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United Nations & the Maintenance of International Security - 2212824814

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United Nations & the Maintenance of International Security Greenwood Publishing Group

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International security needs to be understood in much broader terms in the aftermath of the Cold War. This extensively revised edition retains the valuable descriptions and analyses of the United Nations' achievements and failures, while placing them in the context of the ever-broadening definition of international security and of changing attitudes toward national sovereignty and humanitarian intervention. In order to deal with the internal struggles that are now the prevalent form of conflict, it is necessary to allay the root causes of tensions within societies. Means of enforcement must be applied to prevent gross violations of human rights, including genocide. Sutterlin describes the background of innovations that recent crises have imposed on the UN. He analyses how recent reforms have affected the UN's capacity to deal with the security problems of the 21st century. Peacekeeping, peace-enforcement, peace-building, and the application of sanctions all bring new challenges. In one chapter, Sutterlin focuses on the UN's experience in enforcing disarmament in Iraq. A new chapter details the impact of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction on UN policies and actions. This systematic presentation, using scholarly analysis and a practitioner's inside knowledge, should provide a readable and challenging text for courses on the United Nations.


Raphael Lemkin and the Struggle for the Genocide Convention - 2834135597

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Raphael Lemkin and the Struggle for the Genocide Convention PALGRAVE MACMILLAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Now published for the first time in paperback, this is the first comprehensive biography of Raphael Lemkin (1900-59), the man who invented the word genocide and campaigned relentlessly for the United Nations Genocide Convention. Utilising Lemkin's own papers as well as other sources, it contextualises his career, showing how his ideas were formed in the midst of ethnic strife in Eastern Europe and as a member of the international law circuit. The book focuses on the campaign for a convention orchestrated by Lemkin, dealing both with its supporters and enemies, particularly the British government. While Lemkin drew attention to the need to preserve diverse cultures, both in his campaigning and his historical writing, the Western powers amended the convention, so that it became an instrument solely for preventing physical genocide. The book also covers Lemkin's historical research on genocide, presenting a number of studies, particularly of colonial genocide.


Raphael Lemkin and the Struggle for the Genocide Convention - 2834134878

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Raphael Lemkin and the Struggle for the Genocide Convention PALGRAVE MACMILLAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book is the first complete biography of Raphael Lemkin, the father of the United Nations Genocide Convention, based on his papers; and shows how his campaign for an international treaty succeeded. In addition, the book covers Lemkin's inauguration of the historical study of past genocides.


Lemkin on Genocide - 2834141973

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Lemkin on Genocide Lexington Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Providing an annotated commentary on two unpublished manuscripts written by international law and genocide scholar Raphael Lemkin, Steven L. Jacobs offers a critical introduction to the father of genocide studies. Lemkin coined the term "genocide" and was the motivating force behind the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Punishment and Prevention of the Crime of Genocide. The materials collected here give readers further insight into this singularly courageous man and the issue which consumed him in the aftermath of the Second World War. It is a welcome addition to the library of genocide and Holocaust Studies scholars and students alike.


Genocide Of Indigenous Peoples - 2846929054

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Genocide Of Indigenous Peoples

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities>History>Specific events & topics>Genocide & ethnic cleansingKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielsk...

A Study Of The Genocide Of Indigenous Peoples And How, In The Latter Part Of The Twentieth Century, It Became A Major Focus Of Human Rights Activists, Non-governmental Organizations, International Development And Finance Institutions Such As The United Nations And The World Bank, And Indigenous And Other Community-based Organizations.


