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Liberetto II - 2839828762

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Liberetto II ACT


1. Grace 2. Passacaglia 3. Miniature 4. Africa 5. I Tima 6. Swedish Song 7. Eilat 8. II Bla 9. View From The Apple Tree 10. III Violet 11. Beautiful Darkness


Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish - 2846487509

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Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Nazwa - Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish Wydawca - KUM Kod ISBN - 4064900016314 Kod EAN - 4064900016314 Podatek VAT - 23%


A View From The Bridge - 2845999557

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A View From The Bridge New World Records


1. Act I: Orchestral Introduction 2. Red Hook 3. Hey, Eddie! 4. Where You Goin' All Dressed Up? 5. Beatrice! Hurry Up 6. Get Used To It, Eddie 7. But When You're Gone 8. Now Listen, Both A Yiz 9. Remember Vinnie Bolzano 10. Eddie Was A Man 11. You're On Your Own Now 12. Marco! Rodolpho! 13. Then When I Am Rich 14. Rodolpho, Are You Married, Too 15. I Sing Jazz, Too 16. Eduardo, If You Let Us Sleep Here 17. Now There Was A Future He Must Face 18. It's After Eight O'clock 19. Eddie, When Am I Gonna Be A Wife Again? 20. Eddie Never Knew He Had A Destiny 21. Hey Eddie! Wanna Go Bowling Tonight? 22. Where'd You Go? 23. Aria: 'New York Lights' (Aka 'I Love The Beauty Of 24. Rodolpho, I Thought I Told You To Go In 25. Arietta: 'He's A Hit-and-run Guy!' 26. Aria: 'Was There Ever Any Fella That He Liked For 27. There's Nothing Illegal About It 28. You Know Where The Two Of Them Went? 29. Whaddyda Say, Marco 30. Eddie, You're Pretty Strong 31. Act Ii: Orchestral Introduction 32. Hey Guys! It's Whisky! 33. Rodolpho! Didn't They Hire You? 34. It's True 35. Aria: 'But You Do Not Know This Man' 36. Somehow, Somehow 37. Aria: 'On December Twenty-seventh I Saw Him Next' 38. He Won't Leave! 39. Where Are They? 40. Eddie Has Something To Say, Katie 41. Bea, Could I Take Two Pillows Up? 42. That Man! I Accuse That Man! 43. Aria: 'To America I Sailed On A Ship Called Hunger 44. Orchestral Interlude 45. For The Sake Of My Sister 46. Marco's Coming, Eddie 47. Come, Catherine 48. Eddie, Listen To Me! 49. Eddie Carbone! 50. Eyes Like Tunnels


Objectivity and Subjectivity in Ethics: A View from Thomas Nagel - 2836515254

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Objectivity and Subjectivity in Ethics: A View from Thomas Nagel LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A human being is endowed with reflective consciousness which marks a distinction between human beings and animals. He is not only conscious of the behavior of others but he is also conscious about his own behaviour towards others and in society. Humans act either voluntarily or involuntarily. A Human Being s actions may be shaped by any one, or a combination of the following factors: (i) instinct, (ii) customs prevalent in his/her society, (iii) reason. Sometimes he acts simply out of his passions and instincts which form the subjectivity in his/her action. Sometimes he behaves out of his rational thinking which implies acting according to certain objective standards. This gives rise to a fundamental question about the nature of morality and ethics. Among moral philosophers there are two dominant views prevalent regarding the nature of ethics. According to some moral philosophers ethical standards/norms/values are subjective, whereas for others they are objective.


Aquatic Biodiversity II - 2844162723

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Aquatic Biodiversity II Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Freshwater Biodiversity is a much underestimated component of global biodiversity, both in its diversity and in its potential to act as models for fundamental research in evolutionary biology and ecosystem studies. Freshwater organisms also reflect quality of water bodies and can thus be used to monitor changes in ecosystem health. The present book comprises a unique collection of primary research papers spanning a wide range of topics in aquatic biodiversity studies, and including a first global assessment of specific diversity of freshwater animals. The book also presents a section on the interaction between scientists and science policy managers. A target opinion paper lists priorities in aquatic biodiversity research for the next decade and several reactions from distinguished scientists discuss the relevance of these items from different points of view: fundamental ecology, taxonomy and systematics, needs of developing countries, present-day biodiversity policy at European and at global scales. It is believed that such a platform for the interaction between science and science policy is an absolute necessity for the efficient use of research budgets in the future.Water is Life. Freshwater is one of the most valuable commodities on our planet, and this resource should be managed in a sustainable way. Yet, we are less than careful in the way we use water and many of our non-marine, aquatic habitats are threatened by anthropogenic impacts. Eutrophication, for example, could well turn into one of the major social as well as economic problems of the 21st century. §Reduction of water quality also has a profound effect on the biota that depend on these water bodies, such as micro-organisms, plants and animals. Freshwater Biodiversity is a much underestimated component of global biodiversity, both in its diversity and in its potential to act as models for fundamental research in evolutionary biology and ecosystem studies. Freshwater organisms also reflect quality of water bodies and can thus be used to monitor changes in ecosystem health. The present book deals with all of these aspects of Aquatic Biodiversity. It comprises a unique collection of primary research papers spanning a wide range of topics in aquatic biodiversity studies, and including a first global assessment of specific diversity of freshwater animals. The book also presents a section on the interaction between scientists and science policy managers. A target opinion paper lists priorities in aquatic biodiversity research for the next decade and several reactions from distinguished scientists discuss the relevance of these items from different points of view: fundamental ecology, taxonomy and systematics, needs of developing countries, present-day biodiversity policy at European and at global scales. It is believed that such a platform for the interaction between science and science policy is an absolute necessity for the efficient use of research budgets in the future.


