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Theory of Wing Sections - 2854200058

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Theory of Wing Sections Dover Publications

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PREFACE TO DOVER EDITION PREFACE 1. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF WING-SECTION CHARACTERISTICS Symbols. The Forces on Wings. Effect of Aspect Ratio. Application of Section Data to Monoplane Wings: a. Basic Concepts of Lifting-line Theory. b. Solutions for Linear Lift Curves. c. Generalized Solution. Applicability of Section Data. 2. SIMPLE TWO-DIMENSIONAL FLOWS Symbols. Introduction. Concept of a Perfect Fluid. Equations of Motion. Description of Flow Patterns. Simple Two-dimensional Flows: a. Uniform Stream. b. Sources and Sinks. c. Doublets. d. Circular Cylinder in a Uniform Stream. e. Vortex. f. Circular Cylinder with Circulation. 3. THEORY OF WING SECTIONS OF FINITE THICKNESS Symbols. Introduction. Complex Variables. Conformal Transformations. Transformation of a Circle into a Wing Section. Flow about Arbitrary Wing Sections. Empirical Modification of the Theory. Design of Wing Sections. 4. THEORY OF THIN WING SECTIONS Symbols. Basic Concepts. Angle of Zero Lift and Pitching Moment. Design of Mean Lines. Engineering Applications of Section Theory. 5. THE EFFECTS OF VISCOSITY Symbols. Concept of Reynolds Number and Boundary Layer. Flow around Wing Sections. Characteristics of the Laminar Layer. Laminar Skin Friction. Momentum Relation. Laminar Separation. Turbulent Flow in Pipes. Turburlent Skin Friction. Calculation of Thickness of the Turbulent Layer. Turbulent Separation. Transition from Laminar to Turbulent Flow. Calculation of Profile Drag. Effect of Mach Number on Skin Friction. 6. FAMILIES OF WING SECTIONS Symbols. Introduction. Method of Combining Mean Lines and Thickness Distributions. NACA Four-digit Wing Sections: a. Thickness Distributions. b. Mean Lines. c. Numbering System. d. Approximate Theoretical Characteristics. NACA Five-digit Wing Sections: a. Thickness Distributions. b. Mean Lines. c. Numbering System. d. Approximate Theoretical Characteristics. Modified NACA Four-and Five-digit Series Wing Sections. NACA 1-Series Wing Sections: a. Thickness Distributions. b. Mean Lines. c. Numbering System. d. Approximate Theoretical Characteristics. NACA 6-Series Wing Sections: a. Thickness Distributions. b. Mean Lines. c. Numbering System. d. Approximate Theoretical Characteristics. NACA 7-Series Wing Sections. Special Combinations of Thickness and Camber. 7. EXPERIMENTAL CHARACTERISTICS OF WING SECTIONS. Symbols. Introduction. Standard Aerodynamic Characteristics. Lift Characteristics: a. Angle of Zero Lift. b. Lift-curve Slope. c. Maximum Lift. d. Effect of Surface Condition on Lift Characteristics. Drag Characteristics: a. Minimum Drag of Smooth Wing Sections. b. Variation of Profile Drag with Lift Coefficient. c. Effect of Surface Irregularities on Drag Characteristics. d. Unconservative Wing Sections. Pitching moment Characteristics. 8. HIGH-LIFT DEVICES Symbols. Introduction. Plain Flaps. Split Flaps. Slotted Flaps: a. Description of Slotted Flaps. b. Single-slotted Flaps. c. External-aifoil Flaps. d. Double-slotted Flaps. Leading-edge High-lift Devices: a. Slats. b. Slots. c. Leading-edge Flaps. Boundary-layer Control. The Chordwise Load Distribution over Flapped Wing Sections. 9. EFFECTS OF COMPRESSIBILITY AT SUBSONIC SPEEDS Symbols. Introduction. Steady Flow through a Stream Tube: a. Adiabatic Law b. Velocity of Sound c. Bernoulli's Equation for Compressible Flow. d. Cross-sectional Areas and Pressures in a Stream Tube. e. Relations for a Normal Shock. First-order Compressibility Effects: a. Glauert-Prandtl Rule b. Effect of Mach Number on the Pressure Coefficient. Flow about Wing Sections at High Speed: a. Flow at Subcritical Mach Numbers. b. Flow at Supercritical Mach Numbers. Experimental Wing Characteristics at High Speeds: a. Lift Characteristics. b. Drag Characteristics. c. Moment Characteristics. Wings for High-speed Applications. REFERENCES APPENDIX I. Basic Thickness Forms II. Mean Lines III. Airfoil Ordinates IV. Aerodynamic Characteristics of Wing Sections INDEX


Hydrodynamic Instability and Transition to Turbulence - 2854236404

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Hydrodynamic Instability and Transition to Turbulence Springer Netherlands

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This book is a complete revision of the part of Monin & Yaglom's famous two-volume work "Statistical Fluid Mechanics: Mechanics of Turbulence" that deals with the theory of laminar-flow instability and transition to turbulence. It includes the considerable advances in the subject that have been made in the last 15 years or so. It is intended as a textbook for advanced graduate courses and as a reference for research students and professional research workers.§The first two Chapters are an introduction to the mathematics, and the experimental results, for the instability of laminar (or inviscid) flows to infinitesimal (in practice "small") disturbances. The third Chapter develops this linear theory in more detail and describes its application to particular problems. Chapters 4 and 5 deal with instability to finite-amplitude disturbances: much of the material has previously been available only in research papers.


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