Turkish law - 2836092066

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Turkish law Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 82. Chapters: Censorship in Turkey, Constitutions of Turkey, LGBT rights in Turkey, Law enforcement in Turkey, Referendums in Turkey, Taxation in Turkey, Treaties of Turkey, Turkish court system, Turkish criminal law, Turkish jurists, Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Turkish Straits, Fourth Geneva Convention, Antarctic Treaty System, North Atlantic Treaty, Treaty of Lausanne, United Nations Charter, Wassenaar Arrangement, Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Turkish constitutional referendum, 2010, Orhan Pamuk, JITEM, Article 301, Constitution of Turkey, Legal system of the Republic of Turkey, First Geneva Convention, Third Geneva Convention, Yasar Kemal, Turkish National Police Academy, Treaty of Kars, Elif Safak, Perihan Magden, Ayse Nur Zarakolu, Constitutional Court of Turkey, Ragip Zarakolu, Turkish constitutional referendum, 2007, Michael Dickinson, Second Geneva Convention, Martial law and state of emergency in Turkey, Turkish Constitution of 1921, Covenant of the League of Nations, Zürich and London Agreement, Central Treaty Organization, Joost Lagendijk, Muhammed Hamdi Yazir, Kismetim-1 incident, Turkish nationality law, Meltem Arikan, List of illegal political parties in Turkey, Turkish Language Act Ban, Human Rights Association, Ankara Agreement, Varlik Vergisi, Turkish Constitution of 1961, RTÜK, Refik Koraltan, Treaty of Moscow, Treaty of Guarantee, Police Special Operation Teams, Namik Kemal Zeybek, Ahmet Cevdet Pasha, The Agreement on Strategic Partnership and Mutual Support, Court of Cassation, Convention between Italy and Turkey, 1932, Convention Concerning the Exchange of Greek and Turkish Populations, Turkish copyright law, Lucky-S incident, Pontos Kültürü, Treaty of Saadabad, Osman Can, Turkish Constitution of 1924, Turkish constitutional referendum, 1982, Constitutional history of Turkey, Armistice of Mudanya, Undersecretariat of Public Order and Security, Surname Law, Vedat Buz, Independence Court, Turkish Institute for Police Studies, Turkish referendum, 1988, Turkish constitutional referendum, 1961, Midnight Express, Turkish referendum, 1987, Turkish Council of State, Haciz Courts, Kavass. Excerpt: A constitutional referendum on a number of changes to the constitution was held in Turkey on 12 September 2010. The results showed the majority supported the constitutional amendments, with 58% in favour and 42% against. The changes were aimed at bringing the constitution into compliance with European Union standards. Supporters of Turkish EU membership hope constitutional reform will facilitate the membership process. After the military coup of 12 September 1980, a new constitution was drafted, designed by the military junta that came to power. Thirty years later, a referendum was held regarding a number of amendments to that constitution. In 2010, the Turkish parliament adopted a series of constitutional amendments. The amendments did not achieve the required two-thirds majority (67%) to immediately implement the changes. However, they did receive a majority of 330 votes (60%), which was sufficient to present the amendments to the electorate in a referendum. A constitutional change to make it more difficult for the Supreme Court to dissolve parties failed to pass. The reform package was accepted by parliament on 7 May, initiating the referendum process. The referendum was expected to be held 60 days after the publication of the package in the O...


Memorial Museums - 2847394222

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Memorial Museums Berg Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The past 25 years has seen an extraordinary boom in a new kind of cultural complex: the memorial museum. These seek to research, represent, commemorate and teach on the subject of dreadful, violent histories. With World War and Holocaust memorials as precursors, the kinds of events now recognized include genocide in Armenia, Cambodia, Rwanda and the Balkans, state repression in Eastern Europe, apartheid in South Africa, terrorism in the United States, political "disappearances" in Chile and Argentina, massacres in China and Taiwan, and more. This book is the first of its kind to "map" these new institutions and cultural spaces, which, although varying widely in size, style and political situation, are nonetheless united in their desire to promote peace, tolerance and the avoidance of future violence. Moving across nations and contexts, Memorial Museums critically analyzes the tactics of these institutions and gauges their wider public significance.


After the Fall - 2826949369

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After the Fall Missouri Historical Society Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

War in the Balkans dominated headlines throughout the 1990s, displacing millions of ordinary people and renewing debate over responses to genocide in the modern era. St. Louis is home today to nearly 20,000 refugees from war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, one of the largest concentrations of any city in the United States.As awareness of the large Bosnian community in St. Louis grows, relatively little is known about the actual lives and experiences of these refugees. "After the Fall" looks at the impact of the war and the reality of "ethnic cleansing" in the life of one extended Bosnian family in St. Louis.Through richly textured photographs and compelling first-person interview narratives, "After the Fall" tells the story of the Oric family from the city of Srebrenica, survivors of the 1995 fall of the United Nations-declared "safe area" and what has been called the single greatest atrocity in Europe since the end of World War II.Important for those interested in human rights, photojournalism, immigration, and regional history, "After the Fall" opens a door of understanding on a significant new community in St. Louis of people rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of one of the twentieth century's most brutal conflicts.


Path to Srebrenica - 2852751366

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Path to Srebrenica Biblioscholar

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In the post-Cold War environment of the 1990s, the United Nations (UN) found itself grappling with the means and mechanisms to resolve conflicts that had increasingly shifted from interstate to intrastate hostilities. The thesis examines four faults common to UN peacekeeping and peace enforcement operations in Somalia (UNOSOM), Rwanda (UNAMIR), and Bosnia-Herzegovina (UNPROFOR). During the 1990s, UN peacekeeping operations consistently acted with neutrality, versus impartiality, when confronting forces in grievous violation of the peace process. The UN failed to maintain international political will for its operations, thus leading to reduced force structures and reluctance to act decisively. The UN did not preserve the legitimacy for its missions, either in the eyes of the peacekeepers or the belligerent parties. Lastly, the UN failed to properly ensure unity of effort and unity of command, which had a profoundly negative impact on its operations. The result of these errors was the failed humanitarian effort in Somalia (1993), genocide in Rwanda that claimed 800,000 lives (1994), and the ethnic cleansing of eastern Bosnia-Herzegovina that climaxed at Srebrenica with the execution of 8,000 Muslim men and boys (1995). The final chapter makes several recommendations to prevent further UN failures of this magnitude in the future.