Richard Stoltzman - The Complete Rca Album Collection - 2848640568

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Richard Stoltzman - The Complete Rca Album Collection Sony Music Entertainment


1. Tashi - Quatuor Pour La Fin Du Temps 2. I. Liturgie De Cristal 3. Ii. Vocalise, Pour L' Ange Qui Annonce La Fin Du T 4. Iii. Abime Des Oiseaux 5. Iv. Intermede 6. V. Louange A L'eternite De Jesus 7. Vi. Danse De La Fureur, Pour Les Sept Trompettes 8. Vii. Fouillis D'arcs-en-ciel, Pour L' Ange Qui Ann 9. Viii. Louange A L'immortalite De Jesus 101. Stoltzman, Richard - Quintet For Clarinet & String 102. I. Allegro 103. Ii. Adagio 104. Iii. Andantino - Presto Con Assai, Ma Con Sentimen 105. Iv. Con Moto 201. Tashi - The Soldier's Tale - Version For Clarinet, 202. I. The Soldier's March 203. Ii. The Soldier's Violin 204. Iii. The Little Concert 205. Iv. Tango - Waltz - Ragtime 206. V. The Devil's Dance 207. Tashi - Septet For Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Piano, 208. I. (Sonata Allegro) Quarter Note = 88 209. Ii. Passacaglia 210. Iii. Gigue 211. Tashi - Pastorale - Song Without Words Version For 212. Tashi - Three Pieces For Clarinet 213. I. Sempre Piano E Molto Tranquillo 214. Ii. Eighth Note = 168 215. Iii. Eighth Note = 160 216. Tashi - Suite Italienne - Arrangement For Cello & 217. I. Introduzione. Allegro Moderato 218. Ii. Serenata. Larghetto 219. Iii. Aria. Allegro Alla Breve 220. Iv. Tarantella. Vivace 221. V. Minuetto E Finale. Moderato - Molto Vivace 301. Tashi - Quintet For Piano & Winds In E-flat Major, 302. I. Grave - Allegro Ma Non Troppo 303. Ii. Andante Cantabile 304. Iii. Rondo - Allegro Ma Non Troppo 305. Tashi - Trio In B-flat Major, Op. 11 306. I. Allegro Con Brio 307. Ii. Adagio 308. Iii. Tema Pria Ch'io L'impegno 401. Tashi - Quintet For Clarinet & String Quartet In A 402. I. Allegro 403. Ii. Larghetto 404. Iii. Menuetto - Trio I - Trio II 405. Iv. Allegretto Con Variazioni 406. Tashi - Quintet For Piano & Woodwinds In E-flat Ma 407. I. Largo - Allegro Moderato 408. Ii. Larghetto 409. Iii. Rondo - Allegretto 501. Tashi - Quatrain II 502. Tashi - Water Ways 503. Tashi - Waves 504. Stoltzman, Richard - Fantasma/ Cantos 505. Tashi - Quartet For Violin, Clarinet, Tenor Saxoph 506. I. Sehr Maessig 507. Ii. Sehr Schwungvoll 601. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Clarinet Concerto In A 602. Allegro 603. Adagio 604. Rondo: Allegro 605. Stoltzman, Richard - Concerto In B-flat For Bassoo 606. Allegro 607. Andante Ma Adagio 608. Rondo: Tempo Di Menuetto 701. Stoltzman, Richard - Sonata For Clarinet & Piano I 702. Allegro Appassionato 703. Andante Un Poco; Adagio 704. Allegretto Grazioso 705. Vivace 706. Brahms, Johannes - Sonata For Clarinet & Piano In 707. I. Allegro Amabile 708. Ii. Allegro Appassionato 709. Iii. Andante Con Moto - Allegro 801. Tashi - Quintet For Clarinet & Strings In B-flat M 802. I. Allegro 803. Ii. Fantasia - Adagio Ma Non Troppo 804. Iii. Menuetto Capriccio 805. Iv. Rondo - Allegro Giocoso 806. Tashi - Concerto A Tre For Clarinet, Violin & Cell 807. Tashi - Celebration II For Clarinet & Strings 901. Weber, Carl Maria Von - Clarinet Concerto No. 1 In 902. Allegro 903. Adagio Ma Non Troppo 904. Allegretto 905. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Andante, K.315 In C (Tr 906. Rossini, Gioacchino - Theme & Variations 1001. Stoltzman, Richard - Grand Duo Concertant, Op. 48 1002. Allegro Con Fuoco 1003. Andante Con Moto 1004. Rondo Allegro 1005. Stoltzman, Richard - 'Arpeggione' Sonata, D.821 1006. Allegro Moderato 1007. Adagio 1008. Allegretto 1101. Douglas, Bill - Begin Sweet World 1102. Stoltzman, Richard - Everywhere 1103. Stoltzman, Richard - Abide With Me/blue Monk 1104. Abide With Me 1105. Blue Monk 1106. Stoltzman, Richard - Full Moon 1107. Stoltzman, Richard - Spiral 1108. Stoltzman, Richard - Amazing Grace 1109. Bach, Johann Sebastian - Air On The G String 1110. Stoltzman, Richard - Requiem 1111. Pie Jesu 1112. Douglas, Bill - Tara 1113. Stoltzman, Richard - Preludes 1114. Book I : La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin 1115. Stoltzman, Richard - Clouds 1116. Stoltzman, Richard - Morning Song 1201. Stoltzman, Richard - Sky 1202. Stoltzman, Richard - Pie Jesu 1203. Douglas, Bill - Feast 1204. Stoltzman, Richard - Song For Catherine 1205. Stoltzman, Richard - The Circular Word 1206. Stoltzman, Richard - Goodbye (In Memory Of Benny) 1207. Stoltzman, Richard - G Song 1208. Stoltzman, Richard - In The Morning 1209. Stoltzman, Richard - Viderunt Omnes 1210. Stoltzman, Richard - Serenity 1211. Stoltzman, Richard - New York Counterpoint 1301. Schumann, Robert - Fantasiestuecke, Op.73 1302. Zart Und Mit Ausdruck 1303. Lebhaft, Leicht 1304. Rasch Und Mit Feuer 1305. Schubert, Franz - Sonatina For Violin & Piano In A 1306. Allegro Moderato 1307. Andante 1308. Menuetto: Allegro 1309. Allegro 1310. Schumann, Robert - Romances, Op. 94, Nos. 1-3 1311. Nicht Schnell 