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Get Out of Your Way!: What Holds Us Back and How to Move Forward. - 2855940881

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Get Out of Your Way!: What Holds Us Back and How to Move Forward.



Blowback '63: When the Only Way Forward Is Back - 2858422861

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Blowback '63: When the Only Way Forward Is Back



Push Back the Dark - 2862453095

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Push Back the Dark Cascade Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Adults in your church, small group, or other Christian organization are silently suffering the tragic consequences of having been sexually abused as children or youth. Why aren't they coming forward for help? Their reluctance may be related to wounds given by the faithful--religious people they trusted, who said things like ""well, it wasn't rape"" or ""it's been thirty years--why is this such a big deal?"" Such responses from people with religious authority deepen victims' need to shrink into anxiety, depression, and self-degradation. This book offers you the tools needed to undertake caring ministry to adults suffering in the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse. Once you understand the scientific research on such topics as trauma memory, consequences of abuse, and forgiveness, you will appreciate how caring collaboration can create hope and healing. In these pages every reader will find helpful content that will take you from feeling out of your depth to knowing you are empowered to be an effective companion in God's transforming work in the lives of survivors of abuse. ""Push Back the Dark challenges us to understand childhood sexual abuse in order to empathize and walk as companions with those who have been victimized. It is an intensely personal account, supplemented by data and psychological science. It speaks directly to the church, imploring Christians to listen and help. It speaks to therapists, facilitating understanding of the particular issues faced by Christian clients."" --Mark Stanton, Psychologist; Provost, Azusa Pacific University ""Push Back the Dark is a most important and inspirational book, primarily for Christians, but applicable to people of all faiths for the truths it tells. With courage born of walking through the darkness, Dr. Altmeier uses her own history to accomplish the many objectives of this book. Her anger is palpable when describing the personal, pastoral, and institutional denial and betrayal that await most victims who disclose or otherwise exhibit symptoms. Yet, understanding and deep faith also shine through and provide a model for a faith-based restoration of self. This book belongs in the hands of all who work in pastoral and church settings. It sets a standard for what ought to happen to help those who have been most injured to overcome their shame and fear and to heal in connection to caring others."" --Christine A. Courtois, Licensed Psychologist, (retired); Author of Healing the Incest Wound: Adult Survivors in Therapy ""This book is essential reading for clergy and lay people working to help survivors of childhood sexual abuse within the church. The author provides a courageous and well-integrated blueprint of psychological research, Biblical truth, and practical recommendations to assist the global Church in this mission."" --Donald F. Walker, Tidewater Child and Family Behavioral Health; Coauthor of Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy for Trauma Elizabeth (Betsy) Altmaier (BA, Wheaton College; MA, PhD, Ohio State University) is a psychologist and Professor Emeritus, University of Iowa. As a researcher, therapist, and educator, Betsy was influenced by her own life difficulties, as she experienced childhood abuse. She has published extensively in psychology, with seven books and more than one hundred chapters and articles. Experiencing God's healing in her own life has motivated her work in this book--translating psychological research by way of a biblical worldview to inform practical ministry.


The Tesla Motors way - 2862042706

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The Tesla Motors way Books on Demand

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Nikola Tesla was one of the great innovative genuises and forward thinkers of the 19th and 20 th centuries. . He contributed significantly to the development of the alternating current electric supply system and invented (among many other things) the tesla coil an electrical transformer that is still widely used.§His work fell into obscurity until fairly recently when the surge of interest in projects such as electric cars (and some other more bizarre theories and fads) brought his ideas back to the forefront of technology and popular culture. §The Tesla Motor Company takes its name from the scientist and inventor and the AC motor that it uses in its vehicles is a direct descendant of tesla s 1882 design, showing how far reaching and ahead of its time his thinking really was.


Under the Duvet - 2212824601

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Under the Duvet Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

'When people ask me what I do for a crust and I tell them that I'm a novelist, they immediately assume that my life is a non-stop carousel of limos, television appearances, hair-dos, devoted fans, stalkers and all the glitzy paraphernalia of being a public figure. It's time to set the record straight. I write alone, in a darkened bedroom, wearing my PJs, eating bananas, my laptop on a pillow in front of me ...' Her novels are adored by millions around the world


Fuchs: Piano Trio, Violin Sonata, Viola Phantasiestücke (Płyta CD) - 2848476695

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Fuchs: Piano Trio, Violin Sonata, Viola Phantasiestücke (Płyta CD)

Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Opis - This is almost unknown, lovely, unfailingly melodious late-Romantic chamber music, a treat for anyone who values the wistful themes, powerful developments and mahogany textures of Brahms and his contemporaries. Indeed Robert Fuchs became a good friend of Brahms, and elicited the older man's praise (remarkable in itself given his famously caustic opinions of his contemporaries) for "beautiful, perfectly written music, fascinating in its inventiveness and always pleasant." Fuchs was of a late generation, however, and his music moves forward into the 20th century, not with the bold iconoclasm of the Second Viennese School but the urgent post-Romanticism of Korngold and Goldmark. Composed in 1915, Op.103 is the last of his six violin sonatas and dedicated to no less than Adolf Busch, perhaps the most sublime chamber musician in recorded history to judge from his work with his own quartet and pianists such as Artur Rubinstein. For Busch to champion Fuchs"s work should indicate something of its real and lasting qualities. Of the three movements that make up the sonata, the first two are particularly rich in musical elements that prefigure the language of certain later composers, such as Sibelius and Strauss. The Op.115 trio is scored for piano, violin and (unusually) viola, for which there are certain precedents written by Mozart and Schumann. Perhaps most notable to us now is its resemblance, at least in certain harmonic twists and the intensity of its development, to the much grander works of Gustav Mahler. In fact Mahler was an early pupil of Fuchs, but the trio is written after Gustav had died of heart disease in 1911, his reputation already assured to posterity in a way that Fuchs" was not. The 6 Phantasiestücke Op.117 for viola and piano were Fuchs"s last works, composed during the final year of his life, 1927. Although the title naturally brings Schumann to mind, in terms of content these pieces have more in common with the four collections of piano works written by Brahms in 1892. They appear to express a sort of detachment from the world and the fraught events of the period, as though the composer were withdrawing into himself to look back with Straussian nostalgia. Late, late Romanticism in sweet bloom. Robert Fuchs (1847-1927) was born in Austria near the border of Slovenia. He went to Vienna for his musical education and became a close friend of Johannes Brahms, who expressed himself very favourably about his music ("beautiful, perfectly written and fascinating in its inventiveness"). Later Fuchs became Director of the Vienna Conservatory, and teacher of an impressive array of students: Mahler, Zemlinsky, Schreker, Sibelius, Schmidt, Enescu, Wolf" Fuchs? chamber music reflects the musical atmosphere of late 19th century Vienna: highly expressive, wide tonality, extensive use of chromatism. Excellent performances by three young Italians: pianist Enrico Maria Polimanti, violinist Giulio Plotino, violist Claudio Cavaletti: committed and passionate playing! Excellent liner notes by the pianist. Nazwa - Fuchs: Piano Trio, Violin Sonata, Viola Phantasiestücke Wydawca - Brilliant Classics Kod EAN - 5028421950280 Rok wydania - 2015 Nośnik - Płyta CD Podatek VAT - 23%


Ireland - Wild Rover, . . - 2839348383

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Ireland - Wild Rover, . . Documents

