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Four Wise Men - 2826929704

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Displaying his characteristic penchant for the macabre, the tender and the comic, Michael Tournier presents the traditional Magi describing their personal odysseys to Bethlehem--and audaciously imagines a fourth, "the eternal latecomer"' whose story of hardship and redemption is the most moving and instructive of all. Prince of Mangalore and son of an Indian maharajah, Taor has tasted an exquisite confection, rachat loukoum, and is so taken by the flavor that he sets out to recover the recipe. His quest takes him across Western Asia and finally lands him in Sodom, where he is imprisoned in a salt mine. There, this fourth wise man learns the recipe from a fellow prisoner, and learns of the existence and meaning of Jesus.


That's Not My Owl - 2826822981

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A touchy-feely book with with textures to touch and feel on every page, plus simple, repetitive text and bright, colourful illustrations. Babies and toddlers love sharing books with an adult, and as they are introduced to the eight wise owls in this story, they will also be developing vital pre-reading and sensory skills.


Story of Christmas - 2844161062

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Story of Christmas Candle Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Lovely board book helping little ones understand the true meaning of Christmas. With clear and simple text, this sensitive retelling is given particular warmth and depth through endearing illustrations by artist Steve Whitlow. The story begins with Mary learning she is to have a very special baby, and takes the reader through to the birth of Baby Jesus in Bethlehem and the arrival of the Wise Men, with a closing reminder of why we celebrate this important day.


A Blessing To People - 2839392835

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A Blessing To People Bear Family Records


1. Weave Room Blues 2. Two Little Rosebuds 3. Sales Tax On The Women 4. Intoxicated Rat 5. Not Turning Back 6. White Flower For You 7. Answer To Maple On The Hill ? Part 1 8. Answer To Maple On The Hill ? Part 3 9. Greenback Dollar ? Part 2 10. Spinning Room Blues 11. My Girl In Sunny Tennessee 12. A Wonderful Day 13. Are You Sure? 14. That Old Vacant Chair 15. I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail - Part 2 16. Never To Be Sweethearts Again 17. Bonnie Blue Eyes ? Part 2 (Hush Little Bonnie) 18. Ocean Of Life 19. Rambling Gambler 20. Dark Eyes 21. Easter Day 22. That Old True Love 23. Answer To Maple On The Hill ? Part 4 24. Beautiful Stars 25. I Will Meet My Precious Mother 26. Weaver's Life 27. Darling Do You Miss Me 28. Little Bessie 29. How Can A Broke Man Be Happy 101. How Can A Broke Man Be Happy 102. The School House Fire 103. She Tickles Me 104. Fisherman's Luck 105. At Twilight Old Pal Of Yesterday 106. Call Me Pal Of Mine 107. I Won't Accept Anything For My Soul 108. What Can I Give In Exchange 109. What Would You Give In Exchange ? Part 5 110. The Girl I Left In Danville 111. Two Little Boys 112. The Lonely Prisoner 113. The Old Home Brew 114. Always Waiting For You 115. When Jesus Appears 116. Satisfied At Last 117. Shining City Over The River 118. Honey It's Just Because 119. Back To My Wyoming Home 120. I Can't Tell Why I Love You 121. Under The Old Cherry Tree 122. Blessed Promise In Store 123. Anywhere Is Home 124. Beneath An Old Maple 125. Fields On Fire 126. The Blood Of Jesus Saved Me 127. Where Shall I Be 128. Promise In The Book Of Life 129. Broken Hearted Girl 130. Woman's Answer To 'What Is Home Without Love' 201. Hobo Jack The Rambler 202. More Pretty Girls Than One ? Part 3 203. There's A Place In My Home For Mother 204. Bootlegger's Story 205. Wonder Who's Kissing Her ? Part 2 206. Prisoner's Plea 207. Faithless Husband 208. Down With The Old Canoe 209. I Didn't Hear Anybody Pray 210. Glorious Light Is Dawning 211. Have Courage To Only Say No 212. A Mother, A Father, A Baby 213. A Church At The Foot Of The Hill 214. By Himself 215. Tempted & Tried 216. Time For Me To Go 217. Beyond Black Smoke 218. When Gabriel Blows His Trumpet For Me 219. Speak Evil Of No Man 220. Jimmie & Sallie 221. The Story Of George Collins 222. The Light Of Homer Rogers 223. After The Ball 224. 'Twas Only A Dream 225. Answer To Broken Engagement 226. By The Old Oaken Bucket, Louise 227. Honey Baby Mine 228. My Trundle Bed 229. New Trouble 301. Babies In The Mill 302. The Factory Girl 303. Hard Times In Here 304. Weave Room Blues 305. Twister Room Blues 306. When Weaving Time Is Over 307. The Wreck Of The Old 97 308. The Cleveland School House Fire 309. Wreck On The Highway 310. Naomi Wise 311. Our Johnny 312. Mommy, Will My Doggie Understand? 313. Bill Dodson's Last Run 314. The Great Convoy 315. Jesse James 316. Give Me My Flowers While I'm Living 317. Be At Home Soon Tonight, My Dear Boy 318. Tomorrow 319. The Worried Bum (I Saw The Wood) 320. She Tickles Me 321. If I Knock The 'L' Out Of Timothy Kelly 322. The Burglar Man 323. The Christmas Cake 324. The Hungry Hash House 325. I'm Not Turning Backward 326. Somebody Touched Me 327. Across The Shining River 328. My Name In The Book 329. When That Beautiful City Comes Down 330. Will The Circle Be Unbroken 331. I Shall Not Be Moved 332. I Didn't Have A Friend 333. The Church At The Foot Of The Hill