International Law Reports - 2826690799

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International Law Reports Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The International Law Reports is the only publication in the world wholly devoted to the regular and systematic reporting in English of decisions of international courts and arbitrators as well as judgments of national courts. Among the cases reported in Volume 115 are the 1998 decision of the Supreme Court of Canada concerning whether Quebec has the right to unilateral secession from Canada, the 1996 judgment concerning the preliminary objections in the case concerning the Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Bosnia and Herzegovina v. Yugoslavia) and the 1997 Order on Counter-Claims, and the 1996 decisions of the United Nations Human Rights Committee.


No Enchanted Palace - 2844388776

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No Enchanted Palace University Press Group Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

No Enchanted Palace traces the origins and early development of the United Nations, one of the most influential yet perhaps least understood organizations active in the world today. Acclaimed historian Mark Mazower forces us to set aside the popular myth that the UN miraculously rose from the ashes of World War II as the guardian of a new and peaceful global order, offering instead a strikingly original interpretation of the UN's ideological roots, early history, and changing role in world affairs. Mazower brings the founding of the UN brilliantly to life. He shows how the UN's creators envisioned a world organization that would protect the interests of empire, yet how this imperial vision was decisively reshaped by the postwar reaffirmation of national sovereignty and the unanticipated rise of India and other former colonial powers. This is a story told through the clash of personalities, such as South African statesman Jan Smuts, who saw in the UN a means to protect the old imperial and racial order; Raphael Lemkin and Joseph Schechtman, Jewish intellectuals at odds over how the UN should combat genocide and other atrocities; and Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first prime minister, who helped transform the UN from an instrument of empire into a forum for ending it. A much-needed historical reappraisal of the early development of this vital world institution, No Enchanted Palace reveals how the UN outgrew its origins and has exhibited an extraordinary flexibility that has enabled it to endure to the present day.


Humanitarian Intervention - 2834138158

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Humanitarian Intervention Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'The genocide in Rwanda showed us how terrible the consequences of inaction can be in the face of mass murder. But the conflict in Kosovo raised equally important questions about the consequences of action without international consensus and clear legal authority. On the one hand, is it legitimate for a regional organization to use force without a UN mandate? On the other, is it permissible to let gross and systematic violations of human rights, with grave humanitarian consequences, continue unchecked?' (United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan). This book is a comprehensive, integrated discussion of 'the dilemma' of humanitarian intervention. Written by leading analysts of international politics, ethics, and law, it seeks, among other things, to identify strategies that may, if not resolve, at least reduce the current tension between human rights and state sovereignty. This volume is an invaluable contribution to the debate on all aspects of this vital global issue.


Just and Unjust Peace - 2838462228

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Just and Unjust Peace Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In the wake of massive injustice, how can justice be achieved and peace restored? Is it possible to find a universal standard that will work for people of diverse and often conflicting religious, cultural, and philosophical backgrounds? In Just and Unjust Peace, Daniel Philpott offers an innovative and hopeful response to these questions. He challenges the approach to peace-building that dominates the United Nations, western governments, and the human rights community. While he shares their commitments to human rights and democracy, Philpott argues that these values alone cannot redress the wounds caused by war, genocide, and dictatorship. Both justice and the effective restoration of political order call for a more holistic, restorative approach. Philpott answers that call by proposing a form of political reconciliation that is deeply rooted in three religious traditions-Christianity, Islam, and Judaism-as well as the restorative justice movement. These traditions offer the fullest expressions of the core concepts of justice, mercy, and peace. By adapting these ancient concepts to modern constitutional democracy and international norms, Philpott crafts an ethic that has widespread appeal and offers real hope for the restoration of justice in fractured communities. From the roots of these traditions, Philpott develops six practices-building just institutions and relations between states, acknowledgment, reparations, restorative punishment, apology and, most important, forgiveness-which he then applies to real cases, identifying how each practice redresses a unique set of wounds. Focusing on places as varied as Bosnia, Iraq, South Africa, Germany, Sierra Leone, Timor-Leste, Chile and many others-and drawing upon the actual experience of victims and perpetrators-Just and Unjust Peace offers a fresh approach to the age-old problem of restoring justice in the aftermath of widespread injustice.


Rules for the World - 2212826228

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Rules for the World Cornell University Press

Inne 1

Rules for the World provides an innovative perspective on the behavior of international organizations and their effects on global politics. Arguing against the conventional wisdom that these bodies are little more than instruments of states, Michael Barnett and Martha Finnemore begin with the fundamental insight that international organizations are bureaucracies that have authority to make rules and so exercise power. At the same time, Barnett and Finnemore maintain, such bureaucracies can become obsessed with their own rules, producing unresponsive, inefficient, and self-defeating outcomes. Authority thus gives international organizations autonomy and allows them to evolve and expand in ways unintended by their creators. Barnett and Finnemore reinterpret three areas of activity that have prompted extensive policy debate: the use of expertise by the IMF to expand its intrusion into national economies; the redefinition of the category "refugees" and decision to repatriate by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; and the UN Secretariat


An Institutional Approach To The Responsibility To Protect - 2846075596

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An Institutional Approach To The Responsibility To Protect

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Law>International law>Public international law>Human rightsKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Law>...

This Book Presents An Institutional Perspective On Realizing The Responsibility To Protect Populations From Genocide, War Crimes, Ethnic Cleansing And Crimes Against Humanity.


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