1312. Einfach, Innig 1313. Nicht Schnell 1314. Schubert, Franz - Sonatina For Violin & Piano In D 1315. Allegro Molto 1316. Andante 1317. Allegro Vivace 1401. Stoltzman, Richard - American Medley 1402. Amazing Grace 1403. America, The Beautiful 1404. Battle Hymn Of The Republic 1405. Ellington, Duke - Come Sunday 1406. Herman, Woody - Apple Honey 1407. Stravinsky, Igor - Ebony Concerto 1408. Allegro Moderato 1409. Andante 1410. Moderato; Con Moto 1411. Rogers, Shorty - Igor 1412. Bernstein, Leonard - Stories From The West Side 1413. Somewhere 1414. Cool 1415. Maria 1416. Something's Coming 1417. Douglas, Bill - Waltz For Woody 1418. Coppola, John - Cousins 1501. Corigliano, John - Concerto For Clarinet & Orchest 1502. Cadenzas 1503. Elegy 1504. Antiphonal Toccata 1505. Copland, Aaron - Concerto For Clarinet, Strings, H 1506. Bernstein, Leonard - Prelude, Fugue & Riffs 1601. Tashi - Quintet, Op. 30 1602. Sehr Lebhaft 1603. Ruhig 1604. Schneller Laendler 1605. Arioso: Sehr Ruhig 1606. Sehr Lebhaft 1607. Tashi - Tashi 1608. Lento 1609. Allegro 1610. Interlude 1611. Allegro Commodo 1612. Tashi - Rendezvous 1613. Tashi - Promenade (Walking The Dog) From 'Shall We 1614. Tashi - Bess, You Is My Woman From 'Porgy & Bess' 1615. Tashi - Who Cares? From 'Of Thee I Sing' 1616. Tashi - Liza From 'Show Girl' 1617. Tashi - I Got Rhythm From 'Girl Crazy' 1701. Douglas, Bill - Deep Peace 1702. Jarrett, Keith - My Song 1703. Bach, Johann Sebastian - Largo 1704. Mitchell, Joni - For Free 1705. Stoltzman, Richard - By The Stream 1706. Douglas, Bill - Innisfree 1707. Douglas, Bill - Golden Rain 1708. Douglas, Bill - Flower 1709. Stoltzman, Richard - Carnival Of The Animals 1710. The Swan 1711. Gomez, Eddie - Delgado 1712. Wonder, Stevie - If It's Magic 1713. Stoltzman, Richard - Aria 1714. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Ave Verum 1801. Bartok, Bela - Contrasts 1802. Verbunkos 1803. Piheno 1804. Sebes 1805. Stoltzman, Richard - Largo 1806. Ives, Charles - Songs 1807. The Things Our Fathers Loved 1808. Walking 1809. Like A Sick Eagle 1810. Ann Street - Broadway 1811. The Cage 1812. The See'r 1813. The Housatonic At Stockbridge 1814. In The Mornin' 1815. Serenity 1816. Stoltzman, Richard - L'histoire Du Soldat: Suite 1817. Marsch Des Soldaten 1818. Die Violine Des Soldaten 1819. Ein Kleines Konzert 1820. Tango - Walzer - Ragtime 1821. Tanz Des Soldaten 1901. Finzi, Gerald - Bagatelles, Op. 23, Nos. 1-5 1902. Prelude 1903. Romance 1904. Carol 1905. Forlana 1906. Fughetta 1907. Finzi, Gerald - Clarinet Concerto, Op. 31, In C Mi 1908. Allegro Vigoroso 1909. Adagio 1910. Rondo: Allegro Giocoso 1911. Ashmore, Lawrence - Four Seasons (English Folk Son 1912. Spring 1913. Summer 1914. Autumn 1915. Winter 1916. Ashmore, Lawrence - Greensleeves (English Folk Son 2001. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Serenade No. 11, K. 375 2002. I - Allegro Maestoso - Instrumental 2003. II - Menuetto Primo; Trio - Instrumental 2004. III - Adagio - Instrumental 2005. IV - Menuetto Secondo; Trio - Instrumental 2006. V - Allegro - Instrumental 2007. Serkin, Rudolf - Trio For Piano, Clarinet & Cello, 2008. I. Allegro Con Brio 2009. Ii. Adagio 2010. Iii. Tema: 'Pria Ch'io L'impegno' Con Variazione: 2011. Serkin, Rudolf - Quintet For Piano, Oboe, Clarinet 2012. I. Grave - Allegro, Ma Non Troppo 2013. Ii. Andante Cantabile 2014. Iii. Rondo. Allegro Ma Non Troppo 2101. Powell, Baden - Tempo Feliz 2102. Nascimento, Milton - Anima 2103. Villa-lobos, Heitor - Song Of The Black Swan 2104. Wall, Jeremy - Orixa 2105. Bosco, Joao - Nacao 2106. Villa-lobos, Heitor - Tristeza 2107. Villa-lobos, Heitor - Modinha 2108. Allen, E.r. Woody - Urubamba 2109. Douglas, Bill - It's Here 2110. Douglas, Bill - Primeira Luz 2111. Shorter, Wayne - Ana Maria 2112. Faure, Gabriel - Pavane 2113. Malotte, Albert Hay - Nos Padre (The Lord's Prayer 2114. Douglas, Bill - Dawn 2201. Stoltzman, Richard - Clarinet Concerto In A Major, 2202. I. Allegro 2203. Ii. Adagio 2204. Iii. Rondo - Allegro 2205. Stoltzman, Richard - Clarinet Quintet, K.581, In A 2206. Allegro 2207. Larghetto 2208. Menuetto 2209. Allegretto Con Variazioni 2301. Stoltzman, Richard - Preludes 2302. Book 1 : La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin 2303. Debussy, Claude - 2 Arabesques 2304. Andantino Con Moto 2305. Allegretto Scherzando 2306. Stoltzman, Richard - Gymnopedies For Piano 2307. Gymnopedie No. 1 2308. Poulenc, Francis - Mouvements Perpetuels/perpetual 2309. Assez Modere 2310. Tres Modere 2311. Alerte 2312. Poulenc, Francis - Sonata For Clarinet & Piano 2313. Allegro Tristamente: Allegretto 2314. Romanza: Tres Calme 2315. Allegro Con Fuoco: Tres Anime 2316. Stoltzman, Richard - Gymnopedies For Piano 2317. Gymnopedie No. 2 2318. Gymnopedie No. 3 2319. Saint-saens, Camille - Romance, Op. 37 2320. Saint-saens, Camille - Sonata For Clarinet & Piano 2321. Allegretto 2322. Allegro Animato 2323. Lento 2324. Molto Allegro 