 31. Tennessee Border 101. Will There Be A Traffic Light? 102. When He Reached Down His Hand For Me 103. New Jerusalem Way 104. Why Don't You Haul Off & Get Religion? 105. He Will Set Your Fields On Fire 106. You Can't Believe Everything You Hear 107. No End To Heaven 108. That Day Is Coming Soon 109. Faded Love 110. Four Books In The Bible (Matthew, Mark, Luke & J 111. From The Manger To The Cross 112. I'll Never Go Back (To The Ways Of Sin) 113. The Old Country Preacher 114. If You Don't Love Your Neighbor 115. You'll Find Me There 116. I'm Heaven Bound 117. When The Pearly Gates Swing Open 118. God Saved My Soul 119. God Had A Son In Service 120. (We'll Soon Be Done With) Trouble & Trials 121. Mighty Close To Heaven 122. My Lord's Gonna Lead Me Out 123. Are You Afraid To Die? 124. Are You Walkin' & Talkin' With The Lord 125. Follow Him 126. I'll Live With God (To Die No More) 127. They Have Gone Home 128. Who Will Sing For Me? 129. Angels Rock Me To Sleep 130. You Can't Believe Everything You Hear 131. You Can't Believe Everything You Hear 132. No End To Heaven 201. Are You Washed In The Blood 202. Just Over In The Glory Land 203. Where The Soul Never Dies 204. No Drunkard Can Enter There 205. The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow 206. Lord Lead Me On 207. Way Down Deep In My Soul 208. The Land Of Eternal Peace 209. My Lord Keeps A Record 210. Love & Wealth 211. Lonesome Hearted Blues 212. Someone To Lean On 213. Action Speaks Louder Than Words 214. Step It Up & Go 215. Have You Come To Say Goodbye 216. It's A Lonesome Road 217. A Million Years In Glory 218. On The Other Shore 219. I Love The Hymns They Sang At Mother's Grave 220. Love Me Like You Used To Do 221. What A Line 222. You've Been Tom Cattin' Around 223. One Little Word 224. Don't You Hear Jerusalem Mourn 225. Reunion In Heaven 226. It Won't Be Long 227. Everybody Will Be Happy Over There 228. Echoes From The Burning Bush 229. Waiting For Me 230. By The Hands Of God 231. Mother Is Old 232. Road Of Prayer 233. God Put A Rainbow In The Clouds 234. Get On Board Little Children 301. Got A Lot To Tell My Jesus 302. Light At The River 303. Mocking Banjo (Instr) 304. Banjo On The Mountain (Instr) 305. Saviour's Love 306. Family Reunion 307. Banjolina (Instr) 308. Fire On The Banjo (Instr) 309. Who Will Sing For Me 310. Old Country Baptizing 311. Paul & Silas 312. Angel Band 313. Don't You Love Your Daddy, Too 314. For My Lord 315. Old Gospel Ship 316. Shout & Shine 317. A Beautiful City 318. Set Your House In Order 319. Old Time Religion 320. A Beautiful Life (Life's Evening Sun) 321. Life Boat 322. I'll Be A Friend 323. This Lonesome Road 324. Hide Me (Rock Of Ages) 325. The Circle Was Broken 326. I Heard My Mother Weeping 327. Be Kind To Mother 328. My Lord's Gonna Lead Me Out 329. Suicide Blues 330. New San Antonio Rose 331. She'll Be Happy In Her Home Sweet Home 332. Farm Hour Comedy 333. Dear Old Sunny South By The Sea 334. Shout Lulu 335. Florida Blues 336. Great Shining Light 337. Great Speckled Bird


Kicking A Medicine Ball - 2845990083

92,49 zł

Kicking A Medicine Ball INDELIRIUM

Muzyka>Rock>Alternatywna>Punk / New Wave

1. Confessions On The Suicide Bridge 2. Medicine Ball 3. When We Part Ways 4. Funeral Pyre 5. I Want To See The Bright Lights 6. Close To Death 7. Blindsided (Couple Therapy) 8. E45 (Driving Destinationless) 9. Play The Role 10. Maniac 11. Fight The Fire 12.


Bloodshot Volume 4: H.A.R.D. Corps - 2847390671

71,71 zł

Bloodshot Volume 4: H.A.R.D. Corps Diamond Comics

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

With a reluctant leader calling the shots and a new crop of untested rookies manning the frontline, this book is about to take H A R D Corps behind enemy lines, and into a gasoline-drenched, synapses-snapping suicide run where no one is safe ...and heroes always die trying.


Sąd ostateczny - Anna Klejzerowicz - 2836982440

24,15 zł

Sąd ostateczny - Anna Klejzerowicz

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Charyzmatyczny, obdarzony nieprzeciętną intuicją dziennikarz w pojedynku z naśladowcą Hansa Memlinga. Emil Żądło, który zrezygnował z pracy w policji na rzecz dziennikarstwa, przeżywa kryzys. Kryzys wieloraki: związany z pracą, z brakiem natchnienia na nowy artykuł, z finansami, z uczuciami, z życiem w ogóle... Za ostatnie pieniądze kupuje alkohol i papierosy, nie ma siły wstać z łóżka i wziąć się w garść, a na dodatek jego była żona utrudnia mu kontakty z synem i męczy o zaległe alimenty. Wszystko się zmienia, gdy któregoś razu w nocnym pubie spotyka córkę swojej starej sąsiadki, Dorotę. Młoda kobieta i jej narzeczony tej samej nocy zostają brutalnie zamordowani w niejasnych okolicznościach. Zaintrygowany Emil postanawia pomóc policji w śledztwie. "Emil Żądło to świetnie skonstruowana postać, która od pierwszej chwili wzbudziła moją sympatię." Agnieszka Lingas-Łoniewska, autorka m. in. trylogii Zakręty losu, Szóstego, Łatwopalnych i Brudnego świata Nazwa - Sąd ostateczny Autor - Anna Klejzerowicz Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Replika Kod ISBN - 9788376742878 Kod EAN - 9788376742878 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2014 Język - polski Format - 13.0x20.0cm Ilość stron - 316 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2014-05-06


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