Muzyka>Muzyka świata>Folk / Ludowa / Etno

1. Shannon Singers, The - She Wears Red Feathers 2. Shannon Singers, The - My Truly, Truly Fair 3. Shannon Singers, The - Just One Of Rovin' Kind 4. Shannon Singers, The - As Time Goes By 5. Shannon Singers, The - Slow Boat To China 6. Shannon Singers, The - Let The Rest Of The World G 7. Shannon Singers, The - Jingle Jangle Jingle 8. Shannon Singers, The - Wish Me Luck 9. Shannon Singers, The - Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant 10. Shannon Singers, The - Smile 11. Shannon Singers, The - Down The Trail Of Achin' He 12. Shannon Singers, The - Secret Love 13. Shannon Singers, The - This Old House 14. Shannon Singers, The - Everybody's Somebody's Fool 15. Shannon Singers, The - Mockingbird Hill 16. Shannon Singers, The - I've Got Sixpence 17. Shannon Singers, The - Don't Sit Under The Apple T 18. Shannon Singers, The - Lambeth Walk 19. Shannon Singers, The - Buttons & Bows 20. Shannon Singers, The - Red Rosses For A Blue Lady 21. Shannon Singers, The - Have I Told You 22. Shannon Singers, The - Softly Softly 23. Shannon Singers, The - Tennessee Waltz 24. Shannon Singers, The - Que Sera, Sera 25. Shannon Singers, The - Shrimp Boats Are A Comin' 26. Shannon Singers, The - On Top Of Old Smokey 27. Shannon Singers, The - How Much Is That Doggie In 28. Shannon Singers, The - Underneath The Arches 29. Shannon Singers, The - You Are My Sunshine 30. Shannon Singers, The - I'll Be With You In The App 31. Shannon Singers, The - Mona Lisa 32. Shannon Singers, The - Crying In The Chapel 33. Shannon Singers, The - I Believe 34. Shannon Singers, The - I Believe 35. Shannon Singers, The - On The Street Where You Liv 36. Shannon Singers, The - Memories Are Made Of This 37. Shannon Singers, The - White Cliffs Of Dover 38. Shannon Singers, The - I'll Be Seeing You 39. Shannon Singers, The - We'll Meet Again 40. Shannon Singers, The - We're A Couple Os Swells 41. Shannon Singers, The - Easter Parade 42. Shannon Singers, The - Don't Fence Me In 43. Shannon Singers, The - I Don't Want To Set The Wor 44. Shannon Singers, The - You'll Never Know How Much 45. Shannon Singers, The - I'll Get By 46. Shannon Singers, The - Anytime You're Feeling Lone 47. Shannon Singers, The - Too Young 48. Shannon Singers, The - People Will Say We're In Lo 49. Shannon Singers, The - If I Knew You 50. Shannon Singers, The - Dear Hearts & Gentle People 51. Shannon Singers, The - Blueberry Hill 52. Shannon Singers, The - Over The Rainbow 53. Shannon Singers, The - The Story Of A Starry Night 54. Shannon Singers, The - Swingin' On Star 101. Finnigan, Jim - She's Sweet, She's Kind, & She's M 102. Finnigan, Jim - Lady From Glenfarme 103. Finnigan, Jim - There's A Bridle Hanging On The Wa 104. Finnigan, Jim - Beautiful Bundoran 105. Finnigan, Jim - Sing Me An Old Irish Song 106. Finnigan, Jim - My Own Dear Galway Bay 107. Finnigan, Jim - What God Has Joined Together 108. Finnigan, Jim - Three Leaf Shamrock 109. Finnigan, Jim - Wedding Prayer 110. Finnigan, Jim - Come Back Home To Erin 111. Finnigan, Jim - Blue Hills Of Breffni 112. Finnigan, Jim - Beautiful Meath 113. Finnigan, Jim - You're As Welcome As The Flowers I 114. Finnigan, Jim - For Better Or Worse 115. Finnigan, Jim - Green Hills Of Sligo 116. Finnigan, Jim - Billy Can't Read 117. Finnigan, Jim - Beautiful, Beautiful Ireland 118. Finnigan, Jim - Good To See You 201. Coll, Brian - Green Fields Of Ireland 202. Coll, Brian - Old Loves Never Pie 203. Coll, Brian - Golden Dreams 204. Coll, Brian - When I Grow Too Old To Dream 205. Coll, Brian - The Farmer 206. Coll, Brian - Tell Me 207. Coll, Brian - Dream Of Me 208. Coll, Brian - Mail Call 209. Coll, Brian - Hello Darlin' 210. Coll, Brian - The Roads Of Kildare 211. Coll, Brian - Remember Me 212. Coll, Brian - Sweet Mary & Miles In Between 213. Coll, Brian - Hometown On The Foyle 214. Coll, Brian - These Ar My Mountains 215. Coll, Brian - Someday You'll Call My Name 216. Coll, Brian - China Doll 217. Coll, Brian - Hangin' Tree 218. Coll, Brian - Silver Haired Daddy 219. Coll, Brian - Dream Of Me 220. Coll, Brian - The Hills Around Clonmel 301. Mccormack, John - Molly Brannigan 302. Mccormack, John - My Wild Irish Rose 303. Mccormack, John - Bonny Wee Thing 304. Mccormack, John - The Boys Of Wexford 305. Mccormack, John - Maggie 306. Mccormack, John - Silver Threads Among The Gold 307. Mccormack, John - The Rosary 308. Mccormack, John - Mother O'mine 309. Mccormack, John - Away In A Manger 310. Mccormack, John - Molly Bawn 311. Mccormack, John - Kathleen Mavourneen 312. Mccormack, John - Love's Old Sweet Song 401. Killarney Singers - It's A Great Day For The Irish 402. Killarney Singers - Hello Patsy Fagan 403. Killarney Singers - Courtin' In The Kitchen 404. Killarney Singers - It's A Long Way To Tipperary 405. Killarney Singers - The Galway Shawl 406. Killarney Singers - Sweet Rosie O'grady 407. Killarney Singers - Peggy O'neill 408. Killarney Singers - It's Hard To Be Humble 409. Killarney Singers - The Blacksmith 410. Killarney Singers - Old Flames 411. Killarney Singers - The Star Of The County Down 412. Killarney Singers - Phil The Fluter's Ball 413. Killarney Singers - Rose Of Killarney 414. Killarney Singers - Slievenamon 415. Killarney Singers - The Boys Of The County Armagh 416. Killarney Singers - A Mother's Love's A Blessing 417. Killarney Singers - If Those Lips Could Only Speak 418. Killarney Singers - Rocking Alone 419. Killarney Singers - Mursheen Durkin 420. Killarney Singers - The Wild Colonial Boy 421. Killarney Singers - I'll Tell Me Ma 422. Killarney Singers - It Must Have Been The Irish 423. Killarney Singers - The Village Where I Went To Sc 