2325. Stoltzman, Richard - Carnival Of The Animals 2326. The Swan 2401. Stoltzman, Richard - Ding Dong! 2402. Gruber, Franz Xaver - Silent Night 2403. Traditional - What Child Is This 2404. Stoltzman, Richard - We Three Kings 2405. Traditional - Adeste Fideles/gesu Bambino 2406. Adeste Fideles 2407. Gesu Bambino 2408. Traditional - I Wonder As I Wander 2409. Traditional - O Little Town Of Bethlehem/o Tannenb 2410. O Little Town Of Bethlehem 2411. O Tannenbaum 2412. Traditional - Deck The Halls 2413. Britten, Benjamin - There Is No Rose 2414. Traditional - Away In A Manger/amazing Grace 2415. Away In A Manger 2416. Amazing Grace 2417. Haendel, Georg Friedrich - He Shall Feed His Flock 2418. Traditional - O, Come Immanuel 2419. Rutter, John - Nativity Carol 2420. Traditional - Winter 2421. Adam, Adolphe - O Holy Night 2501. Copland, Aaron - Clarinet Concerto 2502. Jenkins, Gordon - Goodbye 'In Memory Of Benny' 2503. Bernstein, Leonard - Sonata For Clarinet & Piano - 2504. I. Grazioso 2505. Ii. Andantino - Vivace E Leggiero 2506. Bernstein, Leonard - West Side - Variants 2507. Gershwin, George - Promenade (Walking The Dog) 2508. Stoltzman, Richard - Porgy & Bess 2509. Bess, You Is My Woman Now 2510. Gershwin, George - Short Story 2511. Gershwin, George - Three Preludes 2512. Prelude No. 1: Allegro Ben Ritmato E Deciso 2513. Prelude No. 2: Andante Con Moto E Poco Rubato 2514. Prelude No. 3: Allegro Ben Ritmato E Deciso 2601. Douglas, Bill - Infant Dreams 2602. Douglas, Bill - Open Sky 2603. Hebble, Robert C. - Meditation On 'My Shepherd Wil 2604. Lennon, John - Blackbird/bye Bye Blackbird 2605. Blackbird 2606. Bye Bye Blackbird 2607. Samuels, Dave - Oasis 2608. Wonder, Stevie - Come Back As A Flower 2609. Brahms, Johannes - Brahms Dreams 2610. Lullaby 2611. Sleep Sweet Child 2612. Guinga - Chorado 2613. Bach, Johann Sebastian - Siciliano 2614. Barber, Samuel - Adagio 2615. Faure, Gabriel - En Priere 2616. Douglas, Bill - Azure 2617. Blake, Eubie - The Snowman 2618. Clapton, Eric - Tears In Heaven 2619. Douglas, Bill - Lullaby 2620. Morricone, Ennio - Cinema Paradiso 2701. Stoltzman, Richard - The Promise / A Bed Of Ferns 2702. The Promise 2703. A Bed Of Ferns 2704. Stoltzman, Richard - Gianni Schicchi 2705. O Mio Babbino Caro (From 'A Room With A View') 2706. Rota, Nino - La Strada (From 'La Strada') 2707. Bonfa, Luiz - Manha De Carnaval (From 'Black Orphe 2708. Heymann, Edward - When I Fall In Love (From 'Sleep 2709. Stoltzman, Richard - Singin' In The Rain (From 'Si 2710. Gabriel, Peter - With This Love (From 'The Last Te 2711. John, Elton - Can You Feel The Love Tonight? (From 2712. Stoltzman, Richard - Clarinet Concerto In A Major, 2713. Adagio (From 'Out Of Africa') 2714. Hamlisch, Marvin - Love Theme / I'll Never Leave Y 2715. Love Theme 2716. I'll Never Leave You 2717. Bernstein, Leonard - Somewhere (From 'West Side St 2718. North, Alex - Spartacus Love Theme (From 'Spartacu 2719. Morricone, Ennio - Once Upon A Time In America (Fr 2720. Telson, Bob - Calling You (From 'Bagdad Cafe') 2721. Williams, John - Theme From Schindler's List (From 2722. Young, Neil - Philadelphia (From 'Philadelphia') 2801. Brahms, Johannes - Quintet For Clarinet & Strings, 2802. Allegro 2803. Adagio 2804. Andantino 2805. Con Moto 2806. Weber, Carl Maria Von - Quintet For Clarinet & Str 2807. Allegro 2808. Fantasia (Adagio) 2809. Menuetto 2810. Rondo (Allegro) 2901. Ax, Emanuel - Trio In A Minor For Piano, Clarinet 2902. I. Allegro 2903. Ii. Adagio 2904. Iii. Andantino Grazioso - Trio 2905. Iv. Allegro 2906. Ax, Emanuel - Trio In B-flat Major For Piano, Clar 2907. I. Allegro Con Brio 2908. Ii. Adagio 2909. Iii. Tema: Pria Ch'io L'impegno. Allegretto 2910. Ax, Emanuel - Trio In E-flat Major For Piano, Clar 2911. I. Andante 2912. Ii. Menuetto - Trio 2913. Iii. Rondeaux. Allegretto 3001. Gershwin, George - Three Jazz Preludes 3002. No. 1 3003. No. 2 3004. No. 3 3005. Bernstein, Leonard - Sonata For Clarinet & Piano 3006. I. Grazioso 3007. Ii. Andantino - Vivace E Leggiero 3008. Mckinley, William Thomas - Sonata For Clarinet & P 3009. Andantino 3010. Scherzando 3011. Largo 3012. Maestoso 3013. Fisher, Clare - Sonatine For Clarinet & Piano 3014. Energetic 3015. Slowly & Freely 3016. Metrically Steady With A Lilt 3017. Hyman, Dick - Clarinata 3018. Rowles, Jimmy - The Peacocks 3019. Traditional - Amazing Grace 3101. Von Bingen, Hildegard - Ave Maria 3102. Stoltzman, Richard - Come Sunday 3103. Stoltzman, Richard - There's A Man Goin' Round 3104. Stoltzman, Richard - Go In Peace 3105. Stoltzman, Richard - Yemanja 3106. Stoltzman, Richard - Runes 3107. Stoltzman, Richard - O Sacred Head 3108. Stoltzman, Richard - Viderunt Omnes 3109. Stoltzman, Richard - Because I Loved You 3110. Stoltzman, Richard - Oseh Shalom 3111. Stoltzman, Richard - Earth Prayer 3112. Stoltzman, Richard - Ave Verum 3113. Stoltzman, Richard - Holy, Holy 3114. Stoltzman, Richard - Berlin Mass 3115. Agnus Dei 3116. Stoltzman, Richard - Nayaz 3201. Mckinley, William Thomas - Concerto No. 2 For Clar 3202. Allegro Dramatico E Tempestoso 3203. Andantino 3204. Prestissimo E Vivace 3205. Englund, Einar - Concerto For Clarinet & Orchestra 3206. Allegro Moderato 3207. Serenata: Moderato 3208. Finale: Allegro Con Brio 3209. Foss, Lukas - Clarinet Concerto 3210. Lento 3211. Allegro 3212. Free; Piu Lento 3213. Allegro 3301. Stoltzman, Richard - Romeo Et Juliette 3302. Je Veux Vivre 3303. Stoltzman, Richard - Gianni Schicchi 3304. O Mio Babbino Caro 3305. Stoltzman, Richard - Faust 3306. O Dieu! Que De Bijoux! 