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Sense of Words is my first book and it includes just over 100 poems. I have now written over 1,000 poems and I also have a children's book in the works. I was inspired to write this book because I have amnesia and bought a computer with writing pads and pens without knowing I had done so. After so many great reviews and constantly being asked to publish, I decided to go ahead with my book of poetry. Though I did not know why I was writing my poems, they still feel very personal. My thoughts are always looking into the distance and to faraway places. I write of romance, nature, childhood, and life in general. My poetry comes all of a sudden. I can see an object and build a poem around it. I have always been fascinated by words and science from a very early age, and always wrote about something without thinking about it. I do not dream, so maybe my poems are from underlying dreams in my subconscious. I have been called a whispering poet, as my words seem to touch many people. Many say I am a born poet since I never studied poetry, yet there is so much emotion in it. Bobby Ferguson of Glasgow, Scotland, was told in 2008 that he had eighteen months to two years to live and would never walk again. Seventeen months later, he had a thirty percent chance of surviving a cancer operation, "so I should not be here." Publisher's website:


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