Works Of Igor Stravinsky - 2839271212

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Works Of Igor Stravinsky Sony Music Entertainment


1. Strawinsky, Igor - Der Feuervogel (Ballett) 2. Introduction 3. Kashchei's Enchanted Garden 4. The Firebird Appears, Pursued By Ivan Tsarevitch 5. Dance Of The Firebird 6. Ivan Tsarevitch Captures The Firebird 7. The Firebird's Entreaty 8. The Appearance Of The Thirteen Enchanted Princesse 9. The Princesses' Game With Apples Of Gold: Scherzo 10. The Sudden Appearance Of Ivan Tsarevitch 11. The Princesses' Round 12. Dawn (Ivan Tsarevitch Enters Kashchei's Place) 13. The Sound Of Enchanted Bells - Monsters Appear, Ka 14. The Arrival Of Kashchei The Immortal 15. Kashchei's Dialogue With Ivan Tsarevitch 16. The Princesses' Intercede 17. The Appearance Of The Firebird 18. Kashchei's Followers Dance Under The Firebird's Sp 19. Infernal Dance Of Kashchei's Subjects 20. Lullaby (The Firebird) 21. Kashchei Awakes 22. Death Of Kashchei - Profound Darkness 23. Kashchei's Spells Are Broken, His Palace Disappear 24. Strawinsky, Igor - Scherzo 'A La Russe 25. Strawinsky, Igor - Scherzo Fantastique 26. Strawinsky, Igor - Fireworks 101. Strawinsky, Igor - Petruschka (Burleske In 4 Szene 102. The Shrove-tide Fair (1. Szene) 103. The Crowds 104. The Charlatan's Booth 105. Russian Dance 106. Petrushka's Room (2. Szene) 107. The Moor's Room (3. Szene) 108. Dance Of The Ballerina 109. Waltz 110. The Shrove-tide Fair (Near Evening) (4. Szene) 111. Dance Of The Wet Nurses 112. Dance Of The Peasant & The Bear 113. Dance Of The Gypsy Girls 114. Dance Of The Coachmen & Grooms 115. The Masqueraders 116. Conclusion (Petrushka's Death) 117. Strawinsky, Igor - Le Sacre Du Printemps (Das Frue 118. Introduction: Lento (1. Teil: The Adoration Of The 119. The Augurs Of Spring (Dance Of The Young Girls) 120. Mock Abduction 121. Spring Round Dances 122. Games Of The Rival Tribes 123. Procession Of The Wise Elder 124. Adoration Of The Earth (The Wise Elder) 125. Dance Of The Earth 126. Introduction: Largo (2. Teil: The Sacrifice) 127. Mystical Circles Of The Young Girls 128. Glorification Of The Chosen Victim 129. Summoning Of The Ancestors 130. Ritual Of The Ancestors 131. Sacrificial Dance (The Chosen Victim) 201. Allen, Mildred - Les Noces (Die Hochzeit) 202. The Bride's Chamber (1. Teil) 203. At The Bridegroom's 204. The Bride's Departure 205. The Wedding Feast (2. Teil) 206. Driscoll, Loren - Renard (Reineke Fuchs, Burleske 207. D'antonio, Roy - Die Geschichte Vom Soldaten (L'hi 208. The Soldier's March 209. Airs By A Stream 210. Pastorale 211. The Royal March 212. The Little Concert 213. Three Dances: Tango - Waltz - Ragtime 214. The Devil's Dance 215. The Great Chorale 216. Triumphal March Of The Devil 301. Strawinsky, Igor - Apollon Musagete (Ballett) 302. The Birth Of Apollo: Largo - Allegro - Tempo 1 303. Variation D'apollon 304. Pas D'action: Moderato 305. Variation De Calliope: Allegretto 306. Variation De Polymnie 307. Variation De Terpsichore: Allegretto 308. Variation D'apollon 309. Pas De Deux: Adagio 310. Coda: Vivo - Tempo Sostenuto - Agitato 311. Apotheose: Largo Et Tranquillo 312. Strawinsky, Igor - Agon (Wettkampf) (Ballett Fuer 313. Pas De Quatre 314. Double Pas De Quatre 315. Triple Pas De Quatre 316. Prelude 317. Saraband Step (1. Pas De Trois) 318. Gaillarde 319. Coda 320. Interlude 321. Bransle Simple (2. Pas De Trois) 322. Bransle Gay 323. Bransle Double 324. Interlude 325. Pas De Deux 326. Coda 327. Four Duos 328. Four Trios 329. Strawinsky, Igor - Jeu De Cartes (Das Kartenspiel) 330. First Deal 331. Second Deal 332. Third Deal 401. Strawinsky, Igor - Scenes De Ballet 402. Introduction 403. Danses 404. Pantomime 405. Pas De Deux 406. Pantomime 407. Variations: Danseur & Ballerine 408. Pantomime 409. Danses 