3307. Stoltzman, Richard - Suite From Carmen 3308. Seguidilla 3309. La Fleur Que Tu M'avais 3310. Chanson Boheme 3311. Stoltzman, Richard / Slovak Philharmonic Orches - 3312. My Man's Gone Now 3313. Summertime 3314. It Ain't Necessarily So 3315. Stoltzman, Richard - La Boheme 3316. Act II : Quando M'en Vo 3317. Stoltzman, Richard - Cherubin 3318. Nina's Aria 3319. Stoltzman, Richard - La Boheme 3320. Act I : Che Gelida Manina 3321. Stoltzman, Richard - Semiramide 3322. Bell Raggio Lusinghier 3323. Stoltzman, Richard - Manon 3324. Recitative & Gavotte 3325. Stoltzman, Richard - Mignon 3326. Act II : Ah Pur Ce Suis Titania 3327. Stoltzman, Richard - La Forza Del Destino 3328. Act III : Scene 1 : La Vita E Inferno 3329. Stoltzman, Richard - La Traviata 3330. Act III : Addio Del Passato 3331. Stoltzman, Richard - The Merry Widow 3332. Vilja 3401. Stoltzman, Richard - Coco B 3402. Stoltzman, Richard - Love Letter To My Father 3403. Stoltzman, Richard - Loro 3404. Stoltzman, Richard - Stone Flower 3405. Stoltzman, Richard - Milonga En Re 3406. Stoltzman, Richard - Insensatez 3407. Stoltzman, Richard - E Com Esse Que Eu Vou 3408. Stoltzman, Richard - Reverado 3409. Stoltzman, Richard - Cascade Of The Seven Waterfal 3410. Stoltzman, Richard - Meditacao 3411. Stoltzman, Richard - O Pato 3412. Stoltzman, Richard - Milonga Del Angel 3413. Stoltzman, Richard - Velas Icadas 3414. Stoltzman, Richard - Serenidade 3415. Stoltzman, Richard - Esconjuros 3416. Stoltzman, Richard - Boneco De Palha 3417. Stoltzman, Richard - Tic, Tic, Tac 3501. Stoltzman, Richard - Maidens Awake 3502. Stoltzman, Richard - Minuet 3503. Stoltzman, Richard - Siciliano Intro 3504. Stoltzman, Richard - Siciliano 3505. Stoltzman, Richard - Priceless Treasure 3506. Stoltzman, Richard - Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring 3507. Stoltzman, Richard - Invention 3508. Stoltzman, Richard - Fugue In C Minor 3509. Stoltzman, Richard - Ave Maria 3510. Stoltzman, Richard - Sheep May Safely Graze 3511. Stoltzman, Richard - Arioso 3512. Stoltzman, Richard - Prelude In E 3513. Stoltzman, Richard - Courante 3514. Stoltzman, Richard - Air 3601. Stoltzman, Richard - Mazurka In A Minor, Op.17, No 3602. Stoltzman, Richard - Dido & Aeneas, Z. 626: When I 3603. Stoltzman, Richard - The Seasons, Op. 37a, No.10: 3604. Stoltzman, Richard - Olha Maria 3605. Stoltzman, Richard - Peer Gynt, Op. 23: Solveig's 3606. Stoltzman, Richard - Prelude & Fugue In C- Sharp M 3607. Stoltzman, Richard - Django 3608. Stoltzman, Richard - My Funny Valentine 3609. Stoltzman, Richard - 'Round Midnight 3610. Stoltzman, Richard - Goodbye 3611. Stoltzman, Richard - Soledad 3612. Stoltzman, Richard - In A Sentimental Mood 3701. Stoltzman, Richard - Dance Preludes 3702. Allegro Molto 3703. Andantino 3704. Allegro Giocoso 3705. Andante 3706. Allegro Molto 3707. Stoltzman, Richard - Concerto For Clarinet & Orche 3708. Stoltzman, Richard - Sonata Op. 94 (Originally For 3709. Moderato 3710. Allegretto Scherzando 3711. Andante 3712. Allegro Con Brio 3801. Stoltzman, Richard - Chromatic Fantasia & Fugue In 3802. Chromatic Fantasia For Clarinet Solo 3803. Fugue For B-flat Clarinets & Bass Clarinet 3804. Stoltzman, Richard - Variations On Goldberg's Them 3805. Reich Riff Intro 3806. Aria 3807. Variation 1 3808. Variation 3 3809. Variation 7 3810. Variation 8 3811. Interlude Of Cloud Gongs 3812. Variation 21 3813. Variation 14 3814. Variation 22 3815. Variation 28 3816. Variation 30 3817. Aria 3818. Reich Riff Outro 3819. Stoltzman, Richard - Five Trios For Clarinet, Viol 3820. Courante From Partita No. 4 In D Major, Bwv 828 3821. Echo From Overture (In French Style) In B Minor, B 3822. Capriccio From Partita No.2 In Minor, Bwv 826 3823. Allemande From Partita No.2 In C Minor, Bwv 826 3824. Gigue From Partita No.3 In A Minor, Bwv 827 3825. Stoltzman, Richard - Air From Orchestral Suite No. 3826. Air On The G String For Clarinet, Piano & Bass 3827. Stoltzman, Richard - Ready For Eddie 3901. Poulenc, Francis - Sonata For Two Clarinets 3902. Traditional - Sofdu Unga Astin Min - (Iceland) 3903. Traditional - Dona Nobis Pacem 3904. Traditional - Danny Boy 3905. Bishop, Joe - At The Woodchopper's Ball 3906. Bach, Johann Sebastian - Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiri 3907. Tokyo String Quartet - Introduction & Allegro 3908. Stoltzman, Richard - Lily (1973)


