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Electronic Transport In Mesoscopic Systems - 2839873315

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Electronic Transport In Mesoscopic Systems

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A Thorough Account Of The Theory Of Electronic Transport In Semiconductor Nanostructures.


Electronic Transport in Mesoscopic Systems - 2854274814

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Electronic Transport in Mesoscopic Systems Cambridge University Press

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Recent advances in semiconductor technology have made possible the fabrication of structures whose dimensions are much smaller than the mean free path of an electron. This book is the first to give a thorough account of the theory of electronic transport in such mesoscopic systems. After an initial chapter covering fundamental concepts, the transmission function formalism is presented, and used to describe three key topics in mesoscopic physics: the quantum Hall effect; localisation; and double-barrier tunnelling. Other sections include a discussion of optical analogies to mesoscopic phenomena, and the book concludes with a description of the non-equilibrium Green's function formalism and its relation to the transmission formalism. Complete with problems and solutions, the book will be of great interest to graduate students of mesoscopic physics and nanoelectronic device engineering, as well as to established researchers in these fields.


Fundamentals of Carrier Transport - 2854262128

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Fundamentals of Carrier Transport BERTRAMS

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Fundamentals of Carrier Transport is an accessible introduction to the behaviour of charged carriers in semiconductors and semiconductor devices. It is written specifically for engineers and students without an extensive background in quantum mechanics and solid-state physics. This second edition contains many new and updated sections, including a completely new chapter on transport in ultrasmall devices. The author begins by covering a range of essential physical principles. He then goes on to cover both low- and high-field transport, scattering, transport in devices, and transport in mesoscopic systems. The use of Monte Carlo simulation methods is explained in detail. Many homework exercises are provided and there are a variety of worked examples. The book will be of great interest to graduate students of electrical engineering and applied physics. It will also be invaluable to practising engineers working on semiconductor device research and development.


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