410. Apotheose 411. Strawinsky, Igor - L'oiseau Bleu (Pas De Deux) 412. Adagio 413. Variation 1 414. Variation 2 415. Coda 416. Strawinsky, Igor - Der Kuss Der Fee (Le Baiser De 417. Prolog 418. A Village Fete 419. At The Mill 420. Pas De Deux 421. Adagio 422. Variation 423. Coda 424. Scene 425. Epilogue: The Lullaby Of The Land Beyond Time And 501. Strawinsky, Igor - Pulcinella (Ballett) 502. Overture 503. Serenata 504. Scherzino 505. Tarantella 506. Gavotte With 2 Variations 507. Strawinsky, Igor - Orpheus (Ballett) 508. Orphee 509. Air De Danse 510. Dance Of The Angel Of Death 511. Interlude 512. The Furies 513. Air De Danse - Interlude - Air De Danse 514. Pas D'action 515. Pas De Deux 516. Interlude 517. Pas D'action 518. Apotheose D'orphee 601. Strawinsky, Igor - Petruschka (Burleske In 4 Szene 602. The Shrove-tide Fair (1. Szene) 603. The Crowds 604. The Charlatan's Booth 605. Russian Dance 606. Petrushka's Room (2. Szene) 607. The Shrove-tide Fair (4. Szene) 608. Dance Of The Wet Nurses 609. Dance Of The Peasant & The Bear 610. Dance Of The Gipsy Girls 611. Dance Of The Coachmen 612. The Masqueraders 613. Strawinsky, Igor - Pulcinella (Ballett): Suite 614. Sinfonia: Ouverture 615. Serenata 616. A) Scherzino 617. B) Allegro 618. C) Andantino 619. Tarantella 620. Toccata 621. Gavotta Con Due Variazioni 622. Vivo: Duetto 623. A) Minuetto 624. B) Finale 625. Strawinsky, Igor - Der Feuervogel (Ballett): Suite 626. Introduction 627. Prelude & Dance Of The Firebird 628. Variations 629. Pantomime 1 630. Pas De Deux 631. Pantomime 2 632. Scherzo: Dance Of The Princesses 633. Pantomime 3 634. Rondo 635. Infernal Dance 636. Lullaby 637. Final Hymn 701. Strawinsky, Igor - Sinfonie Nr. 1 Es-dur Op. 1 702. 1. Allegro Moderato 703. 2. Scherzo: Allegretto 704. 3. Largo 705. 4. Finale: Allegro Molto 706. Strawinsky, Igor - Apollo (Probenmitschnitt) 707. Strawinsky, Igor - Sleeping Beauty (Probenmitschni 708. Strawinsky, Igor - Recollections Of My Childhood ( 709. Strawinsky, Igor - Pulcinella (Probenmitschnitt) 710. Strawinsky, Igor - Konzert Fuer Klavier Und Orches 711. Strawinsky, Igor - Sinfonie C-dur (Probenmitschnit 712. Mcclure, John - Strawinskys Erinnerungen 801. Strawinsky, Igor - Sinfonie In 3 Saetzen 802. 1. Ouverture: Allegro 803. 2. Andante - Interlude: L'istesso Tempo 804. 3. Con Moto 805. Strawinsky, Igor - Sinfonie C-dur 806. 1. Moderato Alla Breve 807. 2. Larghetto Concertante 808. 3. Allegretto 809. 4. Largo - Tempo Giusto, Alla Breve 810. Strawinsky, Igor - Psalmen-sinfonie (Fassung 1948) 811. 1. Teil 812. 2. Teil 813. 3. Teil 901. Entremont, Philippe - Konzert Fuer Klavier Und Bla 902. 1. Largo - Allegro - Maestoso 903. 2. Largo 904. 3. Allegro 905. Rosen, Charles - Mouvements (Bewegungen) (Fuer Kla 906. Nr. 1: Achtel = 110 907. Nr. 2: Achtel = 52 908. Nr. 3: Achtel = 72 909. Nr. 4: Achtel = 80 910. Nr. 5: Achtel = 104 911. Entremont, Philippe - Capriccio Fuer Klavier Und O 912. 1. Presto 913. 2. Andante Rapsodico 914. 3. Allegro Capriccioso Ma Tempo Giusto 915. Stern, Isaac - Konzert Fuer Violine Und Orchester 916. 1. Toccata 917. 2. Aria 1 918. 3. Aria 2 919. 4. Capriccio 1001. Strawinsky, Igor - Greeting Prelude 1002. Strawinsky, Igor - Suite Fuer Kleines Orchester Nr 1003. 1. Andante 1004. 2. Napolitana 1005. 3. Espanola 1006. 4. Balalaika 1007. Strawinsky, Igor - Suite Fuer Kleines Orchester Nr 1008. 1. Marche 1009. 2. Valse 1010. 3. Polka 1011. 4. Galop 1012. Strawinsky, Igor - Concerto In Es Dumbarton Oaks 1013. 1. Tempo Giusto 1014. 2. Allegretto 1015. 3. Con Moto 1016. Strawinsky, Igor - Norwegian Moods (4 Norwegische 1017. 1. Intrada 1018. 2. Song 1019. 3. Wedding Dance 1020. 4. Cortege 1021. Strawinsky, Igor - Circus-polka Fuer Einen Jungen 1022. Strawinsky, Igor - Concerto In D Basler Concerto 1023. 1. Vivace 1024. 