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Mute Records albums (Music Guide) - 2849427444

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Mute Records albums (Music Guide) Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (music and lyrics not included). Pages: 99. Chapters: Sounds of the Universe, Supernature, Play, Seventh Tree, Black Cherry, Head First, Wait for Me, Playing the Angel, Felt Mountain, Music for the Masses, Violator, Ultra, Black Celebration, Songs of Faith and Devotion, Grinderman 2, Murder Ballads, Speak & Spell, Exciter, A Broken Frame, Paper Monsters, Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!, Silent Shout, Construction Time Again, Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus, Animal Rights, Upstairs at Eric's, Some Great Reward, Saturdays = Youth, Non-Stop, Truelove's Gutter, Your Funeral... My Trial, The Boatman's Call, Everything Is Wrong, No More Shall We Part, Hourglass, Last Night, 45 RPM, Kicking Against the Pricks, SubHuman, From Her to Eternity, Unsound Methods, Tender Prey, The Innocents, 18, Volk, Liquid, Hotel, Moss Side Story, The Good Son, Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts, You and Me Both, Bloodline, The Firstborn Is Dead, Before the Dawn Heals Us, Grand Union, Henry's Dream, Cowboy, Incontinent, The Ideal Copy, Counterfeit˛, We Can Create, Light at the End of the World, Erasure, Wonderland, Reconnected Live, The Knife, Animal Lover, Reflections, Chorus, Add Insult to Injury, Liars, Fireside Favourites, I Say I Say I Say, Nightbird, Nocturama, The Circus, A Bell Is a Cup... Until It Is Struck, Coles Corner, In Our Nature, Kapital, Wild!, They Were Wrong, So We Drowned, Other People's Songs, Polly Scattergood, Lady's Bridge, 1+2, Loveboat, Part Two, Exploding Head, Let Love In, The First Letter, WAT, Opus Dei, Devil Hopping, Union Street, Surgery, Landed, Life, Drum's Not Dead, Jane from Occupied Europe, Out There and Back, Xtra-Acme USA, The End of Everything, Digital Shades Vol. 1, Perpetuum Mobile, Let It Be, Damage, Orange, Manscape, Saint of the Pit, M83, Pink Elephants, Now I Got Worry, God & Beast, Tabula Rasa, That Total Age, Soon Over Babaluma, Intoxicated Man, It's Frightening, The Voice of Midnight, Tweedles, Showtime, Music Is a Hungry Ghost, Snakes and Ladders, The Litanies of Satan, Avant Hard, Fairytales of Slavery, Jesus Christ Superstars, Saw Delight, A Trip to Marineville, Belief, Black Love, Rite Time, Soul Murder, 2x45, Zoomer, The Sporting Life, Madra, Ebbhead, Hydrology, Global, LAIBACHKUNSTDERFUGE, Silence Is Sexy, Extra Width, Big Hit, Under the Flag, The Divine Punishment, Bang Bang Boom Cake, Suspiria, The Singer, Baby Monkey, Malediction & Prayer, Revenge of the Goldfish, One Man's Treasure, Children of the Black Sun, Macbeth, Seasons in the Sun, The Beast Inside, Knowledge Through Science, Gag, The Drill, Demons/Horses, On the Wires of Our Nerves, Easy Listening for the Hard of Hearing, Pole, Loud Like Nature, Might!, The Black Album. Excerpt: Sounds of the Universe is the twelfth studio album by English electronic band Depeche Mode, released in Europe on 20 April 2009 and in the United States and Canada on 21 April 2009. It was supported by the 2009-2010 concert tour Tour of the Universe. As with the previous album, Playing the Angel, Dave Gahan has once again written three songs with Christian Eigner and Andrew Phillpott: "Hole to Feed", "Come Back" and "Miles Away/The Truth Is". "Spacewalker" and the bonus track "Esque" are instrumentals. Martin Gore shares lead singing duties with Gahan on "In Chains", "Peace" and "Little Soul", he sings the lead of "Jezebel" and the probable B-side "The Sun and the Moon and the Stars" on the second disc of the deluxe box set. The B-side "Oh Well" is the...


3 Classic Albums Plus - 2840170604

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3 Classic Albums Plus


1. Blue Yodel No. 2. Treasure Untold 3. Brakeman's Blues 4. My Old Pal 5. Blue Yodel No. 6. Travelin' Blues 7. My Rough And Rowdy Ways 8. Lullaby Yodel 9. Shine, Shave, Shower (It's Saturday) 10. My Baby's Just Like Money 11. Give Me More, More, More (Of Your Kisses) 12. How Long Will It Take 13. You're Here, So Everything's Alright 14. Forever (And Always) 15. I Know You're Lonesome (While Waiting For Me) 16. I'm An Old, Old Man 17. You're Just Mine 18. Time Changes Things 19. Bring Your Sweet Self Back To Me 20. Never No Mo' Blues 21. Sleep Baby, Sleep 22. California Blue 23. (I'm) Lonely And Blue 24. We Crucified Our Jesus 25. When It Comes To Measuring Love 101. If You've Got The Money, I've Got The Time 102. I Want To Be With You Always 103. Always Late (With Your Kisses) 104. Don't Stay Away (Till Love Grows Cold) 105. If You Can Spare The Time (I Won't Miss The Mone 106. Mom And Dad's Waltz 107. I Love You A Thousand Ways 108. Look What Thoughts Will Do 109. Before You Go Make Sure You Know 110. Two Friends Of Mine In Love 111. Hopeless Love 112. Then I'll Come Back To You 113. Run 'Em Off 114. The Darkest Moment 115. My Little Her And Him 116. I've Been Away To Long 117. A King Without A Queen 118. You Can Always Count On Me 119. You're Too Late 120. Two Hearts Broken Now 121. I Love You Mostly 122. Mama 123. Making Believe 124. A Forest Fire (Is In Your Heart) 125. Moonlight, Darling And You 126. I'll Sit Alone And Cry 201. If You've Got The Money, I've Got The Time 202. Mom And Dad's Waltz 203. Signed, Sealed And Delivered 204. Nobody Knows But Me 205. Release Me 206. Why Should I Be Lonely 207. Always Late (With Your Kisses) 208. I Love You A Thousand Ways 209. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It 210. Is It Only That You're Lonely 211. I Want To Be With You Always 212. If You're Ever Lonely Darling 213. Sweet Lies 214. (I'm) Lost Between Right And Wrong 215. Your Tomorrow's Will Never Come 216. It Gets Late So Early 217. First To Have A Second Chance 218. These Hands 219. Promises (Promises Promises) 220. Today Is That Tomorrow 221. The Waltz Of The Angels 222. Just Can't Live That Fast (Anymore) 223. Heart's Highway 224. I'm A Boy Left Alone 225. Lullaby Waltz 226. Glad I Found You 301. Now That You Are Gone 302. From An Angel To A Devil 303. Lover By Appointment 304. Sick, Sober And Sorry 305. No One To Talk To (But The Blues) 306. Tell Me, Dear 307. Time Out For The Blues 308. Silence 309. The Torch Within My Heart 310. Cigarettes And Coffee Blues 311. You're Humbuggin' Me 312. The Long Black Veil 313. Knock Again, True Love 314. Farther Than My Eyes Can See 315. Ballad Of The Blue And Grey 316. My Blues Will Pass 317. She's Gone 318. What You Gonna Do, Leroy? 319. That's All I Can Remember 320. Heaven's Plan 321. Looking For You 322. I Feel Sorry For Me 323. So What, Let It Rain 324. Stranger 325. Just Passing Through


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