The Common Law - 2837116070

64,41 zł

The Common Law Dover Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

LECTURE I. EARLY FORMS OF LIABILITY. Object of the book Origin of Legal Procedure in the Composition for Vengeance "Subject of this Lecture, Indirect Liability for Servants, Animals &c." A. Mosaic Law B. Greek Law C. Roman Law (a.) Noxa deditio (b.) Personal Liability D. Early German Law E. AngloSaxon Law F. The Common Law: (a.) Master and Servant (b.) Animals (c.) Inanimate things Deodand the Ship and the Admiralty Law G. Conclusion LECTURE II. THE CRIMINAL LAW. A. Vengeance : (a.) As Source of the Criminal Law (b.) As one Object still B. Theories of Punishment : (a.) Reformation (b.) Retribution (c.) Prevention C. "Preventive Theory shows Penal Liability not measured by actual Blameworthiness alone, but by Nonconformity to external Standard based on what would be wrong in average Man" D. Murder Malice = Knowledge of Facts making the Conduct dangerous Exceptional Cases where Man must know at his Peril Murder and Manslaughter E. Manslaughter Provication F. "Malicious Mischief, why actual Malice" G. Arson H. Attempts Intent as making a harmful Result probable from Act otherwise innocent Limit to this I. Larceny is Attempt to deprive Man of his Property permanently K. Burglary Conclusion LECTURE III TORTS.-TRESPASS AND NEGLIGENCE. A. Introduction The Question Two Theories (a.) Liability confined to moral Shortcoming (b.) A Man acts at his Peril Neither sound B. Latter Theory considered : (a.) Argument for a. Analogy ß. Theory ?. Pleading d. Precedent (b.) Argument against a. Analogy ß. Principle and Policy "?. Trespasses upon Land, &c." d Pleading e. Precedent C. Negligence not Judged by personal or moral Standard D. Liability for unintended Harm is determined by what would be Blameworthy in average Man "i. e. by Standard external to the Individual, which tends to become more specific, and to take form of concrete Rules of Conduct" (a.) Process of Specification illustrated a. Statute ß. Decisions "?. Policy apart from Negligence, Rylands v. Fletcher" d Cattle (b.) Bailment (c.) "Evidence of Negligence" (d.) Function of Jury LECTURE IV. "FRAUD, MALICE, AND INTENT.-THE THEORY OF TORTS." Preliminaries A. Moral Element in Wrongs called Intentional : (a.) Deceit (b.) Slander (c.) Malicious Prsecution (d.) Conspiracy (e.) Trover B. Moral Standards adopted only so far as to give Opportunity to avoid inflicting Harm (a.) Some Harms may be done "Risk of others must be taken, but most Cases between these Extremes " (b.) Common Ground of Liability in Tort : Knowledge of Circumstances making conduct dangerous (c.) "What these Circumstances are, determined by Experience" (d.) Function of the Jury C. Examples in which the Circumstances which must be known have been worked out : Trespass to Property Fierce animals "Cattle, &c." "Slander, &c." D. Proximity of Choice to Harm complained of E. Summary of Law of Torts LECTURE V. THE BAILEE AT COMMON LAW. Law of Bailment is Test of theory of Possession A. Early German Law B. English Law after the Conquest closely resembles it (a.) Remedy for converted Chattels is possessory (b.) Transfer by Bailee binds Owner (c.) Inverted Explanation of Bailee's right of Action (d.) True Explanation that our Law regards him as Possessor (e.) Bailee answerable to Bailor if Goods are stolen C. Common Carriers. Survival of ancient Law (a.) "Under Elizabeth, Carriers like other Bailees" (b.) "Change from Detinue to Case introduces Allegation of Assumpsit or Common Calling, even where Ground of Liability is Bailment" (c.) The Custom of the Realm (d.) The Cases examined from Southcote's Case (A. D. 1601) to coggs v. Bernard (A. D. 1703) (Effect of Assumpsit and common Calling) (e.) Bailee's Liability diminished one Way increased another (f.) Public Enemy and the Act of God (g.) Meaning of Lord Holt's View as to Public Calling (h.) Later Changes (i.) Conclusion LECTURE VI. POSSESSION AND OWNERSHIP. A. Why protected B. Fact or Right ? C. Analysis of (a.) Power over Object (b.) Intent a. Criteria of Roman Law rejected ß. Intent to exclude ?. Servants. Digression as to Agents (c.) Power as to Third Persons D. Continuance of possessory Rights E. Possession of Rights F. Consequences of Possession (i. e. Nature of possessory Rights) G. Ownership LECTURE VII. CONTRACT. -I. HISTORY. A. Early Forms of Contract (a.) Promissory Oath (b.) Suretyship and Bail (c.) Debt (d.) Origin of Action B. Consideration (a.) Origin in Debt (b.) "Started from Procedure, and the Nature of the Cases for which the Secta or Witness Proof was provided" (c.) "Magna Charta required Secta for Parol Debts, and thus forbade suits for such Debts except within the traditional Limits of the secta" (d.) "Quid pro quo, Doctrine invented to fit existing Limits of Parol Debt, but applied to other Parol Contracts and in Equity" C. Covenants D. Assumpsit (a.) Transit from Tort on Contract on Ground of Defendant's having intermeddled (b.) New Doctrine of Consideration (c.) Later Influence of Assumpsit on the substantive Law LECTURE VIII. CONTRACT. C. Conditions as to making good the Representations or Undertakings contained in the Contract (a.) Regarding present Facts ; Warranties ; Void and Voidable (b.) Promises LECTURE X. SUCCESSIONS. -I. AFTER DEATH. -II. INTER VIVOS. The Problem, How are Rights or Obligations transferred, when the Facts from which they spring cannot be True of the Transferee (i.e. when the Situation of Fact is not a continuing one capable of Possession) ? It is by a fictitious Identification of the Transferee with his Transferror. I. Successions after Death A. The Executor (a.) The Roman Heir (b.) "The Executor a univeral Successor, "represents Person of Testator" B. The Heir (a.) "At first universal, then singular Successor, "represents Person of Ancestor" (b.) This Persona is the Estate II. Successions Inter Vivos. A. Standing in Seller's Shoes not a necessary Incident on Conveyance B. Early German and Anglo-Saxon Law; Alienability extended by Analogy of Inheritance C. "Roman Law ; Consequences of Identification of Heir with Ancestor extended to Buyer and Seller, to acquire prescriptive Right" D. English Law. Prescription E. Devise LECTURE XI. Successions. -II. INTERVIVOS. A. Warranty (a.) "Direct Benefit of, extended to Assign by Fiction that Assign was quasi Heres" (b.) "Analagy of, extended to modern Covenants for Title" B. Easement (a.) Roman Law (b.) English Law (c.) "The Type of Rights which pass, irrespective of Succession, upon a conflicting Principle" C. Rents (a.) "When Parcel of a Manor, like Easement" (b.) "But contractual Remedies for, only passed by Succession" D. "Prescriptive Rights analogous to Contract, which followed Law of Easement" E. Land bound to Warranty F. "Necessary Meeting and Conflict between Principle of B, C, D, and E and that of A (Succession), illustrated by the Cases" G. Modern Law ; (a.) "The Confusion as to "Covenants running with the Land" due to losing Sight of the Conflict, and to the Attempt to apply both Principles" (b.) Results H. "Other Cases of Successions : Uses, and Trusts"