2. Arioso: Andantino 1025. 3. Rondo: Allegro 1026. Strawinsky, Igor - Miniaturen (8 Stuecke Fuer 15 I 1027. Nr. 1: Andantino 1028. Nr. 2: Vivace 1029. Nr. 3: Lento 1030. Nr. 4: Allegretto 1031. Nr. 5: Moderato Alla Breve 1032. Nr. 6: Tempo Di Marcia 1033. Nr. 7: Larghetto 1034. Nr. 8: Tempo Di Tango 1035. Strawinsky, Igor - Etueden Fuer Orchester Nr. 1-4 1036. 1. Danse 1037. 2. Excentric 1038. 3. Cantique 1039. 4. Madrid 1101. Columbia Jazz Ensemble - Praeludium Fuer Jazz-ense 1102. Columbia Chamber Ensemble - Concertino (Fuer 12 In 1103. Columbia Chamber Ensemble - Oktett (Fuer Blasinstr 1104. 1. Sinfonia 1105. 2. Tema Con Variazioni 1106. 3. Finale 1107. Columbia Chamber Ensemble - Ragtime (Fuer 11 Instr 1108. Columbia Jazz Ensemble - Tango (Fassung 1953) 1109. Columbia Chamber Ensemble - Septett 1110. 1. Achtel = 88 1111. 2. Passacaglia 1112. 3. Gigue 1113. Baker, Israel - Pastorale (Lied Ohne Worte) 1114. Goodman, Benny - Konzert Fuer Klarinette Und Orche 1115. 1. Allegro Moderato 1116. 2. Andante 1117. 3. Moderato: Con Moto 1118. Strawinsky, Igor - Sinfonien Fuer Blaeser 1201. Szingeti, Joseph - Duo Concertant (Fuer Violine Un 1202. 1. Cantilene 1203. 2. Eclogue 1 1204. 3. Eclogue 2 1205. 4. Gigue 1206. 5. Dithyrambe 1207. Strawinsky, Igor - Serenade A-dur 1208. 1. Hymne 1209. 2. Romanza 1210. 3. Rondoletto 1211. 4. Cadenza Finale 1212. Stravinsky, Soulima - Konzert Fuer 2 Klaviere 1213. 1. Con Moto 1214. 2. Notturno - Adagietto 1215. 3. Quattro Variazioni 1216. 4. Preludio E Fuga 1217. Strawinsky, Igor - Piano-rag-music 1218. Fizdale, Robert - Sonate Fuer 2 Klaviere 1219. 1. Moderato 1220. 2. Thema Mit Variationen 1221. 3. Allegretto 1222. Rosen, Charles - Sonate Fuer Klavier Nr. 2 1223. 1. Achtel = 112 1224. 2. Adagietto 1225. 3. Achtel = 112 1301. Grist, Reri - Die Nachtigall 1302. Introduction 1303. Entr'acte: Breezes 1304. Chinese March 1305. Song Of The Nightingale 1306. The Courtiers 1307. Three Japanese Envoys 1308. Performance Of The Mechanical Nightingale 1309. Conclusion: Larghetto 1310. Prelude 1311. A Room In Thr Palace Of The Emperor 1312. The Return Of The Nightingale 1313. Solemn Procession 1314. The Emperor's Recovery 1315. Belinck, Susan - Mavra (Mawra, Oper In 1 Akt) (Ges 1401. Simmons, Mary - Faun Und Schaeferin (Le Faune Et L 1402. 1. The Shepherdess 1403. 2. The Faun 1404. 3. The Torrent 1405. Gramm, Donald - 2 Gedichte Von Paul Verlaine 1406. The White Moon Shines In The Woods 1407. Sleep 1408. Nezabudochka-tsvetochek - 2 Gedichte Von Konstanti 1409. The Flower 1410. The Dove 1411. Lear, Evelyn - 3 Japanische Gedichte 1412. Akahito 1413. Mazatsumi 1414. Tsaraiuki 1415. Berberian, Cathy - Erinnerungen An Meine Kindheit 1416. The Magpie 1417. The Rook 1418. The Jackdaw 1419. Berberian, Cathy - Pribaoutki (Chansons Plaisantes 1420. Uncle Armand 1421. The Oven 1422. The Colonel 1423. The Old Man & The Hare 1424. Berberian, Cathy - Berceuses Du Chat (Katzenwiegen 1425. On The Stove 1426. At Home 1427. Bye Bye 1428. The Cat Has... 1429. Gregg Smith Singers - 4 Russische Bauernlieder 1430. On Saints' Day In Chigisakh 1431. Ovsen 1432. The Pik 1433. Master Portly 1434. Albert, Adrienne - 4 Lieder 1435. The Drake 1436. A Russian Spiritual 1437. Geese & Swans 1438. Tilim-bom 1439. Beberian, Cathy - 3 Shakespeare-lieder 1440. Music To Hear 1441. Full Fathom Five 1442. When Daisies Pied 1443. Young, Alexander - In Memoriam Dylon Thomas 1444. Dirge-canons 1445. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night 1446. Dirge-canons (Postlude) 1447. Beberian, Cathy - Elegie Fuer John F. Kennedy 1448. Albert, Adrienne - The Owl & The Pussy-cat (Die Eu 1449. Lear, Evelyn - Tilim-bom / Kalbum-kalbam (Eine Ges 1501. Raskin, Judith - The Rake's Progress (Oper In 3 Ak 1502. Prelude (1. Akt) 1503. The Woods Are Green 1504. Here I Stand 1505. Tom Rakewell? 