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The Wreck of the Red Bird: A Story of the Carolina Coast - 2842963306

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The Wreck of the Red Bird: A Story of the Carolina Coast



Early Years - 2839346999

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Early Years JSP

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1. Ship Sailing Now 2. This World Is Not My Home 3. Maple On The Hill 4. Take Me In The Lifeboat 5. Seven And A Half 6. New Curly Headed Baby 7. Let Her Go God Bless Her 8. City On The Hill 9. The Longest Train 10. Writer A Letter To Mother 11. Lights In The Valley 12. Goin' Back West In The Fall 13. New Lost Train Blues 14. Number 15. I Am Walking In The Light 16. Don't Cause Mother's Hair To Turn Grey 17. When I Reach My Home Eternal 18. Fatal Wreck Of The Bus 19. Behind The Parlor Door 20. Satisfied 21. One To Love Me 22. On A Cold Winter Night 23. John Henry Was A Little Boy 24. The Old And Faded Picture 25. Take Me Home To The Sweet Sunny South 101. Walk That Lonesome Valley 102. Got A Home In That Rock 103. Johnson's Old Grey Mule 104. Won't Be Worried Long 105. Goin' Down The River Of Jordan 106. Why Do You Bob Your Hair Girls? 107. Watermelon On The Vine 108. We Can't Be Darlings Anymore 109. Tell Mother I'll Meet Her 110. In A Little Village Churchyard 111. Come Back To Your Dobie Shack 112. Just As The Sun Went Down 113. What Would You Give In Exchange 114. A Leaf From The Sea 115. Brown Eyes 116. Maple On The Hill, Pt (Driftin' To That Happy 117. Going To Georgia 118. Nobody's Darlin But Mine 119. Mother Came To Get Her Boy From Jail 120. Where The Red, Red Roses Grow 121. Cradle Days 122. Gathering Flowers From The Hills 123. My Mother Is Waiting 124. If I Could Hear My Mother 125. Nobody's Darling On Earth 201. Shake Hands With Mother 202. They Said My Lord Was A Devil 203. Won't Somebody Pal With Me 204. Hop Along Peter 205. Just One Way To The Pearly Gates 206. Dear Daddy You're Gone 207. Been Foolin' Me Baby 208. I'll Be A Friend Of Jesus 209. Cowboy's Pony In Heaven 210. Little Birdie 211. Always Been A Rambler 212. Starting Life Anew With You 213. Little Rosebuds 214. Train Carry My Girl Back Home 215. In The Land Beyond The Blue 216. A Change All Around 217. Short Life And It's Trouble 218. Dying Boy's Prayer 219. Free Again 220. Answer To Two Little Rosebuds 221. I'm Not Turning Backward 222. Riding On That Train Forty-five 223. Little Maggie 224. Little Pal 225. Down In The Willow 301. My Wife Went Away And Left Me 302. Railroad Blues 303. Over The Hills In Carolina 304. Budded Roses 305. What Makes Him Do It 306. My Little Red Ford 307. I Am Dreaming Of Mother 308. Cotton Mill Blues 309. Blue Days 310. No Place Like Home 311. Homeless Child 312. Where Is My Mama? 313. What A Friend We Have In Mother 314. My Heart Is Broken For You 315. Answer To Maple On The Hill, Pt 2 316. Lonesome Valley, Pt 2 317. Walkin' In My Sleep 318. Father, Dear Father 319. I Shall Not Be Moved 320. Do You Want To See Mother Again? 321. Darling Think What You Have Done 322. The Story Of Charlie Lawson 323. The Great Speckled Bird 324. Just How Pretty You Smile 325. Married Woman Blues


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