Buchenwald Report - 2826764236

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Buchenwald Report Westview Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In the closing weeks of World War II, advancing Allied armies uncovered the horror of the Nazi concentration camps. The first camp to be liberated in western Germany was Buchenwald, on April 11, 1945. Within days, a special team of German-speaking intelligence officers from the U.S. Army was dispatched to Buchenwald to interview the prisoners there. In the short time available to them before the inmates' final release from the camp, this team was to prepare a report to be used against the Nazis in future war crimes trials. Nowhere else was such a systematic effort made to talk with prisoners and record their firsthand knowledge of the daily life, structure, and functioning of a concentration camp. The result was an important and unique document, The Buchenwald Report.Shockingly, not long after the war ended The Buchenwald Report was almost lost forever. Only selected portions were entered as evidence at the Nuremberg trials. Professor Eugen Kogon, a prisoner at Buchenwald who assisted the Army specialists in conducting their interviews and writing the report, made use of the material gathered as a background source for his classic book, The Theory and Practice of Hell, but subsequently his copy was accidently destroyed. Thus the complete report was never published, and both the original document and a precious handful of copies gradually disappeared. Recently-more than four decades later-a single, faded carbon copy was discovered, apparently the only one still in existence. It is translated from German and presented here in book form, as its authors intended, for the first time.The book is divided into two parts. The first, the Main Report, formally presents the interview team's findings. It describes in detail the camp's history, how it was organized and functioned, who the prisoners were, how they lived, and how they were treated by their Nazi captors. This part of the report is based on the camp's own incriminating files and records as well as on information obtained from the prisoners.The second part, the Individual Reports, is the heart of the book. Here are the eyewitness accounts of the camp inmates, statements taken while they were still behind the same barbed wire that had held them for so many years. The prisoners relate events so recent, so painful, that they can only speak with strong emotions but often with great eloquence. The interview team had the foresight to take these accounts and organize them according to specific topics, for example forced labor, daily camp life, punishments, resistance, or SS guards. As a result, the book goes beyond simply a collection of individual stories, providing instead a well-rounded portrayal of every aspect of Buchenwald concentration camp from the prisoners' point of view.The Buchenwald Report is one of the most remarkable and important documents to emerge from the Holocaust and World War II. It is a deposition against the monstrous crimes of the Nazis, damning testimony provided by their intended victims in a final act of defiance. These are the voices of people courageous enough to tarry a while longer in hell, so that they could tell the world the truth at last. Perhaps they already sensed that, as Milan Kundera was to put it, "the struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting." After fifty years, and too many lapses of memory, we know they were right.