1506. Farewell For Now 1507. With Air Commanding 1508. Come, Tom 1509. Love Too Frequently Betrayed (Cavatina) 1510. The Sun Is Bright 1511. No Word From Tom 1512. I Go To Him 1513. Vary The Song, O London, Change! (2. Akt) 1514. Master, Are You Alone? 1515. My Tale Shall Be Told 1516. How Strange! 1517. Anne! Here! (Duett) 1518. Could It Then Have Been Known (Trio) 1601. As I Was Saying 1602. You! Nick, I've Had The Strangest Dream 1603. What Curious Phenomena (3. Akt) 1604. Aha! 1605. Sold! Annoyed! I've Caught You! Thieving! 1606. I Go To Him 1607. Prelude 1608. How Dark & Dreadful Is This Place 1609. Very Well, Then, My Dear 1610. I Burn! I Freeze! 1611. Prepare Yourselves, Heroic Shades 1612. There He Is. Have No Fear. He Is Not Dangerous. 1613. Gently, Little Boat (Lullaby) 1614. Where Art Thou, Venus? 1615. Epilogue Good People, Just A Moment 1701. Verrett, Shirley - Oedipus Rex (Oratorium) (Gesamt 1702. Prolog - Akt 1 1703. Akt 2 1704. Robinson, Richard - Le Deluge (Die Flut) 1705. Prelude 1706. Melodrama 1707. The Building Of The Ark 1708. The Catalogue Of The Animals 1709. The Comedy (Noah Und Sein Weib) 1710. The Flood 1711. The Convenant Of The Rainbow 1801. Molese, Michel - Persephone (Melodram In 3 Akten) 1802. Persephone Abducted 1803. Persephone In The Underworld 1804. Persephone Restored 1805. Strawinsky, Igor - Ode (Trauergesang) (Triptychon) 1806. Eulogy 1807. Eclogue 1808. Epitaph 1809. Strawinsky, Igor - Monumentum Pro Gesualdo Di Veno 1810. Asciugate I Begli Occhi 1811. Ma Tu, Cagion Di Quella 1812. Belta Poi Che T'assenti 1901. Strawinsky, Igor - Vom Himmel Hoch Da Komm Ich Her 1902. Choral 1903. Variation 1: In Canone All'ottava 1904. Variation 2: Alio Modo Canone Alla Quinta 1905. Variation 3: In Canone Alla Settima 1906. Variation 4: In Canone All'ottava Per Augmentation 1907. Variation 5: L'altra Sorte Del Canone Al Rovescio 1908. Strawinsky, Igor - Le Roi Des Etoiles (Zvetdoliki) 1909. Festival Singers Of Toronto - Ave Maria (Motette) 1910. Gregg Smith Singers - Credo (Motette) 1911. Festival Singers Of Toronto - Pater Noster (Motett 1912. Albert, Adrienne - Cantata (Kantate Nach Englische 1913. A Lyke-wake Dirge (Prelude) 1914. Ricercar 1: The Maidens Came 1915. A Lyke-wake Dirge (1. Interlude) 1916. Ricercar 2: Tomorrow Shall Be (Sacred History) 1917. A Lyke-wake Dirge (2. Interlude) 1918. Westrin Wind 1919. A Lyke-wake Dirge (Postlude) 1920. Strawinsky, Igor - Messe (Fuer Chor Und Blaeser) 1921. Kyrie 1922. Gloria 1923. Credo 1924. Sanctus 1925. Agnus Dei 1926. Strawinsky, Igor - Babel (Kantate) 2001. Robinson, Richard - Canticum Sacrum Ad Honorem San 2002. Dedicatio 2003. Euntes In Mundum 2004. Surge, Aquilo 2005. Ad Tres Virtutes Horationes (Caritas, Spes, Fides) 2006. Jesus Autem Ait Illi 2007. Illi Autem Profecti 2008. Columbia Chamber Ensemble - Introitus (T.s. Eliot 2009. Verrett, Shirley - A Sermon, A Narrative & A Praye 2010. A Sermon 2011. A Narrative 2012. A Prayer 2013. Festival Singers Of Toronto - Anthem (The Dove Des 2014. Beardslee, Bethany - Threni (Id Est Lamentationes 2015. Incipit 2016. De Elgia Prima 2017. De Elgia Tertia: Querimonia, Sensus Spei, Solacium 2018. De Elgia Quinta: Oratio Jeremiae Prophetae 2101. Strawinsky, Igor - Le Chant Du Rossignol (Der Gesa 2102. Strawinsky, Igor - Danses Concertantes Fuer Kammer 2103. Marche - Interlude - Pas D'action - Theme Varie - 2104. Gleghorn, Arthur - Epitaphium Fuer Das Grabmal Des 2105. Baker, Israel - Double Canon Raoul Dufy In Memoria 2106. Frisch, Richard - Abraham Und Issac (Ballade) 2107. Strawinsky, Igor - Variationen Fuer Orchester (Ald 2108. Anderson, Linda - Requiem Canticles 2109. Prelude 2110. Exaudi 2111. Dies Irae 2112. Tuba Mirum 2113. Interlude 2114. Rex Tremendae 2115. Lacrimosa 2116. Libera Me 2117. Postlude