424. Killarney Singers - The Old Bog Road 425. Killarney Singers - The Shores Of Amerikay 426. Killarney Singers - Twenty-one Years 427. Killarney Singers - Homes Of Donegal 428. Killarney Singers - Molly Malone 429. Killarney Singers - Eileen O'grady 430. Killarney Singers - The Same Old Shillelagh 431. Killarney Singers - Dear Oul' Donegal 432. Killarney Singers - If You're Irish 433. Killarney Singers - With Me Shillelagh Under Me Ar 434. Killarney Singers - Belfast 435. Killarney Singers - The Town I Loved So Well 436. Killarney Singers - The Fields Of Athenry 437. Killarney Singers - A Daisy A Day 438. Killarney Singers - Give An Irish Girl To Me 439. Killarney Singers - Que Sera, Sera 440. Killarney Singers - Irish Rover 441. Killarney Singers - The Leavin' Of Liverpool 442. Killarney Singers - Among The Wicklow Hills 443. Killarney Singers - Lovely Irish Eyes 444. Killarney Singers - Innisfree 445. Killarney Singers - The Banks Of My Own Lovely Lee 446. Killarney Singers - The Rose Of Tralee 447. Killarney Singers - The Green Glens Of Antrim 448. Killarney Singers - Come Back To Erin 449. Killarney Singers - An Irish Lullaby 450. Killarney Singers - When Irish Eyes Are Smilling 501. George Bradley Ensemble - Carrickfergus 502. George Bradley Ensemble - The Mountains Of Mourne 503. George Bradley Ensemble - The Fields Of Atherny 504. George Bradley Ensemble - Danny Boy 505. George Bradley Ensemble - Mary From Dungloe 506. George Bradley Ensemble - The Rose Of Tralee 507. George Bradley Ensemble - My Lagan Love 508. George Bradley Ensemble - The Town I Love So Well 509. George Bradley Ensemble - The Spinning Wheel 510. George Bradley Ensemble - Beautiful Ireland 511. George Bradley Ensemble - An Coulin 512. George Bradley Ensemble - Green Glens Of Antrim 513. George Bradley Ensemble - Isle Of Innisfree 514. George Bradley Ensemble - Roisin Dubh 515. George Bradley Ensemble - The Galway Shawl 516. George Bradley Ensemble - When Its Moonlight In Ma 517. George Bradley Ensemble - Oft In The Stilly Night 518. George Bradley Ensemble - My Mary Of The Curling H 519. George Bradley Ensemble - The Bard Of Armagh 520. George Bradley Ensemble - If We Only Had Old Irela 601. Guinness Choir - In Dublin's Fair City 602. Guinness Choir - Father O'flynn 603. Guinness Choir - I Kow Where I'm Going 604. Guinness Choir - Star Of The County Down 605. Guinness Choir - Trotting To The Fair 606. Guinness Choir - The Bonny Wee Mare 607. Guinness Choir - Believe Me Of All Those Endearing 608. Guinness Choir - The Real Old Mountain Dew 609. Guinness Choir - I Have A Bonnet Trimmed With Blue 610. Guinness Choir - The Girl I Left Behind 611. Guinness Choir - Irish Washerwoman 612. Guinness Choir - Derry Air 613. Guinness Choir - The Flight Of The Earls 614. Guinness Choir - Last Rose Of Summer 615. Guinness Choir - The Leprechaun 616. Guinness Choir - Down By The Sally Gardens 617. Guinness Choir - She Moved Through The Fair 618. Guinness Choir - Lulli Bullero 701. Avoca Singers - Rose Of Tralee 702. Avoca Singers - Boys Frrom County Armagh 703. Avoca Singers - Slievenamon 704. Avoca Singers - Galway Shawl 705. Avoca Singers - Wold Colonial Boy 706. Avoca Singers - Three Leaf Shamrock 707. Avoca Singers - Molly Malone 708. Avoca Singers - Mountains Of Mourne 709. Avoca Singers - Phil The Fluter's Ball 710. Avoca Singers - Green Glens Of Antrim 711. Avoca Singers - If We Only Had Old Ireland Over He 712. Avoca Singers - Danny Boy 801. Fred Hanna Duo - The Wild Colonial Boy / The Hills 802. Fred Hanna Duo - Fields Of Athenry / The Town I Lo 803. Fred Hanna Duo - The Dear Little Shamrock / Hills 804. Fred Hanna Duo - Bunch Of Thyme / Maggie / Red Riv 805. Fred Hanna Duo - Old Flames 806. Fred Hanna Duo - I'll Tell Me Ma / Courtin' In The 807. Fred Hanna Duo - We Will Make Love / The Old Rusti 808. Fred Hanna Duo - After All These Years 809. Fred Hanna Duo - The Gentle Maiden / My Wild Irish 810. Fred Hanna Duo - If You're Irish / With Me Shillel 811. Fred Hanna Duo - The Red Rose Cafe / Marina Waltz 812. Fred Hanna Duo - When You Ware Sweet Sixteen / Lov 813. Fred Hanna Duo - Take This Message To My Mother / 814. Fred Hanna Duo - The Butcher Boy / Carrickfergus 815. Fred Hanna Duo - Mursheen Durkin / Goodbye Mick, G 816. Fred Hanna Duo - Slievenamon / Galway Shawl / Galw 817. Fred Hanna Duo - The Isle Of Innisfree / 40 Shades 818. Fred Hanna Duo - Eileen Alanna / Sweet Forget Me N 819. Fred Hanna Duo - The Boys Of Blue Hill / The Grenn 820. Fred Hanna Duo - Teddy O'neill / Star Of Donegal / 901. Fitzpatrick, Gene - It's The Way We Talk 902. Fitzpatrick, Gene - A Bit Of A Ballot 903. Fitzpatrick, Gene - The Priest's Housekeeper 904. Fitzpatrick, Gene - The Building Fund 905. Fitzpatrick, Gene - Burton's Bible 906. Fitzpatrick, Gene - The First & Last Three Minutes 907. Fitzpatrick, Gene - Growing Up 908. Fitzpatrick, Gene - Belfast 909. Fitzpatrick, Gene - The S-sixties 910. Fitzpatrick, Gene - Love & Marriage 911. Fitzpatrick, Gene - Medical Mirth 912. Fitzpatrick, Gene - A Family At Work 913. Fitzpatrick, Gene - Ian's Antics 914. Fitzpatrick, Gene - Clerical Chuckles 915. Fitzpatrick, Gene - Murphy's Misfortunes 916. Fitzpatrick, Gene - Constabulary Capers 917. Fitzpatrick, Gene - Meet The Miskellys 918. Fitzpatrick, Gene - Snakes & Sunshine 919. Fitzpatrick, Gene - This One's On 920. Fitzpatrick, Gene - Show Me The Way To Go Home 921. Fitzpatrick, Gene - At The Pictures! 922. Fitzpatrick, Gene - His Reverence 923. Fitzpatrick, Gene - His Reverence & His Eminence 924. Fitzpatrick, Gene - On Holiday 925. Fitzpatrick, Gene - The Hot Line 926. Fitzpatrick, Gene - The Centre Forward 927. Fitzpatrick, Gene - & Finale!