Focusing (Differences in) Conversational Discourse Speech Acts - 2827111114

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Focusing (Differences in) Conversational Discourse Speech Acts GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Index§I. Introduction§II. Clause as Exchange- The Nature of Dialogue§III. Discourse Analysis According to Michael Stubbs§IV. Surface Cohesion and Underlying Coherence§- Indirection in Speech Acts according to John R. Austin§4.1 Utterances as Actions§4.2 Discourse Acts and Speech Acts§4.3 Identifying Speech Acts§4.4 Speech Acts and Social Roles§V. Speech Act Analysis according to John R. Searle§VI. Conclusion§VII. Bibliography§I. Introduction§Discourse analysis is the general term for a number of approaches to analyze§written or spoken language. Discourse Analysis began to develop in the late§1960s and 1970s in most of the humanities and social sciences and in relation§with semiotics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, and pragmatics.§The object of discourse analysis is defined in terms coherent sequences of§sentences, propositions, speech acts or turns-at-talk. In opposite to traditional§linguistics, discourse analysts not only study language use beyond the sentence§boundary, but also prefer to analyze naturally occurring language use, and not§invented examples.§Whereas earlier studies of discourse mainly focused on the abstract structures§of written texts, many contemporary approaches, especially those influenced§by the social sciences, favour a more dynamic study of spoken talk in§interaction.§Often a distinction is made between local structures of discourse, such as§relations between sentences, and global structures, such as the overall topics§and the schematic organization of the discourse or conversation as a whole.§This term paper will first of all deal with the nature of dialogue and show how§interaction functions. In my second chapter I will have a closer look on§discourse according to how Michael Stubbs, who teaches courses in general§and applied linguistics, lexicology, grammar; semantics and pragmatics, text§and corpus analysis, varieties of English, stylistics, sociolinguistics, the§sociology of language in Britain and language and thought, approaches it.§In the following chapter I will deal with the indirection in speech acts.§Regarding this I will focus on John Austin s theories of constantives and§performatives as well as his distinction between locutionary, illocutionary and§perlocutionary acts. Thereupon I will focus on John R. Searle s view which§contrasts Austin s characterization of speech acts. In my conclusion I will§summarize my chapters as well as compare Austin s and Searle s point of§views. [...]


Country Editor - 2848128301

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Country Editor Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from The Country Editor: A Comedy in Three Acts Bartley. A prepossessing young man of twenty-five, with an earnest, somewhat determined bearing. Wears a business suit. Mr. Sawtelle. Forty-five. A vigorous, sharp-eyed man, accustomed to being obeyed. Stout, with gray checked trousers and dark coat. Bessie. An attractive girl of twenty-two. Acts I and II, suit and hat; Act III, pretty street dress and hat. Holman. A happy-go-lucky youth of twenty-five. Larrapee. Forty. A farmer, in old trousers, collarless shirt and heavy shoes. Dawson. A large, blustering man of thirty-five, with a gruff voice. Business suit. Buck. Forty. Tall and thin, with a professional manner. Immaculately dressed in a black suit. Emily. Twenty-two. Neatly but shabbily dressed in black skirt, white shirt-waist and apron. Bolivar. Thirty-five. Flashily dressed, but this part should not be burlesqued. Schultz. Forty. A stout German, in grimy trousers, black apron, old shirt; sleeves rolled up and no collar. Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins. A very young couple, the latter in a bride-like costume of flower hat and dressy suit. Note None of the costumes in the play should be ridiculous. Anything of an unduly pronounced type should be avoided. Those who take the parts of Bartley, Bessie, and Mr. Sawtelle should study to speak their lines with great earnestness and as though vitally interested in the issue. It is essential that Bartley win the audience to his view of clean journalism. Properties Small photograph for Bartley, newspaper and telegraph blank for Holman, document for Dawson, basket of potatoes for Larrapee, small magazine, documents and pen for Bolivar. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.


Psychology of Human Control - 2826677589

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Psychology of Human Control Greenwood Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Departing from Myles Friedman's previous versions of prediction theory, this study contends that people seek control as an end in itself. The ability to make accurate predictions is the primary means to that end. When people make accurate predictions, we call them intelligent; when they act on those predictions and control results, we call them successful. Seeking an explanation for human superiority, Friedman and Lackey present a tight formal theory that defines the dynamic relationship between and among predictive processes responsible for human control and success. This new and general theory of purposeful behavior provides a sound basis for relating leading theoretical views to each other. Directed toward psychologists and psychiatrists--educational psychologists, industrial psychologists, and psychotherapists will each discover chapters of specific interest to their areas of expertise. Friedman and Lackey offer a new control-oriented motivational system for human beings and a distinctly different view of intelligence. Their presentation is divided into three major parts. The first describes prediction theory in a general way including sufficient detail and examples for the reader to excerpt major ideas: Human Motivation, Gaining Control, Maximizing Control, and Impediments to Control. Part II explains important implications of the theory: Achieving Success, Working Effectively, Educating for Control, The Pursuit of Happiness. Part III is a formal presentation of the theory, its basic assumptions, one corollary, and five propositions. Emphasis is placed on the logical integration of contructs and propositions into a general theory of purposeful behavior. Recommendations are made for improving the quality of life. The reader will also derive new insights into leadership, learning, retirement, recreation, defensiveness, intelligence, and psychological disturbance.


Clip Art, More, and Even More Clip Art for the Liturgical Year - 2844387928

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Clip Art, More, and Even More Clip Art for the Liturgical Year Liturgical Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This CD-ROM contains all three "Clip Art for the Liturgical Year" volumes for both the PC (Windows) and the Macintosh. It contains 500 tiff-format images at a resolution of 300 dip (average image size, 2.5 x 2.5 at 100 per cent), for the professional b&w graphics needed for the Church, school or personal documents. A help menu assists users in learning the streamlined and intuitive browser program that "houses" the images. The browser program allows users to view "thumbnails" of the images, so it is easier to choose which one to use. When selected, an information box accompanies the thumbnail, and provides "notes", which act as an index that may be sorted. For instance, users can search for words, such as "advent" or "saint" to find appropriate images from all three "Clip Art" volumes. Programs that support OLE (object linking and embedding), such as PageMaker 5.0 and higher, allow users to "drag and drop" images direct from the browser into selected documents. However, any program that supports the popular tiff format can use these images. The system requirements are: IBM 386 or higher, Windows 3.1; or Macintosh II or higher, Mac portables and SE/30, System 6.x (System 7.x recommended for drag and drop); 4MB RAM (8MB recommended); CD drive; mouse; VGA graphics adapter; with a colour monitor preferred.


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