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Blood Doctor - 2212839586

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Blood Doctor Penguin

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Blood. That


Simplicity for Beginners - 2834148817

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Simplicity for Beginners Speedy Publishing LLC

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Do you wish to do more right in the comfort of your home without the hassles of clutter? Is your home the best place to relax and unwind? Do you find it hard to get peace right in your own home? "Simplicity for beginners" is a book that celebrates life by owning less and living more. This is a book that encourages people to find value in life with less possession, finding happiness in life other than in material things. The value of life does not reflect in what you own but in what you have accomplished. So how we do we start living a simple life? This book is packed with guidelines on how to get started. It is easy to follow and very practical. Some people may not find the appeal in owning less. Nonetheless, reducing the clutter at home is the ideology behind this book, so that you do not have to throw everything away. What more can you get from a simple book? Here is more: o Learn the benefits of living in simplicity o How to eliminate stress from the things you own o How to break free from material possessions that slowly own you o How to find happiness in what is enough Discover the power of less now, and enjoy freedom like you never did before!


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