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World at a Crossroads - 2854438658

67,91 zł

World at a Crossroads Austin & Macauley Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The world is at a social and moral crossroads. The wealthiest eighty-five people in the world possess more than the three billion poorest people on the planet.


World at a Crossroads - 2854438657

41,74 zł

World at a Crossroads Austin & Macauley Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The world is at a social and moral crossroads. The wealthiest eighty-five people in the world possess more than the three billion poorest people on the planet.


The World At A Crossroads - 2846046197

39,99 zł

The World At A Crossroads

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Society & culture: general>Social issues & processesKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angi...



Women At The World's Crossroads (Classic Reprint) - 2852868128

77,49 zł

Women At The World's Crossroads (Classic Reprint)

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & personal development>Self-help & personal development>Popular psychology>Assertiveness, motiva...



Western Aid at a Crossroads - 2854308662

267,43 zł

Western Aid at a Crossroads BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The new growth patterns and shifting wealth in the world economy fundamentally alter the basis for Western aid. This book demonstrates how Western development aid has been transformed over time, in particular in the 1990s, when the West enjoyed world hegemony. Western aid, once a helping hand to other countries' development strategies, has increasingly been seen as a tool for large-scale attempts to transform states, societies and minds according to Western models. The authors claim that this has made aid more complex and less useful to poor countries in their fight against poverty. Emerging economies, such as China, have demonstrated that other paths to growth and poverty alleviation are available. They are attractive partners in development, offering collaboration without paternalism. Most poor countries experience growth, and are able to finance development with homegrown resources or in collaboration with non-Western partners. Having other options, they may increasingly challenge and reject Western aid if it is accompanied with goals of transforming the recipients based on Western blueprints. The authors claim that aid has a role in the fight against poverty in the future, but only if Western donors are willing to adapt to the new world order, leave paternalism behind and rethink their role in development. Donors must change the way they relate to poor sovereign states, redefine the meaning of 'development', and reinvent aid to make it simpler and more manageable.


Crossroads of War - 2854320098

149,25 zł

Crossroads of War The Belknap Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From the Bronze Age to the twenty-first century, vying armies have clashed over the territory stretching from the Upper Nile to modern-day Iraq and Iran. Crossroads of War" captures five millennia of conflict and conquest in detailed full-color maps, accompanied by incisive, accessible commentary. The lands of the Middle East were home to a succession of empires Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian, and Persian that rose and declined with the fortunes of battle. Kings and generals renowned in history bestrode the region: Nebuchadnezzar, David, Alexander the Great, Saladin, Napoleon. The religions of Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were born here and from the beginning became embroiled in conflicts ranging from the Maccabean Revolt to Muhammad s Arabian conquests to the Christian Crusades. In the twentieth century, the Middle East witnessed the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and played a role in the grim dramas of two world wars, as T. E. Lawrence helped spark the Arab Revolt and General Bernard Montgomery defeated Hitler s Desert Fox, General Erwin Rommel, at El Alamein. From the Yom Kippur War and Operation Desert Storm to a Global War on Terror that still looms over the twenty-first century, the Middle East continues to be shaped by the vagaries and vicissitudes of military conflict. Crossroads of War" offers valuable insights into the part of the world that first cradled civilization and then imagined its demise in a final clash of armies at Armageddon."


Crossroads! Islam in the 21st Century - 2854269047

66,91 zł

Crossroads! Islam in the 21st Century BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

First Iraq... then Iran... then perhaps Pakistan... With Iran clinging to theocracy and neighboring Turkey clutching at the E.U., and with Indonesia on a political tightrope, Islam is indeed at a crossroads in the new century. The demographics say that Islam's 1.2 billion adherents will increase in numbers, but the geopolitical map says they won't increase in power on the global stage. Muslims won't get richer. Why? Is it because of some American-Zionist conspiracy? Is it because of Israel? Or the price of oil? Or feminism? Maybe it's because of the Muslims themselves, who cannot shed their differences regarding their beliefs, their political affiliations, aid and trade, and the very nature of Islam itself. The author's message here is stark. "We have to co-operate amongst ourselves. We have to stop fighting each other." He cites Europe as a shining example of co-operation - even after communism and two World Wars. But can Islam (="Peace") find a mature role among the great world powers in an increasingly secular and mercenary world? Read Mohamed's in-depth analysis of a troubled faith, and decide for yourself.