Consolations of Philosophy - 2212839584

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Consolations of Philosophy Penguin

Nauki humanistyczne

Alain de Botton, best-selling author of How Proust can Change Your Life, has set six of the finest minds in the history of philosophy to work on the problems of everyday life. Here then are Socrates, Epicurus, Seneca, Montaigne, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche on some of the things that bother us all; lack of money, the pain of love, inadequacy, anxiety, the fear of failure and the pressure to conform.


Come Into My Trading Room: A Complete Guide to Trading - 2829728370

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Come Into My Trading Room: A Complete Guide to Trading Wiley

Literatura anglojęzyczna

Podana cena książki jest orientacyjna, zależy od kilku czynników. Po zakupie obsługa sklepu skontaktuje się, jeśli konieczna będzie dopłata. Book Description The trading bible for the new millennium In Come Into My Trading Room , noted trader and author Dr. Alexander Elder returns to expand far beyond the three M's (Mind, Method, and Money) of his bestselling Trading for a Living. Shifting focus from technical analysis to the overall management of a trader's money, time, and strategy, Dr. Elder takes readers from the fundamentals to the secrets of being a successful trader--identifying new, little known indicators that can lead to huge profits. Come Into My Trading Room educates the novice and fortifies the professional through expert advice and proven trading methodologies. This comprehensive trading guide provides a complete introduction to the essentials of successful trading; a fresh look at the three M's, including a proven, step-by-step money management strategy; and an in-depth look at organizing your trading time. Come Into My Trading Room reviews the basics of trading stocks, futures, and options as well as crucial psychological tactics for discipline and organization


Dream Dance 59 - 2839401805

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1. Dream Dance Alliance (D.d. Alliance) - Listen - Ed 2. Pulsedriver - Find My Way - Topmodelz Edit 3. Topmodelz - Your Love (Reloaded) - Sunrider Edit 4. Rockstroh - Wolke 7 - Radio Edit 5. R.i.o. - Like I Love You 6. Forks, Jasper - More Than This - Radio Mix 7. Other Ego - Born This Way - David May Rmx Edit 8. Milk Inc. - Chasing The Wind - Radio Edit 9. Chemistry Vs Mikkas - Into You - Megara Vs. Dj Lee 10. Rocco - Everytime - Cck Remix Edit 11. Mg Traxx - Burn This City - Dream Dance Radio Edit 12. Ray, Philipp Feat. Nevermind - Tell Me Why I'm Cry 13. Starbreeze - Reviens - Moi - Empyre One Remix Edit 14. Dj Sequenza - Follow Me Tonight - Original Mix Rad 15. Doreen, Cassey - Girls Want To Have Fun - Money-g 16. The Nightmare - Colina Remix Kurz German 17. Darius & Finlay Feat. Nicco - Till Morning - Pedro 18. Aboutblank & Klc / Clint, Tommy - Magic - Original 19. Klaas & Bodybangers - Freak - Klaas Mix Edit 20. Global Deejays & Niels Van Gogh - Bring It Back - 21. 45 - Radio Mix 22. Helden, Armand Van & A-trak Present Duck Sauce - A 23. Itsy Bitsy - Original Edit 24. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini 101. Dash Berlin Feat. Emma Hewitt - Disarm Yourself - 102. Van Buuren, Armin Feat. Laura V - Drowning - Avici 103. Above & Beyond / Bedford, Richard - Sun & Moon - R 104. First State Feat. Howells, Sarah - Reverie - Dash 105. Cosmic Gate / Natascha Niemann - Back To Earth - J 106. Corsten, Ferry - Punk - Arty Rock-n-rolla Radio Ed 107. Alesso Vs Dune - Heiress Of Valentina - Alesso Rem 108. Basto - Gregory's Theme - Radio Edit 109. Cressida Ft. Roxanne Barton - Heart On My Sleeve - 110. Signum Feat. Louise Smith, Kate - Liberate - Radio 111. Speed Of Light - Steve Brian Vocal Remix Edit 112. Durand, Richard Feat. Ellie Lawson - Wide Awake - 113. Schodt Feat. Aida Fenhel - Fly Into The Night - An 114. Weermets, Mikael Feat. Errol Reid & David Puent - 115. Prydz, Eric - Niton (The Reason) - Radio Edit 116. Le Grand, Fedde & Patric La Funk - Autosave - Radi 117. Store N Forward - Donut - Dream Dance Edit 118. Holland, Will Feat. Jeza - Start Again - Juventa R 119. Talla 2xlc - Seven - Radio Edit 120. Seven Seas - Original Edit 121. Aly & Fila Feat. Lacey, Tiff - Paradise - Original 122. Not Afraid - Original Edit 123. Medina - Gutter


TP-LINK SG1008 switch 8x1GbE Desktop/Rack - 2827822497

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TP-LINK SG1008 switch 8x1GbE Desktop/Rack TP-Link

