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Holy Clues: The Gospel According to Sherlock Holmes - 2841667940

75,68 zł

Holy Clues: The Gospel According to Sherlock Holmes Vintage Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

IF GOD IS THE GREATEST MYSTERY OF THEM ALL, then why not, in pursuit of God, consult the greatest detective of them all? In this imaginative and surprisingly profound book, Stephen Kendrick reveals Sherlock Holmes as spiritual guide.Drawing on the teachings of Christianity, Buddhism, and Judaism -- as well as a host of thinkers as varied as Albert Einstein, Gandhi, and Vincent van Gogh -- Kendrick explores the stories of Sherlock Holmes and finds remarkably prescient religious insights. He shows us the link between careful observation of clues and the Buddhist concept of "Bare Attention". He illuminates the parallel between the great sleuth's pursuit of justice and God's actions on the scene of the first murder, when Cain slew Abel. And in the detective's open, engaged mind, Kendrick finds a model for uniting the principles of science with a sincere spiritual quest. The result is a book of inspiration for the modern, skeptical searcher -- and an entertaining work that sheds new light on the methods of the world's greatest detective.


Something Might Happen - 2212824723

53,30 zł

Something Might Happen Jonathan Cape

Powieści i opowiadania

On a Monday night in October in a small seaside town in Suffolk, a woman is brutally murdered. Her name is Lennie and, thinks her best friend Tess, she is not the type to have something happen to her. Something Might Happen is not a murder mystery. There are clues, false trails, detectives, all the paraphernalia of the whodunnit, but Myerson's concern is with the effect of the murder on an ordinary community and specifically on Tess herself, her husband Mick and her three children. As the police go about their routine investigation, Tess's world of nappies, Elastoplast and fish fingers begins to unravel. Suddenly nothing is certain, the mundane becomes charged with significance, established relationships begin to crumble and places that once were safe are safe no longer. This is a novel of extraordinary skilfulness and almost unbearable tension. Julie Myerson creates a world that is recognizable in every detail, so that when it begins to fracture we feel as if it were our own lives that are under threat.


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