School for Princes - 2826891372

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School for Princes FRANCES LINCOLN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

How can a king knock some sense into his silly sons so that they grow up sensible young men? A wise man tells the king that he can do the job in six weeks. Every time one of the boys says or does something rash, the sage will put him back on the straight and narrow by telling him a cautionary tale - the story of a proud hare, or perhaps an owl, or a crow...This collection of fables, known as the Panchatantra and familiar all over Asia, were first told, then written down in Sanskrit over 2,000 years ago. Jamila Gavin brings them alove for modern readers by telling the story of the wise man and the young princes as original stories framing the classic animal fables. The result is a powerful and unique vision of this classic Indian work.


Crows of Pearblossom - 2826723082

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Crows of Pearblossom Abrams

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Crows of Pearblossom tells the story of Mr. and Mrs. Crow, who live in a cotton-wood tree at Pearblossom, California. Due to a hungry Rattlesnake living at the bottom of the tree, Mrs. Crow's eggs disappear before they hatch. After catching the snake eating her 297th egg that year (she does not work on Sundays), Mrs. Crow tells Mr. Crow go and kill the snake. Thinking better of it, Mr. Crow confers with his wise friend, Old Man Owl. Owl bakes mud into two stone eggs and paints them to resemble Mrs. Crows eggs. These dummy eggs are left in the nest to trick the Rattlesnake, who unwisely eats them the next day, causing the Rattlesnake such pain, that he thrashes about, tying himself in knots around the branches. Mrs. Crow goes on to hatch "four families of seventeen children each" and "uses the snake as a clothesline on which to hang the little crows' diapers."