Humanity at the Crossroads - 2854364006

88,58 zł

Humanity at the Crossroads Hamilton Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Humanity now stands at a crossroads between a world of unimaginable wonders and one of unprecedented terrors. The choices we make now will determine not only the shape of our future, but whether there will be, for us as a species, a future at all. But, if we are at such a crossroads, are we even properly aware of it? Governed by instincts rooted in the past, are we prepared to see what we need to see, to do what we need to do? As technology evolves, so must we; but how and in what direction? Are we unavoidably fated to trade liberty for security in ridding the world of terror and war? Humanity at the Crossroads attempts to answer all of these critical questions, while opening the dialogue for further debate. It arrives, in the process, at the startling conclusion that the very technology which threatens to destroy us, not merely its more favorable offshoots, is itself the catalyst for that better world we may yet hope to inhabit.


Crossroads - 2212838896

30,10 zł

Crossroads Hodder And Stoughton

Podręczniki w obcych językach

It happened as car accidents often do, violently and without warning. In a flash of steel and glass, lives are lost, dreams shattered, and families forever changed. That's how it happens for Jean Wright. In the days that follow, as neighbors stop by with plates of food and words of comfort, Jean knows one thing for certain: her carefully ordered world will never be the same. For there is the surviving child to think about now - and Jean must put aside her grief to take in one-year-old Guin, who has no one else to raise her. But as Guin grows up into a shy, dreamy girl, their life together is fraught with conflict. When Guin defies the only mother she's ever known by striking out on her own - eloping with a man far below her social standing - their relationship seems irreparably damaged. It is only when Guin has a child of her own, a little girl who is so very like Jean in personality, that events come full circle...and she finds that the qualities that drive you apart can also draw you together.


Banking Supervision at the Crossroads - 2212833197

220,00 zł

Banking Supervision at the Crossroads Edward Elgar

Inne 1

This book charts the consequences for banking supervision of two stylized developments that over the last decade have characterized the global financial landscape: the integration of cross-sector and cross-border financial services. Both developments inevitably call for a supervisory response and the authors discuss what form and direction this should take. They also address a number of other important subjects including the new Capital Accord (Basel 2), the convergence of supervisory practices, procyclicality, financial conglomerates, deposit insurance and a brief history of the interplay between banking supervision and bank behaviour.The important practical and theoretical issues highlighted in this volume clearly demonstrate that banking supervision currently stands at a crossroads. The detailed, objective discussions of these themes and the sensible conclusions drawn will undoubtedly help policymakers to decide which path to take. The original contributions from high-level practitioners and academics from around the world will also be of great interest to commercial bankers, and academics and researchers of banking, finance and monetary economics.


Crossroads Of Should And Must - 2826666089

53,42 zł

Crossroads Of Should And Must WORKMAN PUBLISHING

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Who hasn't asked the question "How can I find and follow my true calling?" Elle Luna frames this moment as "standing at the crossroads of Should and Must." "Should" is what we feel we ought to be doing, or what is expected of us. "Must" is the thing we dream of doing, our heart's desire. And it was her own personal journey that inspired Elle Luna to write a brief online manifesto that, in a few short months, has touched hundreds of thousands of people who've read it or heard Elle speak on the topic. Now Ms. Luna expands her ideas into an inspirational, highly visual gift book for every recent graduate, every artist, every seeker, every career changer. The Crossroads of Should and Must has a universal message--we get to choose the path between Should and Must. And it gives every reader permission to embrace this message. It's about the difference between jobs, careers, and callings. The difference between going to work and becoming one with your work. Why knowing what you want is often the hardest part. It gives eye-opening techniques for reconnecting with one's inner voice, like writing your own obituary (talk about putting life in perspective). It talks about the most common fears of choosing Must over Should--money, time, space, and the ultimate fear: total vulnerability--and shores up our hesitation with inspiring stories of and quotes from the artists and writers and thinkers who've faced their own crossroads of Should and Must and taken the leap. It explains the importance of mistakes, of "unlearning," of solitude, of keeping moving, of following a soul path. Presented in four chapters--The Crossroads, The Origin of Should, Must, and The Return--inspired by the hero's journey outlined by Joseph Campbell, The Crossroads of Should and Must guides us from the small moment, discovering our Must, to the big moment--actually doing something about it, and returning to share our new gifts with the world.