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8 portowy przełącznik TL-SG1008 Gb to urządzenie typu desktop przystosowane do montażu w szafie, umożliwiające obsługę gigabitowego połączenia Ethernet. Każdy z 8 portów urządzenia posiada funkcję automatycznego krosowania MDI/MDIX pozwalając na szybką instalację urządzenia bez konieczności sprawdzania typu użytych kabli. Ponadto, przełącznik TL-SG1008 jest przyjazny dla środowiska, gdyż korzysta z innowacyjnej technologii pozwalającej zaoszczędzić do 60% zużytej energii. Przełączniki gigabitowy Wyposażony w 8 porty 10/100/1000Mb/s przełącznik TTL-SG1008 zapewnia dużą przepustowość sieci umożliwiając natychmiastową transmisję dużych plików. Użytkownicy w domach, biurach, grupach roboczych, w środowisku produkcyjnym mogą teraz przesyłać większe pliki, wymagające dużego pasma transmisji. Pozwala to na natychmiastową wymianę w sieci plików graficznych, CGI, CAD lub plików multimedialnych. Korzystając z sieci chroń środowisko Tworząc gigabitowe łącza swojej sieci możesz teraz wybrać rozwiązanie, które dba o stan środowiska naturalnego! Przełącznik TL-SG1008 korzysta z technologii umożliwiającej wzrost przepustowości sieci przy dużo większej oszczędności energii. Automatycznie dopasowuje wymagany pobór prądu w zależności od statusu połączenia i długości kabla, dbając o ochronę środowiska naturalnego.  - Odłączenie od zasilania nieużywanych portów Tradycyjne przełączniki sieciowe pobierają znaczną energię dla portów, do których podłączono wyłączone komputery lub inne urządzenia sieciowe. Przełącznik TL-SG1008 automatycznie wykrywa status połączenia każdego portu redukując pobór energii portów nieaktywnych. - Pobór energii w zależności od długości kabla Teoretycznie, użycie krótszych kabli powinno wymagać mniejszej wartości zużytej energii. Dzieje się tak ze względu na mniejszą stratę energii na ich długości. Jednak większość urządzeń zużywa tyle samo energii, niezależnie od długości kabli. Duża wydajność pracy Urządzenie TL-SG1008 wykorzystuje architekturę płynnego przełączania pakietów danych w sieciach przewodowych. Pojemność przełączania wynosi 96Gb/s, dzięki czemu wykorzystywana jest maksymalna przepustowość łączy. Tablica adresów MAC o wielkości 8K zapewnia skalowalność nawet dużych sieci. Wsparcie standardu kontroli przepustowości dla trybu pełnego dupleksu (802.3x) oraz funkcji backpressure dla trybu pół dupleksu zapewnia płynny ruch sieciowy i niezawodną transmisję danych. Prosta obsługa Automatyczna obsługa przełącznika dzięki funkcji plug and play zapewnia prostą i bezproblemową instalację. Urządzenie nie wymaga dodatkowego oprogramowania. Dzięki funkcji MDI/MDIX nie ma konieczności użycia krosowanych kabli lub portów uplink. Funkcja automatycznej negocjacji połączeń wykrywa na każdym porcie szybkość podłączonego urządzenia (10, 100 lub 1000Mb/s) zapewniając najlepszą wydajność transmisji. Obudowa typu desktop umożliwia usytuowanie urządzenia w miejscach, w których nie ma dużo wolnej przestrzeni. Bezpiecznym i wygodnym rozwiązaniem jest również umieszczenie przełącznika w szafie. Diody LED informują o statusie pracy urządzenia i wykryciu głównych błędów w transmisji. EAN: 6935364021573 Gwarancja: 36 miesięcy Kod dostawcy: TL-SG1008 Wymiary: 294*180*44 mm Certyfikaty: FCC, CE, RoHS Specyfikacja techniczna: 8 portów RJ45 10/100/1000Mb/sAutomatyczna negocjacja szybkości połączeń i automatyczne krosowanie (Auto-MDI/MDIX)Kontrola przepływu danych (802.3X), Back PressurePorty z funkcją Auto-Uplink Zasilanie: Zasilacz zewnętrzny: Na wejściu: 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz Na wyjściu: 3,3VAC/1,2A Typ obudowy: Rack Wymagania systemowe: Microsoft

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TP-LINK SL1226 switch L2 24x10/100 2x1GB - 2827822320

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TP-LINK SL1226 switch L2 24x10/100 2x1GB TP-Link

