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Blood Doctor - 2212839586

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Blood Doctor Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Blood. That


1955 films (Film Guide) - 2835034178

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1955 films (Film Guide) Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (films not included). Pages: 270. Chapters: Strategic Air Command, Rebel Without a Cause, Marty, The Ladykillers, Picnic, Bride of the Monster, Kiss Me Deadly, Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing, The Night of the Hunter, The Dam Busters, All That Heaven Allows, Les Diaboliques, The Man with the Golden Arm, Love Me or Leave Me, Bad Day at Black Rock, Pather Panchali, The Apu Trilogy, The Quatermass Xperiment, Richard III, Rififi, Lady and the Tramp, Night and Fog, List of American films of 1955, Mister Roberts, Guys and Dolls, Oklahoma!, Conquest of Space, Ernst Thälmann, Summertime, One Froggy Evening, Godzilla Raids Again, My Sister Eileen, East of Eden, The Scarlet Coat, The Seven Year Itch, Pete Kelly's Blues, Journey to the Beginning of Time, The Rose Tattoo, This Island Earth, To Catch a Thief, Artists and Models, Animal Farm, Rabbit Rampage, 5 Against the House, House of Bamboo, Carrington V.C., Daddy Long Legs, It Came from Beneath the Sea, List of Argentine films of 1955, It's Always Fair Weather, The Glass Slipper, The Big Combo, The Cobweb, Double or Mutton, The Desperate Hours, To Hell and Back, The Miracle of Marcelino, King of the Carnival, The Trouble with Harry, Blackboard Jungle, The Adventures of Captain Africa, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier, Death of a Cyclist, Kismet, Son of Sinbad, That's My Mommy, Panther Girl of the Kongo, The Adventures of Quentin Durward, Jupiter's Darling, Half Human, Ordet, Good Morning, Miss Dove, The Man from Laramie, Killer's Kiss, Newspaper Boy, Donga Ramudu, The Cockleshell Heroes, The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz, Roman Legion-Hare, Six Bridges to Cross, Tight Spot, The Big Knife, Guided Muscle, Shree 420, Smiles of a Summer Night, Ready, Set, Zoom!, Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy, Tamil films of 1955, I Died a Thousand Times, Mr. Arkadin, Jedda, Hare Brush, Tarantula, Pizzicato Pussycat, Missamma, Southbound Duckling, The Counterfeit Coin, Ciske de Rat, Knight-mare Hare, Oh... Rosalinda!!, Land of the Pharaohs, Three for the Show, Kalvanin Kadhali, The Tender Trap, Of Cash and Hash, Rojulu Marayi, The View from Pompey's Head, Man with the Gun, Storm Over the Nile, We're No Angels, The Seven Little Foys, Blood Alley, Jayasimha, Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops, Les maîtres fous, Lola Montčs, The Far Country, Safari, The Enchanted Boy, Bedlam in Paradise, Above Us the Waves, Tom and Chérie, The Phenix City Story, Not as a Stranger, Mouse for Sale, The Rains of Ranchipur, Out of the Clouds, Violent Saturday, Hyde and Hare, Red Riding Hoodwinked, Rage at Dawn, The King's Thief, This Is a Life?, Moby Dick Rehearsed, The French, They Are a Funny Race, The Pied Piper of Cleveland, Sahara Hare, Illegal, Beanstalk Bunny, Napoléon, I'll Cry Tomorrow, A Generation, The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell, Biraj Bahu, Revenge of the Creature, Des Teufels General, Pecos Pest, Magic Fire, Man in Space, The Long Gray Line, Teenage Devil Dolls, Samurai II: Duel at Ichijoji Temple, The Naked Street, The Far Horizons, Feather Dusted, Il bidone, Devdas, Secret Venture, Jail Busters, Vachan, Doctor at Sea, Summer with Monika, The Dark Avenger, High Society, Tweety's Circus, Hot Ice, The Unknown Soldier, Azaad, Bunco Busters, Battle Cry, How to Be Very, Very Popular, Soldier of Fortune, The Colditz Story, Harishchandra, Helter Shelter, Mambo, Female Jungle, The Man Who Owed a Death, Pappy's Puppy, O ziliarogatos, Yangsan Province, Female on the Beach,...


24 Hours at a Time - 2826887303

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24 Hours at a Time Dog Ear Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

I imagine life in a firehouse is a bit like life in a prison. You have a certain amount of time to kill before your sentence is up, and much of that time is spent swapping stories. Most yarns get told so often, both the teller and the listener are already painfully aware of each tiny detail. Occasionally, someone will remark, "Somebody ought to be writing this stuff down," as if the worn-out tales are of such noteworthy substance, society at large would be the poorer if they slipped into oblivion. Taking the bait, I started writing-not all of the stories, only mine. After all, the only facts I could be sure of were the ones I was directly involved with, and thus, the only ones I felt I could share, with any sense of accuracy. Just a few dozen of the thousands of events seemed noteworthy, so the vast majority of them remain un-chronicled, as they should. I usually wrote each narrative shortly after it occurred, while the memory was fresh and the images were still vivid in my mind. I then clicked the "SAVE" icon on the word processor and left the writing buried on the computer's hard drive- sometimes for decades. It was not until my career was winding down that I seriously considered making a book out of them. If you are a fireman and read the book it will be very familiar to you-you've made hundreds of calls just like these; in fact, your stories might be much better. If you're a civilian, curious about life in the fire department, the stories might surprise you. It's not exactly the job many folks think it is. It's a whole lot more-some good, some bad. The stories range from fires to floods, births to suicides, escaped parrots to trapped kittens, crazy civilians to crazier firemen. Some days it felt like you were a performer in the circus, while everybody clapped. Other days you felt like the guy with the shovel, following the elephants while everybody laughed. Just try and keep in mind this book was written by a fireman, not a professional wordsmith who knows how to dangle his participles without anyone noticing. I think my best writing was done on various bathroom walls during my Junior High School years. Alas, nobody thought to save it.


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