Area Studies at the Crossroads - 2854505119

592,68 zł

Area Studies at the Crossroads PALGRAVE MACMILLAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this pioneering volume, leading scholars from a diversity of backgrounds in the humanities, social sciences, and different area studies argue for a more differentiated and self-reflected role of area-based science in global knowledge production. Considering that the mobility of people, goods, and ideas make the world more complex and geographically fixed categories increasingly obsolete, the authors call for a reflection of this new dynamism in research, teaching, and theorizing. The book thus moves beyond the constructed divide between area studies and systematic disciplines and instead proposes methodological and conceptual ways for encouraging the integration of marginalized and often overseen epistemologies. Essays on the ontological, theoretical, and pedagogical dimension of area studies highlight how people's everyday practices of mobility challenge scholars, students, and practitioners of inter- and transdisciplinary area studies to transcend the cognitive boundaries that scholarly minds currently operate in.§


Europe at the Crossroads - 2822222991

86,49 zł

Europe at the Crossroads McGraw-Hill

Medycyna > English Division

From one of Europe's most respected economists - a look at the promise and peril of doing business in an age of the European Union's developing economy Why are the EU nations under-performing? How does their economy affect U.S. businesses? And what can leaders do, on both sides of the Atlantic, to ensure stable growth and increased productivity in the future? This analysis from the chairman of the Centre for Economic Policy Research offers new insights into Europe's social and financial situation. By applying America's standards of efficiency, productivity, and innovation on a global scale, the author lays out an effective blueprint for success that can stimulate the European market - and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity across the world.


Literary Crossroads - 2854347546

318,37 zł

Literary Crossroads Lexington Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book explores the different ways women have been liberating themselves from the shackles of patriarchy and cultural laws that inhibit their independence and freedom to show that women are also contributing meaningfully to society. Women have worked to attain freedom through speaking out, writing memoirs, fiction, plays, poetry, and essays. The creative experiences of women are captured in this book, thus fulfilling the book's aim to give women voices to air their views and show that they are effectual members of society. The book examines the roles played by patriarchy, religion, and socioeconomic and political systems that keep women to the background. It also examines the issue of education, otherhood, marginalization, cultural imposition, and the diverse positions of women in local and international affairs. The book testifies that women's literature, and the stories of women all over the world, can be appreciated and viewed from different perspectives because of the diverse cultural environment in which women find themselves. This confirms that the issue of marginalization, suppression, and oppression of women are on-going problems in different societies around the world.


Japanese Foreign Policy at the Crossroads - 2854212155

95,75 zł

Japanese Foreign Policy at the Crossroads Brookings Institution

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The post-World War II paradigm that ensured security and prosperity for the Japanese people has lost much of its effectiveness. The current generation has become increasingly resentful of the prolonged economic stagnation and feels a sense of drift and uncertainty about the future of Japan's foreign policy. In J apanese Foreign Policy at the Crossroads, Yutaka Kawashima clarifies some of the defining parameters of Japan's past foreign policy and examines the challenges it currently faces, including the quagmire on the Korean Peninsula, the future of the U.S.-Japan alliance, the management of Japan-China relations, and Japan's relation with Southeast Asia. Kawashima --who, as vice minister of foreign affairs, was Japan's highest-ranking foreign service official --cautions Japan against attempts to ensure its own security and well-being outside of an international framework. He believes it is crucial that Japan work with as many like-minded countries as possible to construct a regional and international order based on shared interests and shared values. In an era of globalization, he cautions, such efforts will be crucial to maintaining global world order and ensuring civilized interaction among all states.


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