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Dallas County, Alabama Books LLC, Reference Series

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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 43. Chapters: Houses in Dallas County, Alabama, Museums in Dallas County, Alabama, National Register of Historic Places in Dallas County, Alabama, People from Dallas County, Alabama, Selma, Alabama, William R. King, Orrville, Alabama, Selmont-West Selmont, Alabama, Selma to Montgomery marches, National Register of Historic Places listings in Dallas County, Alabama, Alabama State Route 5, Craig Air Force Base, Battle of Selma, Selma, Alabama in the American Civil War, WMRK-FM, WJAM, Concordia College, Cahaba, Alabama, Wilson's Raid, Elm Bluff Plantation, Sturdivant Hall, Cahaba Prison, Joseph T. Smitherman Historic Building, Selma University, Belvoir, Selma Cloverleafs, Daniel Payne College, Pleasant Hill, Dallas County, Alabama, Speight Jenkins, Sidney Johnston Catts, St. Luke's Episcopal Church (Cahaba, Alabama), Selma High School, Orion, Craig Field, James Reeb, Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church, Brown Chapel A.M.E. Church (Selma, Alabama), Valley Creek Presbyterian Church, Richmond, Alabama, William "Bill" Dannelly Reservoir, Summerfield, Alabama, Crumptonia, Alabama, St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Selma, Alabama), Plantersville, Alabama, Elm Bluff, Alabama, Browns, Alabama, John Tyler Morgan House, James Abercrombie, Carlowville, Alabama, Minter, Alabama, Sardis, Alabama, Adams Grove Presbyterian Church, Marion Junction, Alabama, WBFZ, Safford, Alabama, WRNF, Beloit, Alabama, Tyler, Alabama, Valley Grande, Alabama, Keith Middle-High School, Selma Mall, WBIH, Dallas County Schools, U.S. Post Office Building (Selma, Alabama), Carlowville Historic District, Anderson Crenshaw, James Coburn, Home of the Brave, American Candy Company, Selma City Schools, Payday, Paul M. Grist State Park. Excerpt: Selma is a city in and the county seat of Dallas County, Alabama, United States, located on the banks of the Alabama River. The population was 20,512 at the 2000 census. The city is best known for the 1965 Selma Voting Rights Movement and its Selma to Montgomery marches, three civil rights marches that began in the city. Prior to settlement by European peoples, the area of present-day Selma was occupied by the Native American people known as the Muscogee (also known as the Creek). Benjamin Hawkins, seen on his plantation in this 1805 painting, teaches Creeks to use European technology.The site of present-day Selma was officially recorded in 1732 as Ecor Bienville, then later as the Moore's Bluff settlement. In 1820, Selma (meaning "high seat" or "throne") was incorporated. It was planned and named by future Vice President of the United States William R. King. Selma became the seat of Dallas County in 1866. During the Civil War, Selma was one of the South's main military manufacturing centers, producing tons of supplies and munitions, and turning out Confederate warships such as the Ironclad warship Tennessee. The Selma iron works and foundry was considered the second most important source of weaponry for the South, after the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Virginia. This strategic concentration of manufacturing capabilities eventually made Selma a target of Union raids into Alabama late in the Civil War. The capacities and importance of Selma to the Confederate movement had been notorious in the North, and were too great to be overlooked by the Federal authorities. As the town grew in importance, the necessity to capture it with a Federal force increased. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman first made an effort...


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