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Gigabitowy przełącznik TL-SL1226 posiada 24 porty RJ45 10/100M oraz 2 porty RJ-45 10/100/1000M. Wszystkie porty posiadają funkcję automatycznej negocjacji szybkości połączeń oraz automatycznego krosowania Auto-MDI/MDIX. Przełącznik TL-SL1226 to oszczędne urządzenie o dużej wydajności, stanowiące niezawodne rozwiązanie gigabitowe. Umożliwia wydajniejszą pracę grup roboczych i lepsze wykorzystanie pasma transmisji. Przełącznik jest prosty w instalacji, zapewnia większy węzeł sieci.Przełącznik TL-SL1226 wyposażony jest w 24 porty fast Ethernet oraz 2 porty gigabitowe uplink. Gigabitowe porty uplink zapewniają prędkość przesyłu danych do 1000Mb/s. W związku z procesem ciągłego unowocześniania infrastruktury sieciowej, wykorzystanie przełącznika zapewni możliwość obsługi zarówno połączeń fast Ethernet 100Mb/s jak i połączeń gigabitowych. Urządzenie TL-SL1226 stanowi w tym przypadku idealne rozwiązanie; pozwala utrzymać istniejącą infrastrukturę i jednocześnie zwiększyć wydajność sieci.Tworząc gigabitowe łącza swojej sieci możesz teraz wybrać rozwiązanie, które dba o stan środowiska naturalnego! Gigabitowy przełącznik TL-SL1226 korzysta z technologii umożliwiającej wzrost przepustowości sieci przy dużo większej oszczędności energii. Automatycznie dopasowuje wymagany pobór prądu w zależności od statusu połączenia i długości kabla, dbając o ochronę środowiska naturalnego. Odłączenie od zasilania nieużywanych portów Tradycyjne przełączniki sieciowe pobierają znaczną energię dla portów, do których podłączono wyłączone komputery lub inne urządzenia sieciowe. Przełącznik TL-SL1226 automatycznie wykrywa status połączenia każdego portu redukując pobór energii portów nieaktywnych. Pobór energii w zależności od długości kabla Teoretycznie, użycie krótszych kabli powinno wymagać mniejszej wartości zużytej energii. Dzieje się tak ze względu na mniejszą stratę energii na ich długości. Jednak większość urządzeń zużywa tyle samo energii, niezależnie od długości kabli.Wykorzystanie architektury płynnego przełączania ruchu sieciowego umożliwia przekazywanie i filtrowanie pakietów z pełną prędkością przy maksymalnej przepustowości łączy. Ponadto, filtrowanie 100% pakietów eliminuje wszystkie błędne pakiety zapewniając bardziej efektywną pracę w sieci.Po włączeniu urządzenie automatycznie rozpoczyna pracę. Nie ma konieczności jego wcześniejszej konfiguracji. Wszystkie porty przełącznika posiadają funkcję automatycznej negocjacji szybkości połączeń i automatycznego krosowania (Auto-MDI/MDIX). Obudowa typu desktop umożliwia usytuowanie urządzenia w miejscach, w których nie ma dużo wolnej przestrzeni. Bezpiecznym i wygodnym rozwiązaniem jest również umieszczenie przełącznika w szafie. Diody LED informują o statusie pracy urządzenia i wykryciu głównych błędów w transmisji. EAN: 6935364021689 Gwarancja: 36 miesięcy Kod dostawcy: TL-SL1226 Model: TL-SL1226 Wymagania systemowe: Microsoft

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Gaining Traction - 2862385049

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Gaining Traction Steady Guide Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

If you think this is just another book about coping with the loss of a partner... You're in for a surprise! Based on her long-running class "Gaining Traction," grief counselor Vicki Panagotacos delivers a step-by-step program that will open your eyes to a new way of life. Panagotacos helps you think clearly about what you want - and don't want - as you move forward after loss. Tapping into personal stories told in her classroom, backed by research that reveals what secretly drives many of our decisions, Panagotacos gets you emotionally prepared to go after the life you deserve. So, if you have a busy calendar but little joy... if you're constantly second-guessing yourself... if the thought of another relationship makes you cringe... by the end of this book you will: . have the tools to harness anxiety and deal with uncertainty; . be ready to commit to experiences not previously considered; and . know when to say "yes" or "no" to that new relationship. As a professional who has focused on helping those who experience loss, and as a person who is in my third year of grieving the loss of my spouse, I recommend Gaining Traction without reservation. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone who has lost a life partner and particularly good for those who are beyond their first year after loss and think there is something wrong with them because they don't feel better. Counselors will also find this user-friendly volume a "must-have" reference. - Janice Nadeau, PhD FT, Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist Vicki Panagotacos has an uncanny ability to tune in to her clients, which makes her one of the best grief practitioners I have known. She is eloquent and accurate in meeting each individual where they are emotionally - offering courage and hope for healing. Her caring, supportive and wise presence has translated well into her book, Gaining Traction. Read it and then pass it on to another you know and love. - Lyn Prashant, PhD FT, Somatic Grief Specialist Panagotacos has listened well and thought clearly and compassionately about how to gently guide individuals back toward a full life after the death of their mate. Readers will feel Vicki's understanding of their complex experience and be enriched by her suggestions for imaginative thought and action. Excellent for clients and for pastors, therapists and counselors. I recommend this book to colleagues and friends with a full heart. - Eric Greenleaf PhD, Psychologist and Director, Milton H. Erickson Institute of the SF Bay Area Vicki has been a gift to us here at Pathways Home Health and Hospice, and Gaining Traction has been the foundation of our 2nd year partner loss program she helped create. Her book provides inspiration and a much needed resource for those who are challenged to rebuild their lives without their loved ones. I am thrilled that others will have the benefit of her meaningful and helpful book. - Chris Taich, MSW, LCSW, Director, Bereavement Services, Pathways Home Health and Hospice, Sunnyvale, CA Gaining Traction offers the bereaved spouse/partner hope on their grief journey and practical insight into how to move forward in a healthy manner. The reader will appreciate the reflections of those having struggled in their first year of loss and their transformation after participating in the author's second year class. - Brad Leary, LCSW, CT, Director, Social Services and Counseling, Hospice of the Valley, San Jose, CA Vicki Panagotacos clearly understands the emotions and challenges a person faces when dealing with one's grief. She brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion to this book, and provides helpful tips and suggestions for navigating the future after partner loss. - Dwight Wilson, CEO, Mission Hospice, San Mateo, CA