Films about religion (Film Guide) - 2835644111

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Films about religion (Film Guide) Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (films not included). Pages: 205. Chapters: Chariots of Fire, Monty Python's Life of Brian, Dogma, The Song of Bernadette, Friendly Persuasion, Signs, The Gospel According to St. Matthew, Quo Vadis, Black Narcissus, Themes in Avatar, Tron: Legacy, The Da Vinci Code, Kingdom of Heaven, Angels & Demons, The Prince of Egypt, Ben-Hur, The Boondock Saints, Of Gods and Men, The Last Temptation of Christ, Lord of the Universe, Jesus of Nazareth, Sister Act, Fireproof, The Bridge, The Profit, The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, The Book of Eli, Jesus Camp, The Mission, The Egyptian, Demon Knight, Becket, Saved!, Left Behind: The Movie, The Ultimate Gift, Jai Santoshi Maa, Revanche, September Dawn, Lord of Illusions, List of films about Muhammad, Joan of Arc, End of the Spear, Martin Luther, Scary Movie 3, Joseph, Like Dandelion Dust, Joseph: King of Dreams, The Decalogue, Dracula 2000, Children of the Corn, Submission, Samson and Delilah, Mohammad, Messenger of God, Courageous, Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return, Frailty, Apocalypse IV: Judgment, Apocalypse III: Tribulation, Stigmata, Demetrius and the Gladiators, The Omega Code, The Nines, Facing the Giants, Miracle in the Rain, Inherit the Wind, Mary, Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones, Come to the Stable, The Milky Way, Megiddo: The Omega Code 2, Elmer Gantry, Godspell, Revelation, Winter Light, Saint Joan, The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, Flywheel, The Desert Within, Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Den, Sri Ramadasu, Apocalypse II: Revelation, Barabbas, Jesus of Montreal, Hail Mary, The Shoes of the Fisherman, The Keys of the Kingdom, One Night with the King, Extreme Days, The Great Commandment, Where the River Runs Black, Time Changer, Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest, Come What May, Repossessed, Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice, Masada, The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima, Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror, Preacher's Kid, The Cardinal, A.D., The Book of Mormon Movie, Vol. 1: The Journey, Left Luggage, The Miracle Maker, Unidentified, The First Power, King David, David and Bathsheba, Sinner, Noëlle, Bless the Child, Split Image, The Silver Chalice, The Passion of Darkly Noon, The Calling, Das Mirakel, Mekhong Full Moon Party, The Pope Must Die, Woman Thou Art Loosed, Echoes of Innocence, Letters to Father Jacob, Orientation: A Scientology Information Film, Upside, The Body, The Rapture, The Apocalypse, The Next Voice You Hear..., Ben Hur, The Cross, The Nun and the Sergeant, The Ten Commandments, Peter and Paul, Waiting for Armageddon, Deus É Brasileiro, Abraham, Ahimsa: Stop to Run, Sebastiane, The Queen of Sheba, Martin Luther, Heretic, Wise Blood, Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering, Children of the Corn: Revelation, Love, So Divine, A Gesheft, The Civilization of Maxwell Bright, Muhammad: The Last Prophet, Resurrection, Fabiola, Mahapurush, Apocalypse Revelation, Moses the Lawgiver, Late One Night, Brother John, Gospa, The Fourth King, 313, The Inquiry, John Wycliffe: The Morning Star, Constantine and the Cross, Slave of Dreams, Joni, The Visual Bible: Acts, Seven Kilometers from Jerusalem. Excerpt: The 2009 American science fiction film Avatar has earned widespread success, becoming the highest-grossing film of all time. The blockbuster has provoked vigorous discussion of a wide variety of cultural, social, political, and religious themes identified by critics and commentators, and the film's writer and director James Ca...


Oriented to Faith - 2853158029

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Oriented to Faith Cascade Books

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Rather than embracing the conflict around gay relationships as an opportunity for the church to talk honestly about human sexuality, Christians continue to hurt one another with the same tired arguments that divide us along predictable political battle lines. If the world is to "know that we are Christians by our love," the church needs to discover better ways to live out the deep unity we share in Christ as we engage with politics and our world. In Oriented to Faith, Tim Otto tells the story of his struggle with being gay and what that taught him about the gospel. With an authentic and compelling personal voice, Tim invites us to explore how God is at work in the world, even amidst the most difficult circumstances, redeeming and transforming the church through this difficult debate. With gentle wisdom and compassionate insight, Tim invites all followers of Jesus to consider how we might work with God through these tensions so that all can be transformed by God's good news in and through Christ. "Tim Otto is the rare voice in the church's conversation about human sexuality who gives me hope that despite all the pain and confusion, we who bear with one another may learn what it means to be Christian." --Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, author of Strangers at My Door "Tim Otto brings a unique, wise, and honest perspective to the church's polarized debate on homosexuality. His strong love for the church and concern for its unity underlie this challenge to stay connected with Christians holding varying convictions on how best to love LGBTQ sisters and brothers. Tim has been a valued consultant in our fellowship's journey to hear one another well as we work from different perspectives on this divisive issue." --Sally Schreiner Youngquist, community leader of Reba Place Fellowship, Evanston, IL "Current debates about sexuality and religion are tearing communities of faith apart. Tim Otto has wrestled with the issues at stake, both theologically and personally, over many decades. He has something surprising, hopeful, and challenging to say to folks on all sides. Oriented to Faith invites us into a fuller imagination of what it might mean to be the beloved community. Throughout this book, Tim is a gentle and masterful host for the honest and tender conversations that families and churches must have today." --Mark Scandrette, author of Practicing the Way of Jesus Tim Otto is a pastor at the Church of the Sojourners, a live-together Christian community in San Francisco. He holds a Masters of Theological Studies from Duke Divinity School and a BS in Nursing from the University of San Francisco. Tim worked on the first AIDS ward in the United States as a registered nurse for fourteen years. He is coauthor of Inhabiting the Church: Biblical Wisdom for a New Monasticism.