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Najważniejsze cechy produktu: Obsługa do 16 kamer o rozdzielczości do 8MP Pasmo rejestracji z kamer do 80Mbps Obsługa strumieni H.264 i MJPEG Funkcja Plug & play na 16 portach z PoE Zdolność do dekodowania 30 kl./s@Full HD z 4 kanałów Dysk 1TB w cenie/Obsługa do 4 dysków Wyjście HDMI/VGA dla monitora lokalnego Specyfikacja szczegółowa: Display     Video Inputs / Resolution Up to 16CH / CIF ~ 8M   Protocols Samsung, ONVIF Live Local Display HDMI / VGA   Multi Screen Display [Local monitor] 1 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 9 / 13 / 16 / Auto sequence, [Web] 1 / 4 / 9 / 16 / Auto sequence   Performance [Local monitor] 8M (20fps), 5M (30fps), 3M (50fps), 2M (150fps), 20p (240fps), D1(480fps) [Web] 5M (30fps), 3M (60fps), 2M (120fps), 720p (240fps), D1 (480fps) Performance     Operating System Embedded Linux Recording Compression H.264, MJPEG   Recording Bandwidth 80Mbps, 2M 16 camera real-time recording   Resolution CIF ~ 8M   Mode Normal, Scheduled, Event (Pre / Post)   Event Trigger Alarm input (8), Video loss, Camera event (Alarm in, MD, Video analytics)   Event Action E-mail, PTZ preset, Alarm out, Buzzer, Monitor out Search & Playback Bandwidth 32Mbps Playback Performance Max. 3 users   Mode Date & Time (Calendar) / Event log list / Text search (POS)   Simultaneous Playback [Local monitor] Up to 16CH, [Web, CMS] Up to 16CH   Resolution CIF ~ 8M   Fish-eye Dewarping Via Smartviewer   Playback Control Fast/Slow Forward/Backward, Move one step up/down Storage Internal 4 SATA (HDD removable at front)   External (DAS) 1 e-SATA   Max.Capacity Internal 16TB Back up File Back up BU/EXE (USB), JPG/AVI (Web, CMS)   Function Max. 16CH playback, Date-time/title display Sensor Input / Output 8 / 4 (NO 3ea, NO/NC 1ea) Audio Input / Compression 16CH (Network) / G.711, G.726, AAC (16/48KHz)   Audio Communication 2-way Network     Protocol Support   TCP/IP, UDP/IP, RTP (UDP), RTP (TCP), RTSP, NTP, HTTP, DHCP (Server, Client), PPPoE, SMTP, ICMP, IGMP, ARP, DNS, DDNS, uPnP, HTTPS, SNMP, ONVIF (Profile-S) DDNS   Samsung iPOLiS DDNS Transmission Bandwidth   Max. 160Mbps Max. Remote Users   Search 3 / Live unicast 10 / Live multicast 20 IP   IPv4 / IPv6 Security   IP address filtering, User access log, 802.1x authentication, Encryption Language GUI / Web English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Portuguese, Danish, Rumanian, Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian, Greek, Norwegian, Finnish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai OS   Supported OS : Window XP (Service pack 2 or above), Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS X (10.6 or above) Web Browser   Microsoft Internet Explorer (Updated Ver. 8 ~10, IE 9 or above recommended) Mozilla Firefox (Ver. 19.x or above), Google Chrome (Ver. 26.x or above), Apple Safari (Ver. 6.0.3 or above) Viewer Type SSM, Webviewer, SmartViewer, iPOLiS mobile viewer Software CMS Support SDK / CGI (SUNAPI) Functions     Camera Setup Register PnP mode, Manual mode   Setup Items IP address, Add profile edit, Bitrate, Compression, GOP, uality Camera MD setup Camera video setup (Simple focus, Brightness/Contrast, Flip/Mirror, IRIS, WDR, D&N, SSNR, Shutter, SSDR, DIS) Camera Control PoE Monitor PoE power consumption, On/Off control for each PoE camera Remote reset for each PoE camera Easy Configuration   Setup Wizard (Date/Time, Network, Auto camera configuration) PTZ Control / Preset Via GUI, Webviewer, SPC-2000 / 255 Smart phone OS Android, iOS   Control Live (4CH) / Playback (1CH) System Control   Mouse, IR Remocon, Web, SPC-2000 (Controller) Indicator / Interface     Front Indicator Power status LED 1ea, HDD action LED 1ea, Alarm status LED 1ea Record status LED 1ea, Network action LED 1ea, Back up LED 1ea   USB 2ea (Front 1ea / Rear 1ea) Connections HDMI / VGA 1ea / 1ea   Audio Out 1ea (RCA, Line)   Ethernet RJ-45 16ea (PoE/PoE+, 100Mbps), RJ-45 2ea (LAN/WAN, 1Gbps)   Alarm In 8ea (Terminal block) / Out 4ea (Terminal block)   Reset Yes (Factory reset, Alarm reset) System     Log Log List Max. 20000 (System log, Event log each) General     Electrical Input Voltage / Current 100 ~ 240V AC, 50/60Hz / 6 ~ 3A   Power Consumption Max. 309W (4 HDD, PoE on), 57W (4 HDD, PoE off)   PoE Budget Max. 200W Environmental Operating Temperature +0°C ~ +40°C (+32°F ~ +104°F)   Operating Humidity 20% ~ 85% RH Mechanical Color / Material Black / Metal   Dimensions (WxHxD) 440.0 x 88.0 x 384.8mm (17.32" x 3.46" x 15.15") (2U)   Weight Approx. 5.6Kg (12.35lb), 1TB HDD 1ea included  


TP-Link TL-SF1048 Switch Rack 48x10/100Mbps - 1990984970

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TP-Link TL-SF1048 Switch Rack 48x10/100Mbps TP-LINK

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Opis: Zastosowanie (switche) ?rednie i du?e firmy (powy?ej 16 portów) Architektura sieci (switche) GigabitEthernet Pozostałe parametry Środowisko pracy: Dopuszczalna temperatura pracy: 0


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