Fuenteovejuna - 2827121842

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Fuenteovejuna Absolute Classics

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"A comedy written for the Shakespeare's Globe, telling the story of an insatiably curious young man who, wishing to turn himself into a wise owl, takes the wrong drug and finds himself transformed into an ass. His subsequent travels lead him to encounter the chaos of human desire from the perspective of a servile donkey. The most exquisite tale in this wonderful epic, as originally told by Lucius Apuleius, is the first known account of the marriage of Cupid and Psyche, which is perhaps the archetypal myth behind modern psychology. Inspired by The Golden Ass, Peter Oswald has written a riotous erotic comedy of love and desire, which premiered at the Globe Theatre, London in August 2002. This version is true to the original: in the words of C S Lewis is 'a strange compound of picaresque novel, horror comic, mystagogue's tract, pornography and stylistic experiment.'"


Rupert and the Green Dragon - 2842742231

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Rupert and the Green Dragon Samuel French Ltd

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Rupert and his famous friends, including Edward Trunk, Bill Badger, Podgy Pig, Algy Pug, Pong Ping and Tiger Lily feature in this new story. Edward Trunk wishes for a sunny day for his birthday, but Nutwood is currently experiencing only winter weather. On the advice of Wise Owl, Rupert goes to see the Clerk of the Weather. The friendly Green Dragon is a great help, but Zita, the Ice Maid, has to be foiled first! Tuneful songs and lots of audience participation.


Musical Nativity - 2826877161

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This picture book tells timeless tale of Jesus' birth, for young children. Follow Mary and Joseph as they travel by donkey to the stable in Bethlehem, and meet the shepherds and wise men as they follow the star, on their way to give gifts to Baby Jesus. Children will love pressing the buttons to hear the festive music which accompanies each scene.A fantastic introduction to The Christmas Story, which children will be able to enjoy for many years - first having it read to them, and then reading it themselves. The latest addition to a range of musical books for Christmas from Usborne, including 'Twas The Night Before Christmas, The Twelve Days of Christmas, the Little Children's Christmas Music Book, The Nutcracker and Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.A brilliant Christmas gift, or the perfect 'well done' present for any child taking part in a Nativity play.


Extra Time - 2839974385

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Extra Time

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Introduces Us To A Marauding Fluffy Mascot, A Wise-as-an-owl Landlady And A WAG Called Terrine, In An Irresistible Story Of How One Boy Helps Stressed-out Top Footballers Find The Fun In A Kickabout Again, With Help From His Fearsome Agent (and Little Sis


Business of Naming Things - 2826854414

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Business of Naming Things Bellevue Literary Press

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"Riveting . . . vibrant and unsparing." --"Publishers Weekly" (starred and boxed review) "Once I started reading these stories, I couldn't stop. They absorbed me thoroughly, with their taut narratives and evocative language--the language of a poet." --JAY PARINI, author of "Jesus: The Human Face of God" and "The Last Station" "Sherwood Anderson would recognize this world of lonely, longing characters, whose surface lives Coffey tenderly plumbs. These beautiful stories--spare, rich, wise and compelling--go to the heart." --FREDERIC TUTEN, author of "Self Portraits: Fictions" and "Tintin in the New World" "Whether [Coffey is] writing about a sinning priest or a man who's made a career out of branding or about himself, we can smell Coffey's protagonists and feel their breath on our cheek. Like Chekhov, he must be a notebook writer; how else to explain the strange quirks and the perfect but unaccountable details that animate these intimate portraits?" --EDMUND WHITE, author of "Inside a Pearl" and "A Boy's Own Story" Among these eight stories, a fan of writer (and fellow adoptee) Harold Brodkey gains an audience with him at his life's end; two pals take a Joycean sojourn; a man in the business of naming things meets a woman who may not be what she seems; a father discovers his son is suspected in an assassination attempt on the President. In each tale, Coffey's exquisite attention to character and nuance underlies the brutally honest perspectives of his disenchanted fathers, damaged sons, and orphans left feeling perpetually disconnected. Michael Coffey is the author of three books of poems and "27 Men Out," a book about baseball's perfect games. He also co-edited "The Irish in America," a book about Irish immigration to America, which was a companion volume to a PBS documentary series. He divides his time between Manhattan and Bolton Landing, New York. "The Business of Naming Things" is his first work of fiction.


Twit Twoo - 2826707592

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Twit Twoo Orion Children's Books (an Imprint of The Orion...

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Early Readers are stepping stones from picture books to reading books. A blue Early Reader is perfect for sharing and reading together. A red Early Reader is the next step on your reading journey. Twit, the owl who wasn't wise, is in trouble again! This is the second charming, heart-warming Early Reader story in the series from Steve Cole, author of the Astrosaurs books and the Monstar Early Reader series.


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